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Dale and Holley discuss Josh Gordons suspension 8-27-14

Aug 27, 2014|

Josh Gordons suspension was upheld. Why is there such a stigma about weed in sports?

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Aside it feels like August again we have a couple of days error was sort of start to feel like September. All of a sudden August is back Greg Dickerson is in the house the lines might -- and colleague is -- -- sports so are still well how are you know. Better than Josh Gordon. What did you pretty did Josh -- actually expect anything that well actually he did -- it did actually it's funny because enough for people I I just said this during trending now but for people who don't know. -- Josh Gordon has repeatedly violated the NFL policy and program for substance abuse. And the NFL today has suspended Josh Gordon for the entire 2014 regular season in fact if they go by the lateral -- law. What it actually says is that it's a calendar year. Which would be worse obviously he would miss routier's mini camp and training camp -- wouldn't be eligible to even going to the facility to a year from today. Most people think that the NFL is gonna relent on this suspended for the season but allow him back into the facility once the season is over. It is said -- I'm reading this right now Mike Florio pro football talk dot com is that. They are currently considering legal action against the NFL all options are on the table for Josh court. One -- delayed as much as possible and and by the way. If you're Josh Gordon representatives. The NFL had some tough times in its past. With legal battle so why not challenger. What you got to lose it energized Gordon's. Legal counsel. After what does this is the third time third time defense that's why it's a one year I mean I you know I'm not sure exactly what they say these days about habitual weed smokers but bottom line is. You know. Didn't his legal counsel teach him after the first one or two times out of you know make sure he avoided the testing and you know they have found him a decent -- to make sure that he didn't -- -- again I'm always generator at the very least something something is gonna keep all of it does not that the time not to get caught you know it. It it it's easy to sit here and make fun and it's my first instinct is well he's gonna lose if he tries to fight this thing in fact. If you go back to the suspensions of vikings tackle Pat Williams and Kevin Williams. They delayed member the beast our caps case in which they got suspended but they delayed -- big got a temporary a preliminary injunction against the NFL they delayed it. But ultimately couldn't defeat it and they end up serving the suspension. In a best case scenario Josh Gordon made delay. The full season suspension he's not gonna eliminate it. -- it's going to be upheld it was collectively bargained. The players association and then after -- they prayed to that you see the one now in the one defense of Gordon and misrepresentation it was secondhand smoke in one of the one of the urine tests. Would because of second hand smoke but. -- I lost cousin was actually there are small come -- come around Josh court. If you're Josh Gordon and you've got two strikes against Europe. Your your freaking head -- in an era got to make better decisions don't be around anybody who smoke and -- here's here's what Josh Gordon said he put on a brief statement. To apologize in effect he said I'd like to apologize to my teammates coaches the Cleveland Browns organization. And our fans as part cracked up all that that's good everything's apart. Here's the part as written already -- the first to yeah right he's practicing that the part the -- media quote. I am very disappointed. At the NFL and it's hearing office didn't exercise better discretion and judgment in my case. -- -- discretion and judgment. Plan here Josh your discretion and judgment and stay away broccoli. A lot that's -- one. Oh I mean come on here I mean this guy is a repeat offender. Offender. -- was it was secondhand smoke the first two times to. We just assuming that you know that it's like everybody who get busted for do you -- about Iran's mostly everybody apparently does everybody gets busted for do you like -- has driven wrong. Dozens if not hundreds of times before that before they get. The current and knowing that third out -- bust. Is a full season suspension. He says thank you can't stay with the proper thing for me to do and by the way I thought smokeless tobacco was tough to -- even if he gets reinstated. Whether it's this year or whether it's next April for OTAs or whether it's during training camp next year. Any -- here anybody anywhere else believe he's not doing it again or is knocked it. Just think about this right now with Josh court. And he's in a low point in his life he just got suspended. For a year in the National Football League between. -- you -- how do you -- how do you deal that. Are not only -- up and relax and just they just chill that's how he's gonna let the technically under the the letter of the law is supposed to be eight calendar year suspension. It is an even more trouble but it won't be ready to play next year reader. What is ought to be the case is that in Indiana felt it does Ricky Williams case -- Ricky Williams they suspended him for a year. Season. Without being. Presidency. Allowed him to rejoin the team at the end of the season. Ball in the offseason program the OTAs they did with Ricky Williams it's up they'll duel with Josh court. He wants to play this thing out they can just you know -- this EPA says it's a calendar years suspension that blocked the route for 31 he's got on us. Player by the letter of the law that's exactly -- plays on I mean this guy is already proven that he can screw up with the best of them multiple times over. And then you're gonna still come -- fighter ruling you know -- almost feel like -- your cats -- a break with us right now he better just you know take a suspension. To which you can get back into the good graces of the lead and then go from there and the. Shame of it all is this is not just some ham and tiger this is not some -- forty -- guy who got a couple of touchdown passes last year he's us. He's one of the -- is one of the three or four best receivers in the entire game and can be game changer for whoever is the role on the football. For the Cleveland Browns got to get a chance to see them. Big game changer for the California purely a matter that. You know you think about and and I understand that addiction is a bad thing I'm not saying he's addicted -- sounds as those on a hard time stepping away from the stuff. And I heard -- talking about this. In the aftermath of the Jimmy Fund radio Thon and the Curt Schilling. Interviewed with DNC which was unbelievable and riveting. And and and little talking about how addictive. Smokeless tobacco is an an I don't know if you abuse that's the bad I'm I'm making the assumption if you played baseball but seemed like everybody. Thought you know it's funny when I was in college and this is the here's the stupidity of it. I never did the dip and never did school Copenhagen anything like that -- Started in college to join the leaf tobacco like the red man it was a couple different Kansas so long ago. Couldn't stand the taste of tobacco I started doing it because -- thought it looked cool. I thought it was that it looks like based on the bagel. John deciding your cheek there spit in all of yourself for some reason -- in dollars and you know nineteen year old college get those great. Try to for two weeks could never get used to the taste of it never got sick that's the first thing is did they tell you a swallow that's that the -- -- your guts out. But I couldn't do it so I'm glad that I hated it. Because I had so many friends that went on to use in the dip and got to a point where they're chewing in class you know I couldn't they're addicted already. A lot of guys with clear plastic bottles on in public places students bitten into the mine has a lot of those is a lot of them I got a lot of people we don't do what I've seen people. Ellis seeing people in in the office -- Comcast -- before court if you're so addicted to it and they can't well -- talked about it and Luke was. But -- lose one of those guys to be honest -- you know what those guys couldn't stay away from. You know and they cynically it. When they're doing around the house and it's bitten in the bottle like that. And a three year old son walks around sees a bottle it means maybe it's a patsy. Or something else antics -- -- Eagles would give it and then -- been enacted. That the real kids -- on their guts up because you're choose it and he just. In Eagles will go. It's funny you should you talked about you know not being Italy and a one time in my life. I I chewed tobacco one time. I'm a senior in high school baseball teams in the playoffs. We're gonna play I forget -- guests on in the playoffs on on Friday. And the captain of our baseball team decides that were all gonna chew tobacco and look -- itself. Andy brings couple but two bags of Redman to practice on like Tuesday. And were a practice he's got the Redmond DOD -- and an analogue. World she can -- and arm out the way we go gonna have practice. Nobody hold me. About the don't swallow -- No one said make sure you spit it out dale I'm laying in center field. You know social position. On a thought I was gonna die a one time I tried chewing tobacco. As a senior in high school -- didn't go so well. At least at least the guys that were on the team can indeed be right -- -- -- -- -- for some problem -- bow down eleven sweet days. You do that took twenty minutes and get rid of it. Tomorrow -- for twenty minutes ignorant the next -- to ever -- now get rid -- it to easily and continually keep clearing your -- And it's not -- -- -- go on down your throat and you know keeps that in now way. And so it never did get sick leave -- up but I all I guess it was that to back off the pace that I couldn't stand glad. You know we're talking about this you know these guys would be tool -- -- Mean you know -- I liked few drinks. Am I -- I didn't drink it's almost thirty years old never smoked anything so. You know I am of my opinion where my opinion is coming from a lot of these issues very naive. But I am happy about that I'm glad that I couldn't stand it is the tobacco -- smoking thing I'll smoke weed in that clearly is detail walkway from it. What does not has consistently week is not physically addictive supposedly it's not like Carol owners something you know where you can't you can't step away from or spoke with the balance the biggest come -- drug and high schools these days it great -- But but it must be psychologically addictive. I mean you got this much money on the line. You've got up pro football career on the line here you have to do Josh just don't smoke we okay just don't do. And apparently couldn't he couldn't handle that one requirement now it is and physically addicting. Like smokeless tobacco supposedly is like other drugs are but he still couldn't apple. Well it's the culture human -- round and all the time I think it yet and it's absolutely. Psychologically addicting it's like the moment you know take signals that it. -- night. A lot of old model a little Godzilla like that's a problem now I don't have a -- what I have an addiction in my theater so I don't have I definitely not an ambient and I'm afraid to take him or even though the doctors that it's -- -- really addicting but it can be psychologically it yeah because. I don't sleep well. So I'll take an -- and hand him last night to sleep -- -- take one out for the next three nights and it won't sleep. I'm on the same exact I'm scared to death the take it like three days in -- notify don't ticket. On sat there -- -- -- 1 AM going to shut it out and that there's your psychological. Addiction I think comes in like. I don't need -- about the night -- author but when you're celebrities don't right now the other thing too Josh Gordon is I'm sure with a lot of these professional athletes and good whatever. It stars actors actresses musicians they think they're ten feet tall and Oprah. Hey I got caught twice thanking got a third time there's no way reckless likened likened smoke once you with my guys. All my friends I can smoke a couple of couple blondes all be -- they won't catch me I'm in between testing cycles. They think two time loser of the NFL's substance abuse policy. -- can cut eschew any time I guess but that's months and it's like it was did an agent that summer and besides that liters a rounds you know makers but here's they get around. Don't know yet but that's not happening we know that's not happening. Evidently not he couldn't he couldn't stay away now he appealed this in the NFL could make this even worse on a -- -- -- party. Because of the collective bargaining agreement made it rough on let's get this out of the way right off the bat because I know this is gonna come up. People are gonna try to make that comparison between Ray Rice. And domestic abuse and a two game suspension and Josh Gordon settled we need. And getting suspended for a year two different animals it's completely totally different what Josh Gordon ran a follow up was collectively bargained. By the NFL and the players association that the two sides came together and said this is what's gonna happen. There wasn't anything now the NFL has made at least verbal claim that the gonna toughen up the domestic abuse parts of of punishment. But at the time they suspended Ray Rice there isn't anything and it looks that. And it also off. An agreement that the two games wasn't enough -- yeah I'm not even close I mean an elevator door which opens up in your fiance is like knocked out cold and you know that's that's. Two games for doing something like that when you're talking about a league that is just. Beyond PR conscious. Beyond the -- you would think that the NFL. More than any other league with six games and I did I think I think we can understand the difference in and -- it's it's apples and oranges that strike on the -- it's not Gordon. Three time. -- basically here and it's spelled out right there if you do this the third time here's what's gonna happen to you. It's that there was no real judgment of vault and it was like you do this this is what happens to you. With re writes it was a little bit of a different thing but I just think everybody thinks it wasn't enough the suspected wasn't up. And then backed up against this just Gordon's situation at all like not it's just looks it looks back by the way somewhere in top some -- right now. Mark Ponzi. The captain of my parent baseball team my senior year is laughing his ass yeah it because he remembers what he did to me with a big dip in his letter because people can't quit. Christiane I guess that he might not do that any of -- if you hadn't swallowed. That -- you might still we don't -- tonight maybe you would have enjoy and you just what do kept going on and on mark might have been teaching me a harsh lesson now -- -- -- and tell about the ghosts are all part applicant will make sure this never happens again and my question is real center fielder. Yeah where you just. 100 I don't know. It's. Yeah yeah. First base I don't know a bigger part of golf at -- -- I would all the that are real and that's where I was laying in the fetal position. -- -- I'd swallowed that John I I really did it's the com. You know so I had never really thought of it until now but I really saw the signs of of that type of addiction with my friends that statement as that before 01 of my good friends on the team just and it should believe I'm never gonna go to dip I don't see -- -- I understand those guys that to the opening in it and skull. You know three months later he was two in Copenhagen. The next season this would all we are freshman in his sophomore year it's seeming class. With a cup spit in his cup during class can get away from it you know and clearly became addicted to it then -- my professional career I would see guys that they're bottom lip would become so sore raw. They used to call it upper lip dipped -- -- at a clinic in their upper lip which really. You know Olympics again it's stupid. The -- together and opera lived at. Because his lower lip as to Robbie pasts that haven't anyway you know that's awesome stuff that made me very very thankful that I. I didn't keep on reading it was Monday Morning Quarterback Peter King wrote about this on Monday. And I forget what team was visiting. Where they had little coffee packets. And that's what some teams and get on with now little coffee packets that their -- in the union there instead of depth. To get at least the caffeine buzz from someone you just talk about the psychological aspect I haven't sought Arizona how well the school bandits were were those the little things that came in the -- -- still tobacco. They came in the pallets and it gets Ellis for guys that could like keep it. In one spot it would be you know little. Canada it's like -- mass teacher. A little nasty -- Google -- -- yet just with this fellow with a bright. Bright greenish yellow in color and I'm -- all that was the color of my face is actually -- when I was laying in Satterfield memory error at the top some. As a kid it was now I get this wrong but -- electric and remembered just like it was yesterday it was -- Walt garrison. Does the pants between your cheek and guns. Back in today. Red Sox have won two in a row. The after I had a lot of our eight row. Actually won back to back extra inning games good for them will talk to John -- the manager of the Red Sox because like I do have. Eight serious question and ask him and I and I will get into with him talked about a year I'll talk about it with him. Because I have a real question about Major League Baseball concussion protocol. Based on experiences that the Red Sox at this past week we'll talk to -- but that will get some of the things will dive right into the call with you guys. Moments from now. It's Elena holly. But we've got Greg Dickerson and Steve lines in the house Sports Radio WE yeah.

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