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Jenny Dell lashes out at Lou Merloni on Twitter, 8-27-14

Aug 27, 2014|

After Will Middlebrooks struck out against a position player, Steve Tolleson, last night against Toronto, he seemed to be laughing as he left the batter's box. Lou critiqued Middlebrooks on Twitter, which caused Will's fiance Jenny Dell to tweet (indirectly) in defense of her man.

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Wanna get to that ace reliever from Toronto last night. The Collison hall and a got to get to this Christian -- think it's I just I can't believe many hand isn't here today. This story involves too many hands favorite things number one media on media crime. Number two Jenny -- Now apparently lucrative -- -- at as the best of my best as I can you were watching the game last night when will -- that was the one guy. Struck out watching and it was 114 -- watch the game still he strikes out. When he -- -- Greg is what do you make eleven -- four -- comes in position -- little north of eleven that nobody else steps up the plate and any you know it's less than sorry strikes out. Political or done any strikes out east -- arts is a smile as race starts laughing as the cameras on back in the dugout. And he's at that point he was one for six with four strikeouts. Andy I just waited out no -- collapse when you strike out. Poppy can reverse position player he beats you will can't. In other words of Dustin Pedroia which I don't think you would anyway but David Ortiz -- -- he struck up -- -- guaranteed laugh. -- probably look at it probably gesture haven't also looked back at him it is greatest thing or a popular -- got all -- can laugh right that it would but it will. For the fourth. Time in the game stretch against this guy it was like embarrassing -- not a course appears that the simpler the worst thing -- want to do was based position -- you can't win. You're supposed to get a but it beat that little -- -- -- he's actually is supposed to get hit but nobody ever really -- right -- like walked ago in front of everything also beat those 78 will's way out in front of its -- Put my point is that -- Not him. You receive 190s this is an important stage of his career. Right I mean the Red Sox don't know what yes they know what they think he can be. You know he's down in triple -- lost his job two years in a row he said nagging injuries to key off the field. You don't know which could be traded. You know the team really wants him he has really shown -- things for a couple of years and six guys delicate transition his career right now or certain point we're. He needs to start frigate and a sting out physically. Italics there you see it I question approached the plate the current OP has a plan. I hope the figures this thing up because a lot of talent there but. -- key like I don't wanna see him laughing. -- -- is it more because our guys and again you left gets more are you more irritated it is a guess as you know how good he can't be in your frustrated with. He's not doing better. If it bit today is that he's not doing better he's really just take -- three based approach it is. Go to straight to the dugout to connect got to have a I had -- like this happen and that's why when I saw it. Other OK -- kind of understand there's that you know uncomfortable. And nervous laughter that kind of you can't really could focus. Charlie -- I got a huge fight as a settlement here as a -- two or more now the storm -- on purpose to get to number not talking about. Practice -- not a game practice. So yes I mean he was screaming at everybody not to -- sides Cabela's the emphasis of the day. -- -- -- -- Wasn't paying attention. And I moved. And but we still kept bring to play primarily auditors that long uncomfortable walk after a bad play football. You're doing -- from the from the -- back the sideline coaches are waiting for you or you're doing it. Practiced on the field back to the and you sit there are yelling screaming at me. An iconic gave I was grinning slash Selassie. But it was it uncomfortable. A -- I guess hiding my -- bare cement or cloaking my embarrassment of of the fact that houses the one out of a 1001 who who jump off sides. We had a long discussion in his in his office and tell me why shouldn't do it I'm like listen I'd do it on purpose. It's just it's just the way have always been an uncomfortable situation don't know what to say a few people staring at me I just kind of giggle. You know I concede that may be being you know how he felt because he should be -- now all the guys to strike out too. All the guys and this is the one and after such a long night for strikeouts you know four streets to strike outs and I did this is the guy a reliever not even -- relievers that situation like brought -- striking -- out. That they'll be equivalent rightly gave -- brought all -- good at what pitchers he does everything. OK so just let him just -- get us out of this and. Boy is that a -- was a you know. Every day play in the big leagues and established themselves and every knows who we is you got a couple hits that night he literal -- whatever one's. You can left that thing off the gate but right now. They're evaluating -- watching everything woman but does that figure out if he can play at the big league level. There watching everything. They wanna see an attitude changed and it's tough because he's been out on the field off the field it -- back up he is yet to take this job back. You know any -- opportunities got another opportunity right now to take this job back and he hasn't done yet. So it's it's it's frustrating on shore up its first rate for the organization. Some people that know there's some talent there and there waiting for him to kinda figure this thing out and act it's frustrating to see. So you treat this you put this on Twitter and then wills fiance former Red Sox nests in reporter Jenny Dell now with CBS. Replies with a -- around. Fans I get it. Former players turned media always cracks me up when they forget what it was like to play the game oh well. 141 times retreated sixteen. Yeah I don't know have you forgotten what it's like how hard it is now that's not -- -- -- And that's the thing I get that from those guys don't know about your solid that day at the open -- over the week you would live based mostly you have forgotten yeah. Now -- collection get a job do OK and that's the problem I get this all the time you know from players you know that -- year critical when you give an opinion that the job is is that. You know. Guys struggling it's -- life struggle pitchers not embody you title like that embryonic institute news -- And he forgot all you haven't struck out yeah millionaire they did we all my job is now is the talk about what IC. That's what my job and I sucked not just you know what you are made enough mistakes to know what a mistake looks like OK so they hit us. And that's I don't claim Jennings -- -- it's who wants Willie -- -- league. -- good glossy -- -- -- like want to say it's too much of spears but it more than I do audits and so I get it. But they don't understand that part right because there's a few real music players that noticed. Everything is fine everything's okay so the players and if -- that I get on them. And I get calls and texts so there it's just you know biggest -- just doing it want it's funny because -- locker -- -- -- African knives thrown me. But that's just the way it is I deal with that I don't know what can you do I got a job to do I understand which is coming from. A -- -- will might be upset at me now because of CDs consult a week like when -- Wednesday so be it you know commute through. The bottom line and hurt his cause that his fiancee is trying to fight his battles forma -- -- I don't care. You know I mean -- an idea that he's probably doesn't care it's a -- like she cares I don't. I don't know that's not that -- thought the equivalent of like -- wife coming to the defense of their husband run that he's. Well that's pretty close to my -- Bill Campbell throwing catch the ball himself in half -- noted that. The same thing it's not is. Street board that was kind of I bet she was watching the games saw how it's terrible to. Night he was having culminating in -- And was anticipating. The tweets that she was getting about her boyfriend -- exact down into -- might tweet from a local guy you like nick you know it's. I know exactly what is going to I spent my entire career one African year away from being released in being out of -- game. Epidemic called up and I've played it was just play for my life is not my job. There's no gets sent down again and what it's like playing yeah pressure or I would argue with any African 04 times. OK but I never laughed. I was I was test. Because I knew what it meant. I and maybe I was nervous laughter I don't know. But don't tell me I don't remember what it was like -- given all the time but those guys and I understand everybody is sensitive I'd get not playing well but somebody out there's actually got a job to do. And it's like actually give his opinion based on his experience on what he sees people doing wrong. And they can't handle that I'd get it. It's not that I can deal. War I would argue at Janney as you are perhaps more than anybody else. It's the talk about this as opposed to forgetting. About it you're probably fairly close to a for the reasons you just pointed out. And it's due judging that reaction. As a hell of a lot more credibility. Then maybe some other analyst because of the situation you're in. Just a bad series away from being -- Easter sent delicate talking about. 61 again I mean -- these notes again it's. Nobody's talking about it out of that same excuse sick I forget to vote you know with the whole thing a couple years back with that Youkilis would start -- struggling. You know I get trashed in the locker room for so much that you know to me when much signal for twenty and he's -- I defended you -- ballot walked in the air. And it caught at third hand and he told me that yeah I was the one that was in the duke is all Duncan diesel for twenty. And I got a from some of those -- you forgot how tough this game is an and I told them -- maybe should go back illicit tape is it was even me added Youkilis is back. So it's nothing new -- It happens all the time on it tell you is that if you if you do with some write a -- -- current. We do some bad I gotta tell you tell people I think did there was some bad period ominous cellphone Bobby are 937. -- are you doing -- Luke you know I just got a target I don't wanna be chauvinistic I argued I think can build a park took a number one. And listen -- that. Christian your heart you can meet. Because you depreciate in Q and about our -- Q who Bianchi you so. Well so I -- -- a pots and I don't. And rapidly chauvinistic -- -- as I used to air around us this. Promised ago today means she's. She's round we never really friendly at all this year I don't I don't -- and I understand. Why she's to a you know which she tweets about blitzer because that's -- -- -- and it. Again it will take personal. Well we come back Christians taking to Logan Mankins trade personally he doesn't like it will tell you lie to present -- -- -- and pitch. We're in advance he struck a -- 75. -- got a smile on his face in Italy France for the fourth time. The online yeah.

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