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4 at 4 Patriots Surprising Deals 8-27-14

Aug 27, 2014|

Today we discuss the four most famous Pats players that Bill Belichick surprisingly dealt away.

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Almost 403 trending now on WEEI in WEEI dot com. The NFL has upheld the season long suspension of wide receiver Josh cordon of the Cleveland Browns. All the browns and Gordon are said to be looking at their appeal possibilities. Patriots roster -- -- 75 players -- about a 53 by Saturday the fourth and final pre season game tomorrow night. -- New Jersey against the giants Chris -- has -- your patriots updates on WEEI dot com. Sox in Toronto third and final game of the series pitching match -- brought you by the Boston area Volvo dealers joked -- against Marcus stroman. Boston weather. Hot steamy out there still ninety degrees in Boston under partly cloudy skies 87 degrees here in Brighton trending now brought to you by Famous Footwear. It's time for Bobo at Famous Footwear by one item get the second item half off mix and match shoes and backpacks to save big for back to school. Get geared to send them back with confidence Famous Footwear victory is yours trending now -- -- brought to you by. AT&T who covers more than 99% of all Americans. Building a better network. I'm Dale Arnold that's trending now on WEEI and WEEI dot com. Our number three dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI. I'm Dale Arnold Michaels on vacation Greg Dickerson is here Steve Lyons is here as well. Last are we talking a bit about the Logan Mankins trade by the way he's scheduled to be introduced to the Tampa Bay immediate tomorrow. I'll be very curious to see what recess. Because he's kind of idea and an outspoken kind of guy. As outspoken as you can be as -- -- -- on the way. Well I'm I'm very jittery and land -- and among Malia I'll be curious my guess is he's not thrilled with what happened you hear you really believe that he might. I not be stunned I'd be sharpened and reports Ian Rapoport. NFL network reported. But the patriots went to Logan asked him to redo his deal take a pay cut like they did with -- bands. Logan said thanks but no thanks I'm good and that's what precipitated the deal that's what Ian Rapoport is reporting. And -- deal that's true I'll be curious to see what Mankins has to when he's not dumb guy that's the case in the approached them. He's 32 years old yeah I make it that much money for a team that. Dozen key guys around a long time when they're making that much money into their thirties I got to believe that he knew at some point in time it was come. Well below -- -- shock some people surprised some others. We thought of some other things the Bill Belichick is on this may be surprised football fans. And. Good job -- -- -- -- brought you by AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans building you a better network. There's some guys who got out of this. I'd surprising when you ask Matt made its first appearance. That was first of many to come you'll notice -- spoken -- hours -- -- time served as you know two dollars. -- first surprising deal. Randy mosque. Rainy months gets traded away back to the vikings. And what are the patriots give back in return. The pick that was used for Ryan mallet. Forget the question Amanda are alike say some. You know I've been here for. Three years this is my fourth season. And understand the business and the nature and I understand you all have a job to do so. When it comes to football. -- not take I take my job seriously -- that time time again. But I think there is. I don't really wanna say here in -- to -- the organization but I think here around here and a New England area -- think a lot of people don't wanna see me do good. All while I think either line. Maybe somebody who was that I don't that point. He had kind of been trying to shoot his way out of town. But I still think that there were patriots fans who loved what they saw the Brady to have Randy Moss connection in the 125 touchdown catches and all that stuff. And Iran. Now correct me keep him. Elect is read you. I never got suspended forward depends how many NFL. Went on hold Randy Moss thing went down. I wasn't merely shocked as I was yesterday. What I heard the news -- one -- was 135140. Because it says you just said he was starting to come to shoot his way out of time it's in the production. Go down a little bit you know it was gonna happen at some point I'm just didn't know when that -- was gonna fall. It's that's all it was all a matter of time for him no matter where you played it was a -- night. -- you know once the traveling shows started at three different teams after it laughter. Played for Minnesota a it was there one more. Was it one more -- might have been one more stop I just remember Tennessee was trounced not a top form. Yes we are right before the 2009 season. The patriots dealt away long time all pro defensive lineman Richard Seymour to the raiders. For 20111. Round pick. It's. See more reeling in over the left side of the offensive line of the patriot. You know I said yesterday this was how I felt when they traded Richard Seymour now I was a little different scenario. They got a first round pick for Richard Seymour. And supposedly. It was they can either signed vents where they can -- Seymour can't afford to sign both. Depending on how the numbers work out -- ended up signing they ended up Wheeling Seymour out here went Seymour left here. I am an absolutely 100% convinced he was on a track the ball thing. I think he was that good. When he was here that he went to Oakland in the team sucked and you never see Oakland anyway and it was like out of sight out of mind he didn't think much about -- I'm sure things didn't and the way he wanted them I brought expires or somebody remind me of an anchor expires before let me add on Richard Seymour is a guy who. Laid parelta yeah I was still very good eat your right about the Oakland team they were a masses they continued to beat but he was still. All very good defensive player after he left. I was ripped. Leap -- peace deal back then because I felt. You can pay both of these guys you can manipulate the cap and this is a football team that should have been a Super Bowl contender or could have got a Super Bowl contender. We're seeing all our -- both of those guys. I hit the deal that I was stunned about it than an isolated to this that was the first round pick that they got edited and have been. Makes a hate -- so thank you very much. -- you know is a very good offensive lineman ironically. That trade here that they just made yesterday of Logan Mankins maybe to facilitate getting a contract on for dates older. Who comes up at the end of the year. One of the most surprising personnel moves Bill Belichick has made was right before the 2003 season kicked off. He cut. Lawyer -- I was it is very clear they hate duke coach. And -- season could be over depended on how quickly they can get over this emotional devastation they suffered because the lawyer the lawyer. Took about a week. The first week they got -- ask you go to buffalo lose 31 to nothing. And they look like a team that was emotionally devastated when he sent Milan where they sent below and ironic -- and ironically the last game of the regular season was here. Against buffalo and they won 31 to nothing in his lap and for a week. Tom Jackson about. Looking back on Tom Jackson looks and sounds foolish but we all got to would -- when -- Jackson said that and we saw the result. All of game one against the bills. Well think of the same thing we're all believe in that. Check that know what their -- to when he fell into one Super Bowl got lucky went on Iran now he's given up a potential global safety in normal employees -- -- -- that I hate this guy. They won two more Super Bowls after that after he left I think that there was an emotional hole. -- -- upon the immediate departure of lawyer Malloy there's no doubt about that I think there was one the departure Mankins. I mean I heard some comments yesterday Darrelle Revis ironically -- -- many here that long said you know it's kind of sad here today. I've seen one media report Bleacher Report said Tom Brady was upset about the trade a bank its course he has. While the fan -- would -- players get used to it yeah it used to players being around. Sometimes you turn the other cheek on the on their productivity if they've been a guy it's being here for five years and have done his job. For the most part you keep your mouse that you go you keep your -- the guys that you -- you're supposed to do that fancies that have been around the team is to use that around. When that guy gets traded it's sad day whether or not you still think he can help be in the future. Time now for the AT&T surprising personnel decision from bill -- tech of today. That's right it was reported yesterday Logan Mankins traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I'd say probably every team in the league has some auto surplus somewhere and someone that deficiency somewhere else for whatever those reasons are it's all earlier numbers are injuries over. But whatever the circumstances are there's you know -- you've got a professional football team all the different needs that need to be filled offensively defensively and kicking game. And potential practice I mean so where it's I doubt that anybody sitting there today for a moment we've got to roll you know just the way it won't. So there's always conversations. And that by the way it was before the treatments -- that was Bill Belichick talking yesterday both in during the media availability. Before the deal was made before it was announced to his team supposedly his team found out on the practice field yesterday. All the mall together and said you know we traded Logan Mankins to Tampa. Sounds like he was pretty happy about his depth at that position today every team has surplus somewhere on -- of decency. He does feel like there's surplus of guys got behind him. He's he's happy about let them run out there and and do the job and make no mistake about this they had a huge deficiency a -- it -- even if Logan Mankins play's opening day in Miami and I'm still convinced he well. He's the only pass catching tight end they have on this roster -- I have another one our Rob Gronkowski they don't have another one. So. They had a meet they've been trying to fill that need it brought this guy and that guy inning cut Hammond looked AM. Date -- They feel what they've done is bring -- Aaron Hernandez tight ball player back into the slot at the tide in position. Whether it works out or not I don't and a -- here -- some sound -- from Logan -- gone back to April. He said something to the effect of all I hope I'm here for many more -- we talked about his career. And being with the team and going through OT -- so I just hope that I'm here hopefully I can continue to do this. The rest of my career here. We talked about this at the Comcast yesterday. Apparently what he was on the Comcast posting shall last year they asked them to be on it again this year. And he said yeah I'd love to do that. If I make the roster if I'm still here so you wonder if in the back of my back or. Well the front of the mind of what Americans he's -- -- the may be brought here I don't think that there was never a question about Mankins being. And and I would understand people brought it up because of the salary cap number -- common and you know he's still have this kind of yet but you don't spend this amount of money. I hadn't heard anything. -- course of training camp about the possibility of Mankins being cut. But the way he spoke you wonder if you had a in the background said at a ten and a half million dollar cap it. I have the second highest kept it on the football team on a guard I'm 32 only guy named Brady has a higher -- on the team that night and about the organization a few years ago got a -- and that's what this is. Are we ranking those by the -- is how it works at fort for. Public ranking them out of pocket -- just the way it was done. With Malloy being free and -- -- OPEC has a wife thought to me is not even close. Lawyer Malloy is by far the most shocking. One of those four -- it I don't know just days before the season opener and it was the first time that we'd seen anything like that. In the Bill Belichick era we didn't know that now we see it happens maybe -- shocked him and you step back and say. Can I cut it's not a few times around here. Let's get back to call 61777979237. John is in east the hey John I don't. I got data aren't aren't so I wanted to make it -- -- point by their by purposes. How shocking what you really need to shock -- nobody beat occupy that. Yet caught us amber caught us off guard sure it -- would you look at he actually appear or actually I didn't expert that. And he -- on the senate. Only at. -- -- group forgot it all law out that the question at this. -- you like in your rookie and that complete in dawn -- moved I didn't. Ops or patient when here -- Hernandez -- out your doctor you -- line into the bulk all. After he acts -- -- industrywide or you're more on that that there are eight. Error. Pretty hot start right awhile now it -- report. I'm I'm still not buying in the fact that there was a I think they'd like the kid obviously with the Greg G Donald tying in the fact that he was hanging around practice and in you don't. The supposedly has bills a year and the kid was he's a Rutgers kidney played so well his rookie year -- she got a I I think that there's interest in them. I just I have a hard time wrapping myself around the fact that well if they really love this kid they could have him for basically nothing. Well -- and -- it's apparent that that the player per minute and think about the content that you operative concept that you are in and out here on. Which it shores underwent Hernandez went. You know. Not by -- I think if you haven't gotten over that I think it try to keep accurate. But -- that the personnel obviously the regardless of where the concert they're getting up in the league debut -- In the artery -- -- -- would argue his contract and that's not a shock we have a new optic line. You ain't got -- very Akio would have rubber stamp Logan Magid betrayed. Why don't think that that as as great voices Dante Scarnecchia had within the organization he doesn't have the right felt Bill Belichick go to trade not to trade Noah -- don't hear any -- to -- -- and he would maybe. He would have made his opinion known. And then Belichick still would have done what he wanted to. That's possible but again it's in the that you got a -- opera -- -- what -- you make you step on that. You think there might have been -- humanity and the -- I haven't heard anything about that I understand the question it you know it's certainly a valid question and I haven't seen anything written about and I haven't heard anything down there and I think his point is valid I think he's absolutely I think they are trying to get back to that -- and system. And it's not I think that was what they want -- yes -- anything else not necessarily the person now that the system to get back to and hopefully complex to personally and to make it work again. I don't think there's -- in this guy you know is going to be another Hernandez right away but it. To I mean pretty impressive rookie season on a bad team you know. Make it as many catches when it 54 -- lousy quarterback lousy quarterbacks in basket and all teams for him if he's technically. A a good tight end as far as running routes and into what he's supposed to do that -- radio hit the ball. It just gets in front and you know I mean he could have been determined. -- I'm not -- he's catching 54 balls in this offense with a number of receivers and options they have but I -- if he catches it he catches forty in this offense. I understand what he's brought in here to do well right but won't the the options become fewer if they go back to that system where where you're tight -- become more focal point. Yet to be looking for guys out of the backfield as much -- and elected as downfield Leno you know that's that's the outfield but. Maybe he will make this is many cats is because the opportunities become greater -- If you think about the human aspect of this for adjustment Logan Mankins. You know has ironically bought Richard -- house has a house in North Attleboro. Kids started school in all let's stop and now he gets told sorry you got up -- you got a movie got all that stuff. He's probably thinking I went from the patriots to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers I got -- uproot my family got to move my kids. You got another guy in Tim Wright who's got a feel like he just won the lottery. He's played for Tampa Bay they're not even looking at him partly for targets in the pre season Lovie Smith is is criticizing him for his drops and and not blocking enough. And they called it and say look we just traded. All great where only one of the patriots. And basic element the patriots. As a where's the -- operating. -- he's got to think like you just won a lottery that they'll get through a couple practices -- bill meet basic. Well maybe makes easy going Lovie Smith might have been better play for this year but I know I got to deal. I into the taxer who says to -- play and our last pre season game tomorrow and -- Doll a hobby -- PP if casinos and up the offense to play opening day in Miami. That's a big concern of mine one of the reasons I was a little hesitant about this we've seen receivers come in here. And not be able to pick this up. And and not be able to get on the same page is great that complicated I mean he can't get in there has been out for -- -- sort of just about every guy who comes seem to this offense just looks addict and says this is more complicated than any other offense -- -- around the terminology. Everything about it -- well you better get to play America study -- -- Look I I think he'll play opening day in Miami to I think he's gonna play tomorrow in in New Jersey -- now. Not a chance not tomorrow anyway our Chris is an -- sacred site don't. Good your current don't Greg banks. They just have a quick thought they had burst -- thinking maybe the reason for the great mayor has appeared to its side in rivas long term that I. Occurred occurred at the current direction alligator got thoughts on this what do you think that if there are. But the pitcher may be behind it seemed. -- art app is to bring -- on board like Audrey Johnson and coordinated rate of lying about them well. Overall it kind of -- it together and or unavailable but a long off but I I thought I was thinking simply that that would be a good -- help get. Out logically here for just moment okay and and let's say for the sake of our argument Chris that Jimmy rappel. A rookie out of eastern Illinois. As beaten out Ryan mallet for the backup job okay group which you and I both think is the case. It why the -- with the Houston Texans want Ryan mallet to be their quarterback Chris yet you yet had me. Yeah how we will Andre Johnson and I'm -- a lot of and then you have to go down the Ryan mallet route and you just you lost me completely. What does everybody want Ryan mallet that patriots don't want Ryan mallet. Doesn't scare anybody -- that there and the rains that drop below -- If if Brady -- tell me you know because I think they're screwed either way yeah I don't care who -- -- -- I'm scared to death. I understand. How to produce and secrete. I burst all of mature Houston's -- trade Andre Johnson anyway second of all. And I know everybody's convinced that Ryan mallet is too you know bill O'Brien just can't wait to get down there. Bill O'Brien saw the spectral four passes in his NFL career. You're gonna hand in the ring -- think about this let's just say for the sake of our argument -- he wanted to. So you bring in the week before the season opener and he's gonna be ready to be your quarterback Wendy thanks. You -- middleweight ripped or recently or or or two or three months. There I mean this is a wide receiver having to learn. You know some plays so I can play this spot over here this is the quarterback has got to know every position. Everybody's moves everybody's. What they have to do adjustments. You can't be ready to play quarterback in any short period of time if he was gonna if if the patriots are Billy O'Brien downing Houston. Was gonna make this deal it would happen back during the draft -- and I give the patriots all the credit in the world I am. Absolutely convinced that they through this dot. And everything else out there about Ryan mallet. In order to get interest in him up and get a draft -- on the draft look there are people who believe that -- as the backup not grapple. -- -- -- -- -- Still thinks that Ryan mallet the back. I don't but some people do short term long term exit he's the eight and you're going to be able find out pretty quickly about it. Which of the eight assuming their three quarterbacks here which of the three is inactive. It's -- can be hard to figure out and and Andy brought up a good point it may be. That could -- was the inactive guy for the first 234 weeks and then all of a sudden it flips I still believe. God forbid Brady goes down for eight weeks. I think it's a brothel if Brady's sprained an ankle and has gone for a week I think they turn amount. 6177797937. -- telephone number -- holly Sports Radio WE yeah.

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