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Chris Nowinski on the future of Wes Welker

Aug 27, 2014|

Chris Nowinski discussed the future of Wes Welker.

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The heels of the Wes Welker conversation from yesterday who better to what join our discussion today but -- whiskey. Co-founder. An executive director of the sports legacy institute dedicated to solving -- sports concussion crisis. Chris -- -- joins us on the AT&T -- good actress Gloria. Dario I'm doing fine hey if Wes Welker rank your phone and said Chris what to -- need to know about concussions and head trauma. As I based my decision as to whether to return the National Football League this year to three. Talking points you would tell west. I would -- west that it's going to be hard by the doctor. Who will tell advised him to retire actually that he's the concussion symptoms go away pretty quickly. But the problem is more concussions yet the greater brain damage -- more likely you'll art and -- long term problems get another concussion. And I figure if he goes back this season -- four and twelve or thirteen months. Sect could open the order kind of what happened -- which was five years of headaches and and in my career so I wouldn't buy it. You know take -- that -- talks. And really think about this sincere and see how does this is this if you want to decide whether or not he enjoys his. You know that next five years as light or. He's miserable. Do you think he would listen to guys in that. Position he's in right now on the you know in the middle of the action do they worry about long term effects to they think about. What this might mean to the rest of their life. Sure they don't. It's hard. You know -- here -- that -- top nuclear regularly two dollars. To walk away 100 consider that as an option. Yeah I mean in reality here in all the years -- -- look at. Just one. And the -- player ever call me. There was there was -- months ago to talk about whether or not should be -- considerate compassionate streak but they don't they don't really want you know. Did you advise him to retire and and will he or did he. Well I I got in -- doctors that I really trusts they have to have that conversation with them about that there would there is no real scientific way to determine it in and sometimes the better way to look at it is. -- -- money in the bank. Stand you know to retire here and here you can just you know old enough to walk away from the limelight while you still still good data there. A lot of football player is. Whistle past the graveyard in the -- never happened to me. Mean they're just. Though that'll happen other people but the was a player last year forgive me for not remembering his name. Quite candidly said I recognize. That I might die younger because I played football but I love the game the game is deep in my belly and I'm paraphrasing now. When you hear and read comments like daddy feel. You know I I feel I feel pretty good because. You have that there without side to walk away. While you're still feeling good is that your probable for the money but you know the outsiders you know if you really lower your risk. Of dealing with problems are glad that people start to think about. This stuff seriously because you know just just lastly your computer over at least a new cases DP. Or lectured -- planet -- And -- -- stated that had to retire after his junior year in Austin collections and though he never felt that. He died at 25 of them related heart issue. But the entire time when he retired woman died. He was miserable he was sleeping in -- you know sleeping dazed -- -- you know dark room I don't want don't share it never worked the other day. And when we looked -- -- -- it was about it was the worst case anyone would scene in their twenties in the Indian their thirty's those awful. And so he knew he had -- -- convinced of it is right. The only and a pleasant to think twice -- like it was already looted by almost two had. Chris can you restate again what the I think it was 39 autopsy is in brain examinations of the ceased athletes showed you was like 39 out of forty had had. Obvious signs of CT. Well we're -- the Breivik out of 220 brain they just keep coming in so that -- -- the relevant numbers are. I believe we're the latest data on numbers about 59 X 62. The -- their ears and and most of them that were older had dementia. And just you know really you struggle suddenly the restroom and had a cup player Abby -- You know it's somewhere between basically five and 9%. And we don't know the number between right now. Has research. Begun to point to a connection of head trauma and LS. Yeah tells about that. Yes and doctor in the king made that connection that two years ago order colleges that we -- getting the -- of for both wears boxers who developed LS. And the machine runs the national debt is better and chartered veterans affairs illustrate that what you see many types of -- pathology LS as a pocket term. The clinical symptoms that you get they're very different way in chief following that. The athletes Altria the parent CPU -- disease that was causing this motor neuron disease mean these deficit since then -- started thinking about the federal government saying you played -- and sell your risk was four times higher that Nelson basically react port so that developed. LS it's likely caught by the brain trauma that that they actually -- there's just an NHL player -- recent what public yesterday. With -- so it's security issue. In your mind Chris is the NFL doing enough in terms of prevention we hear every week about. The guy who's where Jewish flag in the Welker thing and it in the debate begins a new. And it seems to me like there's at least. This. Renewed awareness that we have never -- with. That we have never seen before that everybody is kind of concerned about. Head trauma did you think you'd get to this point this quickly. You know initially that I -- although that would OpenId then what we got into the dog -- here well I thought we could take forty years like it did take with. Big tobacco and smoking machines but we don't know we're very lucky to have this national conversation. Folks like you discussing this and raise awareness this way. An end regarding what he felt doing it in the in game changes are good. I'm I'm impressed with where there's making the changes but that's the battle not really army and -- -- For these guys raised like continue to try to make this point one on. Advising -- L players association and talking about this. The reality it's still a lot of guys are coming in the league where CPU with China construction on their history because. They've been playing football -- yours or the patent play football. In places where they didn't have these rule protections they didn't have had talked to. Them and their brains -- -- developed. So until we make you gave this it is an NFL game. It almost doesn't matter long term how much you know how much we're doing at the NFL level and the reality is -- those kind of double bell and the idea that. Kittens or six years old playing apple football by putting you know 45 million dollars in their -- -- program and promoting this idea that every page good idea tackle football when it's not even John Adams sitting next to -- to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Why are we having kids plate quality 910 years old. Let them learn game -- flag just on the ground -- that that's the real battles that you played twenty years of all. You're really what you're so high risk of developing promptly dropped. I along those lines Hoosier herb opposition is is that the coaches is that parents is it is coaches is it. Coach is fighting it our coaches bringing ignorance of the table which is a different kind of fighting and if you following draft. Yeah I mean it -- with a partnership at the little but the fact that sports is a business. And you know you -- somebody you know the big skier in the big -- -- out and -- -- ambient light set you know I'll make the rule. -- the kids won't play tackle the seven or eight years old. What they everyone worries about it that well and all the -- played five and six will join the league in the next town and then you'll never get -- that your world number will drop. So -- in this kind of that what incentive game. That's hard to be that group to step up and saying you know what what are the way. Are you even though it's their a league in Manhattan. One of the few urban the only you -- -- league where the founder of that was University of Michigan football player. -- after meeting would be -- you know go back to the -- -- accurate that with Arctic Circle. And the board would go out there as quickly sort camp we electrocuted -- will not hit five year old -- Before I let you go what's on your plate right now what is on your to do list in terms of project. Well lately it's like we're trying to learn how to diagnose CU wouldn't people get into the pipeline that are fascinating. Right now we're making a big push in soccer actually have identified key to soccer players. We're saying. Parents and coaches should get rid of heavy for high school. That's our state or soccer here in the states soccer dot org at a number professional soccer players backing that thing. Will create better soccer players what great help your soccer players this way I'm so those are the two big things that are bought. Chris thanks the time always a pleasure talking with UN your font of information we appreciate it at that. What are probably get there last Wednesday on the sports legacy institute dedicated to solving the sports concussion. Right -- -- called Chris harbored those always going to be created a hustler -- yeah that was. Wrestling name I think he sometimes to open its space to really yeah he when he wants just following. Don't know -- goes on the little wrestling tights 159. Out of 62. Rains that were examined at CP and they almost no no they don't you know whatever Junior -- the right to write that it was going to be disease. It is scary it is but he he searches. It's a simple man he doesn't we we talked to doctor McKee. Or one of the positions that might talk above our level well above the art -- do he can that I agree with that I was his best. I doesn't he just Asian -- official all the time and he has a unique talent for cutting through. The red tape and the in the big words and solutions are simple just play flag. Yes my seven -- or tablet yet -- at the end of the date you don't get the impression he is dumb down his message. You feel he's item and directly to you in way you can understand. Without sounding condescending it without sounding a lot he's a great day of twelve I'm entitlement debate and it killed me but I don't think six and seven year old it. They just grab and -- and hold -- they don't and maybe you just kind of yeah you move all forward maybe if you look at the flag -- wouldn't get heart -- you can do and flag football too but Thompson may be. He's think and they won't learn it now they learn that when that and maybe the wall and hit two of the twelve or thirteen of fifteen. If they start and just play flag and maybe you'll learn more skills that way and this is my first summer of watch and seven on seven. I was that as a kid because it looks like a lot of fun -- or why don't -- -- wide open town and you know it's. There's not a lot you know look at the big road graders don't get the play is so. Bring lottery sobering piece of information was the by the time these guys advance through pop Warner you know junior high high school college and and get to the pros. It's to that point I mean how many how many concussions do you think as an example Ted Johnson had before he got. Into the -- lots lots he says it's almost too late by that point right and damage is already been there. Even if even if it's not too late there's so much at stake at that point gap you know when you're Ted Johnson with the patriots -- while with the Broncos. You look at him millions of dollars fame fortune your life your identity. So at that point that there's no look at that point you could tell Wes Welker I firmly believe he told them. He's gonna have major problems at the age of 55 your key points say. I'll do what I worry about it then that would be I am a middle and I'm playing for the Broncos now that's my life that's what I do. When can I get back on the field you mean. Chris says he would tell me take a month off you think Wes would listen now. Not for exercising your pro football player the clock is ticking right in if you missed a month you don't get the -- back at the end. They are worried about somebody else taking your spot not the west is not particular position although it got dark. You you never get that time back yet you wanna get that look what happened when he -- his split up and cut his knee up in Houston right he came back much quickening participated. -- in -- gym model. Lost a leg. And he says he would do it all again. And on this lot not all the guys but most of them say. They would do it all again mama don't let your babies grow up to the linebackers. And fullback pullbacks pull back is bad yeah. Kicker. -- kicker. Punter hunter yeah. -- --

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