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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: The Fate of Tony Soprano 8-28-14

Aug 28, 2014|

All the stories of the day brought to you by Jerry Thornton including the fate of Tony Soprano and an accident on Cops.

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Ruled Jerry don't -- I liked this new rule. Doesn't affect me -- all I know that whoever is sitting in the C yes -- -- like I just wanna be up front I volunteered to it to current status at yelled out do some etiquette just keep. You don't let you carry me I got to try to pull my horse -- operate full time position just -- team player just try to be here every day with my teammates try to get better every day on the -- my breakfast just right -- -- it. Client has brought to you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network. And by Bob's discount furniture stores. Well I fellows good for a story try not to let this destroy your faith in this -- family. What the sister of Boston Marathon bombers was busted in New York City Wednesday for allegedly threatening. To blow up her -- lover's baby -- I just an idle threat yeah someone that fan now. Use explosives. Got a Linas aren't -- -- who lives in North Bergen New Jersey -- the woman at her Harlem home Monday. In order -- keeper distance leave us alone. I know people who can put Obama used the 23 year well -- speak the truth. I mean -- not want a national youngster and jailed in jail Abbott they would never follow up on -- -- like that that now the real question here guys they think is. What did we as a society do to pusher. At that point. Not love them enough that's right we did not we -- and ruling open arms no yes no Alina -- it's it's. I I looked like at the store in front of -- to an island all -- and looking for the part about her. Posting her bail with a -- BT -- -- is there any doubt is there any doubt that this Leach that this little -- is still on the dole and I don't know did you find anything about what the baby mama all let her live in boyfriend does for a living host. Or shop lifting interest you -- yes yes we'll just do you think there's anyone in this worthless -- who's ever worked that day. I mean they just they came here. -- police. Our system suck up behind. Him there on a wonderful job of it I wonder if they know anybody. That job yet I get it up in the morning and put their pants and I won its second cousin had once who had a job and boy did they make funny yeah I think at family Pardo most of the seven elevenths -- -- a warning and use sap. Adam you guys notice the story from like a couple weeks ago they tracked down. Timberlands widow. You know that -- yeah Russell from Rhode Island Russell -- all right -- you wasn't bad -- -- new Jersey's she went to college with -- checks and get into that she. Loses him -- he dies and we thought at that time she's free this year and it worked twelve hours a day cleaning bed pans. While -- settlement watched soap operas and made bombs right that was her. She don't have the duck down you can walk right in -- audit. But we -- don't get credit classes broadcast up polygamous yes what what are you bringing us right now. -- -- -- The Sopranos ending of sopranos fan. Way before your time -- that. Yeah I'm Ohman got neckties or one. -- -- -- that I'm I'm I'm I'm up by 21 shield Italy killing seventeen to me. Well thanks for the story it's a good story yet get this put the senior pot yeah oh yeah I haven't got to the -- anytime -- wanna bring anything in. You just want money and say I got some BS started SN. Right believe me they would rather look at you with a look at -- -- -- the three of us look like an unmade bed compared DO GG -- turns breakfast yesterday. -- in which a ton of excellent you know thanks. -- -- Russell this we don't -- Hamlet we thought she's free after her brother in law runs over her book or husband. Set you free you thought the queen bed pans. You know -- to Wear the veil and and go for the charade -- thank you message you want -- that do win me the favor. So where she now she's in major New Jersey living with his family. Else she's learned nothing. Well I don't know they'd -- their household geared and cute according to the Internet as unhelpful. Hello yeah Rolling Stone I believe talked about how how adorable they are apparently. The of the three of us just don't know how to attract the right -- we haven't seen in the latest relaxed and did the Q on the B -- from. From London did he make the cover a soulful eyes he's -- And a tussle -- You wanna go at the the cops story. Yeah -- -- music gods and by the way. I admit that I've talked to be a real optimist. My favorite television show of all time. All the years. -- -- No kidding and it just enjoy why did it guys in check -- get arrested as we feel good that I'm not lying in a while underage trailer with no shirt on a pack of cigarettes in my pocket well is still a at the topic in check back in about a month month. He had tragedy in this is Susan Omaha. The filming cops. They went to the scene of a L Wendy's restaurant -- Iran Libya and and tragically not only the the -- god I killed by police might. Such a some supervisor for the show race. -- do you on the ideal way braced Keon of -- -- pearl was also tragically came less yes. Often connection -- them get that sense it was only a matter of time. Yeah well offices -- -- at the suspect Cortez Washington. I shot a pellet gun not a real firearm at the Belmont least welder -- And and Anderson was killed after cops experience I've seen here in general I've seen it really I -- the I hate it's much better than orders. I -- not a lot of horrible guy either -- I mean it is kind of a front row seat until the fall civilization that's what I finally remind you that that the collapse of western society is way ahead is get. Does the same reason that that people all over the world -- love so far. Because they watch this stuff and they see the dysfunction and the the the acrimony. And they say I feel good about my life. And it will certainly quit you on the side of the police when you re also yes what sober men. On the job Joseph trying to feed their families try to deal on -- yet right yes you know and expect to get pulled over John which I'm sure will be -- -- going to be -- I I I I enjoy your experience watching cops will make you be a little more cooperative. Answer all those questions that are always. Operative yes you pay your parking ticket yet from. Jimmy Fund I don't wanna get into that all that yes I did. I haven't done is that no do -- -- your late yep. Held at The Sopranos. Story Jerry know you you've read this -- About the did the ending of sopranos. -- -- that this is what did David Chase the creator of the show witnesses say they posted -- this story secret to his grave. The ending as we all know -- one of the worst finale is -- just went black in the diner. Always whose family. The some mystery man and he looks up the door -- and it goes black and if you're like artsy type on you and you can elect minute and you call thing films they'll talk about directors. And you say it was genius. It sucked it was awful is almost as -- as the Steinfeld finale. He did and leave you wondering. Did Tony. Right so -- Tony died in real life when he gorge themselves in Italy like fried shrimp for -- -- -- -- -- -- Double pinnacle Laden's. It was too bad this was brilliant. Non actor he was more character. Use -- thespian. It would yeah I think and he but David Chase revealed yesterday. That Tony did not die. On the show. Our own hands. Was this something you were pondering. Yeah it was something at this time we did really well because. That would have been more registering them what actually happened on the radar but that was a problem with The Sopranos the great characters some fantastic episodes -- Got a little full of themselves like -- the whole season with Tony woods in a coma. And haven't these illusions that he was a traveling salesman yes that was way too pretentious. We look at us this president artsy and Jason Love with a smile of his own gas this when it. It's a promise was good there was nothing better yes when it was that there was nothing worse it was awful and our members here until Monday morning's going. I'm never watching that show again that you -- the -- but that to me that I'm out I'm never ever it was just when the focus was. You know mill feed. Off the Falco it was just right well and what was the New Jersey mom -- Hi -- is that Ohio parents thank classic big yeah he's a fish wrapped with -- the Russian was from the department into area that's -- cities and interior decorator. Really it's apartment looked like bleak. -- a lot of the Dallas classic one Chris hopper on TV episodes all time Christopher with a focus in the great episode. And -- and hitting the ball around Christopher. It was great. And Melky was the worst in it's it's easy to write great fiction if it doesn't have to go anywhere like that that the final episode. That's easy I can make one where it's just them sitting there and it's ambiguous it was the mad I think raking in at the finale ever feature picture. What difference does that make. That we now -- when you did not die if it scandal Phoebe were alive brightly it would make it -- and ask them. Well because then you could set up by perhaps a movie or so that's been assigned felt that they wanted to make sure that they could come back some. -- in jail -- -- but the door was open you know. I actually have a TV series that ended worse than that I watched lost. To the bitter end and I wasn't enjoy it I said I -- gonna fall listed yet and at the end the last episode. They were all dead it was purgatory. Which the produces had denied from the very beginning of the shelf space or -- not all day ever got in the -- and yeah you do as a result of it so so the plane that crashed. That it or did -- it did but they all had to. You don't achieve something in purgatory before they were allowed to move on -- the way it -- throwing the -- was the speculation about a foot in it right from the very beginning. And they denied it opened doubts that no that's not it. Faith throughout these things that they never resolved -- with these magic numbers that kept appear and they never explained how the fat -- never get them. On the island they're not funny straight points that went on her back guy never got there and it really it -- seven years there are all dead which does the one thing they said wasn't. It made The Sopranos ending look like. Breaking bad which we -- as it was like as the she'll have a great and now all that was -- grass and refresh my memory the -- ended up cut a deal. With that the DEA with the defense. And he ratted out everybody the part where he sat down with a with a woman died investigator of the doors open on that showed two -- and he realized what you've got immunity so what every he -- to -- confession he was immune from so we just said. She pulls out a tape recorder and he says a much memory does that thing half and she just disgusted by him but he got a job with them doing nothing. In just sit there at a desk with nothing to do but he was like defiant. You know you know at that that I mean act and they still bring him back and still do that again ball I pray they do we know he's talked about it chick -- he has talked about you know he and his Roush on Ryan. Could bring it back some doesn't -- well. As a movie or whatever is on the city's anti hero while speaking of movies checklists looks. Awesome in this new football movie coming out tomorrow yes -- when the game a game stood tall. Andy's coach patterned after his former coach and and over the columns but he looks great and he always -- -- like a football coach. But I don't know how the moves going to be in my opinion all football movies are good -- somewhat better than others. I assume you agree that the remember the titans as the greatest football movie ever made I would put Rudy ahead of it but it's a great old oh Rudy Rudy -- global global Brian's song. But -- could move up there you know keep -- certainly do these are all top five seeming Gettysburg with -- on the team when he makes from a there's no better scene in the football -- ever made it. Yeah I love Friday Night Lights and love that's. -- -- I I took my family Gettysburg big history. Buffs and I made that speech get out of the car was argument out of had to memorize. Pretty I was pretty actor in my late as it is about checklist. One of mine in your favorite fictional characters of all time he played which is when he played curly Howard and oh yeah that's taught job on absolutely brilliant -- I did his homework. Com all you want me to get to the side John from developer are at the went through a big birthday party and a win. No he didn't like me developer and ultimate. Party with up -- Swiss. Sweet -- -- is a was was -- he made the globe today in east Tom Brady's hair stylist that I understand. He's responsible for your beautiful -- As well side is the -- -- in Boston to the stars. Tom Brady. John Dennis after it Robert Kraft. Natalie Jacobson. Mike Lynch Richie balls -- -- -- -- -- -- By the way. And -- -- doesn't tip meter goes there -- -- Campbell Campbell and Michael copper wire. Copper wire so he's got a responsible for both Tom Brady and -- the craft every time -- blowing -- gorgeous locks column mr. and you. I've never call them anything else RKK he's -- he's learned that that's that's respect are you gonna call Jonathan mister Kraft when he takes over someday I used to his craft the younger. Likely ready he elder and yeah yeah yeah is aired the dominion. How does this every time com does a shoot or Movado watches. Or -- or under armor and they -- LA. He takes in a private jet Suisse with him make sure it's good. To glued to it gives. I don't know -- -- gig I am I'm dilemma that coupon to to great clips like if you're you're great clips person. Now now a -- at the -- all the sport no -- sports clips you out more than one of those doesn't go down the street what's called victorious choice. -- I told to -- meet Victoria Nagano I got a new guy and I'm Mike. Yeah I. Yet. I mean Jared and I that you need a real pro to handle this or enable hostility out. The flow beat out of that and oh yeah all those attachment that you put on -- -- vacuum cleaner and it makes it look like you cut your hair with a vacuum cleaner but it pays for itself but only three Erica that's that's how much is -- cost me anyway. -- he's a lot. Okay yeah it's a lot -- -- tell Monica no like I I get a discount it's like a hundred bucks notes -- that like I meet a prerogative discount. You got a discount. The 175505050. So they think they're -- deal and how much is just like 175 what's that and often. So you want to -- now you -- owner. He's making and -- while fifty dollar haircut might. 1% with my jacket for a year for that. Is he bigger knuckle head named Josh. Shaw or Gordon your. -- -- This is waiting -- to battle against. 50000 men. -- right here. In his feel frightened. The saved fight. That we still fight amongst themselves. Screen feel right. And you -- Bubbly with blood. Young boys. I've led. One right in your body. This through this old man. Killed my brother. Malice in my home. -- Destroyed. My family. You list. Take a lesson from day. If we don't come together. Right now. -- this. To.

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