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Tom E. Curran blames Peyton Manning for Welker's concussion 8-26-14

Aug 26, 2014|

Tom Curran on Welker's latest concussion.

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The final hour Dennis and Callahan and what she. The AT&T hotline and say this in the seventy -- eighteen years we've been together. I have never failed to ask. The first question when he guest. -- just -- that have jumped on the depth but just tell you have stepped once or twice and I am going to defer to Jerry Kelly on current CES and Andy on the hotline eight Tom -- was to ask you question. -- I was watching on television on Sunday night I heard you say that this was all Peyton Manning's fault. I need and a clarification and explanation on this DC. Are you serious you blame on Peyton Manning. Oh yeah you you'll -- responsibility of the quarterback -- evaluate the or prediction you put your player until you throw the ball and when you have. An -- converging. And you're throwing to a guy who's gonna get it -- Absolutely positive we incumbent upon the quarterback. To make sure protection receivers because they crossed him. The truck that would not put him at that spot it put -- in an awful lot. But isn't isn't it Wes Welker is job to go into those awful spots. On virtually every play -- Yes. It is. There are different degree of awful it on the cut in the present people. Absolutely I mean Eric say it will play out all 30 ball. You're open to -- in order for the ball. Guys buried it to chart a epic account by going out to -- -- -- -- -- can do something with it afterwards on the market at all if I can't -- that -- court or particularly in the that it might not be about. Well isn't it similar to the thousands of passes Tom Brady threw to him in his time in New England. Now often times Brady would let it clear linebackers. And be out the other side or to the total minority in the flat now we can find ways on which. -- -- Blown out but two of the most primary ones were both outside the numbers. One which the like it goes on politics -- you're gonna be able to find the the course succeed in -- arm which. Wes Welker -- format on froze. Delivered by Tom Brady. Estimation it's a little disingenuous to say okay can find one. Particular -- to. Concussion pro wide receiver with three Houston -- converging. -- -- preceding game when you're not under arrest you know with the guys injury history has picked -- It's called a hospital all our party I mean that's that's where the afraid it would point. On on that I mean if you accept somebody up get blown -- the bat well. I thought I used to I always thought those select high throws. A hospital for -- be high for Jack Tatum Daryl English over the middle where guys stretched out and just gets crushed. And I think you lead them into our security at its they had talked to Mike Florio about this yesterday presented -- this -- -- let's -- text field. He basically signed a waiver. They throw a political get I don't have any at all make them as a result. Peyton Manning bears -- burden. We're putting him in a spot and I can -- that -- if he's out there he's got to do what he's supposed to they'll and that's our but I just think that you have to put him in a bad spot. I mean you -- look at Delhi all India went up. So in your estimates and Peyton Manning should have gone somewhere else with that ball. Tommy do you feel different if it's a regular season game and a third and six and -- seven yards out. I can absolutely do and actually you know. If we watch Brady over the year two terms of win on the schedule they'll put himself vulnerable spot we'll see -- turtle in weeks 34. Spoke later and he'll end up they'll take -- I think there to a level of -- preservation. And self preservation that have to go on and what about. Tom. Rob Lowe is the back up. Yes it indicates that the drop below will be about going and I think -- we think that's a luxury item to have record about our roster would you -- A team that is trending towards. Using. 67. Cents up by 6% of that regularly you're gonna -- that there you have. Linebacker depth issues you probably need some -- there -- Frontline issues are at the line. Depth issues like the -- have to picture without the luxury item competing. -- not really just against a -- open against whichever defense tackle linebacker. Is hanging around out there it's 53 when he makes decision. So that means so that means in practice Rob Lowe has done enough to convince bill and Josh bit of the worst case scenario develops that is Brady goes down. This is the guy attic and do a better job leading the team. -- -- -- That -- DeWitt put it. Because. -- -- -- It's definitely didn't do. A reasonable facsimile of Tom Brady I don't know I think that dubious assertion that they intricate as well now I think you can you can make that claim because there are going to be things that illegal -- -- -- -- a regular union that would make sale like carpet in that the right ballot by XE. But I also think that grew up over shown adept enough with the footwork and imagines employees to get through those things. And commanders looking at least as well now. So if that's the case Tommy in your opinion been around a patriots and don't -- for a long time in my opinion that's. Not the norm in the NFL and other words. A contending team would go -- probably get a veteran quarterback to have his insurance policy that's the case is that partly because of Belichick has done this before both with a guy like Matt Cassel and also -- -- Brady in the first place. Yeah I think there look there he went for incoming North Africa ACL or your arm practically without American coming to -- great CO. The only other quarterback on the roster was Bryant lawyer. And human drastic at a Michigan State trigger. We're breaking and that annual state they only -- the guy rights group. Behind him so he's got a before and I get quote unquote got toilet. Gerri hopefully I'll trust you don't really really really don't like Peyton Manning search and view. I just seen the play a thousand times I'm not sure what Manning was -- do you think he's opposed to eat the ball or throw it in the ground. Know so well. But because it's a pre seizing did not say I'm Arab all the coaches may well we do this every Monday it would talk about a tough Welker is. As Welker would when he was here he'd get lit up once or twice every Sunday in Illinois and -- deep clean about Ryan Clark Brandon Browner I mean it would happen all the time it's what Welker does he goes to those dirty places. Makes the catch and gets crushed and generally he'd get up get back in the huddle. It doesn't happen so much so much anymore he's on his third concussion in ten months. Do you think we see Welker in week one in the bronco uniform. I don't I -- it I don't think he's gonna retire but I think it's gonna take longer than people expect him to combat now. There was a report Denver Mike quirks at that you know concussion -- helped them. It was a significant blow open the third. Hit in ten months to get a collection has its. Eric and in the next one in -- -- -- on art because that's how we -- You know it's goes that way -- settlement and Amendola to they take too many hits you -- they have to get better at getting down -- have to do. What Deion Branch did so well avoid contact I mean -- just wrote about the last year we talked about eminent dole. He thinks cease Calvin Johnson he takes it'll take to contact the fight for an extra extra yard if he does that he's gonna play you know half the season. And it's going to hurt the patriots. You look at I look back all the concussion Welker suffered. As a result of access and they're the result is remember. -- the Broncos if for the -- would completely there. Ongoing. Battle like I don't know -- Had an opportunity cut back in the -- to get that would -- converging in went into it and go but up. And you know well commercial grateful for education and ability in the final year. In New England. There -- pump out about you go out doing Smart things protect itself but. So many of these guys come into the league undrafted. -- approved. In the nature of their making the team. In the style played it I will do what are you hate and I think at 3132. -- It's hard to them that the struggle that OK you're getting old now and aft security itself. That it would be -- -- to second round exit it that is for the you don't try to come -- receiver to a tiny and have to go about -- -- -- be. Like I'm Marvin Harrison was great at. Troy Brown said that he asked him to do that they told them to do go down any said he couldn't. And it's probably like you said little little man syndrome an eighth round pick. And is not -- that was a -- no longer have that that's so low. I'm although he went higher in the draft and very 193 when 199 but Troy Brown. To the end would take that hit just because he was tough guy. Who was never gonna back down and that's foolish I'm sure Brady would love an -- and Hammond -- to live to play another bonus code down don't -- -- Completely getting know that vote is player who we -- total -- -- Epic -- as a teammate and say you know what site troll here. He's gonna go after. Any income decreased where -- and it think all week. It's. Such a Smart player -- basically you can see. The matter what you play. What level -- important pickup. You know what's gonna happen when you release out to somebody in basketball. In pickup football field and actually that I met in that spot I think equipment -- -- We're talking with -- Tom -- from CS then in. A need at quarterback before the draft or because drop -- somehow. Demonstrated some special talent that booed an excited Bill Belichick. It's the former and that's a really good question I think because. The restriction that they took rob although it sort of broke their right. When we spoke to Belichick after the -- that night. It would try to figure out because personally I'm looking at it as an adult table is -- -- garlic. -- it on the board. An academic all a lot more different 114 and typical rock go from Belichick's would you look at that contract situation. For both operating. In the -- situation operating in the contract situation now that there were too soon. Than to wait and I think it was. Not the rubble uploaded to a and I'm feeling that you had a -- -- that we need to get him replaced right were we've got it. Are speaking of tight ends it seems to me Tommy that there is. One coach in the National Football League and one quarterback in the National Football League Vick -- each or both. Pick up the telephone and call Tony Gonzales and says let's go for a -- one time and you pitch and catch Reagan Gonzales is that a consideration. I think it is for the patriots whether it would be for. Tony Gonzales. News. Dubious I can't tell whether or not he's just. -- ring in the -- pretensions employ about combatant right thinking it would be art community they know but I think the patriots are constantly exploring. Unconventional way to make it in better and I think that position. It needs some help right now right or -- out crock it's news -- still will tenuous. I wouldn't have been surprised and I don't know. Specifically but I wouldn't be surprised at oak trees had been made which can go at it ever pretty. Tommy last quick -- Smith Sanderson and Kelly should we be surprised the three veterans Gary Condit wants like that. The veteran aspect of it which is immoral war. -- -- -- -- -- Guys will let you -- that market gets -- up we aren't something but I think if you look at our Achilles situation that surprise you can use it. Good as anybody on defense saved for people able the first fourteen last year. And you know it was really well regarded in the locker room our guys. I'm Ricky didn't make any headway into sent. -- -- one trick pony get covered people who cover last week. Probably didn't help but that Kelly -- it's right. You're sidekick and -- -- is she married. -- -- and trying to help. Don't help them this mix the polls show more appealing if -- -- watched that. She's she's available. She like old balding. Ugly and -- -- theaters -- there's. No -- Behave yourself that work is behind the dues she is sultry. You remember the great thing and and become so politically correct -- -- note that stop you really. -- and defeat. All all of that nobody they'll pull out there. Well basically nailed -- yeah yeah. Well I don't. I'm re missing -- what's her name. It's K Adam -- for a BC sports network -- here -- -- -- the expert. She's Jerry's fantasies back at its very best Tennessee -- had told your take on when when they answered you know 101241. You looked counted up. Was priceless did you -- Did you -- out of that just happen organically. It would organic every day -- record yeah break up about a final question Bryan Adams does he make this squad. Yes he does wide receiver cute sketch and everything right right. The reason so that is on that. And let's look first -- weeks we don't we cut out to get a roster so it's almost as -- they have. And -- -- -- squirrel away yeah. Problem current from CS and -- Herbert -- with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T can be tough to work with that. And a talent I'd I'd welcome say it's -- what do what's I welcome the change of scenery yeah to -- like we take this thing. Off the wall to do right now. We've been daring do you hear that now. They're down they're down now all they want gore commenced late one night when Mikey and leave the studio mass -- -- emphasis on sports Mike is let -- of it. On this construction site is just spectacular. And the bottom window complex next door with a hockey rinks -- malls and restaurants. We don't get to watch wanna watch it all Google up. We get to Carl Crawford in Tampa Bay dugout right here I can't tell you every time that we can do when a trending down I say it's raining outside like you got the wind out. Soon -- to -- what's -- what exact O knife. Always getting a view.

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