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Dale and Holley are joined by John Farrell

Aug 27, 2014|

Red Sox Manager John Farrell talks about Bogaerts' concussion and the youth movement.

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When he million dollars so you wanna talk about flushing money down the toilet for -- salary. That's not a thing. That's nothing in the NFL he he he's losing so much cash for future contracts he's losing forty million dollars. I had. Josh Gordon shouldn't care about what he's lost now he -- terrible what he's gonna lose in the future. -- just like any other sport. If he comes back some things up a little bit and he continues to -- how. To football over the middle. -- Let's talk to the manager of the Boston Red Sox John Ferrell -- every week brought you by our belly insurance town fair tire and Mohegan Sun. John dale here Steve lines and Greg Dickerson in the house as well how are. Are you -- great thank you can I start with a serious topic just finesse and you've got to a two game winning streak and will get to that but. Because this is actually bothered me since Friday. I don't know what Major League Baseball does about concussions but I saw. And Bogart's stick to pitch in the helmet Friday continue in the game and then the next day. It placed on the seven day concussion DL what the protocol to bottle on the player to continue to play after play like that. -- -- -- -- -- Right after he was struck and had determined that you know he he was responsive. All the field -- of our medical staff would put him through indicated that he was trying to continue on. It's not uncommon for the symptoms to. May be -- or or increase in severity in. Affect. Focus or fatigue your concentration or balance those types of things. In that following next half inning. The Zander complained or or express some thought that you know it was hard for him to maintain this focus we took him out of the lineup immediately. But to put a player on the seven day DL concussion DL you have to go through -- protocol. In which to get a mom there because his. What MLB -- careful of is that the seven day DL is not manipulated. Manipulated. Where you have a player for seven days and not -- lose a player for seven days and not fifteen days so there's a protocol which to get a player on. And then there's a protocol which we get a player off. Of the seven day DL so. As the exertion tests and things continue to being examined through the first few days. You've got to let them symptoms clear up which they have and everything points to dinner being back -- us at the conclusion of the seven days which would be Saturday. In Tampa. Unfortunately I don't have to tell you the position that your team is in right now was there any thought your mind as the trainer was looking -- just say you know what. Let's not take any chances let's just get him out of here. While that's why the tests are administered you know anytime you're a guy that takes and impact the head. Sure you're you're cautious and there's a series of tests that are. There about that you put a player through. But when they come back negatively you have to be. Open and and mindful of what that player's body to once it was determined that there was some effects we got -- -- immediately. John you're shut down the notion. Up in Toronto yesterday that Koji could be shut down for the remainder of the season. How would you use him going forward with you guys out of the race would you use him any differently than you normally would. Absolutely I think we're showing them as well the last night would have been a game in which we would have pitched him in. Given where we were under normal circumstances but. If you look at the usage of late over the last four appearances there's been two days off prior -- -- following an appearance. I'm not gonna say that that will be the case says -- pitch once every three days. The world world. More protective if and you know a little more restricting in an inning went I call upon them. -- nice to see Allen Craig go deep especially go on the other way in last night's game I'm wondering about the foot -- -- here and different things. Is that a situation where is there's a possible surgical procedure in the offseason or do you guys think it's gonna -- Well I think we would only. Entertain those thoughts if there were further symptoms. From every -- played that hasn't been the case since his return to us. You know he felt and was put on the DL after he turned his ankle returned just fought when he impact the first base. And now whether whether or not that's. You know once he turned what was that the result of what's been preexisting. I don't know that that hasn't been determined or proven by our medical staff. So if he goes through the remainder this year with no issues which is not complaining of anything physically. You know it's hard to say that hey we we need to perform surgery on something that isn't. Currently giving players some some issue. If there's a place in Major League Baseball David Ortiz likes hitting more than Fenway it might be the Rogers Centre. Given his career numbers has not been able to play the first two games up there what's his status for tonight and what's his status going forward. Well he he and I spoke earlier this morning before in the ballpark game and we're putting everything towards can be in the lineup tonight so. Anytime you get David in line between good thanks so he was banged up pretty good after college ball off his foot. -- you know he was going to change blowing -- and repeated treatment to get the swelling out of there. -- -- in the lights and everything points to be in the lineup tonight we've got some early work stuff planned to adjust the past that but. You know from betting on right now he's in the lineup. -- Cole is surprised everybody. This year with the way he's played -- always hit the -- spend for the most part consistent. Has there ever been a guy like a -- call that you've been around as a manager is the pitching coach in the major leagues. Well you see guys that have you know that super utility. Label that and what traditionally that is -- got to complete the middle infield or into positions as well center field but. Brock is taking that to another level in which he's played seven different positions force based on need to work or or based on availability of other guys. But in our situation where we've got an everyday DH in his versatility. -- greater value because we can move. Him any number of positions and give guys -- -- down. I think the play at shortstop let the last two nights. Have really even. He. You make and I admit it makes us look at his defense and versatility -- though that if we're in a situation like we are an -- We need Brock to play but that's -- shortstop for an extended period. He's proven to us through his play that he can. So like you said his versatility probably is added by the virtue of David being our everyday DH where we can't rotate other players in that slot. Yeah I think that's one of the great advantages that he offers have yet to put him at shortstop for two weeks you don't lose any thing and -- against the put him in right field. I wanted to know you're you're assessment of assessment -- so far I mean obviously we knew this guy's gonna hit the ball. He's been really clutch and he's been a much better on base guy -- certainly advertise -- first three seasons what -- -- you like. I think just the ability to impact a baseball one I mean he's got you know three year track record of being able to do it I'm. But I think the one thing we didn't fully appreciate. And what was the total skill package because he can raise an above average runner. We all are getting to see first -- in his throwing ability in the accuracy to which he makes those throws. But the other two guys got very good plate coverage he's a good low ball hitter. And many think about pitchers being -- to throw the ball down in the strike zone particularly key moments that's where his strength says and then matches well I think. That's where you see the high number of RBIs in the time he's been here to be able handle those pitchers in that spot. I was very impressed with Clay Buchholz -- performance in Toronto the other night pace of play look dramatically different to me. Is that something you continue to talk to him about. Yeah we do and I think if you look back there were very few situations in which he pitched out of the stretch and that's where things really start to slowed slowed down for him. And that's an area that we continue remind him and make him. And we don't -- you get to a point were fortunate to to take him out of a comfort zone. But I think he can go too far with what slowing things down and it takes the effect. Of the previous pitch away from attacking hitters so again it it takes away from the work quick throws strikes change speeds formula. By slowing the game down too much but he he was very good and his fastball location was outstanding as was the sinking action to. John I we know the Kaz -- went down to Miami to like get a work visa has that been secured and is he still on track. To play a couple of minor league games in the next couple weeks. Well everything is predicated on -- yes that moved the working papers. I don't know when that day will come. You know it was never said hey this is a seven day process English to get everything in line in the that you get on the field. You know get on the field when he's first of available or eligible to also that's still in the process right now. -- maybe a silver lining to what's happened this year you have an opportunity to see all. You're young pitchers come up and have a chance to make an impression -- with Webster Workman dale Rosa. -- not heal up and down does that give you a little bit of feeling of comfort moving into next season no one that good or bad. You know who you've got on the staff and what needs to be done in order for this team to be a better club. -- -- -- Yeah I'd without a doubt Steve I think everyone that you know watches us and works most closely are you -- you see guys in this environment. In and then it. And those -- able to make pitches in key moments. And and all have shown the ability to do that now with. Very consistency we know that and then you also look at a -- okay does he need. To add a -- a later breaking pitch or let later action pitch. To get quality major leaguers out consistently. He'll that's all part of that the initial exposure and not to say that we're looking to revamp a guy but. What helps a guy transitioned successfully and then. Be able to stay here and contribute so all these opportunities all the starts that particularly our our young starter forgetting. It is critical information as we go into the offseason and look at. What other options might be available if needed them and how do we add to the building what we feel will be a team to contend next year. Well with -- tonight do you keep a little closer eye on him given that he a little bit of a shoulder issue last average if I doubt there's a pitch count but. You watch him. Yet there's no doubt and then he's come -- -- -- work fine there you know he was it cultural normal intensity normal number of pitches which. You know that's the benchmark -- over the past to get on the mound the next time. His throwing program each state following has been fine but the -- -- we can't look past the fact that we we cut his game short. You know five days ago because of a little bit of a twinge or oral sensation that he felt while delivering a curve ball. Time for the question to the manager John today's question comes from Brian Hutchinson from -- -- Brian asked you which young player has developed the most this season. I think when you what one that we would talk about -- hall and sometimes you forget that he's still a rookie because he's been up and down a couple of times but. When you when you see that he's been exposed every day. Everyday play at a number of positions. Settled in the lead off spot he he's done a very good job but I think when you look at a player that has come up multiple times. We'll -- -- Betts is done each time you can visibly see the differences in his game. Whether it's the regional routes in the outfield. Whether it's you know managing and controlling -- it backs. And work in to all fields I thought his at bat last night to start off the eleventh inning against cancer and was a prime example that you know he takes a pitch away from should be in right field and things start from there are so. -- you Betts is done a very good job and and the three -- -- -- had with this. I don't Mike Napoli said you know you don't get any more credit when it goes as far as -- as if it goes into the first row of the bleachers. -- man did he hit that thing last night. Yeah he hit that Tom Ryan you know idea of the your read something that they there's only been seventeen balls hit into that -- -- having seen three of them. And when you consider was I don't know to pitch that's probably would stand out even more my mind and then you know that that ball was hit out of -- pretty quick in the it came a timely moment I think that Vasquez I liked what I seen out of them I gotta think you do. Oh for sure you know he's an engine shut down runner and I think. You know one of the things over the last three to five years and I've always reflect -- -- that you know we're we we've really had to work to control the running game and when you've got a guy back there that you know everyone around the league knows that not only is he got a tremendous. You know release and and quick here but his willingness and aggression has to throw to bases. You know he's got some key outs forced to get out of an inning by by pick and some people off. But he's controlled them away where is not reckless with the by any means and he's handled our staff extremely well and and he's very exciting to watch. Not only call a game but the way he blocks the way you frames it's an advanced. Catcher -- played in a barrier. John we appreciate time is always will see you next week. Okay guys don't even take care that is a Red Sox manager John -- brought to you by our belly insurance town fair tire and Mohegan Sun. Your calls next minutes from now Sports Radio WE.

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