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Are the Pats a better team without Logan Mankins? 8-28-14

Aug 28, 2014|

More reaction from the Logan Mankins-Tim Wright trade.

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OK I've found -- photo that Jerry was talking about top Christian looking dream only -- Jimmy drop below. No crush its on the New England Patriots. Twitter account it's -- second most recent weeks. And you can see Jimmy is at the head of this table as if he's the godfather yeah something like that yeah and Christian is to his immediate right. She in on on fist like -- to think your day. Looking with these Joey guy. Your copilot this is the patriots this is the on meeting that drop Lois outing with the broadcast -- picture. Yet it's up on the a Twitter account only to re tweet -- yes it's on the patriots Twitter just staring at dice yeah he's just kind of looking -- translates. And Jimmy -- Look away. So one week it's Tom Brady then it's Jimmy crop below now as -- -- c'mon. Blogs -- units treatment on no no gadget though he -- acts in Ben's done -- to say because that is what you know the crops that appear in topic. He posed the question of you know drop below Brady -- that -- and I think I only talent -- brought that happened Dino and Tim went went drop below the goal -- the young got a ticket. It breaks to all -- This is due to resist. Anglican sombre Christian at least you know in the woods with coconut oil -- accurate coyotes in Argentina you bring -- Jimmy drop below or you bring Tom Brady was on number. Master Jack had a query goes. Is glad to Chatham where had a query goes -- look at this picture tip our hat on you know. There's wrote meeting you know she's on his iPad. Can wrapped we got to come up with next week he's trying to figure you know panic and call this week. You're looking at Jimmy like you figure geez I think you'll -- yes -- -- for the prompt me this -- I it's funny you mentioned absolutely we go to this. We at the end of -- meeting -- -- the last me that we had so at the end of that we all sides you know one of the director -- -- -- I got a nice Italian restaurant we're gonna go to my -- -- -- -- -- head over there and of course it's a nice place and nobody has pants and advise and. Lot's full world who. I know I don't worry it's done to. Ensure it. Later on -- -- on Italian restaurant is this -- nuclear. You talk about a big in Poznan and of course it's. Of course -- Rule out there of course. You know it's real nice place you know and obviously Jones got his hat on and in the major DS bulletins -- certain that you might that -- how to please him like. I'd. What does Jerry -- not -- this -- Gaza rescinded and also those. Those and how the heck out of a bad guy now lives and I'd comparable data on around my little what is this is the way it goes. You know. Was not a heck -- -- -- guy too but I've always been -- always been jealous of of the guy that you know that just shades all the head of hair offered to -- -- because just the MG yet to get off. There is growth right there appreciate your head and if there is some stubble dislike you shape your face leaders admit I don't know that's a look they want you know depending. On the you know how bald -- It -- all you -- Nancy -- -- up at any point you know he'd done golf and take an optical we get idiot. Yeah I think yeah and I think all of the big. All people. Like you guys who shaved her head like when it realizes that there has done fighting it via big I think. Bald guys who shaved her head bald or whatever -- geysers that are just as insecure as guys with hair as far as the way it looks so. If you guys that you're gonna shave his head on a regular basis. Come the end of the -- -- there's some still grown there and not really like that right now so you might wanna put a hat on just to say -- have never had that issue and nobody ever do. But you know I can see awesome guys can get up tight about that there -- Paris junior ex boyfriend Tom Brady what does he think about Logan Mankins trade have you gotten any firsthand interaction with him maybe gotten any Tom Brady facetime with -- -- -- op or time to get re just how he's reacting because word is -- Jason Cole anyway who. Wrote for Bleacher Report and they came on with Dennis and Callahan this morning that. Is none too pleased about this what's. Your takeaways there why haven't you know that restraining or orders still -- the -- are allowed to get within about thirty yards Rob -- -- -- -- -- -- telling you about both now out of they. And -- and -- -- they saw so obviously I've seen this pattern of ball -- probably say something. I've heard -- -- ever read any I mean obviously there's a port -- you know that he was upset I mean. Of course he has played this is old hat for him -- this is the first time it's definitely not going to be the last. No one of the guys that he's had a long term. You know working relationship with -- -- achievement -- now of this gonna say relationship but you're gonna light and you guys would take it somewhere else it may work to which there and him. Morgan relates to a -- -- I mean just. As we go to on the list. Right we start with lawyers go to Deion Branch you mean Randy Moss nothing left for different Richard Seymour these are all guys that I think war had an impact on the way. Tom is today you know it's and and playing significant roles and the patriots success and I think when guys like that leave. Basically over money I think that's -- really over money. Then I think you've got to have an issue with that. -- a Jayson Cole said today when yours Alan Dennis and now plan. -- -- conservatives have another rebel talked to Tom about this are not he was upset because it's the departure of -- close for you can work next to. Staff or is -- that with the team. -- I don't I don't want I -- -- he was upset to us it was very emotional about it I don't wanna deal went further describing. Like. How how it manifested. Emotional. When some of the emotionally here is emotional with. What the ticket there's this is an opportunity to talk to Tom yet. So it's all sorts AAF so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is that OK maybe that's it from him statistical condolences he's missed he's emotional. Wreck at one through 1010 being most emotional I'm not going there. I have an opportunity to talk to him yet so. Is this complex -- winners with street sequel of sorts you know it was a breeze -- family -- agent inside Mankins -- agent Mankins would note threatening. But I just figured out that night in definitely talk to him. Hasn't Tom Brady bill -- done this a million times over and if he is upset don't think it's gonna -- by the first time he takes another snap -- -- thing about Welker dealing Christian mean. Oh yeah happy about locker and at all I mean really who loses. Any replaced them Julian elements of the guys so you realize you know one man leaves you know and other managers and takes displays insist. It's just the way it's big and you know in this and it in this organization. If if if money if you like we talked about yesterday. Logan Mankins dollar sign his his cap number and what he was making was too -- for them. And he wasn't willing to renegotiated and now there or not it was thought they Samuel and now that was Deion Branch he was willing to take last -- sat out for a long redundant and it going to Seattle. You know guys like Troy Brown guys like a Tedy Bruschi. They're gonna take less to play I mean there's. -- -- was used to do was on contract and for years other linebackers were orders you know were confused why he was allowing them allow himself to. The lower his value. They you know even though they are -- twice as much. As you know I don't. Chris I don't hold that against Logan -- either you know I don't know there -- -- -- likely should be -- -- and Troy brown and due to the whole project and take less to stick around -- I don't I don't I don't think you have to be what you appreciate the fans appreciate that -- eat and Troy Brown but I don't look at Logan Mankins and I can't believe -- take less money. You -- not to be good to be a patriots think they they held them to that rookie contract all the way to the and the franchise tag them you know army and a missed seven games. They they took -- -- you know listening to them pick a pay cut against I don't blame one bit you know for for not doing that. And you know and you know -- during the offseason when you hear guys talking either on radio are you kind of seed imprint. And you know -- had a great year can't wait for next trillion out all of them if if I'm gonna be around. And you gonna hear some like that inaugural why wouldn't you be around I mean he's the best off of the linemen. You know also obviously. A guy like Mankins knows. That. You know his salary is going to be an issue league he -- that they don't want to make that much money I mean this a guy that he was just speaking. At that that premiered dinner that they have I think they had a Monday night it was written embryo to fans in some eyes and corporate people and some guy speak they hand out what does that the Steve board Steve Burton award. -- -- -- -- -- -- There -- name is but and I think Deborah McCord ended up winning it this year in front loaded on -- -- and award and -- is one of the guys that came up there -- spoke. You as a captain so this is on Monday. So the trade happened I went Tuesday. Yes okay so I mean do you think he knew anything about this does -- you could you imagine hey -- don't want to speak from speak you know speed of dysfunction forming. And I Marty tell you and comic companies from underdog I don't know why do. You're in the last time they approached was to try again here's the of the final offer to get his number down as far as they want him before they dealt him but. Now the question I'd ask you -- the question I ask you Lou and frankly all patriots fans out there. The last 48 hours eight guard has dominated conversation. Route six states here tour comes to sports league and Iran -- -- -- OK -- years or ten years yes well liked player very popular player pro bowler I I get all that but I ask this question. Logan Mankins departure has it changed your opinion one iota. As to whether or not the patriots are gonna go to the AFC championship game go to the Super Bowl win the Super Bowl. If you're somebody like me who led the tragically low prediction of eleven wins during the patriots. I'd move my prediction not attend no I haven't. You guys that what a Christian and you at the mid sixty NL. Not he didn't have brought goes so bad the regular season NFL actually awarded them with an extra wins are technically you have them. Southeast Asian or else I instead of a 1212 half twelve and half OK so Crist has got -- does deliver you've got them -- twelve and a sliver of your predictions. Of the patriots changed one bit. With Logan Mankins and archer. And -- -- -- straight I don't think they're gathered there were a city on that they're better team I don't like trade. I still. I still think that it went 1213 games you know because listen I like the player. I don't like maybe the reasons why they get rid of the player of that right timing of -- the reasons why. But -- because I do believe the fact that they want to restructure his contract says that even if he did restructures -- -- be starting left guard that tells me the best left guard you have. He's no longer and his team because the money makes it wasn't only renegotiate that does not make you better team however the reason why don't think it's. It's changed their record because when you when you when you look at. Chris McDonald will show we look at this team. And you say the break -- can't afford to -- player acts -- most important player on the team we all admit Tom Brady's number one. -- Crocker -- -- Mankins on that list. If you Rick I think got to be the -- thought about where is can't lose Logan Mankins on your list. For the patriots. I would've gotten down about fifteen players before we got the -- did you know players. Of fifteen to know he's top ten. He's got to be a top ten dollars and upsets but let -- in my list OK I'm -- Brady. Input -- what you want before we get to the Brady and grow up Revis then according. -- have a safety note to. To an element going count on Gerald Jones any pressure there. Jerod Mayo I saw happ lasted Atlantic group up captain that it re elected not to see what it's interesting because. Best offensive linemen I think is -- most valuable might be sold there. -- -- older had a left tackle. Got to have the left tackle a Rouse an answer so I'm just cynical like nick of its -- is that -- put like 8990. Whatever might be in that range so. You know that doesn't. You know it doesn't kill this team. He's tired I don't know I don't know what it is accidental asinine art design -- -- -- -- of those six guys input from both the running backs OK here right now until what are you. Just don't know it literally number ten. Feet attack with thick. I don't get you want them to you got to focus douse you in there and asked. -- throw them before answer is as much as I don't like the -- kicker phenomenon. You know like he's important to this team and he made a sixty yarder last week all right so are you don't want the games for a always been more important in Logan. OK but tonight you've got to basically around ten yeah I mean that's -- what I don't like is -- the reasons I feel he is -- You know that's that's -- but there's a reason why I don't think it's gonna change that much to -- a twelve game. So let me ask patriots fans this then you guys have made your opinions clear I've made mine clear I wanted to know from New England fans if they actually think that Logan Mankins departure -- Materially. Affect New England winning or losing. At all. I don't think -- well not one game in the final win loss column 61777979837. Wilfork. Him. I've got him as my -- model for text 37937. Yes I take outsold -- by that I put sold outside. Of the top ten just based on performance yes he is important and he is -- board but he's just. This is not good enough to me I haven't seen enough for him to be like all right there's a lot of value there and you could protect Tim was backs and and tight ends like they always do but you're right I -- so I mean folders in there that position is -- that position. -- top -- that position -- -- become hum are more talking about the position I don't think he's as good as -- but that position itself. Left tackle. -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't object above what Logan if somebody go just to take up the five off -- and the -- who's the most important who's the most important player not position to left tackle. Is obviously the most important. But you can make a case out of even out of those five linemen. That the senator is more important than Logan Mankins and it because the senator with all the calls the estimate and all the different. If things he has to do is getting the rest the line kind of on point it starts with the center and it's and they know that he's a he's an extension of Tom Brady so. You could really say -- Dave Connolly. All right Brian went well could be more important to -- -- the color has been -- -- -- about then what are we all upset about what I think it's it's it's the nature of the way it happened -- also little bit surprised obviously I think so. I mean him beaches. If you go to if you're gonna pattern. Your play off anybody you talking about like John Hannah type mentality doubtful loaded burnings but I think he really epitomized. What this offensive mentality should be. Never always did the right thing you don't during the holdout you only bitch and -- once once he thought that that that the -- relying too and he had a pretty good case. With that. So you know he's a man of principle and I think people can really relate to it. They respect it and they love it because he just the blue collar guy and you've got a group like -- caps and you know Baylor hey you know by hand. In a central valley down and and and in central valley California so. And I think that's a big part of it you know so. I look at it as. You know you that your team that's competing for Super Bowl. And maybe look at it in terms of baseball suit Boston Red Sox took date a starter the clear cut starter better than the other option. And just said go to win a championship but we're gonna released this jacket is making too much money we're gonna bring up a younger player who's not as good. Because of -- viable it made less money probably staffers but this is a financial decision he's making too much money we're gonna get rid of them we didn't get better you've saved some money. OK but you didn't get better. At fourteen this year you can talk all the wanna vote next year with Revis. Are you can you can deal with that next year you can try to keep it did a year and I know you kind of nice save money can roll over I get it all the cap apologists out there with via. It would just. -- go ahead to stick it about it. But but this year they kind of guy that should be starting at left guard because financially he was making too much money. And that is what upsets me that's what upsets me yeah I. I think we're in the same boat here I think people may be confusing their emotions for the players that they liked and the circumstances under which she has been departed or what she's departed. For whether or not he's actually gonna impact the team by his absence and I think that there is a little bit more to the football angle of this than just the money and a united -- there live element I would have to think. That they feel that the guards that they have are close enough to Logan Mankins that they can afford do this if they if this is wrought just. Ready -- not funny and MSCONFIG pay cut. In refusing athletic and -- Because I think there might be something in their heads saying that he's not going to be helping good enough by a week sixteen. When we go to the playoffs. And if we can get him for nine weeks great but we've got these other guys here are more ready to go and start by the end of the season -- -- you for less. Because we will be -- play as much maybe yeah. Now I just understood that they painted his his numbers to lie it's like about him I'm Brian according to a July authority to do with the money. What would have ended with money we're -- do with the money. -- so they freed up some cap space what are they gonna do with it it's going to impact this year not for next year not for two years down the road this year. We didn't matter they would giggling regularly he's overpaid utilities overpaid. It is so it doesn't really matter. What's what he's getting paid they feel he's overpaid and and because they feel like he's overpaid and they kind of know what he's like. They kind of knew that this was going to be a battle they need to beat the prayer for and so they make sure they had a guys who could play that position in the Major League draft budget younger players. Who were at a lower value and that's just the way it goes. There's often that is really. I mean -- it's like when this happens you start there to start think generally -- about all the different possibilities. Of why they did this and known and whose idea was written you know what does Logan day. The fact is that. He he's not willing to take a pay cut like other guys who were here. Who didn't it didn't it didn't necessarily deserve credit nice I like to brown never did that to -- -- -- -- -- maxed out hey -- -- -- maxed -- He did to Max out Wes Welker did Max out -- you know what -- it betrayed him out of spite which is in essence what you're suggesting there or not but not based -- in spite. There's a lot of things that. That's like saying that you know in this organization that world talking about such grand esteem is not as great as we think it is if they traded so they traded him for the reasons you guys are talking about. And that's not too bright going into a season where they just win the AFC championship not if it's not -- It's been done before but it when you say like in spite right that's like that's like the theory that. -- audio Bill Belichick did what Wes Welker. You know because you still like him the other something going on there you know he's he's benched him because the foot jokes -- Rex Ryan it was personal. And -- I don't think he wanted to put a percentage reasons why you know Wes Welker left. Who is a small percentage I'm sure deep down you like you know whenever Meehan always butt heads was the main reason now so was that the contract years ago the main reason why. -- but as in the back of their minds shore in army Q let those things go but I don't think that was the reason why let go. You know it's funny and I depart reason not like this Logan Mankins discussion is it makes -- and based terror itself up from within. The arguments from within -- fantastic as I'm looking at the call -- right now. And I've got people out there that are gonna blast me because how can I possibly suggest that this. Perfect organization could loose five games in a season. Up against people were saying that they're screwing it up because they're getting rid of Mankins up against people are saying these distrust him Belichick regardless of what it does. Mean that there's so many routes that this is. Able to go down this whole conversation. And it has patriots fans sort of. That includes on your very condescending way of saying it's a perfect organization. Is nobody thinks that. His people that love this team okay didn't like your view -- an outside view that that gets people pissed off about the arrogance of the patriots. Gave because you look at say they think they had a perfect organization. The patriot way and at the patriots fans have been here realize that now it's not. They they (%expletive) us off -- players walked that we wanna keep it bring in trouble players the major way endless and they've done some things they pushed the envelope. The that the definition a picture ways been so skewed it's got nothing to do with. You know that picking your better -- get everything to do with Obama like she -- play corner. -- maybe I'll take less money to stay here because you it's -- your way it's how I handle the media it's it's we don't -- other teams let them rip boss. To that the whole thing is is it's -- about what the major -- years nobody thinks they're perfect but everybody outside the depictions I don't like you can think they -- I'm talking more about there's. Eight going into this season where they are coming in the season that they -- that they are still good. It's ridiculous to suggest that they could lose a home game was division game that's who I'm talking about not so much the -- waste off -- -- get all that. -- the blow back any time we suggest that their mortal until or unless they have to go on the road against Denver and FC championship game. And if they are still on if it's so ridiculous for me to suggest. That they're gonna be really good win the division go eleven to five -- the AFC championship game if that's so asinine. Then why are we still bent out of shape about a guard being a tipping point one way or another as we love them. Tough son of a bitch that whole year and ACL. Always count on -- never missed the game. We care about those guys as fans we care about them we don't care about the mercenary. 6177797937. Text there's 37937. We have -- phone lines we'll get to everybody as soon as we can and why Christian Fauria it was looking so dream Malia Jimmy grapple order in their meeting yesterday as coming up next night for seven Libya. Patriots -- worst there are on Monday I know Tim writes a nice player. Certainly is -- -- upside 54 catches an undrafted rookie. But the interior offensive line was a concern last year. With some of the guys that are coming and Josh Klein being the guy why would think is most likely I think that they. Can replicate to some degree the effort of Logan Mankins. It's just like Tommy current Comcast is having the same debate in his own head there were having today. Which is Logan Mankins being traded to Tampa -- materially affect the outcome of the New England Patriots season at all or not. -- can -- on both sides there that the guys to. Replace Logan Mankins. We'll be good. But they are at -- -- because he's gone. Mortgage your thoughts about six and 7779 Cincinnati through several stunner the Tom Brady factor to all this. -- allegedly being upset based on what chasing Kohl wrote for Bleacher Report and said today -- Dennis and Callahan. Is that something patriots fans should be concerned about because the -- quarterback is an on board with this decision. Now Christian you talked to Jimmy drop below in New York yesterday. In your take away or was that if something should happen to Brady just for the sake of argument as a result of a lesser experienced guard getting in there he gets blown up he gets hurt. That drop -- might be more fit to take over for Tom Brady and we were giving him credit for even as recently as the start of the pre season is that right. Well I think you see. You see the makings of McCormick I can be here for a law partner's time yes. Is he ready right now to take over no. You don't want you don't wanna see that but thinking long term thinking future. Again about the future of the organization and who's gonna put a position I mean really I think it's. You have a guy that's that's that has everything you want I mean it's it's amazing to figure this out based on where he went to school. I mean because. This team but he MES are not -- they did such a great job evaluating them and he's such a Smart kid. He knows exactly what to say. He can. I mean he just -- as you can tell he's got I don't know if that means some guys get some guys don't mention this like last year day one I've sat down with Ryan mallet. And here's Ryan mallet a masking them all the same questions to them doing it for a reason I wanna know what their mentality is when you ask Ryan mallet hey. Would you need to improve on its odd man you know. You really say on man not -- yeah I -- probably events I. I asked you those press conference aftermath. Of a man and -- yeah we thought about that good. The mood so what they said that agent you know in his third year that he kind of knows everything and you ask the same question to a guy like drop all US the same question to a to Brady and they say they -- off you know a laundry list of things that are already would still say that -- -- still a lot to improve our. Yes and I think. That alone listen he's got the look he's got that matters and habits and look. You know where you know you know all it's missing a little eagle the old -- you know on his teeth when he smiles we music isn't. What what I mean it's missing I think it's there. We will know we'll listen missing is the supermodel run and all values I think it was like. -- -- kind of uncomfortable had a boy did you look back a year Christians say eyes up my eyes are appear my eyes -- hear it. Well let's -- -- expect it I guess my point is that. You know patriots fans. I think should be to be comfortable that if if this is that the -- -- Then you know they're gonna have a hard time looking for no because I think he's got a -- definitely got the right -- deport. No wonder lake -- I would like Tom Brady right when these sort of moves are made earlier in his career notes Seymour and Lori in. And those types of guys you know that maybe even even to -- Wes Welker. It made me even before I don't even know but you know what when they make cuts like this -- get this Rick Aziz ticket -- -- a better team. Or he knows there's gonna make us better this gonna help me out at all help me help me help you right at me and I'm wondering now if if it's not about if it -- technical off like. You forget about the team in the next. You don't need -- would have taken -- like six years ago you know and saying like but I like six years ago he wasn't sit there and healing gulf. You know what because lawyer -- 2003 with the couple years Italy three years the league you know sort of one World Series thirty year these -- and going back to -- me. You don't -- won't go as as still hoping the Mecca beat me in the prime of his career but right now on -- -- -- think differently. About the cold cuts you know remain just the school -- it just cuts in no emotion whatsoever what -- start to think about that. Well when I started I guess I mean listen it's I think if anyone is immune to two being in that situation. You know I think -- you would call that guy I just think there's there's other things in it for Brady other then. You're just playing quarterback with his organization I think he sees himself as a John Elway type. You know -- that ends with this team. Ends up you know running the organization I think that's the relationship that I think has been forged over the years. And I think I mean it is -- the case. Would've sold his house in Beverly Hills and he's he's busy and and a building a -- -- -- right in the same neighborhood as Robert Kraft did he do that -- chorus of world. -- -- -- it think about it I guess you could but I guess if you can stop it from happening if you can you know if you have that ability that that power. To stop it. I mean then -- have to do but. Here's a here's a problem -- beat these quarterbacks -- like heavyweight boxers they just they just detail ago like I mean nobody ever quits. When they should quit. Well that's that's the thing that I actually think that the only way he retires and knowing the patriot. Is because of injury. Clearly it -- three years from now your keys and I'm not done a one key play in the fourth year Billick call we're not going to be here. No good luck you know at that he's not gonna wanna stop playing as long as physically he can. So I don't pick it BP if he plays and just decides he's done it I think he's going to be somewhere -- Think about Indianapolis Colts let's just say you know Peyton Manning didn't have to -- neck injury and didn't sit out that whole year in the in the examples colts didn't have the number one pick. In the draft the -- years ago. Andrew Luck sit there at number one transcended have quarterback they'll come around a lot obviously you can see what's better is it brought over -- the third who went directly after him in the draft. Well if you if the colts what do you do. And demanding they wouldn't of new equipment that position. But still. I guess what -- you have to at some point need to think about the future of your team. Right in -- anti lock the best quarterback -- -- -- around in the last you know fifteen years this is their right your doorstep and number one. You kind of have to pick them -- purple that's the perfect storm. -- all of saying because. -- getting injured. You missed the whole year there was uncertainty about what he was gonna beam because of that Ian played all year you have the number one option of getting Lockett did the fourth pick overall. All right well they've done you know -- the fifth pick that year what -- they have done there presidential -- -- we can't get RG three with how we don't. Here yet it just the Brett Farr air -- situation always kind of just makes -- think about it because there's a guy. You know the four time three time MVP of the league and Super Bowl champion went to 211 of bomb he was ready to quit. And obviously he wasn't -- quit -- you know. Agreement Packers just got -- -- to make a decision they. Brett Favre. Was all happy about the one of his main quotes like -- -- it's not my job to mentor this kid's got my job -- notice. To bring morality it's not my job my doubles -- quarterback somebody else needs to coach him up. And Dallas and obvious indication alright -- he does not want to give this guy. Any edge or any help whatsoever so we can take his own job besides. Go to Bob in Waltham Bobby -- night for seven Libya. But we -- on. They'll go to different Bob Bob contemplate -- you're on nine -- W yeah. And art critic Michael. -- sort of make a quick point I think you could certainly say -- -- -- a line worst but I don't think you can say. Right now that the key is permanently or. Be puppet of -- and played like crap and that championship game last year and I think Logan Mankins Clinton's -- -- my main point is that. When you look at this tree and I think if you wait you know to take the emotion out of it is around -- Belichick had -- you know second year tight and they caught it all and by touchdown on a minimum deal. And traded it away or -- old guard at whatever level pro war ever -- we would -- -- of buying and so I think -- a good move I think it's totally in bidding war on an -- And I told her good you know -- should look over shoulder this place over the next couple years and rubble all troops out the door to. You know about it your basic point is to trust ballot check. On this circumstance in this situation I do and I talked about this yesterday I hate to be the blindly just trust Belichick for whatever he does guy. But in this situation like we're timeout that ESPN sports nation Paul iPhone Mac category I trust him to the point. That he must think that the guys that are to replace Logan Mankins can do the job at guard well on all future. -- for the next move on because everyone's talking about Revis. But I obviously don't wanna go though extend themselves -- reviews. We will back when you criticize this 111. And they don't spend this money because. This was the and get -- -- space as a well there was so convinced it's gonna go to Revis is -- -- -- -- -- on Sunday equivalent of -- you don't need to make this move because of money for the cap and you don't need to make this move for money because a broad dollar -- -- there -- like if there over the cap is it assigns somebody and again the capital of the week YouTube. We do look at this rush to -- differently it would be looking -- thing you know what. You could say five point seven if you cut Logan Mankins. An agreement on that over the cap they got to get into the capitalist outlook we start looking at bat and then it would probably makes cents. Go to David main -- quick -- your 937 WEEI. Are you know I'd. Pay I keep hearing about the you know you guys are in. About what Pakistan's -- It's our well being and all I hear is well what I IPO remain all laid out of the game I wanna leave the Atlantic. And that's you know I don't I know a packet. I didn't you know he was a good player everything. I appreciate what he done. Are we I don't -- -- wanted to cheerleaders -- -- -- be offensive line if they eat wedding I'll be I'll be happy. But it can't -- The question is -- -- date -- today materially changed their opportunity to win as many games as you wanna see them win by dealing Logan Mankins that's. Well I think you've got to wait until the 53 man brought -- -- out there and look at it that I mean to speculate now what's gonna happen we don't know that might be mobile. You know I mean you can do that on the. I can't imagine them letting go of Logan Mankins -- thinking they're -- better themselves cigar was some other free agent they must think they're good enough there with the guys they currently have. Unless they're convinced that they know in advance some other guy's gonna be shaken free from -- three. Another team's gonna fall on their laps. Or less money. As I don't see that taking place. 61777979372. Text 37. 937. We'll get to more on football when we come back with the patriots still to come as well on the 11 o'clock hour there's new news about -- we'll do this there's a new update on Josh Gordon -- sought command. A lot of talk about him in -- in the 11 o'clock hour but there is a story that just developed about Josh Gordon we'll have that for you next 937 W via.

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