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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Emmy recap 8-26-14

Aug 26, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Butch.

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My time for headlines and Dennis and Callahan brought you by a AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans. Building a better network and by Bob's discount furniture stores now is the second time have been on the YouTube gentleman -- headline -- -- This problem is not here whoever sits in many hands suggested that apply to watch -- -- -- it does it worries me -- -- hand no blood your report that yesterday we did it and I didn't hear that I did here and Albert the Dodgers are -- by the way he was he does thanks to its collapse. -- -- Emmys last night were. None of us -- -- we created he did yeah ice I was gonna go to. -- all time baseball game and Niemi and it was almost too crowded I made that choice I went to bucks or so we can be authority isn't that what what started out the Emmys -- US what stock go. Could question him. Pot won't be you know what I'd really like -- a -- woman audience loves the show. To detect of those two guys were just so cool onstage together yet. And watching and says that have to work together again I don't know that they can never come back and -- detective again. They have to do something Kathy Bates stuck out. Actress big upset. They got there and know have this was a moment watched the normal heart that they dominated for there was one thing supporting actor and like. Every nominee I've never walk normal heart Jim Parsons in the Big Bang theory I used to watch modern badly but -- got hired. Black it shut out again on Dina Padilla mom never watched that. Julia Louise Dreyfus wins for veep I've never watched a program that's the third time she's won for the third of Rancho now. And Kathy Bates. American horror story public -- it was a pretty funny moment Jimmy Kimmel was up on -- at one point any notice Matthew McConaughey in the crowd yeah. Have a question I don't mean urinating blood. Is Matthew McConaughey right here. That's something that since the Oscars animals that are. Why is Matthew McConaughey nominated for a television or not met in a funny doesn't even own a television. Happening know for a fact that he traded his television for conch shell -- we'd. They don't get me wrong your body. Don't know what's. You great history detective -- you may well be the best actor but. You just -- nostril like five months ago lights. No offense but how many of those speeches a year are we supposed to sit room. -- all right all right all right -- Like a battle of the bands had to battle the late night talk show host yes Seth Myers hosted and Jimmy Jimmy Fallon was everywhere and and Jimmy Fallon actually. Went up there and Steve cool banners. Enemy and -- -- hijacked our -- slightly contrived but I had no problem with Vickers Steve Colbert didn't deserve an enemy. Well in the late night battles gone are the days of you were -- they. Carson -- Letterman. The outlet and I'll let -- I'm sorry Leno Letterman right now so so like our -- Kimball guy animate Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Fallon is ultimately to the like -- He worked -- shipped would be neither guy. Right you know they're guys. Also last night about Robin Williams Billy Crystal played depth paid tribute to -- He could be funny anywhere we were such close friends he would come to all of our great family functions. Weddings but -- is that kind of thing and he was -- -- older immigrant relatives. Like he was one of the guys. And he would tell them about his journey from his little steadily and Poland to America. One uncle of mine said. I came to America after world war until and I hit time and Robin said I went until there was a 747 and a Kosher -- Really genius says he was on stage. He was -- greatest friend you could ever imagine. Supportive. Protective and loving. It's very hard. Let's talk about him in the past because he was so present. In all of our lives. For almost forty years. He was the brightest star in the comedy galaxy. We Robin Williams now. Kinda notice it is it is sacrilegious to say there now of course every magazine. At the check out Connor as Robin Williams and has blessed to have we any sort of -- and he's one of the greatest actors of our time -- the -- -- -- -- said the dispute a goofy comedian World Cup happens great. Mohammed how many more used to that breaking bad win Emmys well. President and off the -- they went something like I like matches and -- just at some moderate and I'm OK with it and won for best drama breaking bad. I don't know now known as a box open based on the Euphrates those who list of all one. Thanks I here's our final headline from -- Bloomberg. Or the last accident you guys getting and a better whatever. How many years ago all mind how many years ago less more or less than five. Much more much much more than five yeah I haven't been one and you do you know not think of when I was -- I'm trying to remembered by all I was at high school library that somebody I left -- right there automobile -- Sorry you are good but -- Jerry must live in Fort Collins, Colorado because. According to. All states. Annual ranking of the nation's 200 biggest urban areas fort hills Fort Collins, Colorado leads the ranking. For safety for a fourth time based on. Average years between collisions fourteen point to yes which city. Leads the nation. Of the nation's 200 biggest urban areas just to begin with a beat out what star and Boston western drivers have a collision. Every four point three years on average while motors to Boston gore before point four years. Between crashes -- Allstate the Northbrook Illinois based insurer said today in a report. Washington DC which -- finished last reports was third worst with drivers having a wreck every five point. One -- so so are I believe I heard this correctly 134%. More likely to get in an accident in Boston and you have trouble with the 15% tip -- -- -- -- -- 134%. More likely to get into an accident. Then like I don't -- you know people that come to Boston they see guys in the worst drivers and I've spent significant time in LA. I work in Michigan for awhile and Boston which is an apartment driving and I will see it this way. LA drivers of the worst Detroit drivers drive the fast on the worst wrote -- the best drivers because we aggressive -- Well but we tip our hat I cut me off this morning at 545 John I was a little way that guys like I tip my have a good -- do we deal with -- arteries I don't think they have a reason Michigan wrote a reason I'll. Part of roundabout sort the problem -- round Toronto maniac -- an excellent November dropped mania like how madam and a banner in thirty years. By yet another driver 400 oak street we can that we can discuss we get back what sent Jerry music are the and DL almost got killed in rent a car in Florida had to write our stories rent a car stories Jerry is a car thief. -- in Framingham ericsson's Springfield blobs in Waltham and he's -- New Hampshire alum. Headlines brought you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans building better network. Everybody Bob's discount furniture stores Kirk you jobless grand theft ally when we come back.

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