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Rick Stroud on the Logan Mankins trade 8-27-14

Aug 27, 2014|

Rick Stroud of the Tampa Times discussed the Logan Mankins deal.

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Extra row has joined us before a very knowledgeable reporter who covers the bucks in the NFL worthy yet Tampa -- times he joins us on the AT&T hotline. Good morning mr. Stroud are you today. Was there a glaring need for a left guard on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that forced the straight to happen. All actually it was a mutual record at the shark. Who agent -- can't hit at all. They were checking account so I think they picked up later there there are so they're at their current urgent practical purposes. Just hours for the extra low and so actually wearing all that China saw it really strange here are. I I don't think there be any happier or whether it result. So are they off the -- in -- need all bandwagon is he available at least two or -- Belichick bring him in here because we need a story -- It's incredibly available and probably play -- -- for the miracle and now there are not close the chapter of the book are. Which you can't -- -- so -- although I think there's probably less. Need at this point although there are there other car has not started single -- and I felt. So there's still a role player experience there are other districts almost an arrogance always feel sluggish at Jason Parker and others are. You know not try technology you know what a total panic at Auckland -- what's the big deal I think. You're gonna get that other places as well it sort checkbook I'll stop and operate Internet packages. Indianapolis he's got a call out these -- It I definitely. -- Tim Wright made 54 catches as a rookie that's pretty good especially you know planned -- and Tampa. Did you look at him and wonder why he wasn't drafted and do you have an answer would it was it because he. Was kind of between there or was this something else some other reason no one else took him on draft day. I think part is that you know the fact that he. Incredibly fleet of foot what they did worst than try to put a little weight on the remote and tight end or use very effective. Especially European -- no weapons at all on the quarterback situation was about I mean played -- year with. Like Lannan who's you know a rookie it's so. He. -- -- -- -- -- Europe. Very or sector where. There are back so we're on our warriors and yeah. -- -- lost a whole lot -- that the they -- to -- right last. That it. What can lock it also practiced. There are going to be at. All if you don't have that. Law. It looked at the OPEC the quarter. All I don't know how it is that you -- Georgia I split up part backers say. That is very effective or at least tries you know operate it at all. Political. And I Larry Page -- -- it. -- -- -- The batters to all our young players will start on develop. Our Rick this is Steve Barkley the Boston -- -- I acted to questions in the first one is. With -- opinion John Dennis asked if I know you do mostly baseball -- I don't think I've met him so global him. Like gold would your name in the first three hits the -- -- -- in the second -- by at -- him eight times the third one was the link to -- route auto service in saint Pete. That on thirteen nine. Street north in Saint Petersburg so much persuasion is. You have a side business my second real question is -- straight being perceived on your neck of the woods. On the first question I wish I on the auto parts store I don't America -- -- and make money out and name now. That's actually his name as it turns I shouldn't go there get a discount that you would service. I haven't had to marry like park service -- called and offered -- play at discount question that there are sure. I felt my second job is probably like here's what our radio host the show it there for six they have WPA. Air I've forgotten that course -- at this. Why does that allows -- all morning about how it's playing up here like Niger differences is the patriots Tony says he thinks it's a great move. And the rest of us concerned about it and fans are winning it's how it how is it being perceived on your neck of the woods. I think it's that I think her you know for bud -- it's a it's huge deal you know first -- they know Logan -- -- and they you know they follow the other so. And when you hear a guy like Bill Belichick saying that that -- -- -- ever coached I mean I think that's really all all the just. Now you know he's not the youngest player OK he's 32 years old. There is this sort of thought you know shakes hands with Belichick perishable or your watch because I think that direct so. I do believe that there's sort of -- the realization that you know universe -- Problem last five years maybe artwork that caliber yet. Based on what they were playing outlook present. Started market this week as majority of the fact that that. Having dodged the I lapped tree species it. Again there's really concern about whether they can threw -- -- -- game so. I I think it feel like that the explore Logan Mankins but it traded at tight -- that probably or apparently this all -- -- -- very well. Eric in fourth round pick which as you know not a small thing. But it but it that's fluctuation -- just don't want their carts so. I think -- order throat especially well in these guys know what -- -- -- great guy that it'll you know football player or. After Erica starter Carter is a great deal of effect. We're talking with -- throughout Tampa Bay times. I I've heard the comparison. That Heidi and Tim Wright is sort of like. In the mole. It in the mode of -- Hernandez without the inclination to murdering a bunch of people is in is that a fair comparison. Why I would certainly hope -- -- from. Quick break. It's maybe not being there and or at all that accent. I think he's I think -- around export you have that you know sort of the you know inspector gadget tiger or are very -- -- catch the ball very well. He catches in traffic. Any any right well I mean they're final Belichick likes. -- players and -- an operation Daryl who is consult with there this year are really is a picture right there. The I think was undrafted so you know he's come a long way short time -- and we catch it. You all as a rookie especially. Popular player -- which was second interception. Changing positions that that's not a thing -- doing well. You got a look at his upside. Eric I don't know that he's his policies -- and that's what governor of Florida maybe but he certainly you know you can create -- where. It yet. There -- other particular. Very Specter likes -- that last year I have been. Told this sport so all I think it's I. Be very happy that I liked that. Chair still pedestal -- the ball that's that's all right. -- -- -- It what does the early book -- Lovie Smith down there and compare and contrast him to Greg she got a leg up wasn't a fan favorite. Well and so and now -- efforts are all you know they're they're actors. Are the -- that's for sure. I think. You know there's a -- up there experience expectations we're always there to star standard and all the action action and watched -- here. That you know it is the thing -- The directly tremendous defense where it was well forward at what it is quite a lot of games. All they have a really -- That's all the all the way and -- -- -- coach preaches that I hit adversity at -- or eighteen that is associated with -- legally correct. Over what that was searched at all and an open question as our quarterback work out a lot. All you know start to the right way. -- -- -- -- -- There's there's panic broke and help those ethnic back over to -- support for almost at its image problem. We want but. -- right at the right are the. Rick Stroud thanks for the time by the way you're going to enjoy Logan Mankins even in the Bill Belichick realm where you keep your mouth shut and don't say anything he's a man who speaks is mine I think you're gonna enjoy. Locking him in the locker room. Look at Florida beat Google did that probably -- thanks Eric. Rick Stroud Tampa Bay times joining Dennis and Callahan and Buckley on the podium -- -- -- of that rattling -- in this from NC Atlanta. -- --

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