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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Summer Memories, 8-29-14

Aug 29, 2014|

We recap the summer's biggest sports stories leading into Labor Day Weekend.

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I don't have to tell you it's been made out pretty good for the summer and there's sort of a last weekend some problem not. Technically but for most people this last weekend of summer so we felt we go back and look at some of the big sports stories of the summer -- the -- for brought to play AT&T. It's -- covers more than 99% of all Americans. Building you a better network bad. Well dale let's start but probably the biggest basketball story of the summer. And kudos has to go to our friend Andy card. -- -- -- If the play button quirky. -- just do it. A realistic. LeBron James is. Going back you know that LeBron James is going to be playing their home games at the staples that are here. What are for the lakers -- clippers I'm not sure that that is wary going. I'm not buying the people summer and Akron I think there was more to that. Controversial -- -- -- -- -- back to Cleveland. While. Andy are ready. Unfortunately that was July 15 when you set this sounds smugglers instantly that I'm not I'm not I'll outline. So you predicted I did. And it probably was the biggest sports story of the summer of of all moment we've got four that will lose that will run through here but that was the one. Other than it surprised a lot of books and I mean it's a great story and a lot of what. Since he's the greatest basketball player of the time maybe of all time. Returning home everybody likes that -- redemption story and fixing the fiasco that was. Him when he was the greatest story of all time leaving his hometown team to take his talents to South Beach site. That's a massive story that that's something where. If you think about it ten years earlier whatever you -- that's the best effort Japanese digital Leven and -- right to go back that would be ridiculous why would he do that but. Did that. And big game resurrected his image of the same time not that -- image. Taken that badly hit the previous -- -- you Cleveland well. Kind of got no formal. Well there's not much is the rest of the country but not all of a sudden. But a person who doesn't like LeBron James -- far outside of Boston. -- I am grateful fronts -- well hearing that the people next to the Miami like him because they sent him cupcakes remember when he left the neighborhood each each person that it doesn't have much to be sent to them too because I know in Somalia. He sent them to the neighborhood and Akron today I believe -- and both getting older neighborhoods pics of it he gets. If you're just look at. I don't know how he's gonna afford to -- all of those cupcakes either. Too long. Yes yes we are Michael I know John immense -- was drafted. In the spring but if you watched ESPN at all this summer. Albany talk about John Lehman sell and the latest from. But here comes. Gotta be you gotta be right here. 22 -- to the Cleveland Browns. With the -- -- second pick in the 2014. NFL draft. The Cleveland Browns select -- events. Well it was a big deal for the folks in Cleveland I mean the the people that Cleveland feel like they've they've undergone exports Renaissance because it was pretty close to the time. You know when LeBron came back they drafted -- now in a couple of big first round picks and everybody got all excited. Hello Ron excitement hasn't -- at all. Man tell excitement is -- by the day now. All that much he's number one in Jersey sales -- opened the people there are just not number one on the depth chart up. And I felt pretty good people there are pretty high amends now Brian Hoyer trying to throw a wrinkle in the big story this summer of Johnny men's bill. That and instincts. Let's point honest doll well Bob yes lawyer -- like a -- -- very -- either. Until stinks -- he's not going to do in the NFL what he did in college he's not fast enough to -- is not accurate enough to pass. Ask is aren't isn't good and I'm not big enough he is going to go down as a great college football player who could not make the transition to the NFL. A -- that -- elect wants like. Not what I'd like a lot of things can Tivo and Tivo we talk completely both sides -- Not quite as my fall at all he he can throw the football men's health and throw the football better than Tim Tebow but I don't think he's gonna have much. A longer career or much more success I just think he's really. Because the other aspect is he doesn't. He doesn't think he's wrong -- -- -- think he needs to change according to his racquet -- you think he's not inaugural worst. He already said when he was drafted at all you know professional now that's easy and now he says he's not changing so you change the changing. Looks like you're not changing public -- -- the sideline your party and with everybody gets it forty or 821. Point is that. I'm gonna change what I have a -- -- our -- be any different you change your general that you like your terrible father. Well I heard John Dennis that's one of those -- -- questions which I I really actually found fascinating was a really long they'll note that this was not a four part question one question -- -- exit question but are. If you had to choose between Johnny and -- being a superstar. Or a flat out boxed with you must -- plot that lost its -- No I had a choice you're only two choices -- know in between public Johnny -- guys like I. I I guess that went there but it's far easier to be Abbas and his superstar. I don't what it's far easier for me to say because. But based basically my tongue touched on his entire career -- -- Michael stick with a bottle of just gonna go down with the ship the sequential plan I think about seeking -- that ship. I I happen to think. This is much closer to plus category of -- And even the -- you're being led down that road already. You know generally when guys start out really bad it doesn't it doesn't improve dramatically that they suddenly get this epiphany and now -- work and -- get there early. They make it short stints. Which you know -- he's turned it around those those stories that. That deal with talk about those redemptions -- he's early now either by thirty and one last little bit innings. Streak. The biggest sports story in the world. Over the summer real world was clearly the World Cup all -- but humans -- I was -- brought blizzard did beat down now. -- the World Cup Jermaine Jones made a name for himself and now he's on your New England Revolution. -- it has. Jones plus. -- -- -- a cracker to crack it what's helped shot it was one of the that would director. Well if you're not from here. But don't be afraid to expand your horizons a little head up to me cracker is something I -- should -- Or another thing a bad thing that I might get called in certain places in this country but I don't know that for what what is cracker mean for a goal. Like it was really hard it was cracker it was a great shot it would one of these curving shot to the side wall that was one of the -- goals. Of the World Cup and I'm really happy to Jermaine Jones as a member of the revolution. Because they've really really do need an infusion of outside interest here. The World Cup was a really big deal in this country for about a sixty -- And for the entire thirty day period it was a huge deal for soccer fans for the rest of the world about a six day period it was a huge. Was actually thinking if if he can be good you know if he can build on on his reputation become to the ribs and be good. It Chandler Jones Jermaine Jones New Orleans and sort of promotion it -- John Jones act command in the sack man in the cracker man cracked me going -- -- he's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What series are all well I'd I'd also joy at -- area got a vote I still hear all those guys -- think the money I could put up their bucket. -- -- Greg Dickerson. Voices if I don't I could use Auburn I was you know just -- -- Time now for the eighteenth -- summer sports memory of that day that brings us to the biggest news in Boston over the summer and of course we're talking about. The dealing -- of star pitcher. John last. Think anytime you negotiate with a team and in. It doesn't go the way everybody wants to think there's always going to be disappointment but my time in Boston -- some ultra number -- sheriff from. 20022. Yesterday got nothing but great things to say about the organization where they treat me it was a treat my family through. The good times and bad times there -- always consistent. And not thank them personally yesterday for everything that's done you know we'll see what that relationship goes later on right now must nominate him and -- her perform for these guys and and do the best I can bring a championship here. It was a huge deal in these parts it'll be -- -- huge deal on Amazon really will be an even bigger deal. If they don't bring him back and I'm on the record predicting now. I like you're at it I don't think it's true but I I hope you're right bedecked you've got LeBron thing right 128 million dollars as the number only number out there. People who actually really break. But Jermaine Jones took money from what America. I -- -- L the Jon Lester coming back the -- Your hero in this segment John human cells and B superstar clusters like I got -- the Greg -- cell superstar. Way to get more days I don't ruin my credibility a little bit it's sort of part of this whole thing. -- I -- at the conference call and then it'll jump to the next one but that was the fourth one. I know we left that story. It was only four we don't know victory for. That what was yours like I think that Tony Stewart. Killing. It is and we were try I mean I mean that's like and story in sports now you can argue you are not a short no you are right. And I do think the sport I'm not one of those people who says it's not a sport I agree with everything -- -- We try one weekend to make for a -- slightly more uplifting and my and that no you're right that -- that is obviously the biggest story because a man lost his life. Don't extort met with the media today for the first time time are actually coming up some merit to that with the media today what would be in a hurry. I certainly wouldn't kill the man and I would not be in a hurry to talk about until they got wait two and a half week especially when my lawyers and I don't talk about right but either either talk right away or don't talk -- -- -- problem that I mean I. -- right race now. Which he's gonna do this weekend off I. I don't think -- do this right now. The investigation is in complete what I don't like time where is the right time to come back to race like it would be Mike -- why I would say next year. I would say next season. And I would counter with what they do. There's only know I know what I did. And I accidentally kill a man because I lost control top. Did I try to buzz having got too close and and really wasn't the accident only I know that. And that would play into my answer of what 'cause if I kill them and was being an idiot I don't know that I would ever factories. And Politico I mean if this were a movie. Don't you think when he gets in that car that he's on now -- pavement NASCAR track -- -- noble not like he was a dimly lit dirt track. But he's -- flashbacks in a Buick that's how the movie. Would play itself out and and how would you not -- that he's in the car. You know thinking you know if I turn here I can kill -- like you know they they come into the air -- percent once -- you see they hit a guy. You know the guys running -- and he acts. And those are accident they -- are but questions about whether this -- -- but wouldn't your mind if that happens to you UCL bought off in front of your car so you're you're like -- flashback to the instead. Only he knows exactly what went on on that race and and if he is in any way. Responsible for more than just a simple accident that I don't know that I would ever racing an analytical. Not gonna say admitted either that wouldn't -- -- present congressman Peter but I think you would be a guy who internally was just torn to shreds. He has it's basically been. Under wraps nobody's heard from him seen him talk to him nothing since it happened. They have one of the biggest PR gaffes in history the very next morning at Watkins -- -- win the the PR person for the Stewart racing team put up that releasing yet racing is as usual here today. And everybody on the planet so I'd like to Roger Goodell decision with Ray Rice and arguing dots. Men died last night -- it's not racing as usual here today and Stewart to his credit whether he can -- with it on his owner. Or was forced into what by sponsors or or NASCAR whoever set on race and hasn't race cents he's missed three weeks. But now the problem with the nature of the NASCAR sport is its -- -- an there's an interaction there's autographs -- people in the pits their sponsors is that all these people. It's not like he's an NFL quarterback and you can keep them in the locker room until game time he goes out he plays he's off the -- you know. At some point he has to interact with the general public with fans somebody could -- murderer somebody could out here. I just think it's it's. It's a very difficult situation that is trying to be managed tonight I don't think this year returning to racing -- It's like I wouldn't be surprised that just because of that becomes back key races this weekend not a camp with and talk about NASCAR -- -- he comes back and races this weekend says it's. Just what Randy said. I get people screaming at me I I -- I can't look at kids in the guys' -- I got to get out of here I'm done for the rest of the year plus. It's over the season is coming to an end and by missing races -- -- not that it's about a championship but that kind of petered out anyway so what's the point now may be it's it's purely obligations to sponsors and you're supposed to be in that car X number of times as long as you're not hurt your credit whatever -- is -- -- in his car has continued to race right with another driver -- his. He owns the racing teams of this is different than you know you're working for. And I don't know -- the big race car owners RB -- work of one of them minutes and hey c'mon only Roush. -- but he owns his own race team he's the one who kept the car running keeping all of his employees employed but with a different driver in the car. He did say when he met with the media today that this will affect him for the rest of his life I'd like to think that that's true how could not be. Right I mean you you hit and killed a man who affected a lot of people for the rest of realize family members and you know person who was dead it's. A big deal.

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