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Three For All: Lou hunts bats, 8-27-14

Aug 27, 2014|

Tim talks about the city of Las Vegas attempting to get an NHL franchise. Lou wards off "huge" bat. Christian winds up in the dog house again, for what happened on MFB yesterday.

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Hey these guys know more than just boarding school educated well traveled passionate. Renaissance man who thinks he's three or wrong kind number three. Countries three overall picture. It's 34 wrong these days with him -- Start things off with sports is -- -- free -- today. Which is brought you by DuPont to solid construction needed to -- they've got you covered this is when we throw everything under the cover of the free -- whether it's sports related or not I am gonna start sports related today guys. With a big news that the city of Las Vegas might be getting an expansion. NHL team. Good idea bad idea. Or best and worst idea ever all the same time that's it I'm gonna go see. Amerco is the author are you kidding me what sort of damage would you have done Christian if you had been a full time professional athlete in the city of Las Vegas -- I would not -- I don't think I would have any kids I would probably still be in Las Vegas deal somewhere or some sort hold they'll steal something like that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is right out of high school. College yet from Thunder Bay Ontario. To Las Vegas, Nevada that's your dog advocate nineteen year old kid. A couple of votes. It from being here is the biggest strip club in the world right here and right -- stores and other wanted to by the way. All these clubs and bars that don't close until around 7 AM. I guess what the summertime. Your offseason. Mardy at the hard rock. I mean are you kidding me the trouble that they could get to know until they will -- it into. That is. But the road trips they're going to be I can imagine him being. I'm not sure how -- gonna think about as much as I can imagine them being unbeaten at home. Because every team would come and your sister Gloria -- hung over. People think go to the but we'll go to the games. But we're gonna go to Vegas corn based three days -- -- -- so you -- -- with three hours at a hockey game where that's he threw at a basketball. The parties guys do this for the accidentally term -- roll out there and I did that a couple times go to basketball I. It's -- that's an -- to go see all these shows. You know that they go to me. But to do it's certainly one night were critical that there will be -- good hockey game at a political outwards to pollute. So I could see that easily be in the case of -- and their fans would be transient but if it would would have looked like it would aptly. A real hole hometown crowd appeal because they like going to games will be out of power I have no idea that would deal. It would be awesome it would be terrible we're talking. -- -- -- Nothing but a a some guys would be late in the outhouse. And how it got there now LeRoy Anderson you have quite the experience not all new story land but also release dates and I've got to. Mentioned like the Friday night before stated my wife's uncle's -- opened up in Maine before with the on Saturday sit in the living room cabin right living room. -- this whole area looks like an -- 39 o'clock. All of a sudden if you guys ever counted at bat. Yes but growth in Maine my dad's place in Maine. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know he's with the design the next you know he's a crawler Elian and his mom and -- tables. The -- -- local Catholics go to court to try to open up doors and -- one across the liberal unlike some like lap elect outgoing army crawl -- back up. And the person you guys about it and it has the brother. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I just -- it because the crowds be that the that the room so does that hush. I just felt that I heard the wing. -- against Illinois elected mr. had like a bullet to second nose dive bomb in the living room crawled out there opened the door couldn't find is that look around. You know oracle got the racket in tennis -- that's going to do it tennis racquet on microwave or just smoked this statement at least game on Monday it would get some BP -- with a bat. But we X sixty and I predicted window shot. And I oracle trapped between the glass and in the screen which is kind of because of this new -- appropriate to -- long which is there for awhile. To -- but she's opened a window will be pop dispute the -- and it took off. Like Christian Bale indicated acts that are commonly grown up until about. -- -- to grow old meg again overtime Americans at the back to the right there IG title yet reached by audience with a -- it was the there's a way out talented. -- -- Understood -- some blowback from yesterday. At. The island sound. Yesterday. I was in studios like you guys have no problem. I play it no. Surprise me that they get all we heard about it and see the audience he videotaped it. With their -- she -- about. And here's what it is. -- -- -- Regret that -- That you know who had people -- It's. Yeah. I'm doing are always -- It's all he comes out of that sound it is so Tim Luke will you guys the cabin there relate. I know what happened up here I don't know really happened you guys. Among like Portland next to that fact yes I was like Christian legal system we have no idea he could play him like -- this weird with the what they're taping you're the what does coconut oil referenced in a way. -- -- I got my spirits of Robert but it it was a dog. Our guys. Holding a dog holding a dog just up the way it sounds when I don't hold and I am happy I got it done I got a flak -- it out like I wasn't you know excited about -- I was mad about our reaction to -- boy and a clip it on you -- stable I think. Rotting in the direction and I had elected or going to do with directional bit on my eyes go caps beat beat him. Okay. What are exotic erotic content on it just you know I didn't happen. I don't -- apple -- it -- you got back up against children music killer microphones. Are -- played -- one more time. -- -- One that you know who you're with. I'm doing. Did it sound. Odd that she said after Christmas happy birthday yeah. -- Beginning of police and they'll Catholic right we are committed direction it was wrong right you right it would cut the -- and cut the music that YouTube was pretty -- door unlocked collect collect all doing here. Well. And ticket. And I'd gladly die guys are role when we do edit it edit out -- particular battle out there in the background and really see -- separate this out. But we were getting texts about the varsity blues scene with the -- whip -- -- that would you know teachers and cream bikini was happy about. Because I want it on that you wanna eat dog for a long time since my other dog fight passed away about four years ago though I do like so much to talk collateral -- -- up. -- that we do that. A lot of the beat to get him. -- Do you mean right now and who -- me here today. I'm -- yeah. And straight back. That's bad and better than. Did it the dog that barks balloting to more freaky yeah right what that. -- I had the dog is lucky you cross I'd like what you're doing where we moved him. I shouldn't be here right now at the -- 60777979370. We come back. Amid days and if you'll get back to the Logan Mankins trade will do that in the L 1 o'clock hour there's also some McChrystal one bring up about Seattle Seahawks is a couple. Stories about the Super Bowl champs and and tie in -- some of topics we've had on the air about the patriots in the NFL in general lately. We'll do that for coming up the 1 o'clock hour or register for this music store that through seven to be.

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