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Three For All: Storyland - Where happy marriages go to die, 8-26-14

Aug 26, 2014|

Tim is feeling closer God after a rough plane ride. Lou goes to Storyland and barely lives to tell about it. And Christian gets surprised with an early birthday present.

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Hey these guys know more than just sports educated well traveled passionate -- didn't Renaissance man meets at least three or wrong. Number 30 yeah it's kind of three threes overall venture. It's 34 brawl -- these days with him half beat. Not all sports overtime to repay all brought you vied upon symbolic instruction needed to route they've got you covered this story for a whole bunch of things under the roof of the three fraught with their sports or not. I don't know what you guys are with flying are either of you hesitant at all about flying Hamad you guys have been so much for your playing careers that doesn't mean -- you whatsoever right. Here anymore more as a true eagerly. Each year -- more more yet you know whether spears and so yeah -- drive on John -- So I took place this week and went back to Pittsburgh as my wife and I get to Logan International Airport flights delayed -- -- planes coming in from buffalo this bad weather command from buffalo so were delayed as it is. And talk to a guy indicate the waiting area -- conversations -- -- -- is on the flight today. Sean O'Malley the archbishop cardinal archbishop of Boston guy it was almost pulled. There's like second or third choice to be -- at all. Good company exactly something US open factors text with a friend who -- and it. This plane is not going down I'm on board with a guy who was almost pull. Nothing is going wrong at this -- right -- it does that you're -- again you go down in a politically a blaze of glory I'm go down on the right plane upon us it's yours out right behind him the seat behind the guy who is almost -- So I got a little longer and little bit of a bumpy flight no big deal right. And as soon as the pilot comes on since we are making our descent into Pittsburgh the plane starts to turn all of a sudden raucous. The lights come on in the cabin there's this weird light on the wing that I hadn't seen the entire flight that start to flash it at almost certain people look at Iraq. Everybody's looking at the Pope guy now -- Think too many people -- real -- this they just know some guy in religious garb and I were in one of those I was originally had on and everything. 10 it was actually poker concede they give you know I don't recall -- don't -- I still Wear the big giant had no he warned the the outfit the brown outfit that made him look like Kobe want to know be okay and he kind of looks that way anyway it looks like Alec -- with the beard and everything you know so everybody's looking at him and he's just rewritten. Just read the Bible or whatever he was -- It makes you feel better it is a -- game crush you in mobile yes okay exactly the Pope got schools so I'm cool yeah. OK and that flight crew goes is taken people's garbage there com. And the flight regulates itself that it starts to drop in shake and Shimmy again and now start to freak out and I never freak on the plane nonstarter or it. Where real hard landing tire screech everything. I get up and I put my hands of the guy shall receive the I'm glad you're here. He looks at -- says. I was in South Africa taken seat planes. That or about five or six eaters for ten years this was not and so could this be like this Vince Lombardi grizzled YE a veteran speech and I felt so small. As you -- -- significant you know. You know what you need you know what you if you want to really know what's going on the plane and whether you should be nervous or not. Just always pay attention to the flight attendant right what is really started freaking out then you really need to know that that's probably when they just. They run their seat they strap themselves and like you know there's something going on they don't want to. -- played that bounce and it walking down the outlook which local water. -- -- -- -- -- This is not -- apparently because she's not panic if I'm good so does mine near death experience are similar you have one of the very different variety yourself as our -- guys ever go African story land before. Story. And this is what you want to kill yourself kind of near. Considering suicide. -- experience this notebook always a beautiful spot care went up there for the Thomas straightening. Almost lost my mind of their football expressed they almost lost my mine -- story and it's great for the kids but we should it was on the drive up there in only. -- when -- 56 hour drive up there already a traffic. Just -- like Britain and listen what happened the story since these story but it always available we will we drive home then let's just be what we are right now. Because you know one up there with with my life pursuit of the family has book report coupled with a five people to a friend's been my son's. French -- setting -- of the group of people that story. Every one of the couples like the fight with the -- everybody hated the kids you know -- at kids. They're tired run around all day long to go to sleep lay that runner on -- the block. He gives a little lies that you know that -- you know that carries over to you when you're white you're yelling each other the other guy's wife she's yelling at my -- about mile and it just. That was across the -- fighting it most couples but it just it everybody was on edge then -- it's great for the kids everybody's on edge. You go up there and he'd just. It's fun that you Paula you era and he just wants it whatever happens appearance leaving here. We'll drive all that missed most of five F six are rattled to the city here in Russia are -- it's that all go. We'll let it long ago and bush -- relaxed because it used. Chaos. Like 24 hours have you taken Mason to Disneyland or Disney World -- LA same thing greatest place on -- right happy displays that are now. A little -- cry yourself that crock of apparently. Happened is please I've if you really wanna get a good laugh if you don't want ever have children. Sick at the exit of Disneyland at around 53678. O'clock inadequate when -- when you start to close. -- -- Aids -- opening down all noble downloads picture row. You name I want a shirt -- mom's yelling at their daughter's husband's yelling at wives grant -- just stopped being pushed in wheelchairs. I mean it is. The most. Terrible experience. -- You don't return their parents. -- -- -- to be one or do you ultimately right now. And I was like oh my god serving alcohol story grand -- I tried to drag of course they would let me know I don't as the opening their -- It was like trying to drag over there from my parents appear everywhere you -- there was some -- yell at their kid -- acutely ill prepared it was a white view of their husband. -- -- -- -- I thought this was happy he didn't ACLU guys. Of course OK all right -- -- back in annual listen you'd seen his face that Nicole -- splash battle he gets -- shots. Real estate -- our final list that describe it the whole thing is if -- -- Stimulated -- over stimulated if they don't moderately bring themselves and there's some real quick people go there right the splash battle you sit this boat you -- -- -- -- he told people around you know you just. It water or water guns but these people outside the rim OK -- kind of the opposing you from the outside -- yeah it was announced. And it gets up the -- knowing the cake to a point where like some old guy is a cover a lot of fun. Updating you with a water gun you can turn -- -- -- -- You know you look at kids think you know -- -- a temper in me he sprained my five year old -- would jump by the bone punched in the face of like don't. Get over give fifty look at you right now I have so much -- pepper my kid so it's just that stress. Anxiety. They hate that right. Christine Hauser weekend. Guys. Might. Actually. Got an early birthday present. On is of all your girlfriend. Obama drove for an -- and it's because she tape because it was surprised and I actually able to take the sound. And listen to become kind of feel like -- -- And appreciative of the surprised -- played re real quake. And you guys let me note thank -- -- I. Regret. That. You. The and when you do. Have an ideal what he gave me -- yes. I don't do what I don't want to -- and I -- No. I. I have an idea pretty and please don't trample it because I like my idea know it it's about a -- given would you speak -- I don't know where the love of god Ito made it -- a Alex is Dresser -- -- that does sound like that are. The -- dog I got a dog all of Canada and black lab beautiful. So -- every -- and remote control and piece of furniture -- currently own with anecdotal little old to rock idol -- guys up initially I was -- -- what do you do with the dog. It -- you do with this dog if I had a black lab for a long time and as securities he was I really do enjoy the image that I had my head before you told us that a lot better. Yeah I'll put -- over its name. -- you're right in the dog so if you yet but it's yet let them all -- -- have a different idea with the name is so I took the liberty of upon myself and named her Lola. Does she was a shield your. -- Says he's sitting there with a dog and she's videotaping you coming it and boy yeah I office at the door locked up in my office do when I would -- -- apartment house -- myself. I commitment towards locked. And -- -- What hell. OK so she's holding the dog she walks in this is your birthday present now this goes back to our earlier three rolled discussion about how you. Were she NC on her birthday and made her. Go to do something that you wanted to do what. Did you what you write letters it did she have more doctors and boy has this like a pay back the -- at the -- you want a part of it's a -- given herself president of habits relief for the kids aren't so they don't pay back to -- big focus investors get airing your dirty laundry and are now Monica -- -- -- -- -- is. Keep the dog indicate that story -- There's -- pets allowed there anyway. And they carry flooded on with the Pope and six or 77797937. Should Steven Ridley really be caught. Wouldn't that no 1 o'clock our 937 Debbie good.

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