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Fantasy Football Podcast: Late Round Targets Edition

Aug 29, 2014|

We know your Fantasy Football drafts are happening right now, so Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson are here to help. We know you’d never blow off work to draft right? Turn up the speakers! Our fantasy guys chat up Pete’s most recent article on WEEI.com that offers background on several players you can target late in drafts across multiple league sizes; covering upside players to grab in 8-team leagues, 10-team leagues, 12-team leagues and 14-team leagues. Jim and Pete will be back at 7:30 a.m. on Sunday morning on your radio dial, 93.7 FM, with more ammo for all this weekend’s drafters. Good luck!

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This is the fantasy football -- Football podcast -- Jim. -- -- -- All right welcome everybody to the fantasy football podcast Jim Hackett here. Joined as always -- fantasy football expert Pete Davidson chief fantasy football writer. For Audubon dot com. But by guest today is brought to you by. Our friends at draft king as the leading provider daily fitness and sports a draft kings dot com. In by Clark Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in the fill -- where nobody beats Clark -- -- know -- Don't know nobody could -- good to have -- so in theory yes so we've got we've got to a an abbreviated podcast here today which will be up on WBI dot com. Shortly but we'll be following through with the podcasts obviously -- show 7:30 in the morning on Sunday. Because drafts are upon -- to happening everywhere to vote catching me in the hallway and then joined the team asking questions can't wait to brag about it sure you -- the same thing. Absolutely I'm in the middle if you right now. In fact Obama on the clock bounced into a -- although I would put you on -- -- -- -- -- O'Donnell let's say so where it would an abbreviated show we usually go sixty minutes or so it got a little over thirty today. We have a lot of content to get to is gonna jump right in here and now we have -- a bunch going on Sunday for the show so look at what are we get here all right so a couple. A lot of topics to hit tell you wrote an article on Monday which I think is one that will -- a lot of value to people. Talking about high value targets in in tiered -- league sizes from. Eight teams ten only ten teams twelve teams fourteen teams. And -- -- jumped into that and spend the most of the time there but there some news around the around the league since we've gotten together for our show on Sunday. Things to hit them like to catch up with you want to one is -- going -- news finally came down. Yeah I mean it's it's funny -- I didn't even have him ranked. Earlier in the summer I think a lot of people Lotus I got a couple emails on that and I sort of begrudgingly put them into our rankings in the 300 that we -- -- around 200 in the last week actually pushed him up that it was really starting to look like. Maybe this -- can be back click weeknight. What is it was silent for so long had -- had to guess right and you there was no way to put out. This thing I hate them into the rationally this situation. Should have been. You know so long time ago I needed it just didn't look like there was any way to put -- sixty if you're counting college. You know you know time he's messed up. And you know I think maybe the fact that everybody you know all. Our pot heads are sort of coming down on the NFL. And comparing the Gordon thing to other Ray Rice saying and how absurd it is that you get a full season for you know like. Develop a full season for -- or whatever that Twitter post of the moment is yet. You know I think luck as far as the social implications for everybody has their -- right to their own opinion on what drugs are okay and what drugs are not okay but you don't like. Josh Gordon knew the rules and systems -- right or wrong right they're there right to have their imprint I mean. -- that this is the guy I mean we don't sit there and say that you know. A lot of not addictive or some something like that. But you do have to wonder about some of his gut. I mean not a million dollars on the line we're talking 203040. Million dollars on the line all you have to do is pass the drug testing you can't yeah. I mean that's that's something that's says to me that's the guy that might have a prompt. No question about it you know whether the regardless sort your viewpoint is on the truck itself so it you know that I. -- -- And and committee if you wanna get into Gordon the thing that worries me. Is that -- the NFL's absurd policy. Which if it's and what I mean I've only read an article or two on this but. You know the idea that -- he must now will be shown by his organization. That you got a lot to be part of the Cleveland Browns he can't be involved can't -- at the facility and a gosh. You know I mean it's like you know if -- addiction is really addiction that's really a medical saying why are we you know it's. Why you're alienating US allied punished to the and I agree how about OK we're gonna take away -- -- you know particularly salary we're gonna take away your ability to perform in games we're -- gonna try to help you that it would seem -- that's more rational policy but just had to being around him under our belt and rational without the Wendell. -- doesn't think being around the team and coaching staff and that structure could break through one and sitting on your couch. The playing mentally if if you're worried about outside influences -- put this situation we're all he has seen outside actually that's insulated. It doesn't add up you and I both parents yeah I think on some level we just sort of see it parental leave it doesn't make sense parental. I'm -- Josh Gordon as a child but I mean let's face it up some trouble he got biblical. Yeah no doubt and then for fantasy football owners that are listening don't draft him. -- have to judge Gordon that perhaps they of one dollar bid and keeper format you know let you know which is someone's offering him for. Very very little that dynasty trade. You know there's there's there's certainly reason to value him to -- 2015 and beyond. But don't kid yourself there's no guarantee. That Josh Gordon doesn't have. But Justin Blackmon scenario where he just makes situations that makes the whole thing worse before it gets a chance to get back and so yeah. Yeah this is an unfortunate situation. Yet it's one not to watch right now -- and another one another story looks our show we donated to -- -- It -- is -- -- is that right now the guy who usually throw -- -- Not you don't -- that's not the Marty Moore -- but the but the other guide to it's scratch populism sure you know this by now but Sam Bradford -- and all of that's a -- Something and you know this is going to bring up to this is very relevant you know we've been talking about quarterback steps for months and luck. I hate to backtrack and flip flop. But it's not what it once a month ago. None of the rookies are starting from day one. So that's a couple until guys who are hopefully gonna be like four point assets sure you know you have to wait on -- So right now most of the -- -- real you know late round pick last. Last pick of the draft or not being picked at all they're gonna be free agent acquisitions. And and values Bradford who. You know what you read are drafting a reverse she was our -- -- guy -- the last guy we know we were saying you don't make sure you get at least Bradford while that's. You're gonna have to move that broke up a little yeah. And I got burned in a draft already well I was planning on going with not a no quarterback strategy but I was gonna wait out everything. And the draft took it was afford day draft and indeed three of the draft there goes Bradford yeah. And I had a poor draft position that we quarterbacks but they're granted today. A lot of wanna get into it it's so bad but aren't you didn't beat -- beat my receivers are Julio Jones Brandon Marshall. Michael Floyd -- Paterson. In Jordan Matthews Cody Latimer Reuben Randle and a loaded it received and understood -- receiver for quarterback play conducted trading week. So I wasn't worried -- Boy you need you need to know nearly as there are leagues where. Owners -- just difficult to do business with the Sierra trading league you can make a move particularly if -- that strong about one position. Well you have to there's teams with three quarterbacks and you know -- -- -- users only need is one of them to lose their opener and they're going to be looking at don't want you -- Yeah I'll go right I've got I'm playing the Dallas matchups early. It's like a scrub quarterbacks could have got I've got Jake Locker but he -- -- we -- -- so Jake Locker against dallas' probably QB you want. Yeah Jim -- against Dallas is probably QB three. Exactly so you know I'm I'm pretty sure it'll work out but that was like -- -- the thing we're Bradford. You know going literally halfway toward draft he got hurt by the economy to our -- could taken Bradford. And -- could have gone down actually settled with debts. But anyway you have Bradford is to keep saying the guy who's replacing him is not a bad player. -- will compete and he -- proven himself and I. So he's efficient he's accurate Smart but he's also in mobile. He's old and he's not a guy who's gonna you know. No not my over under is week eight partial and they'll. Yeah a little tight and heavy as I remember to -- last couple times we've seen them. Yeah I mean I bet that -- you know -- when he was running the show there you know Pettigrew was probably the number two option and that offense that has so many injuries but yeah I mean -- He's using this type of thing about Shaun Hill there's something to worry about it simply never really done well without mega con but he's he's always said that that field tilting presents. OK guy and he doesn't have that I have got the greatest receiver ever seeming off the road to him. If everybody is so that's proof that he's Smart he's further to Calvin the that's performed during a little intelligence. Sorry man I did see it down there let's try again. It hit the cabinet Archie picked -- we should do that. So yeah he's definitely got to know about now because he's the only game in town. With the rams and and Bradford obviously yeah -- you know I think I you have probably both resisting the urged. Say we told you so for the rams public as we told him so how many different times 1521. He's they did after Katrina brought extra Robert Griffin and they never built any steps of the most important is that. It's criminal and you've got a guy coming off an ACL. You know I've read so many bad luck articles about the -- you know what. People against -- death decisions put it all on a guy who had injury problems throughout his entire career and is coming off an ACL I don't care about the outlook and a bad planning yeah -- look. You know. Weak minded people believe in bad luck. You know -- -- and cause and effect. No doubt and that's a great that's a great segue to go from bad luck to do. But that planning to good planning let's get to the past. Because it's been the Mike while yes that's the only and a lot of time here to happen. But Mike and I did so for Sunday yeah that they'll we will. Well we will show is gonna be robust and but it is just an interesting topic that came out Michael -- over the globe through an article out through some notes on about. Steven Ridley maybe being on the bubble now this has big implications in a lot of ways because. We've talked in our show we talked in the podcast about that the running back depth and in kind of the the the shell game with that with the personnel that they have there but you know this impacts not only relate it impacts Brandon Bolden impacts on young James White its image -- CR shakes out -- we've got pre season football with the patriots tonight but you know way. Yeah I mean it looked assistant you know and and that they -- the -- right coming in nicely Mankins and and and the -- I can only imagine the -- storm that's going on up in New England but -- with American banks are -- -- -- -- -- -- my garage band and write obviously is an exciting new offenses. Peace. Unfortunately when I look at it I just sort of scene now I see right at what -- all sort of fighting for. You know that that hybrid. You know H back tight end position that the patriots used so well Hernandez. Maybe these guys are now gonna kill each -- value. You know it -- and healthy. On the cutting -- there's so many think if I mean the patriots what are they gonna do you know -- available fit. When if dobbs is playing major steps what does that do to what -- fulfill Mozilla does more that. H back role stuff does -- have enough snaps I mean this could be one of those things where. You know maybe. Maybe three guys are worth -- in the Patriot Act again everybody else is just so inconsistent based on game plan. Yeah it's going to be just yet a lot falls on Dobson you know if Dobson healthy all your question -- come into play if rock isn't healthy. And that opens up this -- to patriots fans like myself and everyone I'm listening for the most part hope that isn't the case that one -- out there but. Absolutely but you -- even think rocket is out and -- -- since -- If you didn't have to figure and he slipped added I don't know like really coast crystal clear now so it. You know that look they've been doing it to us for years I I you know it is -- -- -- you know as far as -- is concerned I think all of these guys have a lot of upside. But they all have a week floors -- just don't know right to be careful orderly and these guys I like the idea of rounding up some -- -- -- -- can. Yeah and less you know the ball drops that could literally insecurity Lou figuratively with Ridley and ends up somewhere else. Or maybe if Brenda bowling gets cut in the hands of someone else then. This person in this cleric. The player I was somewhere else yet I don't know I think he would say specific -- -- in twenty minutes. You still have an ugly back build. No I mean a -- and it's a fantasy purposes without player you know and I mean that hey let's say he gets guy we've been talking. In our show and our podcast for weeks that the giants need a running back what they picked him up with a pick. That's true but I mean you know that it. If the player gets picked up by a two -- team it's needy. But you know the giants. It's not a best examples since they've -- like three guys for probably. Didn't. Ridley might not be their first choice is that they're popular good and if you can tell. -- in every couple and as you know there's a guy out there is. More of a dinosaur than Belichick and Coughlin the -- that there's any doubt. He -- -- like he was going extinct in that sub zero -- -- during day was like turning purple. That's true. But -- I should not something we should be laughing -- because like seventy years. And a little bit cold weather was good form. All right that's that's a little bit of news around the league thought that was important to kind of talked about I do it and we only. With -- we should at least. And I don't listen to fairness issue over to Leo he's just talk about how the jets are out of absolutely nuts. Detect it really is it's it's really hard questions that I want to yeah. And opinions. Like they're trying so hard to be boring -- And they they just can't do it I mean it's at and that's the -- is an adjustment at Charlotte this stuff since it doesn't stick out or shock you at all. So it just in case people now in the last like ten days the jets and had a player. Obviously he -- his car on the way to a facility. A -- now we shouldn't think about these jerks but injured but only only in the -- visit you don't know what it is for a week and happy just came out intelligence is -- So people were thinking the worst like all the -- -- passed out at the wheel you know now we've got a guy heading to practice stroke immediately try to comment she carries him. And then a couple of days later. They had this Paterson got -- base side to be their starting corner and believing get into how absurd an idea it was a what a waste of money -- one to beat you down. Dimitri Patterson he doesn't show opening -- on Friday. Egypt has never told us that old silence -- just -- did you just -- Just wanted to get an idea if you -- the blossoms -- But I think you can't make it up and he definitely didn't -- it didn't come up with a reason for like five days and now he's saying always just so they -- all personal things. I only the jets so he's been suspended but he can come back. You really can't make it up I mean only the jets can look at this stuff. You know it was after last year that -- and that is you know another big free agent signings for those who don't remember last year the -- free agent running back Mike Goodson. Passed out drunk in this -- literally the highway covered his own vomit so. That's a comic to the -- really is instead we are not finished just cover all the peripheral jet players are in August. You're bound to get some good. Tell us together each and alone have all my age. Anyway OK let's change the channel on the jets and I'm not upset about the somewhat -- -- I don't get -- -- it is unbelievable. All right so we got -- all we've got yet it's crazy. We've got an abbreviated show here's -- wanna hit. The article and just to -- a bit more depth and -- article you put up blood W yeah I don't come out to some Brady Bunch of Batman we could do that. So we've got let's see. -- The thing about this article Jimmie is right it's it is the way we. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah it and that's a ticket and I service because you we often talk can always talk in terms of what -- putting up the content on the EI and it wrote -- bond is. Typically for standard scoring twelve team leagues and so this gives you a deeper look. That at targets that can fit differently excise itself. You've broken out with some people to look at if you're an eight seemly if you're attentively. If you're a twelve team league and if you're in a giant big goals fourteen seemly. Here's some people that you can get late and help yourself for the back -- the -- select -- -- -- -- -- in the -- -- two cents. Not people that have that have gotten some air time on TV during the pre season -- haven't but what we got eyeballs on last week and -- Clips while we're doing this jump and catch up with -- update one because since week. Put that article out Christine Michael yeah it's got a hamstring yeah. So he's a guy where you know he was running neck and neck with turban and now looks like -- can have that -- So you know I think he's still a great -- to -- really late. I still think he's probably been handcuffed or influential owners because of which goes down I think they go to the bigger power. Electrifying back sure but -- need the -- Christine Michael and sort of forces -- -- some -- value I think. At least in the first month of the year probably stretched that's probably what it downgrading him. And when you look at that article. He was and he's a pretty at a pretty big fight with turban turbines and outperforming them in the pre season Michael put the ball on the on the ground in week two. You know it's gonna hammy so I think that's that's very very relevant and it. -- told him he's just gonna missed the last game but. You know if it hasn't just taken ownership of that number two job. Which you and I said he might not do -- it's it looked at that and not because he doesn't performed well the -- is still very solid player. Get back yep no doubt about it Sony and the beginning of the article the eight team league there are three players that are cited. All three can help the Tennessee team I think we had eyeballs on Terence west in the pre season the browns have gotten a pretty fair amount of TV exposure Gisele underlie. But done it there -- looking for man's -- but you've had a good chance to look at Terence west a little bit. Didn't see a lot from like a statistical standpoint. Saturday when they played but I I definitely saw. Some of those things in his style. And what he brings on the fields and he's a guy that you'd you'd look at -- you're looking at ADP of 142. Yeah I mean I'm I'm I'm a guy who -- west for sure I like his talent. He's not a guy is gonna just step in and go nuts for this is a bit of an investment kind of player. You know -- eight team leagues he's going to be a guy who goes -- Don't you did you know you can't build a team around Terence west in the smaller league but he's the kind of player that I would -- my team before he has the big week. Yes it did you know he -- -- -- -- I mean he might be the kind of guy -- goes undrafted but certainly with a couple weeks we anticipate him being the kind of guy who gets picked up in a priority fashion. Did you make of the player to -- steel -- Any number of things so. The content of that with tape I mean that's just as history hate to say it really talented guy let. So. Don't -- does is definitely a guy that I wouldn't leave -- -- -- point the point really putting and there's even a small lead I would leave them on the wire right. I'd get him on the intimate that. Smart the next guy is Jordan Matthews and he's a climber and out. And we actually had a little inside information on Sunday when we had Martin frank who's AFP reporter for the Eagles out of the Delaware news journal. And he said something interesting in the show. Which is you know given his size. We've you and I've talked a lot about where he might -- in in the eagles' offense on the outside you know what you gonna Alec Cooper you can Maclin yes they're both injury prone to have -- -- -- Hewitt I got to kind of target. But Martin -- that you might see him in the slot at 62 to fifteen that's of interest. -- big -- -- -- said that in that it's not new information I mean they've been talking about him in the slot or some say -- then yeah I just don't really see it I mean it's a nice spot. But I think it's it's it's it's. Sort of the reason there was saying it is they're getting back -- credit for playing on the outside. Like I just think eventually these guys are gonna settle into where they belong to -- I mean Matthews is 630 to ten. You know fast. Long arms I mean I think ultimately he's an outside player but I I think the thing that Marty and I talked about after that was. -- all of these guys Riley Cooper can play inside. -- can play inside all these guys can play outside it's -- either just typical Eagles receivers they're gonna get moved around yeah I. I think the money question on damage was to earn the most laps. And and that's where Matthews is a little bit like last where you are attracting him to put him in in your line up week one and -- played huge week. He he's he's an investment that you you get an injury to either Cooper -- Maclin and boom you got yourself a starter with -- inability. And and then certainly. You know if he. You know can outplay. -- some Sproles he can maybe become. -- -- permanent slot option if that's where they wanna go but you know it as as we said the -- draft where we want to go for the upside down. Yes and again in there is a Mac Mini Cooper. Really good players but both -- injury risks though right you know I think -- is that it can get -- he does you know and right now -- major injuries one to two week yeah. Yet any plays hide -- EEE induced injury with the actual football I think that's definitely true. So that they got a target in the eighty -- won 43. The last guy in the eighteen league wrap open again this is late round MO players that you can get late immaculate healthy long term right. And granted that. Com -- start this moment and BP is absurd and that's. If this process that a bunch of times -- GDP this year but some ADP you just look at it you go back -- -- my dad yeah yeah I mean it's you know so it's. -- we would put them here at its true ADP. Because go -- you go through the name of the. Yeah life and I can see why -- frustrating is it to Philly talent -- guys Reuben Randle. Randle on the giants the receiver for the giants. A real shot to be like the leading guy there I mean he's always -- -- -- -- talent he's gonna roll. And -- Beckham is banged up with a hamstring running his targets for early in the season I mean they're going to be thrown them in -- all the time. Casey don't have the article in front of you haven't read it. Here it is is Ruben Randall's ADP average -- 176. This guy Italy Q what Amy can make. Yet now that's. That's 1880. You know for ever they're drafting defense is and stuff before -- ramble so I mean. Like no matter what league you play in Rubin -- at least be -- that he needs to be owned before you take defense and kickers. No doubt you know it's he can do well said buck he can be it will cut back yeah. Yeah in getting likes of. Absolutely and I you know that I think a lot of people are thinking about Randall struggles of last year's offense. Do -- offense is gone it's been blown out there running more the West Coast even more of a dream based scheme and Randall's. Apparently driving so. I would you know all the -- recognition issues we did last year I think you can throw that stuff out. Yet to have a draft pick them up. To the ten team leagues as this is a pretty long list we talked about Christine Michael with the with the Seahawks who with a hamstring. I'm also won a battle of Robert Durbin let's move to the next guy -- Robinson. He's gotten good she. No time on the yet but we know we've done we've done a lot of security Robinson already this year haven't asked yet keep it -- -- -- I -- -- good value once 57 everything -- said. Which until we have about ten minutes what's what's going through it let's. Let's hit some of the really hot names they're in this article it's because people are drafting I think the next I tell us. Yeah what a climber he is in the last two weeks ago people don't know -- tied into the Kansas city chiefs of those who don't know. Right and it's you know he's a climber entrapped or it's that 17 before ADP. -- team leagues that might be accurate but in twelve team leagues. You're gonna need to go sooner to get him. I love him as a high upside second tight and a new team yeah a lot of talent and and Dobson obviously you don't need to spent a lot of time on Dobson the next guy. To view the patriot may have but he. You know and and our market knows about them but if he does get healthy -- DDT is absurd he should be you know hundred higher. At least he's out of that he's out of his top 200. Absolutely and that's and that's that's Psycho. -- came in at 248 ADP. You know there is -- whole -- -- -- saying he might be the more you know conventional backup option to Peterson of the handcuffs. Just let me -- -- -- McCain ended in Minnesota running back in the would be handcuff although his ideally suited for that to discuss going to be on the field. No doubt I. We don't know I mean he might I think. We think it's worth owning this guy just because there's upside an I think he's been -- -- for Peterson I think -- Peterson goes down. It's got -- would end up getting phased out rather quickly for this guy that's my opinion. At least the other key guys about Mouhamed Sene. Accused in Poland to do is important if you -- short term options -- you probably only three week option. So you know. Brian quick a pick the guy then people I think a lot of people probably I -- -- Bradford went down so they're giving up a quick now. State he stepped relate peck but I still think he's the guy who could become a factor. And Charles Johnson the last guy -- For the kinds the interest of the -- science that yeah. But I don't need another he's a flyer we -- united starting and any other team that don't look like they can pass the ball on the surface. Doesn't work like you guys are gonna want but this is you know this is -- sort of Reading the tea leaves a little bit Andrew Hawkins as much as we like him. These guys -- yeah Cheney yet either way -- and you know Miles Austin you know he's. And when he runs you hear that -- sound like a guitar strain. His hamstring -- so brutal and -- if I don't check out lasting very long and he had a -- to back great. I mean it is healthy now -- don't look great. So -- -- in the top 300. -- donated. He's barely being touched at all. You know I think I think to me if I'm at a big league I like table format last couple selections. Again illegally drafting 240 or more I think he's got to look at and then write about him -- I think it's a -- Again in this market we don't need to explain to Brandon Bolden is night. -- patriot offense but by the same token. You know peace. -- there really isn't a lot but he can't do. And it's possible that this guy is really earn the trust these coaches and really we're not gonna go I mean maybe Ripley ends up being a monster this year. I can't wait for tonight -- I -- 1 I am I'm probably setting myself up because we might not get any of these question I mean tonight I would think. I think you could use a lot of polls and I would think who knows. You know what I wanted to see a lot of bullets like that might not be good to me the showcase and right horrible. Well it also they're not I mean he -- that knee -- issues presenter ability and it's the fourth game of the reasons we're all right so let's. But then again truly trying to -- smoke signals from the patriots and you're you're usually get yourself into more trouble it's better to just be conservative but Bolton as a guide for me against. Being drafted -- You know if you can get this guy really laid he's got the -- to be like a serious starting Tennessee running -- there sure submitted its. You know if if he gets up early -- role if he gets that power running roll you know and if it's havens Marine. Corps. You have to gavel thunder lightning and a cup. Absolutely absolutely and not only the coach is no but. You know maybe -- idiocy you could if hypothetically that opens the big back if -- is called the you know the pass catching back although we know his -- is bigger than -- And then you've got james' wife who maybe isn't ready to dominate or anything or maybe never will be but he is the kind of player who could. Come in and fulfill either one of those roles in case of injury you. You know maybe. Maybe there's a chance that -- either get cut markets traded you know my guess is that he just gets demoted. You know I don't know where you stand on it. I don't I can tell you Mike Greece's article threw me for a little bit of the loop and if you debate and you know treated in the dark yet received the listening to our podcasts and our show. I think the listeners understand Orion with Ridley I'm I'm at the point where. If he puts the ball on the ground again he's dead -- injured -- -- if I'm the coach of the patriots are early like. So having said that in terms of everything he can't bring if you can't hold on the ball. So I'm not shocked by it but it's like such a big name it's it's a big brand names Steven Ridley I wasn't expecting to hear that we see that in print that connect. Yeah there's another factor here and this is something that clearly New England more than your average NFL team was just put it that way. They go by what they see on the practice field. They go by the things they see. That's certainly yeah that we don't see -- so deal with a lot of the times people maybe they're just thinking about four fumbles here five fumbles there. You know a couple bad years but they've admitted it's very possible that the patriots -- problems with fundamentals but they keep asking him defects that he's not -- saying. And it's possible that they've just sort of given up on him. Yes it could be -- carries the ball. For a guy with the amount of fumbles that he has the way he holds the ball out away from his body is -- amazing to me I can't get into that. So that's the thing if you isn't responding to the coaching in the weighted basis want him to do -- That could be a bigger issue in the actual number of fumbles yeah. It could be more about this deal would pay you know collections still don't. I think that you know we talked about the the last podcast you know some people gunned down on -- -- about it. This could be the kind of thing where if you could get belly check talking -- you honestly per minute and a half he could explain if you very quickly you feel like well yeah now I got you. You know because she is say look -- told to do this a hundred times its second the fundamentals are changing the -- still occurring this is the business I have kind of you know pick up after Steven -- Debt but -- a player needs to be coach a -- When you've been in the league for forty years. Absolutely and that's you know and I think the pitchers have been consistent with -- -- -- open moving up. People going why why why it's because of what we don't think. Yeah particularly well. Two guys I want in on this list. Yeah do they also have John -- on the card exactly so yeah they're they're. What can brown do for you it -- well we're talking about. Yeah but this guy but -- John Brown is the young rookie on the cardinals who you know Andre Roberts is a guy was very productive on that team did this a guy like that. Right but that was before adversary and got there would -- seriously in the offense Robert disappeared. So that's actually the interesting thing here is you've got areas talking up a position on his team that he tended not to use all that aggressively on. We've got a lot of people talking up John -- who you know we'd love yeah. -- -- -- you gonna coach you guys you'd like don't you dare not put John Brown in our preacher. Step up and he has not -- once he told we have -- thought it was I wouldn't get my scouting you know basically agreed. But if you're the guy we really like going into the draft now did we think you go in the third round. No. We were shocked -- went the third round if you -- one of those guys like all the you know like big you know like last year we write articles about guys -- might not get drafted. So we -- we wanted to get around America as we really -- like Jeremy gallon that he was kind of guy who really should be drafted. But while -- ground. At the casket down in the seventh round convert right. Right now -- out gallon could run as fast as job -- -- become a little earlier arm. Browns and exceptional talent comes from a tiny little school that didn't most people never heard of -- state which is not anywhere near Pittsburg Kansas. And so you know this is an exceedingly talented guy that most people never seen. -- that issue is he needs to basically -- basically they need to expand the third receiver role. Because he's so darn good you know maybe they'll do that we're talking about a rookie coming from -- state. And you're talking about an offensive -- which drove -- Michael Floyd. So I appreciate the hype. But Timmy brown is more of -- Getting deeply exceed a wonderful way or if you -- FitzGerald afforded you grab him on the cheap yeah. And now you've got you know of a plan B in case when you're big dogs is doubtful while. We'll touch is a physical freak is Larry FitzGerald it's. And you know there is age -- at some point. There -- engaged gym and you just have to keep point because if FitzGerald get squeezed out perks salary cap next year brown could step into a major role also in dynasty -- yeah -- formats. He can be a -- got a target. No doubt last guy is what I'm gonna get the eyeball from Alex -- that's not you Alex. The last guy wanna hit is Jonathan Grimes he jumps off the page in the article to -- PP just because. Of who's ahead of him -- Foster we've talked on a lot. You know lot of reasons to be concerned there I'm gonna let another owner draft him you said the same thing here and podcasts in the -- -- get back. He -- a good back I think. Alfred blue and crimes are both guys that everybody needs to know about. On whether you -- -- stern not. -- obviously if you draft Foster right now would probably wanna grab Grimes eternally eternally the traps for 25 rounds or some think may be the consider grabbing both. But only drives are both pretty good backs there in that bill O'Brien offense they like to run the football. And you've got a -- starter so yeah these are guys to know for sure and as far as handcuffing goes crimes -- -- -- -- feel -- on your head Grimes is the handcuffs right now. Yeah look at it in a Foster does fall to you in the appropriate round. Great way to protect yourself on that. Yes and by the way you know handcuffing for me is becoming something you want to do less and less. You know I'm not a big handcuff -- guy and I think Chris you know Christine Michael's -- download store you know if you earn that ten team league. You handcuff only the lead and sure it doesn't matter how good a running back is without it matters how good that -- option. Now so. You know what you got a big -- twelve team league with substantive bench is. Then maybe you looked handcuffed because there's no waiver wire at all right it's important to -- -- but but but. It is still even big leagues I'd rather have upside players have been 5050 handcuffs. -- -- You know that's the thing is -- when you've got to -- a -- you know this guy would get old job. That's worth doing but if you're speculating like in this case -- blue could be the guy -- of the guy in the depth chart yet. You know it's it's a little bit done this year so. You know it's -- -- my attacked these days is to try to build running back depth. Without trying to so much handcuff. I think it's -- and there's plenty out there a lot of young rookies that have have and a lot of younger players that have not really enhance the talent apple sold look at those guys. And so we're gonna wrap it up here for the podcast that he -- abbreviated version. The week for the pre season version but Strasser upon us hopefully the information you're getting competes articles that WEEI dot com and wrote a -- dot com or helpful. Do you -- to update the rankings again the -- Yep the top 500 are posted a federal Audubon dot com and those will be updated. There cheat sheets audience to do is print ago. If you're the type that wants to take a little bit more control of it you can use excel version and move people around a little bit but the PDF versions there -- print and go. Everything that you need to draft draft well good luck to everyone so we're gonna wrap it up the Tennessee football podcast here. Not provided to in sponsorship by our friends at draft kings' leading provider. Of daily -- sports -- dot com and Michael Clark Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in the filling. Where nobody beats -- Clark deal. So come back to us. FM 937 Sunday morning 7:30 in the morning the fantasy football our the last one. Before the season opens its gonna be a lot of fun I think you for the time people talk soon. --

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