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Dennis and Callahan Head towards Labor Day Weekend 8-28-14

Aug 28, 2014|

Dennis and Callahan are off until Tuesday so it's a free form Thursday.

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I'm glad Manningham is not here because he would it's. At what I am about to say. May -- at the outset. Recognize. Honor and thank my lord and savior Jesus Christ. For answering my prayer from yesterday. I'm with you buddy a -- that we are banks do. We have -- -- the field trip after the show boat we have until we all go together. We we've never sausage. -- -- Lexus made sure he elects to sit Shoppach his -- hang in -- in the way athletic man when he would bring him off. The bill yeah doubles doubles noble idea what you guys are all going to market basket our -- thank you dear Jesus for ending the market baskets -- should it. Our long national nightmare is hold or lastly -- -- come out of the bunker everybody this is a great great day great great news and I think it's split between the people -- happy market basket is back. And those like -- are happy justice pop pop and daily -- thought about it I would say those of us who just haven't cared -- in the beginning nickel and I'm glad it's all about. Vastly outnumbered -- that people are all excited about getting there at their discounted milk or whatever it is that think of people like you do you know it'll live anywhere near a market I've never been in I've. After all I don't even the 71 stores -- Like me out here on him the I guess I may have but it wasn't so memorable I never forget your emotional bond after the place -- -- bio like boxes of cereal. About a bull is limited to move now as they change the now now a few years now -- now here's the guy to talk about the definition of mixed emotions RTT. We all know RTT he's that good. Are these guys are good the bad -- RD day I can't -- it is I wish I already terrific I see your data shirts and skins so I would know who the hell was so they did -- -- ball OK other ideas there. But I RD tee the ball -- the good he's a good one he's the one that the bill like statues for the big hitters like he Kim Jong-un yeah yeah. That guys have -- garden by the wanted -- to Bobby your and he wins if you haven't heard the news he wins he gets 51%. -- -- pays a billion and a half. Does -- have a checking account that comes right boundaries a billion and half for the company so it's a pretty good company but consider his situation. RTT. As an 820. Zeppelin stores -- please point oh I'm not doesn't know it a discredit. And that. Does that. You. Thank you to look at a bit -- with a chorus yeah I I -- This could have been good you can -- sausage. -- -- -- -- better at a rehearsal this. RTT. Is -- is middle initial you know like Jesus H a rest this time. -- -- And in -- and still unclear again this is the good Arthur good off the winds the good guy wins to tell you need to notes okay good guy wins. But the definition of mixed emotions he gets the company for billion and I have yet for the rest of his life. He can never turn in the window for raise all right all right and right at. What do you mean party -- -- marched in the streets for you from. You're not gonna give me an extra five bucks an hour you know I need an extra week's vacation. He could never. I should those CO CC not a tough spot can never. Fire anybody yet because every single -- them. He knows he owes them and every single guy will say I was on the front lines every night. I walked out of the block that off the job I carried a sign -- teacher I chanting your name. You can't. -- -- people for and a wet wet without paychecks. Thanks how's it going to be if he takes their dental plan and he buys a yacht with an extra -- out there that effort -- it was all made off four or you know this this is gonna drop this is going to be the greatest place to work yeah. -- that you were on the front lines -- took it tests yes yeah I can put worded column guys live right Arum and now say eight. You bit at a market basket I met separately I may have -- where exactly -- short guys I'm guessing maybe at some point I pulled up the side of the road -- needed to Huron road trip but yeah meant nothing to me like I it's just the right stuff you don't huge huge grocery store by. Proximity you know like this on. Say it has they have a bank in the -- YouTube you know like at I don't object to direct the -- I -- one down the street which is the Russian. Stop & Shop you go the only one you gonna be Porsche at exactly -- -- -- soup. No one in the entire building. Workers or customers speaks anything but Russian. I don't you close and then the other bodies can't OK so when you go through you are good for the I can't we -- -- you what pickles you say. In a minute when I didn't ask. When you go through the cell skin art as it always Laura I showed up yesterday as well notes not English only rushed. I have done transactions entirely in Spanish just just happened to the chuckled as you wanna do it you look at you get a lot should go there today -- say. Market before but I -- march for you can get one of -- teachers whose face yes it says he's a picture of an answer -- -- -- about the -- from a comic did you tend to have checks in your pocket when you wake up on Sunday -- you work a lot of shows on Saturday right there is a Stop & Shop -- me that has a bank that's open on Sunday. That's why am loyal to that store I could give two craps -- it Libya. The CEO is I don't know Arnold -- what is the bad what is and a iGoogle or I have a check or cash it I'd buy stuff that's daddy. All depends on the grapes it's about that aspect that rates are good. -- -- ago if they're nice and fresh yes as for yes I'm man yeah little snap and it and it got snapple Canada cannot shrink -- -- -- swipe a couple you know there -- do you think and steals -- old cold cuts in some cold -- Bags -- Have this press the little thing together all the way that's another little zip line yeah Pickett's charge five times more offensive line -- It's a split in half if I picked me longer. Closed for the rookie sliced Turkey bag that does make sense or are they did it sometimes I give up. I just pulled it up stuff in the -- it a win win win and you go to the deli counter and ask for a pound of wars and -- They give -- its first. They do my stoppage on US -- I don't know what they offer my guy George offers up this year -- this. Right and out there and execute it when they know it feels like I would pick out a picture and put it right -- all public now. Seal a very effective -- -- they did jump up on top of that I think clap if Ben's mother basket is known as is a little cheaper op. So that it's very very popular fact I go occasionally not often that's not my job and Pamela. But this -- show up in -- market basket right across the street a -- in Chelmsford I think is chills through animal line. And -- how I'm supposed to go to stop what you just because there's so few many fewer cars in the park sure. Because market basket more room to spread out yes and so -- little excerpt that you have to wait and fight the crowds and you know that's a Russian stuff that show yes this is Spanish market best. -- says. No one knows what the hell you're talking about you got -- -- in the world has not been inundated and stick to their stomach. It about the market basket story it's still not six point it's been -- story of -- -- Hamas locally I witnessed and market ask ya definitely I get elected delegates that's a pretty sure they'd be headed out there and effect. Is that now away not a Arthur Tate you -- deputies. I teased the good out there ought tortillas and terrific and the other is it. Whatever you wanna I wish the evil one which is grow a goatee so we know that he's the evil like yeah I did and now TV -- evil twin was always the one with the goatee he's the one. With a billion and half dollars. It's again. Like this story was two weeks old before I finally said all right. I can ask somebody. What's the deal here did they -- I thought they tried to unionize I don't know I don't know I don't know why don't have lack of a place like that's it just think he's a hardworking people they walked off the job. Because they -- Arthur is -- that's right got fire. I went by one the other day it will go by configured up because it's a picture is about fifty in the we like mile. He's -- -- what is the one who was two years now Arthur he's the one who was tossed out yes okay. So his pitches in the window of the place is empty they have no like programs not canned goods. So they don't trust you to steal such an uprising. That the guy who got. -- Opportunity was. In pictured in the window and like -- extent of this distort that he was stopped. It's full of pictures of him that's what kind of Ian nice boss you must be a great boss and he's gonna have to get better pictures or -- And you're at it. If viewers you you will gauntlet tell T shirt which off topic question Philadelphia Boston Boston and but you'll boss we had this. After I posted his picture on Twitter that's true yes I did that's right you don't hear that story. Atlantic and you still had plausible that ability and you're -- -- -- credit. I don't care. Somebody. -- When he got fired Jeff Brown on the the worst the worst the loss in the stole losses I've heard that some of the stories like any -- fault. And it's that -- sign off as the war in. In general manager was at that desk thing or go to our thing you know the door so I don't we'll strip in the and -- -- in the Euro Euro -- -- -- somebody -- on somebody put a picture of somebody took a picture and sent it to. Here's your lasting legacy. Somebody somebody did somebody. With the in the general. Vicinity -- we have an idea now no account that is what I love that grown -- they'll do their stuff in order that is so. It -- how old you are you still agree at all yes here's the really bizarre thing somebody else look at -- of the -- Where to preserve his image. Now can somebody else. In the basket and put washed off and put it back in Europe again affect. That the -- I -- him in my life and it did -- weird globe I would I don't know how we would love to -- we don't know did not really because no. Look at how well I don't think he edit friends -- well it's person who wipes off the -- over his face on the picture awful. That's right we get any of these callers from market basket because you know what this is gonna be real downer. This has been kind of exciting these people marched in the pick much out yeah yell at the packet processors in the truck drivers I mean on TV. Like every night in -- shirts scream and slogans and now it's like. Back to the frozen food gift I think a cubs winning the world cigarettes well do you you've been on TV you've been like channel five news for a month announced -- a spiel -- them as -- let them did you folks -- -- you've got to go to Canada like Hurt Locker guys come back from defusing bombs and now he's in the grocery store with his wife -- If he ends up going back to Iraq at. And by the way who was the nicest August weather wise in history in the Giffords have been paying him -- a packet line all day -- now let's get back. Back to the back room they keep the other big scary stuff you know bringing them -- and bring them you know. Donuts and -- as they open their life if you ask yes heroes like on the front line. I'll be out just what they gotta do. Work grocery store and all of -- working for the better part of thirty years of -- once had a boss I would skip a paycheck for. And I that's a good bosses. Most of -- Also I couldn't name the guy above me like it's it's it's always been my career goal in any job I have to not be known by the tires up well I don't want him to edit the because it's if they don't know me I can't get in trouble. I'm I don't know that you Ehrlich making appearances on the radio and TV like every day. But I yep pretty got it at that I have to be above board on all those things again exactly. Bang in six. So you you are in a in a weighted situation where at some point you -- going to have to decide where do you wanna go to work in -- Go to work and -- I would suggest would you Jerry. Yet if that is the decision coming I would -- -- now but on -- good spot you're you're well liked even ninety can be kind of -- now. Warner damage yet you can be met all that. Whatever that is a prickly. It's kind of a wide sassy -- a Jewish settler yeah I'm sure he's hated two billion -- no he's not now he's not going to be more hated if you wanna get in -- It it's not being hated that's the trick for me like I -- -- I didn't do hated believing it -- I don't know you're in the right place unlike Shaughnessy who hates. -- My most of my feedback comes by the bar -- comments section if -- can go. Three comets in a row with opium called child molester I'm going to have a good -- a lot like what popularity is going up like I can I will say this I would do. It you don't I would take any job for the right amount of money. Never would I walk off the job in skip paychecks because of somebody high up on the -- the corporate ladder. Being fired up. We are not tough luck Perry I have one of those bosses we had losses as a paycheck for her -- I'm sure yes yes we electorate yeah water. But -- what happens in the people who stayed on the job. As it was like three -- -- know what about the people on exactly it was -- crossed the line in and I knuckled straw went to work. They are real arise yet. Now he's an amazing how many people don't know -- collections -- they say they don't know anything about this market baskets or get -- you're. These things called newspapers that have these things called headline web sites for instance today the newspaper the headline is about this very story we pick something off a page you don't 32. -- of the globe it's great. It does -- -- the size of you know the war is over. About enabled Boston Globe and herald since Friday it is it is and people don't know market market if he fully. 33 -- techsters ice where the people texting has the only people in -- out of our boys who haven't a clue about this. I mean not that I -- now what I know about this. S.'s the bad nine -- the -- the one who's getting the billion yes the rich selling yet to the T. He is a terrific answer is -- there -- that -- -- that he does not. Our thirteen is terrific this and Arthur s.'s. Sinister since -- Thank you I I you want to -- a suspension for being cut. And I hope I didn't -- left handed -- now because sinister is Latin for left handed you are now that we look at a world -- everything that comes out of your mouth is offensive to somebody I want to acknowledge -- -- left handed friends out there is your goal to get a real job and radio TV's at the radio spot I hope I take it although -- say it's tough business clearly like you know you guys -- You guys doing that -- let -- get along with every -- yeah that for -- got to be more of -- did you keep the -- I think you have this soft encouraged. You kind of humorous. A satirist. Two people election policy -- -- hate you would just laugh and you. You know I actually met. Ron Borges a while ago EE I sent me to the you know the tradition the the new England sports hall of fame event and I introduced myself to him as someone I've. I'll be on a city I have ripped you a million times on the Internet and he said the worst thing he could've said he said. -- okay. Like he was gracious and I said -- like. He's actually probably not a bad you don't get a -- the Micky ward he was being inducted Micky ward it. -- I think he took it as you know it's all just professional world just ripping each other dot not to anything bad about you as a human. I did reach honesty on all by the radio and time and we kind of got into what you was condescending and and it's arrogant and smug he's a little more thin -- -- all out yet Jonathan yeah -- imports. Via I. I gotta say it was fun get into it -- I felt a little bit bad because you don't get -- -- on someone else's show but I can't exactly meet him and not say. By the way you've been an arrogant -- has made us all look stupid art theory entire career and now who which one shots. But that's not true mean Chauncey we need him. He's she has a right to his and I thought I get it you know badly in need the Joker that's that's fine I'd. Thank you met this week when the patriots made this deal this shocking deal this huge deal will get to act as -- A good piece on this good and analysis on bar stool I. You made one great point. Get right they'll let me forget what did you not to feel when you picked up The Herald and -- -- -- -- -- -- he should have been. Yes and answer honestly I would expect to report just more so because it's a patriot -- it's Belichick thing. You need that contrarian voice and I'm not talking about Tom -- contrary in we completely off the rails and I make no sense and -- -- total ass of yourself. Borges would have backed it up he would have and he probably will still next week when he's back he would have had a problem with this deal because. This is the kind of thing that sets him off absolutely Belichick just -- -- war veterans who you know played on torn ACLs and given there are canceled the organization. And Belichick double bags in the puts him out with the trash that's what sets Borges off. The fact that he wasn't here to chime in and if he's probably away -- They were around he'd be writing even if it were vacation he'd be right excel. Well we would all be reading -- I would like to at least see him take five minutes out of its data take though the when he wrote a -- Welker or a year ago and then cheapest. You don't put in Mankins is name or take holiday -- Richard Seymour putting Mankins is he's got that template it's also now but he doesn't do that he he re. I hate that accusation and can't do you probably thought about doing that in the past he can't just change the name you really have to. In -- right if your -- just as I was gonna read it in it was gonna pick it apart. Four and and company are going to go through line by line and taken apart so you have to do get it right. Like I'm some sort of outline here the two people that most people hate in both. Newspapers. I don't -- at all our Shaughnessy and and and board just mean if you made me list person who -- fine won't some. Who writes for a newspaper. Manager course as as a person isn't isn't as fast as a profession I dug it strictly is a professional till I'm sure other people aren't there therefore -- children same as all of us they love their their skill and a nightmare we're right I want nothing but the best. Okay who would that be John. YE a -- so long list and a half a we talked a good writers at the two papers yes. Columnists while Howard -- it's not now it's awful sports. I picked up -- Spin Magazine in the day because -- -- -- for free preview right. And it just look at how Bryant columnists and you know. To my kids -- -- do your homework you know be among them make you -- affect the it's just the worst bunch of dribble and I read that. Probably nobody probably -- I would say the posting. -- fraud that is Kevin. Whole. Analyst David duke it out to my name I don't think it gives columnist -- system. -- -- -- -- -- -- Mean I got the lead my child you raised your right. The key Jerry I don't wanna be read when you yes that's number one a low rent would you say that the number one will be read -- showing you write about bird watching you're not gonna be read -- are caught up but last I swear he did that just for you hitting -- a story column. A source sports that nobody's ever heard it right you can have a pronouncement. -- ecology collagen Hudson all the -- collagen is that element to play in Afghanistan with an elbow standard yeah that's exactly that's it if it. They always say it's a combination between like. Irish early in the cross is like a stick and ball. Place abroad is supposed to serve and he did it just for you and for -- because there are you guys. I was not here but I heard you talking about -- Who was it before. That was before bird watching that was what stool ball. -- -- -- -- ball you're on vacation yes rights rights that gay and a plan in England it's prison they play with a stool with a stool. What if I checked -- that would fall back. And -- -- get a real solid London it odd to me I would always have this feeling like. I'm type these words that no one will re right. And they -- that -- Yeah yeah well like it you know imagine though the limited time I have to contribute to our stolen everything that comes out. -- -- even start this is anyone gonna gonna care I wouldn't probably never begin anything about it's -- sport called -- ball all that been able actual human stools and capital -- that we did his younger people like. Could have been or inviting. Immoral welcoming on Twitter last night to Tom -- Then I know note to be impacted at all. Now -- a new iPad. And a dozen times my prediction stands there will be immediate help of some sort. There's another way another reason the globes just the most decent genuineness place. Com. That column. Created quite master degree yes and not -- was written -- that was -- like DuPont. And that was not just here that was around the country on the online people read it people were infuriated. As far as I can tell that read -- I have not run. And -- to the editor on that top that's good point and I Garrett ran our ballot by by could guess I would say the number of responses letters and an email I've gotten. Four figures yes thousands in the thousands. -- -- -- Your visceral reaction to this column is you want it -- one Huntsman to exactly yeah modern day version and write an angry email. They've run not all the -- right. Currently is the editor about you know. Market basket that in and about whatever. Crisis but none on this subject because they are embarrassed as -- out. Even by globe's standards. It was shame. And isn't it one of the the the the second rule of writing after you know. Be ready interesting is only what -- we get set. It although the globe puts that in their paper they should they should own it and accept that okay. We're gonna take the criticism that we're gonna get in return he will write some -- and I went overboard screwed up in me I was misinterpreted it. I guess because it was so bad taken out of content -- open Roger on what effect what has the globe had a history of com. You don't recant it now you rate earlier I mean again looked at the hatchet piece that they wrote on you guys that they have a follow up that they -- to give an explanation that they they have -- up arms. Arm but they meant that the Hamas and -- out a story it was a year ago. Had more factual errors and for reasons that -- he wrote it was a former intern who hated us. They never corrected any they don't believe in corrections. That made so many mistakes they just say the globe we don't have the correct them. And they never. Admonished acute that the writer -- he never was suspended. He made stuff up he lied he pretended his friends were actual man on the street just to get us back. What do we did him globe you know what they did they read and on the front of the boston.com. Page one they ran on the front of the business page it said go get -- a problem. Never corrected never apologize so your problem right. We got to take a break 617779798371. More reason Gerri important for you to. The careful in your choice of careers going forward okay where that you want -- commute to hang them. Or Brighton. Is something that we have to discuss that happened in the football game. From the San Diego Chargers we are living in a weird and very dangerous. Talk show world. I and I want to read board's analysis of the deal because he didn't go ball crazy Morton yet nation area you know patriot fan boy it was pretty good. And -- one point that then I I thought was I wish I made myself. Steel. And pretend this month. No one total long ago work -- Not that -- back at.

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