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Aug 27, 2014|

With the sudden and unexpected trade of Logan Mankins to Tampa, many are chalking this up to Bill Belichick getting rid of players immediately after their prime. MFB wonders if Tom Brady is immune to this strategy. How will he be treated towards the end?

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Third and fourteen now on the fifteen yards. Craig stepped up. -- was -- before Michelle this is an interesting thought that we want to get Syria and 11 o'clock hour to advance the Maloney Christian -- you're gonna wanna stay tuned in the new and our own buster or me joins us and to get to media and media crime taking place and quarter. Involving Lou and one of our favorites of Christian is gonna. On coconut oil. -- it's a whole lot. And oils coconut oil moment. What's yes ought to -- nobody called me up like what would you coconut oil. Like recently. Briefly as -- Show. I guess in connection with the date capital conversations that yes. It's forty easily. Under Wikipedia -- -- the -- just let the open to -- parties as so somebody edited your Wikipedia page without permission. What I wasn't checked properly you need. Ask anyways it's free to do and layers of oil are you going to go to a month. Well. Nobody out dirty about what the benefit of complete technical bit. Of that oil. I'm trying to bring this up Christian I'm we're is at the bottom I don't know I can't spring this on May not have been rated pilots. Are. Christians Wikipedia page is -- -- the break. I was talking about how they still a couple of weeks ago caught I've found -- I. -- the last line of Christians Wikipedia page reads as follows. After being turned on to the benefits albeit by former Red Sox outfielder -- cap or -- is a big proponent of using coconut oil. Okay what about Viagra in coyotes in the woods of Argentina and how many of your personal salaries that should be on there as well. I think it should be the lead. Christian -- -- to go camping with people in the -- of Argentina with coconut oil and Viagra with best with a better -- -- we did he show the birthday we guess that stupid -- court which has been blown out of proportion I mean. I do and it took Viagra and a happy that's the -- medical thought that goes into and won a Super -- with the during the patriots. Go OK that's the lead right there let's not -- -- others this is big I'm glad we found out an alert on Tuesday. I always -- also wanted to look. Viagra -- old as I say all -- the before the break we're talking about obviously Logan Mankins and avoid and is the starting left guard on this roster right now or the next couple weeks with a BA guy cut that they be able to use it -- You know brought up the question is it wasn't Brian Waters sank late -- -- is looking it up September 4 2011. On a -- the patriots released offensive lineman -- an area. Who signed. Released guard Brian Waters at work but Kansas City Eagles on that you'd be a pro -- So September 4 2011. Right before the season starts they signed Brian Waters and I wouldn't be shocked at all -- -- to see another guy. In here starting at -- left guard now so its -- We don't really know what's gonna happen you know as far as the end game of the streak as you could have. Player X starting left guard the sign that was released by. Kansas City right or whoever. With Jim -- Verses Logan Mankins you know so those two plays you know vs Mickens and so let's see how this thing plays out for me just the money catch I liked him right most -- Cynical grab us -- I'm also show the starting left guard is on his team right now. No but it it's on because you know people put up their you know -- lineups I guess those speaker who they think is going to be in there. And who is it Ben Boland. As his potential line of his as -- solar at left tackle. Wore Marcus cannon or Josh Klein plan that let card spot. When Dell played Saturday and Conley played right guard bull warplane right tackle. There's no Jordan -- here what's soul whatsoever what's. He's the main guys get all the reps. The second pre season game he had 91 of the 91 possible wraps off and that's. That's the guy who are pushing he's been playing and starting almost every single game and that's what I keep coming back to you is people. Have been questioning the timing as was I yesterday. And then the war thought about it the timing actually makes sense because my thinking is they must've felt themselves exiting last season. Now with Logan's cap number being what it is. They're hoping that somebody they have on their roster is going to push him Mac guard. And then they can let him go and I have to pay the money but why not just ask them if you really liked them and you wanna keep around want to ask them to take a pay cut may be needed. Well that maybe he said no don't guess the other part because it's the eurodollar contract at all contract dispute last debt relief rightly. Really fast and maybe they're like human Nadia that they found it seemed to take him. And get something in return as well so they don't have to cut that is probably the most that's probably the clearest explanation. But I -- that I can think that's probably true because why. He's too much money. That you wanna keep they asked Tommy Kelly take a pay cut he did he want to stay. They renegotiated. An extension with Vince Wilfork they got in and so if you like Logan Mankins that you think that he still can help your team which can assumed they would lower Malloy situation. Well then why do you kind of maybe they did ask that -- can believe that's the that's the once store right -- elect. They respect him enough for who he is and what kind of player is based on what happened last time -- Logan Mankins basically called crafts liars. And yet ended up sitting out the first part of the season. Like I could easily see it happening now abuse treatment and is -- also a theory worth looking at that. Ago saying coming out of last year that and think he was. As good as he should be for the amount of money -- was -- they get three games to look at -- in line. Debbie give a bunch of -- in saint -- can't they got better. What every particular. Did you mention although snaps you know -- in particular is maybe they're just like -- we have who we have you know who are these guys. Joke that's a window was a plane that much early on -- kind of snap servers look that's kind of shady take we know we're years. Let's look at these other guys and we four collect let a guy like Logan Mankins walk. And encased -- there isn't somebody up it's released in which it and this is what we have are we comfortable with -- but I do agree with the whole restructure thing. You know those that the -- contracts are big they paid him a few years back. That you know franchise tag it's out Logan -- one of the few guys actually took the patriots right I mean they -- you know laughter. He got paid I -- -- football. So. He's a stickler on it right he's not the guys that they want to take -- are shown as one to do that -- gonna miss games. So maybe ticket to that point we got to play ball and they'll let us as we got to deal. -- lesser team today I think they are lesser team today boy you know my body because these are all these are all questions I could have been asking insane you guys I'll deal to go to New York City government. -- this against us holding its Kevin. Or zero theory -- about. Tom Brady and how this affects Brady and you're not talking about this year in terms of Mankins does block inform or even a contract extension -- None on on on me just look at it. This it's up like this make you look at everybody right and then the one -- those -- just got a reference before to wasn't up Jerod Mayo. All right we're just just whatever you know this year. Seven point two million dollar kept it knowing it actually cost you economy makes no sense next year ten point two and then ten. You know you actually save five million by cut not just you know this is just things nice senate start a look at -- it got mean Mickens. He's a good player but they don't they feel like when you get up to these big dollars. That -- just. The cap it doesn't make sense the salad as a makes sense. Not Tom Brady salary will always makes sense because when it comes to real money. When it comes to just salary it's not that much that next few years raise when -- his salary goes weighed down or is like bonuses and everything else real money -- Tim. They can make 789. The next three or four years. Would want to play for that. You know he's different it'll Americans -- shown that he -- the coach renegotiated deal but -- -- giant that would renegotiate. Remember at that is just like a place holder got a contract we're renegotiating an additional money. If they sit -- say you know. And to -- grapples with -- on. Death taxes and being released player football team Australia three inevitability is alive it's gonna happen we grew up close ahead of the curve. Did let the club better -- pre season but it looks pretty good this pre season. I don't see that extent succumb to -- he has changed his contract up. Mean you you think of some like this music is just an -- Tom -- Yeah early years at some point it well I think girls and I think it absolutely will. The exception to the rule is -- the exception to the rule is Kevin -- Most guys. And with the team that they start with that you haven't -- -- played 1213 years restart you know there it is still thinks he can play somebody else is gonna sign them. Did that Willie mcinnis and -- for the team that was the guy you -- they will be here forever. Go back to Peyton Manning can mean Nicole exactly and Tom Brady -- moderate chance to go back to Tom Brady's idol. -- he's W cried at San Francisco 49ers game -- tablet by phone number one finger. He's he'd tell that put in his day he just wanted to foam. We're number one -- that -- get a form toward the game. Circuit City Brett Favre. Played for everybody. The light. So I don't that it had another career with the -- made it to the Super Bowl -- or interception when he was with Minnesota. So it's like I don't think about that. Is Tom the exception to the rule is the is -- is it just timing is it is injury is suggests. Life. Because the top want to play 24045. He could do so it's gonna want him to keep quite dizzy just hang them up. I don't think it does 'cause he made it this -- because he's a competitor he's every packet to stop war and unless -- -- get -- -- ages Al Green -- beautiful stymied right. But I just yet ready Cleveland was so you always the man -- -- -- worked out so good but we always ask that don't agree that only thirty more years as you have. And it has two parts of it now how many more years do you think Tom Brady complain a sleeker. Well he's only getting better to go through my -- I think guitar I. Yeah it is but we're at a point where it's going to decline in I think of John Kelly. When housing Colorado going to school you like being a fan of the Denver Broncos ever. John got the point or he wasn't on it could barely crime. In the heat couldn't wrote as well as the use to but also they got a running back they got a running game they got a defense so. John Daly didn't have to be John Elway and in the eighties he could be John Elway you know -- to -- this bronco fans. Game manager. Oh turn over the ball make Smart choices make good decisions at the -- because and it off lecturer in the right play. That's how we ended up winning is the bubbles that that is what's going to happen numbers -- in your game in this league numbers -- -- seven. On -- fifty. -- definitely get three more years. -- three more years maybe not with the patriots that could happen. Play to you physically and mentally it take it anymore it is done just can't you needed you don't want to go to work and that -- automatically trying to. That's the question now to locate these get three more years some people might say for this now the question is UBS is how many more years here. And and couple. Don't be shocked at all but this the next. On be shocked to know I would think at least that's resides at -- seventeen yet and I'm looking at his deal. Okay obviously this year in -- gonna cut them in -- eighteen half million dollar captains Tom Brady and to -- -- a good can't be Speedo right now he's not be not Tom Brady. Next year. You know -- that cap figure goes to what thirteen. Real money going out. 779. Dollar salary. We take a five million dollar cap hit if you cut the following year you saved. It doesn't sixteen you save a couple million I'm disabled you're stuck at that -- we start saving anything. They get two more -- Tom Brady and Jimmy grappled goes out next pre season it looks just as good. I would be shocked at all we're talking about Tom Brady being cut is -- two more years this year -- next and it isn't -- this. Aaron Rodgers Brett Favre all the -- get all the -- we don't know what to -- gonna be he was in a first round pick a second round picks are starters nowadays so. It -- you can see that you look at that situation in Green Bay at how bad it got for Brett Favre. Why could the same thing happened here Steve young and Joseph Montana and what could happen here. And if you start a light Jimmy drop below the draft him in the second round. He came in here that couldn't -- get a beat out Ryan mallet right now might be released if he's not traded to notes. The end of the year of him doing this in a four year deal. I mean -- so after you sit at the three years and it's on his contract year and book their place NFL. But he wanted to kind of given -- you wanna see it for a year or two notified if you wanna extend him and. They have spokesman Maloney wants to cut Tom Brady a 617 -- -- I'd -- an out of every seven James going from New Hampshire James you're on. There are James games. Bad I have a couple questions. -- -- -- -- -- -- today contractor and our salary -- -- I'll get a base absolutely. That was little -- -- practice squad guys don't get paid like an undrafted rookie. It's based out of like -- thousand dollars a practice squad guys it's like hundred some thousand dollars. All. You pay the question. All. Below that actually. Favored to go to -- radio before and I'll moderate eczema. Or or -- or argues that you have the mentality you know if this what you are. I don't know about this one specifically. My guess would be that if they went to him yesterday before the move was done he would have argued against it in May -- argues against it and they do it anyway -- -- think -- I don't think he does I think. It's anyone's bidder is seen more. I couldn't find what this team as far as what they're capable of doing. And not being affected by the moves -- Tom Brady. Go back its start with lawyer Malloy what those numbers are right Christian those pro football focus numbers. -- he was responsible for somewhere between 9/11 sacks. Maybe Brady as much he likes Logan Mankins. Is kind of hoping no one of these other younger guys is better anyway it was he was sacked the mostly of its -- since 20014. Sacks. Really what I'm such systems and waited for me this tweet -- -- -- early this morning to you out to sources. Said pat asked guard Logan Mankins stick to pick up before trade. Initial request was right after the probable. He refused. So we editor for some of the second one apparently. Initial request is another request rate before the straight interest not willing to do but I. I sub typing on how he can hit a sac on one guy and offensive line. Can you -- You can do to listen when you look at these pro football so I'll go so -- artist pushed backwards and and the guy sheds the guards blocked in sacks sprayed and it's on him. Or you know you're right sometimes it's tough to figure out maybe the -- got the call wrong and he moves inside double team somebody thus leading a wide open lane for a. The Aventajado have been pursuing it gives you like a replay in the -- is an adult who the hell's this guy blocking the left tackle blocking. Air in two guys coming was -- because they Staunton are some like that guy stuck with two guys. Blows by American sacking Cohen so easily block an air. And exhibit don't know I hear it's older soul like Alex older bull will never block out of the guys and block yours senator. So that tackles are always hockey pardon and -- honest to god there's three guys up at its lead to blocked who got its city -- sport like. Put up with Carolina Panthers in the patrons were rushing four guys so this federal snap the ball. The guard global demand up and then it's up to. The senate to decide which way he's going based on who's getting beat OK single player naked -- though Lou did you notice last year dip in his past. Protection ability to dip his play yeah I accurately diagnose it did -- -- and that one out he killed -- -- -- yeah. He wouldn't you would ever win on a play you would never know block somebody. There are a couple times when that -- Allen -- -- game coming up from the injury. Is hearing nine to eleven sacks that he was through. Wanted to doubt those stat numbers that were thrown out there and nothing about his fabulous all the players yesterday. Talking about Logan Mankins possibly it was all about his -- his tenacity his leadership is. Veteran savvy. The example we put forth for is all intangibles to I didn't hear a lot of patriots saying yes and slept at all. I are patriots seized just as good today as he was rookie year. I didn't hear a lot of that I just heard all the good guy stuff. So amazingly as an -- Europe and here there anyways don't know what nobody they don't agree if they don't agree with them move in all if book forty year elementary those other guys recorded yesterday didn't agree with the move was just disease even to say I haven't seen him dipped one iota. He's just as good as he was five years ago I didn't hear that I just couldn't talk about the guy is -- sacks. And -- everything else tonight I'm I've firmly believe that a ton of those sacks. Was just -- Tom Brady's first look at he's great with all the football. You know again I think a significant. You've got somebody up Billick -- flowers right like -- Tompkins Josh Boyce there and left when they should be better right. You know -- out that look -- -- what the hell is he going and look at decide what how she still in the look at amid all the areas bull he gets sacked. I think a lot of -- -- you could say -- breeze not -- pocket anymore the offensive line is bad or you could look at it is there wasn't one wide receiver. On the field that knew what the hell they were doing and because of that -- braces and a pocket like six seconds these people running into each other. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So my salary cap for next year or even send me next year and the seven million common not the cap -- -- this year. You know money out at the little particular respect. Haven't we learned by now that Belichick values guys and they play in that they're not. Playing up to what he'll actually pick a pay -- that's been my argument. He's always been and importantly it marker that -- there is. Erica -- -- make the team better when you're talking about not that the line that gave up the second most stacked concrete career last year I want. You know forty tactical unit I think having market and in the -- looking -- in. Wolf will be better for the team because you're gonna have a tight and that caught 300 many pat yeah. As the other two -- anarchy not mean that how. And not only that Jim not only that but let's disable his sake argument on the scale of one to ten Logan Mankins is now a seven. And they think Nick Cannon is a five. We know what by November when that veteran body starts to break down a little bit for Mankins maybe he's a five in Kansas six. You don't sickness Canon's -- got a little bit more is playing the starting a full time just brought his name -- there and -- -- you pick one whichever one you like but. I think they've Belichick might be looking at it in that way too don't you. I do and and looked at real quickly -- -- quick to put the longer the young black Ebert I look at boats try it and here is well I mean. -- they want even looking for the tried and that basically oh great speed up our reception out there because nobody was gonna -- they knew they want a trucker I. And now that we have a record summer that he catch. Hit the ball so that it gronkowski doesn't play -- -- -- it's not a throw it position. A -- to put it on the white suit up on every as far as the weapons go assumes no crawl there so. Bill and would -- Brady drops back whoever he's throwing a football too. Okay tight -- wide receivers whatever might be running around running into each other. And next you know Brady gets -- You know meet Tom Brady's offense -- you watch Peyton Manning dolphins with a -- -- all older veteran guys have been around a little bit networking with them. You know it's through steps -- gone. I dropped back I'd look -- guys where he should be I throw it there it's timing. It was no chance for defense to even get that -- mating and yet we we talk about greatest offensive line is in pass protection. -- -- at the three steps to get the ball loose you got rid of it each and every time to Tom Brady comes back. I want to hit this guy real quick it was slant and he looks up -- that the honestly it's still an out eagle Alice -- -- we -- -- that are right so it's. It's wide receivers and a lot to do with the weapons had a lot to do with Tom brigade here too much. You write her a 100% right it happens a lot -- -- happen in the pre season game ministered to Foxboro does -- Denver's offensive line pass protection. What Peyton Manning to throw the ball like two seconds course -- at 61777979370. We come back plenty more on the Logan Mankins trade also the latest examples of hilarious backtracking from ESPN on two big time football stories. We'll get to the next 937 W yeah.

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