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Gregg Doyel on Wes Welker 8-26-14

Aug 26, 2014|

Gregg Doyel of CBS joined the show to discuss the future of Wes Welker.

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D&C. Back on the phone calls in just a second one of our rough favorite people communicated caustic. Sometimes edgy. Greg Doyle national columnist from CBS sports dot com joins us on the AT&T outline mr. Doyle how're you today. All you worked on very well I'll argue good. With the protocols the NFL now has in place regarding concussions because recently asked this question. We got caller after caller say it's -- time. For the NFL to just jump in and say Wes Welker you can't play football anymore. Yeah I well first -- what -- -- that would assist you just stop with argue good that you -- Paula like yeah lol okay yeah I am actually a good. But anyway. I'm not a big believer totaled McCain can't do ideally ideally. Probably get a dog -- telling Welker but this auto production happened but I do think two things about this one is. I'm disturbed when coaches talked about willful will follow protocol -- the next night I don't think it's welcome them thinking of although it could be either it's happened the most that I felt it was several mobile portal called golf there and and the -- the -- so maybe think you just. You let him -- you're talking about. Sometimes -- -- a -- -- their -- You know -- you know not playback. And -- think it's not fox welcome but it but it might be in my beat on fox. What -- doesn't know anybody who can't can't play but. It's 32 individual team started with the Broncos. All made the same compassionate choice that. What -- complaint leaked to watch but but I can't be the reason your point I I'm not gonna pay you pay check luggage hit and again and it all Purdue team. Don't call pollution to -- on the same conclusion that. We'd like -- too much to see you'd die under all watch and he airplanes again and that effect. Well you can't that's not realistic though is a -- opt out and right so he's -- I mean that is real progress here you do have a neurologist allegedly. Impartial unbiased neurologist who will. Take a look at him and will or will not give him the green light to return of the field. That's that's a hell lot better than it was 101520 years ago now. Well it is but you're also talking on -- to. Because these guys you won't we I think. This is not about specifically at all about Broncos are -- about the medical situation but. Historically. There have been issues with team doctors historically. Not every one -- obviously the buttoned up on the Baltic to the couple look at. It's one cockroach -- torture played food you when he got food intake up cockroaches to took one. Well there's there's been ample -- of years and had a Big Apple. That have played players because their team needed and cleared -- because the team needed and I just don't. I don't want to respect I can put in put the guy win when he's talking about an asset. And and Wes Welker and assets and Wes Welker thinks he can play it won't play this hypothetical what corporate banking play want to play. Is convinced he he ought to play. The guy makes X number dollar in salary cap it's too late and get a replacement. Okay. Looks like the protocol to follow -- go back in the field you know at some point again we'll talk punt guy here I am the -- you to do assume that well clear of the -- okay doesn't. But Greg -- that the new protocol that has been recently installed and is now in place league wide says once the team doctor the guy you're referring to. Has signed off on a player's return to the field a doctor unaffiliated with the team. And -- Bible the NFL and -- -- -- players association must also clear the player to return to -- not just the team Doctor Who may have. Incentive to include the guy and get him back on the field and help the owner coach of that -- organization and unaffiliated doctor must clear him as well under the new rules. Yeah a guy like that but I do like that it still. People people people a week. You know we we don't we know about concussions we know we know what swappers' specifically. And just in general -- players go to this we know we know and and we know that. You can't afford double. I mean maybe UK and there's a lot it's a lottery but it awaited. Very very weighted lottery gets you every want you suffer increases the odds of what -- if you read no Iowa straw and we know that. So. I. I mean I'd look at all the things they considered the matter what you wanna believe and what you want to sleep at night feel good about doing with Michael good -- -- well. Sort of what Welker -- dislike the most and Austin Collie can play. Then okay -- -- -- that's -- good about that McCain come on the mall walkers on global middle. I've got a cringe at all not at present some of the Krajina wanna print and I critically legacy -- now now. But there's certain guys not in college that -- that hopefully. At Welker is. Is the other two where I really if you're playing on TV I kind of -- strike -- -- -- the office and I'm not trying to be over and over reactionary here. Soft your whatever bit but I I mean I. If if the Broncos are playing at my -- demanding. I'm not sure wanna watch. Greg I get to story differently one is Brandon meriwether again suspended for two games for the sixth. Violation and his career of what are -- calling forceful. Load the head and neck area of the defenseless receiver -- no attempt to wrap up or make a conventional tackle of this. Player he's been disciplined five times prior for illegal hits and and your story. Which to premise of the lead in is about the two incidents Peyton Manning reacting. And melody -- got a reacting to a huge offensive -- rolling one of his -- teammate. Less than 200 pound defensive backs are you is one of the premises of restoring that he seemed to be intimating that. NFL players need to be even more chivalry is -- defend the game more self police on the field. When it comes to this because of the meriwether thing the league's done all -- can I mean is he just doesn't get it. Over and over and over again but players like you're a -- commending Manning in the got a is that it was what you're saying. Sort of -- if nothing else from doing this sort for giving him. Commanding my field is strong although I actually -- I called a beautiful what they did. I get what they're doing -- and I guess I wrote my biggest take like that hopefully. Trying to get across was that these men Manning in the got it should be get punished for the -- because what they did that this wasn't a player. Losing his cool out of the blue and that's what a player bears QB these were both players. I I think. Sang to the other teams are trying to work my guys. Don't do that. And I you know we're the retaliation park that you battle back gala at the flag on -- until corps Manning up like -- haven't. As possible to go out and get suspended what he did and yet all they were don't stick up their teammates so. Kabul but not I'm not that sort of got the I think like Brad -- meriwether which he does that to a teammate excellent teammate in two weeks or three seconds back. And I think it was good it and had I'm just saying that if it if -- -- -- out there and it teammate kind of flips well. Good because they had article argued you know you can do that is and if -- little little miniature would be spent or get it done that's about to get them. -- -- I'm sorry -- but you are saying. On the other hand that not only should they be punished it's almost be commended and patted on the back for what they did. I just did a pat on the back and back at work out with pat on the back outlook what about saying -- and -- -- -- -- gum and walk the line to fine I'm not saying. But it also what you can do like we got ahead. -- -- guys in the Bachmann -- right but I mean we we saw what did he didn't we are back to the guy and had knocked out cold he kind of you know not picture created equal and what it was to the message you can do that out the guy at all. Peyton Manning some matches perfectly the -- with government at all you can do used it and I'm OK with that. We're talking with CBS sports dot com national -- Greg oil Greg let's return to the make believe land of pie in the sky -- would you create. A system where if you believe it's necessary but the NFL -- to protect. Players from themselves over and above the already installed an in place protocols that Wes Welker and others like him will have to pass to get back on the field. How would you create a system would there be a concussion czar. Who would have an eyeball test and some I'll say. Austin Collie -- -- done Wes Welker that's three in ten in ten months when the case may be how would you pie in the sky system work if you're working for a day. I don't have wondered there's not one all of thing is that it's kind of like what Supreme Court set about rock for you know we see it. Often call comes along you don't see it Wes Welker three concussions in 1010 months. You know what you -- -- hit about it as severe as colleagues in the college was knocked cold bubble times recently in the same time and I don't feel like we Welker mostly concussion. I don't want to belittle -- I don't think it was quite like now that I've been -- so that people are listening long hold on you said that about that what about other things equal you know. You know when you see it Austin Collie on what I'm saying that might my pilot got system is 32 teams say. You can't play for a individually. We we got a lot of receivers beat -- And setting -- Wes Welker. Egypt like for us Google but somebody else default or Tuesday can't quite trust the local won't get hurt again. Then he'll sue a novel new can of worms I am I would you know I watched. Welker -- watch that play you just cream cheese alone -- -- -- and again enjoy watching him play it takes some of the enjoyment away. But I'm not sure Greg with a solution is to they'll all go out there with those big. -- helmets on the I mean dude is there it is there anything. Let's now that do not what you hope that maybe that made the leather helmets or something it to be looked at as it is I mean which is great to think about that. There are those solutions. These guys are too big fast strong and -- board the point. The game is I hope we get away from that a little political game last fifteen years has has idealized. Kill shots. And you've got guys go in order and I could they wanna you know look alt -- their boys back Altman and it's just there's. Although that's not new Greg you know that that's not new. What brought that seniors are not that's not true you know Ronnie Lott would Jack -- -- that was a long time ago. How much there's ample guys over the years that did it but I mean the last fifteen years. And maybe twelve made eighteen maybe six -- in fairly recent medical history. It's it. Golf from -- thing that happens occasionally. Like frank if we get knocked out cold happens occasionally quite it'll two happening. Thirty times a game and people trying that would believe they're trying to do this now that is a big difference between. Between running a lot there in this there. What they threw the flag on swear injured and they really they guy throws a flag because it's that a nasty hit. And there's really no. -- rule that that many gave a fifteen yard penalty for a lot even with a shoulder. Welker was going down he hit a blow in the head. Shoulder to the head yes but it was it was kind of -- fault when I. All I want to play ball it's one. You know people. Police say that a lot of Reading a lot -- says it what was going down been down you don't. Complies the spot with nine guy was about three feet off the ground and and important corporate waste as had happened to be either. Went to report can you thought I -- how high I don't know maybe you're going at the five foot two level. And Walker's head was seven inches -- -- they want correctly it was more like 552. People. The whole question is. Why you know and and we don't question the answer to that he's got -- because that's what that's what they're that's what they're called kill shot without the corporate legal kill shot. No margin for error an important that the Denver too fast there's no market prayer for the kill shot there all the -- given to stardom but given the waste -- that. Well as they try to legislate head shots and kill shots out then people like Rob Gronkowski. And be in the knees and you're going to see I think. Accelerated number of ACLs being in all wiped out over the course of this season Greg can we thought all agreed. That we are not naive enough to not understand that the reason the NFL has these. Recently. Instituted protocols in place is just to reduce their liability and the responsibility based on the the lawsuits in recent months. That's a huge part of reality huge part of that I like to think the cared so little bit. A political board that huge part -- part also I think maybe if they're looking at Fordham road map but they are is that they've got to set a good example at this level. To a trickle down -- to a football players keep playing football they extend. Or get a vote goes away and that that's a mile that's up over dramatic -- that but it's enough is enough bombs say Mike you can't play that sport. Then yeah felt stoppers and in thirty years and it'll try to head that off right now -- sport. Our Greg one quick thing on the way out Tom Brady's year this year in your opinion. Pedestrian or are back towards 07. How many years it goes that. It broke my options yeah those -- I'm giving you those two options because I think I mean I think that's the prevailing attitude New England either one of those well. That's you know it -- they're -- out wires you know the air about them Peyton Manning had that year in the last year when they're there are out liars. But market sources are Tom Brady immediately Bullock in recent years in his mid upper thirties early -- I like played in his prime. Let's cut to question -- we can play more recent years CX. What got me to look at again are -- to be better it can happen but just you know you play god. God I'm just curious wake up -- or just carries -- nationality are you feel about weapons at his disposal have a lot to say about him he was pretty much going -- -- -- -- like one bullet in the six shooter last year -- national columns CBS sports dot com by the time separate -- on the road. I didn't -- question stupid like that's OK that's OK once. And I pregnant at. Oil on the AT&T --

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