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Three For All: Johnny Clipboard has his own commercial 8-28-14

Aug 28, 2014|

The guys dicuss Johnny Football, Terrible Summer Movies, and John Rocker being on Survivor

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The third -- brought you by deposit dollar construction new new roof they've got you covered. Anything and everything sports non sports all thrown under the roof of the three paroled to -- the Maloney Christian Fauria. Let's start off the Christian we edited the referral. Why it's so Labor Day weekend coming up so it's a big movie weekend right so just look at the paper. You know -- all bummed out because. The movie industry has taken a dive they I don't summer 1%. Since last year since two point thirteenth summer. And Allison are gone quietly went to my first summer movie about two weeks ago. And I saw guardians of the galaxy. These guys that you heard about them moving oh yes there's the -- -- and it was actually in the it was okay it was like -- it was entertaining today. -- Ed's -- always a lot of Anderson in the -- as she plays as green monster lady and I love her so when she was -- -- better but basically these movies at least attacking these guys so it. The alien thing turned you on us is that all it. Is a lot of those those a lot of is ideal. Tasters also in the avatar -- -- she was blue also love the colors yet -- now she's agree yes. So I don't know the national predators -- collateral of the reforms so what are unity. Okay continue all right so movies -- in obesity and he's lose their transformers agents speaks and now. My litmus mullet this and knew no no that's about him no way these about transformers -- -- X-Men. Days of future past X-Men -- public park six now I don't know I actually the city. OK dawn of the planet of the gates also saving -- -- I've not seen -- Sarajevo yeah it. My point there's like there's nothing there's a reason why the summer sucks because all these movies -- Well those brake -- like three of them that molecular part -- -- a part transformers. Planet of the -- The other -- you just said -- -- -- men. I mean that's psyched up for the sixth or seventh retake right. All these are movies that you can just sit back and wait a month and you can watch him on Netflix or some other device and pay. If you watch it when you when you feel like -- did you even. You care about go to the movies anymore. -- that -- football movie I'd probably wanna see that there's yet rioted at the one will we -- -- a -- on site listed on this Friday at a don't want to hurt a probe whether or edit the same stance that -- cartoons these days notes it is -- There Oregon South Park for me now quite Disney but yeah it was particularly -- the Simpsons you know some of the guys on the F that was. Yeah they're playing they're playing like twelve big twelve days worth of Simpson's -- one after the other historic for the very first episode every episode or general correct aspects is to run that. I mean Jesus Michelle's been around it's it's would like the longest running shows of like don't smoke. I mean this is back when it was on to the Tracey Ullman Show yes the sport started there it on the Tracey Ullman Show. -- -- -- Those that. Your favorite guy Christian period. You don't have to -- Nine and unknown and then. Sorry football you don't have to be a star cornerback he did a -- to have bureau commercial. You don't have to have it. Johnny -- -- got his own Snickers commercial not great video below last year. So -- The idea. I run a -- is set up are the video -- luckiest -- looks like Richard cemeteries like a bit. Fitness class at the head band everything else shorts spoke about -- I just you know he's not he's like leading a bunch of women through a robotics but hey that's what he's doing in this class again had run it again. -- -- You you. Success. Was that Josh Gordon New York citizens saw no wasn't just going to John Boehner -- it takes -- -- -- Snickers and sixteen others that number two it's like here. You should again in the freaking clipboard. Here let's go right. There. BT headset lets go sit silence Johnny. -- about it all right thanks Josh and I feel funny but I love the Bartley says. Who's got Elvis and the like. Are you guys going over here. -- at the base. All world for my contribution to referral today as a member John Rocker yeah yeah John Rocker rocker is going to be on survivor. I can see this ending very poorly or like a day John Rocker is gonna be on an island and I guess this is like couples survivor. Because he's going with -- is really hot. Girlfriends get a look at her note John rocker's girlfriend she is smoking and John Rocker who I always thought once he left baseball would just go to hell. I kind of thought that John Rocker. Would look more like Jared Lorenzen at this point all my -- -- it's the other day and thorough and part of the ticket you some crazy team did a hefty lefty. Well yeah round mound of something and somehow I thought that's -- John Rocker -- and out. Sure enough he's. He's ripped. He looks great I'm the survivor island and his girlfriend is smoke it you don't wherever he has written -- -- -- steroids. That might be what it is yeah and I -- -- Iowa. I don't will happily is on a desert island for awhile on the as the decree. But the clear with him and maybe. And national identity is and that's the one -- he debris on the island the only -- to bring one thing. The guys -- like machetes and got every like ukulele arrogant -- some like the mayor -- some cream. Well that's what demos -- get the negative of that sun's hot and I don't know. Keep my muscles. Like guarantee you this. Mrs. rockers bringing at least two items with her and there are very enhanced did very well -- -- evaluation John Rocker. And your host baseball career success. 6177797937. In the 1 o'clock hour Chris price previews the game for us tonight between the New York Giants into the patriots Christian is there -- at his insights. From New York City your New York to sit right -- -- Jersey. Are Christian but he'd leave now or has lost a -- Christian there'll -- erratic his room service. Yeah you know this he's doing this whole show and has boxer shorts all coconut oil to operate prop eight breaks tonight at present and Iberia.

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