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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Robin Williams joke 8-27-14

Aug 27, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Buck.

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Here is. Is your headline. Hands headlines. Headlines. Of Algeria had a lot of headlines with -- -- it's on Sports Radio WEP guys. You know Jerry we are watching the extension of buck here this big fight this is it yet he had lunch with the big boss. That's right. Your the time the future here there are things I can't talk about it. Yeah. I. It was should be worried. It's coming after us. -- a morning person you as a morning person I am a morning person and I want to get really nice and early and then when do you -- And with -- -- show only who want to Wear nice shower you wait to check our like Michael Sam does. I got -- -- -- -- -- movie Rudy. Of course and you know would agree with -- -- the play in the game. What they asked him just before you in the game will you wait to shower -- they asked if he's ready for the what did he say. Have been reading all my life you know this -- ready all my life like -- event all my life. On that note at -- is brought to -- eighteenth seed they cover more than nine the united reasonable Americans. Building a better network that's headlines it's gonna go right now -- gonna start with the metrostars and it is pretty -- with these girls removed. Are you draw you -- couldn't and stuff a little troubled by this Iranians is the norm of what happened OJ Simpson in the day he skated because they who polls don't fall for do not we'll not walk and I glancing at judge citing state police carelessness. Carelessness in quote to coordinate qualities -- the Boston Herald. Has handed woman knowing the patriots Iran ended it's eight victory you know but but we see the word victory attached to mr. Aaron and it's again. In his defense against one of three murder charges ruling yesterday that any evidence taken from five electronic devices. Seized from his home last year cannot be used at trial. Because the cops. Overstep these search -- well. They're the cops are jokes for doing that. But this doesn't include the videotape and I think that's the most damming of the people security the secure on security tape where he walks into his house with a gun in his hand. Five minutes after the murder I think that is still admissible and that's he. It's too bad it's too bad I want them to admit everything yet. Because he's guilty as hell what -- walked -- what's been excluded. IPhone and iPad iPhone right iPhone and iPad. Which is too bad because I'm sure there's all kinds of GPS starts it up on there but that they're still a lot of evidence he's not. Walk -- Are you worried at all now. You know yes -- old warrior might nature that he -- not that he's going to be putting the gloves on in court and if that doesn't judge Joseph and all of it yet wrapped up. You're an -- Daisuke will he spend the rest of his life looking for the real killers not overspending -- on the practice squad. And then he'll be available when Tim Wright gets hurt. At a club in Atlanta Eliot Spitzer a 140 and seven million dollars richer after realistic deal. We've got to read the rest of the story please do Eliot Spitzer as young level Liz Smith not the gossip columns were all smiles after the lamented that the city -- They were seen Sunday in the first row for -- with -- lines. Spitzer apparently his reason to celebrate solicit help paid six cents earlier post you know. Just sold off 144. Rental units in the at the Caribbean east 38 street in New York City it was built by as part of the 1980s. He sold 547. Million dollars departments -- -- on March reports that the deal indicated Spitzer is picking a larger role. In the mainly business. Under 47 million this what you your house. Someday someday. But I'm -- 107 million dollars this very public services worked out well for him. This one I was gonna say to last but it just is just such a good story -- Boston Marathon bombing survivor. In the fourteen nurse who helped him recover from devastating injuries to the ones lest we cannot be Ellis ice bucket towns you know. It was a happy ending up to more than a year painful surgeries in ruling rehabilitation. A dashing on the -- post. It dashing teams could still in his beaming bright. -- -- -- -- Danced the night away it's a classic 1940s movie. He was banged up he went to the hospital he met the nurse. Is -- -- the you know her eyes met his. Something clicked I got married to my story and look at this picture here this is a picture of him yes. After the marathon bombing you and as I mean this in the nicest way. This is out of Michael Jackson's role. When the zombies walk on on the street yeah that looks like if you don't ever -- -- look at that is close the -- -- -- though it looks all hunched over. It's absolutely the worst moment of his life. With good humor -- With good humor he says. He hates when I say this but I -- glad I got blown up. I wish everyone else who didn't have to but I don't think I would have better by did so I'm pretty happy if you understand the love behind that you're -- yes. In this last one Robin Williams enemies tribute led by Billy Crystal is criticized including racist joke about Muslim women. Quoted a short snippet of a stand -- performance during which Williams or with a pink scarf and puts it on its head. He could be funny anywhere with such close friends Billy crystals that are Robin Williams and special tribute to comedian. It midway through the Emmy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles last Monday night. He made us laugh hard every time you saw him on television movies nightclubs read this hospital homeless shelters for our troops overseas. And even in a dying girls living room for her last wish. He made us -- big time. Did anybody see the revenue Williams that it that they play I didn't see your noble we have so of who's in trouble here Billy Crystal. Now now or the people who put the more ties together this clip where he takes a scar from someone in the crowd yes and pretends to be -- rest Muslim woman in Iran. Everybody that a -- We've never met before have -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I wouldn't welcome David do you have. -- Sounds awfully alliance hole offended. I can't believe they let that for now the sensors but it's just tweeters. You know wow that's what happened hours anticipating over Twitter were quick to criticize inclusion of the joke as racist. Being raised with sweet the person putting to you Robin Williams statement -- -- Emmys decided to use racist material racist. I mean if he said. You know I'm a Christian series help me out that be racist. You have to put a happy story of the day I mean the funniest and most uplifting story of the day. And among the read the lead in the post as it is but I was in charge and lives. My jacket right for a second says the lead as. He shall return. In a body bag. You know why. It's so good because his name is Douglas MacArthur McCain. All American name yet. He went left left the United States and he's an American Eagle flight with -- crisis. -- that you had legal fight with -- against us well against you know freedom. Christianity and all the forces of good. And we -- -- kill them. All I could decorate to. He's he tweeted last week was August 19 I'm with the Brothers now it takes a warrior understand warrior pray for prices. 33 year old from. From Illinois moved to Minnesota went to California got indoctrinated. Converted from christianity Islam -- that was the best thing he's done in his final there and took up arms so much now. I don't know how long ago we went but he didn't last long now. And we LaMont. Did -- that they are patiently at what point in the palace and leave the yet when we ended when the lights go along it is I like Columbia critical moment now when everything terminated always made query him. This was -- place mission. You know -- he worked in the Somali -- Let's where it always -- it and in the started. Me me and radical Muslims there can imagine going from that spot. Like in all gonna be a Muslim descent on the legal fight with aces he's monsters who were having children. The menu in the Somali restaurant. It's called African -- The rest. I don't get them -- just let him -- him so much. And I was no and another group that we don't like more than one gets punished or very fine restaurant run by fine people yes and you know this guy with whacked before it went in there. Well in the that's -- converted amounts and that's where it was totally radicalized but at some point it became a radical action by plane ticket on a flight from. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- One way and you get there yeah like what you sign up. The that you via the uniform. Silica. A figure outside the sign up offices -- Uncle Sam wants you yeah ice is what I want you to -- -- Saddam ever had a child before but I'm willing to charge that's. It I'm sure would connect the whole bunch of Americans will allot more. Roots yes whoever joined The Beatles and -- -- eight today killed another one every day -- go. So it's as well the soundness of that should have been in my pile what was that not might file. -- -- have a you know the final story what makes you all's OK Jerry gets the final story but I get to do the read -- right. Yes there I wanna sell it. You know airlines is brought to you by eighteen -- they cover more than 99%. Of all Americans building a better network and also -- Bob's discount furniture stores that's headlines. For this morning you know Josh Shaw. It's difficult to say and it's even more difficult to understand we --

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