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John Frates on his son Peter and Fred Smerlas 8-29-14

Aug 29, 2014|

John Frates called in to the show to discuss his son Peter and his past experience with Fred.

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Six point 77797937. As the number we've got Joseph at Franklin and Jane -- but I I guess John freeze is going to Collison in a minute. And let me know when he's here so apparently there was an incident involving. ID cards at Mary hands and Cassel getting cards replaced and you being kind of a bullet in the way to play. I was and I -- afraid -- he's -- -- when I was challenged little factors. I had both sides to enjoy it ferries to reports of countries on on the show right now this is John Brady sees the father of Pete Brady's. The former Boston College Baseball captain who whose battle against the Ellis is. Nothing short of raw rookies a rock star they Ellis community the phrase family. Distant sheer determination. As help raise millions and millions and millions of dollars for Perry Ellis research and John. -- your family your your your heroes to all of us are you doing my friend. What we're doing great and I just can't believe. -- the story keeps going so late I appreciated how much occupants all hopeful to blossomed at the old time baseball game we had such a great time. Could play with Pete's body is one more time and so thank you. -- that was a lot of fun and -- -- Finley. The former -- and catcher and carry McConnell rise DO. Teams can really -- carry the coaches spoke about heroic work the dated Monday night to find room. Part and then -- be -- John I wasn't happy with all the BC riff -- at saint -- -- -- I. What but I I managed to look the other way and suffer in silence so it's it's totally -- but I wanna know what happened. Let me read the text exactly -- sent it to me. There is I took this is from John for eighties at eight when he threw this morning I challenge Fred payback Kamerion incident please explain sir. What is -- you'll thank you for mentioning court corruption because he's the real hero in this whole sale last. He -- so tight and for him to do what it is. It is money and funding for my son's cause is just. Kind. The pail and we just so appreciative and actually brought up -- was in our class. But -- is what you would do every servers and neither whenever we want to -- and think it was every night. -- is -- exemption which -- stand outside. And you were the sponsors. What was it they get a guy talks about it. Your 65 to guide the ball -- a mustache -- -- third and handsome guy you're there it's arises do you look ominous witnesses sweet guy. And you want to -- ship you're so popular they didn't. And I played rugby a PC so I thought it was pretty good size but I would never met with you guys. In the past you know didn't. Ingenuity we weren't we would give. PIP -- and you just didn't happen him back to some laughs and laughs and I have. Tell them because they didn't think it is PC -- get replaced because -- great -- -- Well that was heads that we could have. We're probably have a fill in the blanks you probably -- it's up -- rugby issue though. You know maybe running have a scrum in front of Obama so get the sport kid he he's not a full scholarship so you're our guy drunk in paying tuition. Because he's not a full scholarship athlete and I are pointing out today and you have. Carting kids experience and you play at this field that you view that this kid's idea. Is to go back down to the student whatever it and get his card replace way -- -- -- 45 minutes and -- pre -- why -- all corrected on. But -- right -- ignored again. I only did we -- -- do it once were what do you do they just feature just the jerk. I -- -- I could have been sledding. And Jewish wedding. But he took. Great pleasure to. Doing. You know there you go below that -- years ago this. But it has all kinds -- keeps coming and yeah I was probably twenty flights at night I don't matter I thought we -- -- to -- Don't feel the -- because you remember I was fortunate bark in the fight -- -- and go around and followed into the street. Up in the Tampa after a company gets -- -- and worked our way through the bottom about the others we had a great. A different sort of combatants it didn't matter. Have a big George can't tariffs on used all the place -- was it. Particularly with canvas use and abuse in the project -- -- are owned by guiding him through the stuff writes itself. You grow on my dad it's auto ID it. When most trouble there we -- victory over guys command acting like -- getting in trouble. They won't go away we how to find a way to to vacate the area. Release go to rip the -- right. Well -- you know. If you -- not only to the guy's Fred what you're doing to the ladies like my wife so little. And what I have to do -- I have to challengers the market challenges and please shout out to people that would be awesome. I I I shall do it. Oh god I'm Fred who rob Griffin to. -- -- -- -- It's a predator but according to and so touching the way to they've brought peace and -- -- and we have to. That the grieving process. We will -- people like Pete and court. John thanks very much for the phone call I appreciate you coming on this morning and thank you for that great anecdote from by the.

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