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4 at 4: AFC East Preview 8-26-14

Aug 26, 2014|

Dale, Field Yates, and Andy Hart give a brief preview of the AFC East.

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And Hollywood. Chloroform brought to -- AT&T AT&T coverage more than 99 cents. A better network. He heard from EJ Manuel and and our highlight kicked things off buffalo bills' first -- AFC east teams. Just today a bumper sticker version what do you guys think of the bill's chances this. I'm gonna say the same thing in all three of these on one level the quarterback. It EJ Manuel never a good time and Jim Kelly calling you out a little bit in buffalo questioning what you are can you take that next step. I have never been I like EJ Manuel skills. Now he has to prove that he can be an NFL caliber quarterback I don't think he maximized his skills in college. And ushers in -- -- in the pros they have some talent they've obviously been hit with some injuries the Alonso injury is is a big one for them. I think buffalo is still middling team and I've never been dug her own guy and after watching this summer. When they're fighting each other their fight every day they're fighting anything that moves to me that is not the sign of a disciplined football team that's rated take the job. Quarterback driven league in my estimation I'd say that six wins they think -- -- for a Buffalo Bills were last year. I target them for just around six wins again this year they're more explosive and do have a good running game but. Quarterback plays a major issue and I'm just not sure that there aren't there enough that 122. Is okay point preview fifty everywhere project we have a 53. Not for. You ought to love me. Last year the jets went eight and eight with offseason additions of Eric Decker and Michael Vick where to project them fishing this year. I'm very intrigued by the New York Jets that and I may look foolish because. That the jets they could always blow off and on -- but is and that's sort of the default answer yes and that the jets. The -- and and I know he's the backup but I'm assuming my -- gonna play at some point. And the Mike Vick Chris Johnson back field may be the fastest in the history of football. That put some stress on the edge of a defense I don't know how valuable that's stressful -- how much they can turn that into production offensively but that intrigues me. I still like Stephen Hill probably a soccer there because he continues to be a disappointment but they've added weapons to a team that had no weapons and I think their defense is still good. You know prior can come into play as a rookie they still have a great front seven in my opinion certainly a great front line with wil Anderson in the guys they have there. I think that's the second place team and that's the only team and I connect challenge patriots you know I felt a little bit better. About the jets and tool these secondary issues they have Richard Patterson -- well he was their top quarterback right now because they're depth chart it is there -- walls. Ellis likes her and Kyle Wilson is their top three quarterbacks I think if if that I've heard of one of those if I want if they don't adds a bit of that secondary. Eight wins this case here because that that front seven lead as human. Just -- survive but that's the case if they don't make the playoffs is Rex Ryan back for another year coach. I -- I think he deserves to be because I'm not sure -- equip -- with enough on offense to win more than -- I like cracked I think Rex is a good football game here yet the problem is what is it that thing and you know that dynamic between the coach and the GM came after the coach in the team in the talent. I think he would probably be out. Three he. The dolphins also finished 88 last year but with constant questions about their O line and quarterback ranks and hill where you see them fishing this season. Let's go first field on this one. Seven wins maybe it and I am as I am just. Not at all intrigued you're enthralled by the dolphins this year the quarterback is -- really difficult player to to to evaluate my team because he's better than what his numbers have shown but I also think it. He's not that seemed to your young quarterbacks he was drafted with. The offensive line is so that I mean just incredibly bad. The defense pretty good in the front seven in the second -- get some young talent but at the Newport. Yet there's nothing in Miami that grabs me and say this is the reason why they can be a playoff caliber football team it's not the quarterback. It's not the coach I don't think the defense as a whole is good enough for them to just be one of those teams that -- defense to the post season. Think -- middling football team that has some individual talent. But doesn't have the -- has put together bored out of Miami is that no shot -- looked pretty good at running back for the dolphins but you get back to the question about the offensive line. What to going to be running behind. Plus in this day and age it's kind of like field said about the bills they -- good running game has acted in this day and age -- careless of the defense she got off that. Full -- Ten seconds left. And you have the bullet a seventeen. Eight yard line. That brings us to use the AT&T. Team of the day at New England Patriots they may not -- make -- anymore they still Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. Any pupil to pick them not to win the AFC east. Now Hillary do after what we just said about the other three games now not. It will in the AFC east roll out of bed in the east where you go from there anybody knows I think they're better football team this year obviously they upgraded on defense -- Darrelle Revis because. You had a very good corner when he was healthy to keep to -- we -- expecting Revis to be more durable and be better as a higher level talent Rob Gronkowski. A minister my prediction he plays nineteen games this year you upgraded the weakness that we had up until today at the extra tight end spot another guy who might feel the catch passes sub in for ground. To me that the major hole on this team right now is still the safety position. Who was gonna start next to -- forty. I don't think that's going to be fatal -- so I think -- teams competing for Nancy title and the better question is what's the war in terms of win for the patriots barring some pretty cat you know. Catastrophic injury that somber but even and you know -- -- game. Another player quarterback Matt Cassel -- -- and I think the more for the patriots huddled with twelve wins there a couple tactical game -- scheduled in FC north could be imposing but. And after the San Diego could be a tough test and -- Coming out of Green Bay going to San Diego there there are reasons you can talk yourself into losses for the patriots. But I agree with field and you talk yourself into more than five and to me at the absolute -- most will be 511 and five I don't see any way this team doesn't win eleven football game -- that went through the division with Bjorkman. And the question really becomes to lose the game in the AFC east. It just yet. They will they will just because they do it's hard to sweep the east year after year year something happens I mean heck they open up in Miami you never know what happens on opening day. In Miami in the heat. You might drop one but. They're they're going to win five games in in the east -- I it would six -- The jets are always the jets yet you go to New York you played them travelers and I'd be game position. At a strip. That's like what does it say you've been jacked. Up.

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