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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Best MLB web gems, 8-28-14

Aug 28, 2014|

An incredible play by Andrelton Simmons inspired today's 4@4: MLB Web Gems

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General and Simmons made the plan last night for the Atlanta Braves in fact buster only tweeting about it today said. There may not be another player in the last twenty years. Who could make the throw the -- -- and Simmons made last night and it got us thinking. About well to borrow a phrase from our friends at ESPN web jams. -- for brought to you by AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans building you a better network -- and needless to say before you climb all over me here. And we could come up with hundreds of great defensive plays its call for at four so we came up with four that we thought were especially fun to listen to. Right. Number one. June 10 1997. Jim Edmonds was a California angels and made an amazing Superman grabbed. There's a fly ball center field long run scored. That may be the best -- I have. Ever seen. It we could have chosen from then. Jim Edmonds plays couldn't make that one is. Did I having seen yep but I concede my mind's eyes back is to the plate of antiques then he comes on both elbows and while you can see it. Everybody knows that play. That is a signature baseball -- and it's one of the great defensive play an Edmonds was one of those guys I'm a friendly guy okay redolent with my guy. Accurate sex classes I don't just what when Jim Edmonds was really fun to watch the violence. Did a spectacular job out there and that was one that we found that that we just had to include. Yes yes we are from one Angel to another. Mike Trout. Was introduced to the world with an amazing. Amazing home run Robert. -- His glory honor circa 2002 against Barry Bonds in the all star game that lets. We talk about how sweet it is -- center field expanded yards cold Lee of the heat wave over the wall that's seeing. He is. Those people who saw him play and I did. But those who've seen in place said Trout reminds them. And Jokester Leona said this reminds of Mickey -- a young man yet and the young for the knees were -- -- -- -- buck wood decorative but there are those. Who I would say only certain cross section of baseball players are worth the price of admission a nightly basis. Mike -- might be one of those. Five or ten guys it is worth that every opportunity you get to see I don't agree that -- after the show but. -- I assume you -- -- added that to me the price of admission is a I think Clayton Kershaw for instance it is just because of that herky jerky motion he has in the and we should say is the Roger Clemens that the reason Clemens and Pedro Martinez and before that Colfax and Bob Gibson -- of Steve was so compelling was the potential on any given night to -- greatness. I've for number three have got a question for a challenge almost to pick which one was better in 1989. Kevin Mitchell robbed the great Ozzie Smith with his bare hand 2005. David -- at the same thing. And sliced it to left field then it's another chance for -- Lanny makes America. My entire life would never seen -- happen we'll broke. Good plan and -- Last week who look like saying oh you're new here. I'll let me be noted that I've ever seen on -- my my neighbors. -- I had the advantage of being able to CDs you guys are just listening to them the Mitchell play I almost thought was like a mistake. The right plate that's what he was trying to do I agree with that yep good Mitchell you can clearly see that Mitchell but what -- all at all. But but right it was like -- make it again but that doesn't make note that great but I agree with everything you said it's me that's what makes the Mitchell play even better. Because he reacted to review is over running the ball and found a way to get the job. I don't vote for right simply because when this Mitchell -- -- little -- field coastal crawling around with field that. This could open and the the yeah I I we we watched them both in the office today and and I've -- right when I remembered the Mitchell one vividly. When I saw the right when. I think I said to Ben you know that once even better than the one we we were looking at for Mitchell. Both were unbelievable and and true web jams. Time -- AT&T web gem of the day well it's been a miserable season for the Red Sox but there's been a couple of bright spots. Jack Bradley's defense is certainly one of. -- who -- -- and pliable to right center into the -- Bradley on a run Jacqui. Sensational playing. Runner Tekzilla advances that flared at Jackie Bradley Superman in the Alley. None of the appreciation of these fancy spectacular. Catch. Tennessee doubled away. This hurts so much to say this. Jackie Bradley junior is the best defensive center fielder. Even better than my guy Fred. And Fred Lynn take the big mandate and it's it kills me to say it mark your thoughts. Always much better yet Jackie Bradley junior has done incredibly obvious it was much better ball player shall. And I'm not closing the books and jacket readies might wanna read the talking it's reducing those numbers. Yeah he's he's struggle that has not made -- and -- in it kills me because you know you won't find a nicer person Jackie Bradley junior and you root for him and I'm not a comfortable thing that. To be tough guy columnists and all that if you met Jackie -- just really want to do it -- to the big leagues but. But to get back. What you said. I have never seen kisses when Gonzales play shortstop of the Red Sox in 06. And that was our best I'd ever since the best I've ever seen a -- season shortstop the Red Sox was -- dollars and six. And the same token Bradley is has played in seat for speaker deep down in my jail but not true speaker. So we just that we thought about it when we signed and Simmons last night it got us thinking about. And thank you for telling me those of you text machine that this is radio thank. In two called on the radio two and that's eight that they hold that the guy who's the equipment on the radio that Dave O'Brien called you just heard was a very very good radio play by play call yes I understand. I think -- you're gonna try to tweet out. The video links for somebody's. So those of you follow. The dale and Holley show on Twitter you can look at some birdies and make your own judgment but we just thought about it last night Kazaa and and Simmons plays that. Just when I sought to swear an NC and its of one of those security in bucks the original quote we go to the break they pretty much on our October 3 while. It's like what's it. Like. Wal-Mart. Third 1951. The famous play a game between junior giants the Brooklyn Dodgers you know Bobby -- as the -- I'm sorry Iran it to 54 of the World Series reports the catch. Willie Mays makes the catch up records. On while Kane meant just to base the courts. Gives up a 464. Y. Willie Mays back the -- makes one of the race captives in the entire history of baseball rice deal of the outdoors without changes pitchers. Atlanta comes back sits on the Doggett Texas blow up and says -- got Miami and. -- So bad but it because it was a mercifully short compared to budget otherwise it was way outside our demographic that yeah I'll let you know it was okay. 6177797937. -- telephone number. Patriots final pre season game tonight in New Jersey against the the New York football giants I feel like I've read this from the giants beat guys. Tom Coughlin plans and actually playing his starters something like ten to twelve plays some miniscule amount but but he is gonna play -- some tonight. I'd be surprised if you see any starters play for the Pate tree be -- peace prize to be seen him play for an extended period of time. Out there -- handful of guys who mean to their couples and their stills are sorting out is our offensive line entirely set of them look making trade. Is behind us. The giants so that might be more for reflection. How potentially dire leaders these could be your I mean just the personalities say there and overhaul and profits at system. My question but the giants as a fourteen tonight we'll see each any sample of their start. There was a a good piece on ESPN boston.com. Written by my crease he's real good at these. You know studied all the plays and looked all the breakdowns. He he broke down every offensive line combination. In the three pre season games so far every single one. And it came with some conclusions based on those breakdowns which I found interest in one is that. It would appear that Josh Klein is the guy who's gonna replace Logan Mankins left guard. My crease. Points out that Klein has played seventeen series. In this pre season seven at left guard Tenet right guard so he can play either side. But the fact that they looked at him at both sides means that you know maybe they battle more comfort. With him taking Mankins place -- Klein is a player who apparently is kind of on the rise here I know the guy that every the name everybody's been talking about is Jordan Debbie. Because the second pre season game he played 91 out of 91 offensive snaps are Mike doesn't seem to think that. He's the guy he thinks it's going to be Klein who gets Logan Mankins spot. Maybe the offensive line starts and just so you can get the -- guys out just one time I could I could see it's still doubt it but. This is by its terrific example details from Mike here was acting bit after sort of thinking board two on the past couple days what happens. You know I guides and maybe Marcus cannon -- starter Carter. Act that he hasn't worked their own gain during this priest as a player isn't he snapped at guard. We should be looking at him simply as the reserve tackle or perhaps he guard and emergency situation. Maybe that might me. Well we're talking about Josh -- game Connolly Ryan when -- keep in mind returned after Bryant -- remains injured rate. If he comes back perhaps that. -- keep these could be heard from the start -- usage and it could impact their decision making. On media Ryan went down old gang Connolly who both have speaker contract numbers and perhaps performance last year's -- Do you expect. Sometime in the next 48 hours after the game to -- 48 hours basically we have to get out of 53. That there's going to be another holy crap moment for patriots fans either among the cuts. War another deal and I give you an example Mike in in one of his attempts to kind of the erratically piece together the 53 man roster. Suggested that he thinks that day via a surprise here could be Steven Ridley now make. I don't agree with -- I don't know if you do or not that would be a holy crap moment I think for most patriots that would indeed the only crap moment and I agreed that. I think without it the Tuesday is that people suggest our seem to think for some. Have you heard the rumor that Steve -- is going to be cut and I think Mike. Mike's not Republican opponent Pete is that rejection as second of all its -- on -- Tuesday there other ways for a player to not be on it roster other than he cut. He treat is something that we can take -- -- the past TDs. -- and three this pre season right that's what they do aids day in you know go back to draft but the patriots have always done. Perhaps Steven Ridley with a crowded backfield that some players who were. Not the in the old younger and cheaper and -- -- all that expensive but in relative terms younger and cheaper haven't pressed whether to wait and something of that nature. Perhaps the teacher to find a way to deal player like Steve I think we've seen stranger things happen I was just gonna say I was waiting my turn heavily -- It never ever ever be surprised. -- couple days. Yeah yeah every single day how surprised were you wouldn't it make history. She beat the shot values to meet its wasn't shocking that he did something like that. It's just we had no indication that Mankins was a guy who was potentially on the block so that was the shock for me it wasn't that he did something like that. Belichick's kind of known for these bold moves in training camp cutting guys. You know moving guys around. What analysts had any recent thank you I don't I don't read every single I do my due diligence is dale does. I'm guessing you read more of the football stuff and a day to day basis of what we re right I thought yeah -- my -- was up and what I read. So because it's your job your football. Was there anybody anywhere at any time that even tilted toward this. New our funding and that's not that's not to discredit the -- the tremendous public organized and hands down there on bags that don't work -- -- should -- Mike Ricci never pay attention -- -- now of course I mean that -- facetiously but this is one of those moments that I mean this is probably you know. I think it trumps the Richard Seymour trade in terms of surprise factor just because there have been times receive more. And Mankins had that and then hold but you know they were perceived either the saint in that regard but he thinks it was a more vocal level when one Mankins returned it was almost if nothing -- -- he -- what went back to work -- that was. His best season while I guess -- felt or didn't they also make him apologize to the owner for things he had said. Bank and bank Dahlia during a hold out here. Well there there reform shark is I think America for what Malloy a Welker. -- he left -- that they didn't try harder to keep you know maybe you know put that analyst. I thought you know but -- I'm talking about exit this summit -- not necessarily roster moves it and secondly our prime unless. Personally I was less prize but Welker but certainly listen to. Malloy Welker Seymour. And -- anything -- Randy Moss trade. Now. -- acquiring him initially from Oakland would be fierce predators and exits and exits round pick again for free. How would this 1 because I am -- I I don't know how -- our approach this thing with Brandon Browner. On one side of the argument it's what he's not going to be able to play in game four for four more weeks so let's get him out there and you know that you complain tonight war. He can't play football for the next four weeks let's get somebody out there who might be able to play football on the next four weeks. Which side the fallen and for those people or asking I promise he's going to be on the team. He's a little bit they don't even have to be he doesn't have to be on the 53 man roster because of the suspension so they get like a four week extra window with him. I think I'd give -- a few snaps tonight I think significant maybe play against the giants starters because as the last chance to play for four weeks and those say what you need to get guys like Malcolm Butler. In other fringe roster quarterbacks on the time you'd be seventies and defensive snaps the night. Two quarterbacks at least if not three most apps what's call it. 175 snaps for cornerbacks if Bernard batter takes twelve of them that's the plenty of work brother so I think. No we should get an out there for. What the issue -- risk and perhaps. We season if he injured at the ones in Bradford during week three see yourself what's the point of playing starters period but. On the other -- if pray about it can't play football for the next four weeks this is the last opportunities though it has some value terroristic Vrabel would be one yeah. It was one does Terry not so much today you know or even -- guys at that point -- and I had a sense that it's coming. I text says hey dale why would cutting the running back. Who can't hold -- the rock be holy crap moment you make no -- per usual -- should be gone he's a liability. Steven Ridley had the exact same number of fumbles lost last year that Garrett want to agree. Context the exact same number of fumbles as blunt but Ridley is a guy who can't hold -- the -- when Garrett wants that guy you can -- and the Baltic. It's funny how these recent -- the effect right I mean we get plucked insists the years superstar on the field out Ridley was the in the doghouse because of the fumbles yet. 6177797937. As telephone number I promise right back to the calls with you. -- of one of those security in bucks the original quote we go to the break they pretty much on -- October 3 while.

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