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Jason Cole breaks down Tom Brady's reaction to the Mankins move 8-28-14

Aug 28, 2014|

Cole joins Dennis and Callahan to explain Tom Brady's reaction to the Logan Mankins trade.

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Jason Cole has been around the block -- timer -- -- cover the NFL since 1992. Working for the Fort Lauderdale sun sentinel the Miami Herald Yahoo! Sports and Bleacher Report. Currently Jason Campbell would job hey Jason good morning John and Jerry in Boston how -- her martyr out of character on on how -- this Mankins thing playing around the National Football League is it in bill we trust and he's a genius and did. -- get fleeced -- what's your take. I think there's a lot of in bill we trust to speak of have been down on the road several times now -- more lawyer Randi mosh. And it Terri Seymour seem more -- carried out what -- -- -- a lot of -- ago and in this kind of same kind of timing right on the eve of the season. And survived it pretty well so most coaches will be really terrified of living -- that would -- her. Like this. Bolger and the last word was used in reference to have been terrified. Of anything so the and bill we trust generally. You just wonder -- offensive line. You know with -- -- -- one that has taken some steps back from a couple years. You wonder how they're gonna survive this one. I'll watch it Jason to report that that Tom Brady was quote very upset. With the trade. I know you can't reveal sources. But could you give us a hint on how you came across that little nugget. -- I guess I -- yeah. It's a given time -- figured out it probably come up with a clever ways of disguising sources and stuff like that but. So pleasant got to from the third -- character. So. And I don't know. And let me just say this having not been able to talk to Tom about this. I don't know if he was upset because the departure of the close for you can work next to. -- or is it that with the team. He I don't I don't want to partially he would upset. Us it was very emotional about it I don't wanna go further describing. -- How how it manifest. So I am that's a good quote a good way appointment because I was one in what form it took -- the followed would be. Is this a surprising. Reaction from Tom Brady in your opinion from what you heard. Was it a surprising reaction is he's been here for awhile he's seen a lot of old friends dear friends get treated get cut. Hmmm were you surprised to hear that he was upset about this one. Wouldn't that Caroline surprised bigger groups that. Maybe some of the description comfortable level to which you groups. And I want only to -- because. The figures are revealed a much more that that is -- -- you know. Let on what sources were. But I think a little of a level which she got upset. Probably. Surprise you just slightly but you know what -- the guys who don't Wear for a little bit more people well. Especially when you get latency in the playoffs and into Italy in terms. Met this mean a lot to me and we've seen him cry upon you know on video -- and fell. NFL films of the food you know this is stuff that re too deep into Seoul which I appreciate it it's great because that tells you. This means something really important to them. It. So -- had a little little little little bit caught off guard by this one not incredible. He will join us he'd generally joins us on Monday patriot Mondays but because of slavery -- be Tuesday and that's the question I'm going to ask him and mrs. I think will be revealing. Is he more. Pleased that he now has a new offensive weapon in a tight end. That is sort of filling the role of air Aaron Hernandez -- -- without the murdering tendencies. Or. More but ordered out more disappointed. That the guy who was protecting his -- on the left guard situation. Is now god. I mean won't that be a revealing answer beat. Chooses to respond. I don't think that he's gonna reveal much -- you can that. Now we were moving forward yeah him to the best camera and we have developed lactose. Now. What what are rare players you have around Jamaica are often work something along those lines if I if if I no problem. The move him a little bit. Do you from your perspective national perspective. Impartial perspective. Who won the deal. Let's start to see I just didn't. Hold until we have cooled. Got the best player. For today in other cut that I usually do this. Ever heard him make him the best player. They have a picture art of giving something good in the fourth round. Pretty low. And broke the tight end is OK to operate. But are also -- within the album came to me the money to get through -- -- -- -- right up against a cap. I know urban you know and -- the extrapolate this into some really good deal but -- -- You meet six million dollar in the cap. To get through the season with -- injury but you have. Otherwise you could start paying other guys and -- defer our money and get yourself caught in some trouble to -- hard decisions government. And you do need to type happen. -- mean there's there's. There's no question about it there's there's doctor number two let alone number one try -- and right now and you know we're broadcasting in the student and so. I think that is on the patriots had to do to function correctly. But it may not look all that great a long way because you took away key car in front Brady. So Jason are we dealing with pie in the sky or are people dealing with pie in the sky to say that Tim right. Is Aaron Hernandez. Up murderous tendencies aside. And -- -- but her idol I -- You. All over the world. It is -- Aaron Hernandez light. No well known are out there earned him a little special Lleyton who could play for pollution command as. Tom permits which ultimately Swiss army -- of football players and he truly was a -- maybe eight. -- metaphor considering the situation now. However. It's true on the football field you can climb up and running back to put him in the blog he could put about why he can make a tie it and like you know you could put him also played. A right not back. But among tried and -- you can probably put him probable. You can put him in the slot a little bit configured pretty good program you know try to line is gonna do okay. If that's air commandos light. Okay all bias to. I think you have to go further commute to work on -- and those work. And he can't block to save his -- correct. That I don't know that much about him right to tell you get a good but also the most of them today. Can't block troops Hitler. Well gronkowski can bug Romo says that's an extra points that just aren't doing this guy weighs 220 -- -- yeah well -- it and blocked run block if you wait too twenties he's lighter and taller and longer leaner than. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- dole cubic VO located close to wide receiver that big -- Buick tied him conflict from the time. And cause problems -- -- reasonable linebacker safety corner line applicant from America. Classic coming at them. Is is that why he went undrafted or do you know the answer is that. There will resort yet he's not he's not a prototypes a day and he's not good enough to try it and particularly moms feel all the talk. So they're not good enough to wide receiver that's going month but you'll probably think there's a guy who came out of -- for the Cleveland cut for a -- -- -- Same kind of situation we're currently round draft pick -- -- broker or your personal league. Then you slowed down enough that it didn't matter anymore it was -- he just wasn't big enough. Character and all the president's party wanted to be wide receiver who wasn't physical enough. So that -- we heard. Have generally a pretty short shelf once. Unless there it can't tactic -- like you know commandos would -- fantastic -- Here's curve ball out of left field does Roger Goodell Jason Cole. Know stuff about the -- elevator video that nobody has seen. Veteran would make him. Rule 82 game suspension that everybody in the world thinks is ridiculous. Very -- short hamper. The corner war primarily -- you have to Clinton. Will we see that video. I don't think we'll that story come out to the bottom Roger Goodell and I'm getting the crap kicked out on a regular basis I say here's what you don't know about that to waste. -- what I know the video one -- told about the video. I don't think that it completely. Get Roger move exonerated. It complicates -- story and more and make sure that. Makes it tougher for people to decipher exactly what happened. Everything that also good for the promise Roger as you want to go away yes -- you don't want you at all or discussion. But ultimately robbery attempt he -- football start from the people but the republic now. Good point. Your still own self righteous are so game or that close enough if you. Do the dolphins is pretty much all shared want to get out -- I don't know it's that's -- gender are. What what they think in golf and country that they think they have a chance to win the division. I'm sure that -- But there's a lot of dilution of Miami. About not the jets and -- Mean is you do they. Whatever you called collusion in your brain I think you can effect at all three other -- and samba super now. Jason correct me if I'm wrong the Miami Dolphins have five offensive linemen. Who have never played side by side and -- will be old. By the bye week right. We have -- lost a game yet they think that they're gonna be great. Okay and they big -- him. You know in and dream okay this is what took part of the student about it and then you get to weakness -- -- people Terkel lose. And can't accept. And that's the beauty of football right now everybody thinks they can be a champion somehow -- the people in Cleveland. Are asking about we check our playoff chances are too which I -- playoffs. The Buick right terrific about it but it can Johnny Mandel why would -- figure out that first. Before you go to that next step -- And in all three of those cities in the Gypsies. You still have a question about all three quarterbacks cam may play you have a question about at least two of the three coaches can't they approach. It'll -- were wrong approach can open coach -- you know return he can coach. Defense and know that will hear about off -- I mean he's a key to predict -- horrible but most other teams. Now you you have that setting but you build and questions. And any good knowing little where you have the best coach America fell one of the top four farm quarterback in the in the air felt permanent. You know how you look -- you remember don't really care produce them but well. We spoke to beat back to go to war and. -- whose you're picked to finish second in the NFC east. Curious -- are. -- the other half until. That play right through me I want utilized the attitude of the other retained a piece of paper put them out. Come out and battle order all -- I don't know I have no idea I Cooper they're all have incredibly. Mediocre. You know quarterbacks we have hole and other -- -- don't cover corner to save their life but -- point two million dollars in cap room. And Darrelle Revis is planning New England which make people him. In New York podium -- -- Brooke -- a huge hole where you know to build. However mr. Erik Cole are their quarterback and and we talked about it approach. Gary good -- -- Miami offensive line. You know are you -- -- all of them how these. Issue. For all -- they don't want them into the clinch by you know -- Cologne tomorrow night I'd John's gonna pick in this new Jensen. -- you know get -- -- our order we get free three. Teams -- order and -- -- is married at this is the team it's finishing its second right you can all go to the whole order here all right look at buffalo finishing Noll and I Love -- -- -- now -- -- we're gonna tell you gonna finish third foliage to -- third. -- -- -- -- -- One of the -- so tightly. Miami Miami's ever go like Miami yeah play out and I'm an -- fourth and we know -- that is. But for America -- in Indianapolis. Quarterback -- -- collector where were big and personal. Aide Jason up final question for me. I -- out a couple of days ago and gotten snot kicked out of me when I said. Cleveland. Buffalo. And Miami. Total wins over under fifteen let's do the math that we five apiece I sit under what do you think Cleveland buffalo. And Miami I don't follow -- much on -- on the news. I would probably go over. Because I expect. Sex. Well one of buffalo or Miami one of those future target to six yeah matter -- possibly seven you know commitment defensively broke loose standard did not make some games intricate work. How -- the jets win would that make him question yes. I mean that was -- Houdini -- in particular awful walk off two men were horrendously bad the demand toward making its because. If you do enough on one side of the ball. You know you have figured out an amount not looking at their scheduled. That much but I think I would gladly take over but I'm not only incredibly -- and I couldn't get current -- -- I. Here's -- talk radio question of last week Jon -- Zell you only get to pick one. Superstar. In the NFL or absolute Ryan -- lost nothing and. All I ever have -- spoke to boot duplicate of that Poland spectrum -- -- but yes. Yeah that I don't think the rate of superstar there's a problem -- possible. Jason Cole always a pleasure talking football thanks -- Jason Cole with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T -- nine taking way decent scoop it was a big story yesterday. But the Brady apathetic about it. Wasn't war all the point 5% after three and one -- -- everyone in the room -- -- them get them again I heard from Julian Edelman of animal -- holidays. We Courtney said later never crowd another teammate like this guy he was like an awesome guy and an awesome team -- and your visceral reaction is going to be. You know you're pissed if your -- right when he settles down stops thinks about it even better when he's thrown balls to right yeah practice or when he sees. Well. You know Connolly Klein and and and build again he's gonna say you know may -- may -- build it again. 617 sevenths 7937. -- in May and the rest your phone call straight ahead.

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