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Buster Olney talks Castillo, Stanton, Koji and Lester, 8-27-14

Aug 27, 2014|

As he does every Wednesday, Buster Olney, ESPN, joins the boys of MFB to talk baseball. This week Buster shed some light on what to expect from Rusney Castillo, and how Cuban players are being viewed. He suggests that the acquisition of Castillo helps Boston's chances to get Giancarlo Stanton. Also, the Sox should shut down Koji if they want to re-sign him.

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-- -- brought to aspire bella insurance. Tut and Nashua and Mohegan Sun from ESPN and espn.com. Buster it's been awhile you've been. OK am -- -- and we targeting to blue jays are relevant. The Red Sox that Lester for politics does seem like a while they'll wind -- -- like -- and -- can't ask the tough questions. I could help out but I want ask you about obviously the brits out -- outside now -- -- steel. Woosnam -- -- we called Thursday that often called new does that light at the French have the technical. What are you hearing about the players I've -- you know senate does -- Goodspeed was some good pop. Yeah actually -- that spoke way they view him as a guy who could definitely be in Cuba option and it people were talking. -- you know the world coming to mind for me with the younger Tony Phillips did that make sense. You know a guy who. Can move around and play different spots. It wasn't like -- yeah he can play second base and you know maybe be okay it was like he did pretty good in the infield that was reviewed some of the other teams. You know I I heard estimates senate power anywhere from fifteen to 25 home runs. You know -- guy who is in the eyes of some of the rival value leaders got a lot of swing and -- and -- But they definitely -- the high end talent and is no question players coming over from Cuba that perception of them has changed so dramatically in the last three or four years. Because for example I remember that it is yes feel -- signed with the Dodgers. I talked -- within a general manager told me to look. We can think he's going to be we don't think he's going to be that great. And this general manager told me that his -- bid 500000 dollars on week OK and then -- situation last follower Jose brain science. With the white -- -- 65 million dollars in people that it -- Boy that's a little speed. You know because of the concerned that he didn't have enough bat speed and then he turned out the and you get a unanimous selection for the American League rookie year you would assume. So I think he can steal really benefited from house some of those other guys if. They're so you don't think that he. Was overpaid for the deal buster in the sense that maybe the Red Sox because they didn't get a break here they ended Chapman that there are just gonna go out -- the next good Cubans they weren't getting him regardless -- an aid is he worth the price that they. -- -- Well I think I mean that's the bottom line is that the market price you know that's what those guys are getting and it's being escalated by the successes some of these guys now. Did know also no doubt that not everybody's company there has been a success you know we saw the Dodgers last year. -- what was it 36 million dollars essentially amounts in Guerrero and people within the Dodgers organization within the first week of spring training thing. It technically position Campbell. What are we gonna do it and now he's hit in AAA. But there is some risk so. Lucky if he can spend that amount of money on player hadn't played. Professional baseball over here they're absolutely it's a risk but. There's also a lot of reasons patent six at some of the other players that you know to believe that that the talent can translate. It -- did you like math. I love -- love mass art so -- may test DO equals. Stanton. -- Giancarlo Carlsbad -- nobody -- Giancarlo let me America's that this is that -- that as soon as -- size is Red Sox signed. Steel that's what everyone up here all the -- lined a ball screen and off the hook all the greatest. The -- and yet that is certainly stand in for a steel where -- -- more like okay this package makes it possible amount because he's here that could free up other guys to package out to Miami or. -- package him with -- -- -- to go to Miami for Stanton. But he was like that the missing ingredient the missing -- was the suggestion from a lot of Red Sox fans. Well actually put them in a better positioned to compete with the team I think yeah yeah and in baseball certainly can absolutely viewed as the favorite. To get in here and -- the Marlins put him out centuries honesty and comment the other day that we're basically made very clear that he does not doesn't -- final long term deal right now the Marlins and that means that either because this winter -- next summer the Indian and in fifteen months. He's probably going to be traded detained him that they were absolutely Chicago Cubs because there are just so loaded with position prospects. And it did any point they stick their elbows out into the Red Sox or any of -- he's probably gonna have a hard time matching what the cubs could put together form. You know to be on -- why my first reaction when I saw. The day it's trying to steal and I -- not run this past Red Sox people I was on vacation last week and then came to do that. I thought right away exploit that kind of an indictment Jackie Bradley junior. Thinking that you know -- and gray -- defensively. That's a real sign that you know when they have them -- and they have a Jackie Bradley junior. They have some questions about whether I -- he's never gonna translate the way that we thought out 1516 months ago. You know buster we were trade Delilah who struggled a coach you we are announcing of that that's again only targets of the -- return because they're always given their call firing off of fifteen million -- 45 outings. He is going to be forty. Outside a single case slowdown -- Brittany who watched the last five weeks to some not so sure you're comfortable given fifteen million through this guy his age what. How do you see this thing shaken -- -- -- -- that there are worth a fifteen million dollar risk. In my opinion no. You know and I and I -- without a -- one thing that you hear a lot from teens to have players in Japan and and that is why. When did the thought process before the trade deadline was look we we've got you this player we wanna keep this player we don't want to trade this player. As opposed -- you know and Andrew Miller where I think there's an expectation that even though the -- that street Miller. That is a good chance he's gonna wind up back with a Red Sox. A lot of the teams dealing with a players Japan's they did it it -- -- that it's a comfort level was really important down. And you wanna keep the relationship up for example the Yankees that would Kuroda and they that situation in the past where they could -- Kuroda. But they know what we would we wanna keep him we we don't wanna break a tie maybe that's what the -- what. But the Red Sox -- thinking that they want to bring you are back for next year and the first and foremost we're seeing this with taxes would Darvish. You know -- -- other teams as well we're not contention. Hates -- the bullets. You shot the guy down if there's any concern about how they're holding up. Would I pay a fifteen million dollars for -- for one year now and hide -- closer in baseball right now is Jonathan Papelbon. And thirteen million dollars. But you know the if you put a fifteen million dollar qualifying offer on him no one else is gonna sign of. Yet as you talk yet an article talking about you know I don't Roberts and yet you've had a article in the and espn.com about Al. A Major League Baseball should consider rules for relievers -- something that it is a category that coach should fall into. Well I I don't think he had you know that he's not being gambled that are stated popped to mind because they think they've done you know good job of regulating him but I think through the years and and -- you can back me up on this. -- for example the Yankees -- you know during the time to Joseph Torre the manager and he ran through right handed relievers. Yeah Ed Blake Blake they wrote about the like they were paper towel and he would hit the same guy over and over and over again and and you know guys like Paul I want troll and Scott Proctor. Would just be run through and Johnny ventures. Led Major League Baseball and -- -- in 2011. Among the leaders in 2000 and. And he hadn't pitched in two years. Glad you're a veteran players in any. We've got to come up with some of these rules to protect some of these guys because -- relievers is. You know take the ball when you're asked to take the ball and reduce some managers who all regulated -- -- a really good. Protecting relievers like Buck Showalter the Orioles a lot of managers still don't don't pay attention -- itself. Buster onerous from ESPN and espn.com. Bust Durham and -- mask and a forecast here and maybe unfairly so what I'll do it anyway. The biggest name and starting pitcher at the Boston Red Sox will acquire via free agency or trade this offseason will be. Jamie Shields of the Kansas City Royals look I think he just fit in so many ways. Number one means that I don't think peace because of his agent nick he's 33 as of today. He's not gonna take command such a long term deal that it would go beyond the comfort level of John Henry and nobody was talking about investing in the long term deals. He's got a great American League east history he's a guy who's capable of leading his staff and helping the Red Sox really transitioned to bring in the younger pitchers. If -- don't think I -- think about that too busters acuity or give a guy 3031 a five year deal are you worried about the last three years right 333435. Up. And once -- once Lester what shares it goes off the market shields is a very very good pitchers elegant people think and again don't like 1112 million bucks. I thought these gonna become a pricey high teens in that range for three years you are acquiring 333435. At the -- two years. -- -- -- and Jon Lester. I totally agree with you know that he's going to be expensive I think he's gonna -- being. Something in the range of what they -- yet you know habitat for John Lackey I ain't gonna be eighteen to twenty million -- year. I think the losers in this sweepstakes for four or scherzer and for Lester are going to be involved and that's gonna drive the price up. Which again and reinforces what I think we all believe that the Red Sox really blew this into spring training because they're just not a lot of guys capable leading up. Lastly buster just doing a quick scan things -- received your analysis gives a sneak in a different opinion but you look at the guys the Red -- shipped out of the trade deadline was that what one bad start for Lackey one bad start for Lester. One bad outing for Miller and for the most part Jake Peavy pitched into the sixth and seventh with fairly quality innings it looks like most the teams that took the Red Sox talent at the trade deadline are happy they did it. Yes and I was just around the Oakland Athletics over the weekend. And they have been playing well and they made that trade and there's a lot of second guessing going among their fans about whether or not it was the right painted to trade for but. You know talking -- Bob Melvin in the and the other people with the athletic they love Lester in fact. I I had heard this story -- over the weekend you guys he's got Kazmir having success apparently. Kazmir learned his cutter from Lester -- left who still the Red Sox were just walked up to many outfield today. Can show me that cutter and and that's been part of the reason like -- movement has been so good. Are up and Oakland at pitching coach Gary young told me that -- you been tremendous with a teammate. I know Saint Louis is really happy Lackey I think everyone is curious about what's gonna happen that that contract for next year. But you're right all those guys it's driving elsewhere and I -- think -- that was going to be one of those guys to an October. He's gonna show everybody just how good he can be working for Buck Showalter -- a great running the -- -- Buster thanks a bunch we will talk to next week we appreciate you coming on. Yet -- buster buster only from ESPN and espn.com. What.

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