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The Garappolo era begins 8-29-14

Aug 29, 2014|

Buck, Fred and Jerry Thornton opened the show by discussing the start of Jimmy Garappolo's career in New England.

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Through the Beantown and just to see if anybody would react to it and we got a text beads and really got. Out of -- all right so let's. Wait silly traditions it's about -- you have not been properly introduced -- recognized me. So -- -- -- I'm -- I had -- except look out you know. I had a big setup worked out the setup was as follows -- Jerry -- and today no treatment in today note join dentist today. And I'm late this ST but Williams sitting in the big cheers today and I am very pleased. Now one of the pre eminent football analysts in knowing and really if you wanna -- football. You want this guys that Terry Thornton yes thank you thank you very much great to have you played the game a little bit so but you might have -- Arab albeit. Weymouth -- -- self junior high school lately freshman team yes I am if they didn't do so so talks well he was enemy. -- but -- -- didn't come back and speak -- senior there and that's -- -- way too big time that perhaps he and Clark -- actual line cause are for going back into a time of Boston media -- board they all are the pilot called black -- -- with the blog and I had some of the same teaches who still talked about those two was like the legends that we. That we had to follow it was cold beer in his shadow rules say it was at Roland that was that's about it. Well like Cambridge will almost the most famous dad ever come out of Boston was thick like George young that cocaine. Imported that Johnny Depp played in the movie blow. That's our claim to fame but usually. That's that's been there that anything has you know you got to be properly introduce yeah exactly -- at him into. But yeah I -- about his life is football legend and analyst -- Thornton and this other guy and we haven't even properly introduced regulatory a pretext. And expect. It's with its -- is in the -- for an Ohio the last time we on. At the -- -- that would come -- frequently we have groups against what you know why because when they built the stadium the old sparks is right on -- one. And recognize the press box cross -- street. And New York. The -- Google Coca now with the new stadium it's -- it's way way way setback. In the press box on the other side -- -- -- literally. Half hour to walk around the state oh partly through one it will be -- little Coca. We had to do -- post game show from. Will be -- then ended would be on the stage that would drugs agreement the copilot one. Growth from -- -- -- -- for a record for a while. -- abuse. So that's a tough that's a tough -- torn -- that they have the tunnels that don't know where I go up and go under the room 1021. I mean they go underneath a boxer just keep going. Then you come to -- -- it's it's it's a long thoughtful people. You're talking so loud that they couldn't dance that the country music. It just pocket it wanted to erupted -- in like. If so loud you heard -- Pro Bowl games there couldn't even here. Had a headset on during breaks circuit cock from the might -- Armenia. Jared Texas is -- you -- what about John Adams. He was completely. He was knowingly used Clinton's. Went well that's -- the city of presidents have a -- Adams -- from -- you know which fat Lotta good that did anybody hastily collapse like. Well what's the big deal so she married a famous guy until I saw the miniseries and I realize. She was actually Laura Linney who -- super hot so okay so that that's a feather in -- output quality you know elected. Abigail Lloyd John Adams ever do for the international cocaine trade I -- nothing. So that the guy John I -- I -- at that Australia. Right so it's Terry Thornton Steve Buckley would vote for its analysts 6177797. Tina. Well it's the what's wouldn't lead number that's the number from the sixties with that. Have -- -- -- that is out there just know that there's -- title but the -- I haven't I haven't read out numbered so want is that. 6177797987. And it doesn't flow like the other though it does when you say 7937. But if you go 7937. -- that he would they should have written note with. 617779. Dash seven dash 937. And it flows as well because it's yet but called the the frequency -- is 93 point seven could tell way to used to stand -- show -- -- stand real you know is that. Like we did did you heavily -- headphones on Michael's guys the on the financial shows Leno did -- emotionally this. OK with the answer to every window that. I had the pleasure that so -- get back in your comfort zone if this is -- -- but I -- young man that I camp because with them to forty audience TV seeing them. -- -- Now with the still so popular that 26 hear about it but it. As Jeremiah. -- the spike in home runs in Europe. Half I thought it if it also goes before EEI implemented testing -- -- -- -- -- that was -- a legendary work go Reyes and David I ventured up the shirt -- came down that you know who is getting tighter credit objective for blow out. What does this now. Oh he still cut did you agency for Lara caught on tumbling to its magnificent. Rip publisher -- -- -- I would run war. One run. -- America and it really did it twice now. What was the time that's not important -- the important thing as a potent -- And I asked that question why would anyone. Raced in extra Kenyan guys who decides your finger -- route to me. Jimmy -- out you know rookie he would edit to sixty feet Hugh Grant under four hours. You know we did -- it -- -- it -- -- way. He ran -- I think about two feet of any note there is no 200 calories and have -- 8250 pound person cannot run America what and I -- -- -- with the board and Jordan -- blown away and video. BC had a slight run around the miserable when you're wrong and would -- ripped through -- at the minute. I was seven -- I did -- get veracity especially the first time I've worked -- the -- -- you know I throw on time but I mean there. You were two and a half miles and thirteen and he's accurate that's expert that was that's almost. 34 -- miles away in effect of that was published 320 pounds ninety and then we had news cycle club coach on down. Like who 75 while the and they went oh intending it -- -- felt about Aruba oral. 0111 hours after the -- I -- it and it just at the sept. Big oil and allowed to boost the maps which is the best part. They -- ago and which by the way is gonna happen against that it gets that and no no it's gonna happen in a -- the world but. The eagle all at eleven. They lose to humans. In hole in holy -- where holy cross of 4050 yards on the 400. How many of those players and then on eleven team -- yet though. Eight is about a biggest memory guys to think about that seminary on a roster of what sixty or so. On the school backed I think his entire scene with a par or how to -- little -- and I just say the other 52 -- really sucked they go to and go white was at temple -- out when he took a lot -- the temple in Japan. The -- there was a mirage bull big Kamal from the east room portal that primarily to him when I'm you know. Was it terrible coach did the other guys just really that bad at quarterback with at the NCAA record for fumbles -- every tablet that Rebecca practicable after the ball on the ground realized. There was that we -- a -- of of real profits and old runner to. But the prices are right so the -- go to action I would tackle Joseph put him in his. And they go right I kind of jumped in that was the -- and if you look of death that they've actually look. It was a transition that we talk radio is fair to say this is the most eclectic trio of people may be in the his is that we're going to read it again yes it does not as nice them to meet you on many occasions out of the first time we've done. Radio and I think the three of us it's. Bob Beckett play he had -- I bet there -- some it's like some social experiment that -- -- like to just yet another bad thing wealthy guys in night to go to be. Probably. Well let's face it with the three guys not cool enough to have someone a goal on the Friday able I was like why they call -- loses loses the island of misfit toys here a drug I am here only because. Saucers and I'm here because of the human species. Okay -- senate I'm I'm off from the paper this week. And I was supposed to be on New York. We -- -- baseball game maturity Monday night -- time based on -- Still -- smashed ball like he reached an error he played in the game and -- by region will be deductible and they -- have an error still hunted by yes I am. And so. I was supposed to -- a town but the box that we really like you'd beat the humans BC game on Saturday so. I hung around because of the UMass game two because something romance between induced. Would have -- you. I'm just like I was nowhere else to go okay that is a long weekend I guess I'd I've. I was -- is right with the Texas is the island of misfit toys alone so what Obama should be she feared by this. One I'd probably three touchdowns. I don't think we've what -- -- -- -- we lost assets and on his side 978. Video showed lots. You should've -- -- this is just backed. Five or six years ago and cone with the quarterback when the referees might as vote at BC sweaters on Bolivia immigrants it was it was that bad. It was EU beat UMass players are getting penalties on hold putting their hands on the hips I mean it was that bad. And I had never seen a more poorly species game and I remember that you organize all of our recruits kind of liked it to a frat. But I think you should always -- there would no doubt in my mind that all of those officials were like BC. Insurance salesman from paying them you know that whole thing -- -- reports sort of a known commodity when -- at what would Boston College ever be involved in anything was on a level no -- BC guys pay attention to the stuff Whitman or seventeen point favorites. Is that what we are felt that has recently CI MRI director's you know a few -- I don't -- it wants with having it. You're like us -- -- -- -- -- both the one that they will play and you know it's great I am like I wanted to I don't know a guy who's football team who played any game. Which BC -- What I that's rare I bet that's I bet that the first time driver as the I Atlanta -- erratic on the team Roger records. With a -- it was gone -- records redone with quarterback. But I these acute migrants who voted to you know I equipment ball you put the big red and -- -- audience yet -- rhetoric. Like in the third of fourth grade with heating up a third floor windows and old school bluntly came and I'm just trying to give middle of the third baseman. And and Roger next thing you know -- returning punts -- DC but anyway let's get it back around the band patriots giants last -- the meadowlands. -- -- when he Gerri it's it's week four of the name of the game is mention of its current rate you move on from there would be but it's. It to me it's all about Jimmy apple -- because if you notice they started a line of you know -- sure it was bottom of the roster guys and that's fine and just like -- that's all the way you wanna have a as far as grapple goes it's. You should never. Jump to conclusion may mean that I I I -- away I QA how was sent back to bombings yes I I always deal and I am. Still totally in on Jimmy grapple I don't. I don't. Via broadcast. Because a select and I'm not a gather complains a lot less alone Buckley. In an effect if they have a growls of to left asked two guys sit in Bob's secret these pop receipts. While there's two other guys in -- corner and they get Chatham and Ellis said he can't see the picture I had I had to guess who was at the game is. Watch this -- a -- about -- micro are gonna cut my wrist this idea because drive me crazy. But anyway. When you're analyzing the rappel and look at certain things ability to move -- pocket what he feels his reliefs. There's a quick release and they're -- that I mean what time that he did have a a he hits throws you a lot of zip on the ball. Good accuracy in the in the when he felt pressure got the ball but at times the right place. But nothing you -- that they are game planning this as a kid that never had a game plan in college player and you know provision too was -- -- risen to a six square. You'll win an icon now one double double whenever we get -- -- that the highlights after he got drafted in and that the available film they had on him it looked like when. You know channel five is doing a shout out -- like you know -- ridiculously loud stipulate that the cameras on the sidelines in this fifty people in this the other -- and his -- yeah I. I had no idea he did you -- what they said -- less like during the game he had no play book his last two years in college. Like what they -- -- it up on the back of his hands was he not go well by the fire hydrant the -- on the -- you have to -- I don't know how to. We do I don't know why they would do it but when you're analyze a -- like that in -- in you have things you can't really game you don't game plan so it's not like. And he has X specific plan for that team. He's playing off the cuff and they like to see you out there virtually naked you know not NC what you do want a difficult situation he'll put the FDB's tough the situation. The linebackers justice the other out but I thought his movement -- delivered the ball lose touch and -- ball he made some unbelievable throws. So for coming out -- a college could virtually. It'll just advance a little -- high school. I thought he played exceptionally well yeah. It and that's throughout the pre season and yet all you. You you remember the things we first heard about him back in May when they when they drafted him in the they all natural like we're going to. It's yet his mechanics are great heat. He never really starts throwing off balance he he he slides in the pocket but he. He keeps his eyes up field and he keeps body belated properly whatever it because he's not -- a biologist and a competent guy on the field were most guys would cut it go yes -- some that would would come open it didn't it weirdly my favorite -- of -- the pre season was in game three that was one where. I feel which -- but he came out of the backfield and he was uncovered. Grappled in just dumping off to one he looked you could see him region progression stuff to see if someone came open. And when they didn't get the patience and and take okay now I'm gonna dump it off -- just take what was there. But he settled for what was there is nothing else was it was open. Appoint a piece of America. He surveys a field isn't just locked on a one guy -- -- Islam program field. Look for the open guy I was blog especially when they get oppressive situation they've -- on one guy just keep your eyes on. We use that to throw balls on the court trying to get from the private widget but on the make history. Surprised shocked devastated happy actually advice on text me and it was. Me. -- treatment. Is not sold that the he's that the use of force dropped -- he's the captain he's best friend took Aubrey you know he is by -- The best offensive -- we're talking about real supplement about. What kind of shape your office lines -- too real to the -- Center. Actually is between the -- haven't -- volume gains I don't know if it was still hobbled on his tailgate show coming up this week which -- one that's hard hitting you know right. Then at Bristol did and I did I actually started to -- only five and when the old -- about well. That's true story and -- -- -- death certificate is still is still vacant rhythm that he take you watch in all instances I'm tired. I think land and -- understanding that it's a backstabbing business that I instantly take pictures the my consent to this morning side effects that I think what he's still my friends and -- -- -- could I department is one of the true gentlemen guys. -- -- -- Shocked that that would Belichick does on the trade group let's go to ball low for Buffalo's -- -- -- -- had just traded. What Belichick he's not getting -- -- -- that's gotta hurt them and it was great free games -- -- it would you know. He saw something he -- on the right came -- these these east we're talking about this. You know that they about the match -- you don't have an Anderson and you put him as -- expect to put -- in the slot he gets match of two linebackers. We're going -- -- in a matchup besides rock you don't have a tight ends on the other tight ends and tackles. You know local blocking guys. This kid can match up of respected in its battle with a linebacker too tough matchup but he every block anybody these are these 220 proud. A complete blockade -- did you guys hear the Mankins press conference I did not -- And not play -- I guess that nobody's on the show dale. And field gates yesterday and we discussed going into the press conference like woody take -- -- diplomatic or. We criticize the patriots and talk about that but adds up the contract and the request for an apology and so for them. Probably nobody surprise who took the high road he used enormously diplomatic and that the a lot of friends there and cherish as memories and he'd -- -- that the kids out to buy them Tampa Bay Bucs are here for you here -- -- But. I -- completely decorum on parade. And I I have to think with Mankins too he saw this coming. Because you know you read between the lines it seems like they went to one in the spring and said. You know we need to rework the deal. And he told them to go Friday ice. You know and it it just the business decision was another day we'll all get -- -- yeah it's definitely -- that sounds like it's coming out vaguely dirty evident that it turns out great actually my miles or what they're used to this guy profit to the big -- guys left. At the -- God -- was nearly ten million dollars -- the ten million dollar cap hit out like six million I would have -- and a half for -- six and a half I wanna say per year. And another six and a half the following year. He says that that's a lot of money for an arterial line -- via. -- this arrow. It's different than the old days if you don't hit anymore. You don't have those torturous training here -- accurate now guys the last fifteen years easily -- before -- news with them. But with him at that got position it's not a marquee position and offered to let that all the money. As you get older and has that count as a cap space shrinks -- it alone. Older guys right at a position that's not as this coveted of some of the other one and you know I am I guess I'm shocked by how shocked everybody lies. Because this is a -- a good way to put it it's what their pattern has been for years I mean. At what point do we gonna notice that this is what they do Richard Seymour. Mike Vrabel. Lawyer Malloy and it's not that they. Don't think Mankins complain anymore but they don't wanna pay him. You know he's being paid too much for -- misery with what his his production has been and that's not a ripple of Logan Mankins -- I. I'm actually happy about the old pouring of of affection for the guy because a lot that is an interior -- get get even notice it yeah yeah exactly. And and nobody by the way I was thrilled when they drafted Mankins etc. remember just always -- activity about that around and talk about -- -- -- -- -- a third round obviously David Wright is famous for its lowest Terry Norton in the house on Steve Buckley we are. The island for misfit toys. Now out of 10 o'clock 620 -- -- nine helps -- 700 no number for an you know security you'd have had to remove. Why did about it once and then it was right off the topic I -- Six whatsoever -- does have a 97937. Steve Buckley Gary Gordon for its growth in the house. Iowa joining me now -- head coach Bill Belichick and coach. The way things are going so far we surprised that Jimmy Gobble got in the game as early as he did didn't want him to play -- -- competition. Where -- -- and second quarters I was about right doesn't all right. A lot of plays offensively in -- first where I think we ran. Was like forty plays into -- ever in a second or whatever was. And only a couple on defense you know we're not gonna go into the defense didn't -- a whole lot of reps early on in the post war. Right yeah we you know three interception and then throw going to fail again so. And we had a turnover return run defense so. You know that's and that's you know that's the way it is just got to take advantage of whatever opportunities you get sometimes it -- one way -- the other. I have a league that has progressed and we wonder we have. You know I think we're doing a lot of things better out there -- -- was -- got a long way to go like what's the McIntyre thanks Dave Emerson thank you could spell -- I --

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