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Garappolo time for the Patriots 8-26-14

Aug 26, 2014|

The guys discussed Jimmy Garappolo getting the start this Thursday in the preseason finale.

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It's an away game it's you know it's all the things that quarterback eventually will will do as a starting quarterback and whenever that happens -- no idea but whenever it does have a at least he will have done it. Once before and so I think there's you know something to be learned here on -- been here three and a half years -- You know done a couple hundred times so. That this opportunity for -- to get that experience and I am sure learn from. -- and it's it's just that opportunity matters and as -- -- you get an opportunity take advantage of that and just does showcase what you can do with the players around him that's like really ask for. Not great news for Ryan mallet I would not that it's etched in stone but does not feel like. Rob Lowe is on Brady's backup. They don't wanna get -- hurt because Detroit's about him from room to purchase instantly not accurate assessment Lewis yeah. And Michael Sim is Al -- and and a first round and a first round -- -- sounds about right because Ryan mallet proven so much. To me this time in the NFL. The way so I know pre season means nothing and oh we know nothing and -- were a -- it is. Oops look and -- on the outside looking in. Agree -- government yes yes OK -- completion rate Ryan -- 53 point 8%. Drop below 64 point nine touchdowns or for Rob -- won for Ryan mallet QB rating number rating. 1298. Drop below 85 point six and I know -- know better. Apple's probably playing its worst defense and all that but. The Bible -- Jess Kennison weren't better composure in the pocket it was an -- quicker decision better decisions and looks like for more accurate so looks like that they have a lot. Room for growth in them and if you through -- and fire yes acute. Hold -- some upside I haven't. It's encouraging is that while he looked in pedestrian may be even shaky in practice. When he got into the game that's when he was able to elevate his game he got better under games circumstances and perform better than he did in practice I think that's again all good all good but here's my question. And my question is has anything changed when they picked him. When the second round with a 62 pick overall we also at all my goodness what -- Right was that your initial reaction we're gonna take a quarterback well it around -- because he's only in the four year you know or your contract Brady probably yes. Three years left -- out in the last year of his deal doesn't seem to make a lot of sense these picked that high for a guy who you hope will never play OK so do we all agree that grant is a key if not the key to this season. Upper eighties. CJ Fedora -- who was -- the top of the third round is lighting it up for the Houston Texans and you say we could add that guy. Doesn't that go right to go -- while I guess my question now is. If that hasn't changed if -- becomes the backup quarterback. Does that change. Grow up all becomes the backup cause we always -- him. As a third guy behind -- I was gonna get a Q did you -- -- flip the scenario if Rob Lowe comes in and doesn't Matt Cassel let's day. If Brady's down -- got the bill money in the -- John if he ends up being the backup quarterback as -- a degree he's the back yes more than does that change what happened on draft -- do you feel differently now apply that they got a guy who probably is not gonna contribute this year. And could've had potential backup in Ecuador was looks were. Good. Even if -- healthy or as I think lieutenants would be ideal. To pass -- two. How and I'll let the guys disappeared still wait for him to -- the -- channel -- -- challenge. Only celebrity left Obama and Aaron Hernandez has haven't -- you know we're waiting is still time. What does it matter -- Fedora which is really good yes I will second guess that -- about week one against Miami would have Jarvis Landry catches the game winning touchdown for the -- teams that -- -- the pick after. -- -- Actually let's say it's all it it was a call for -- time and before the draft and Fedora which was on the board. So yes there will be plenty of people who will second guess the picked second guess look first guest. Ideally. -- drop below never place that's. A lot this on a second round pick. That's a lot this high price to pay for a guy who will ideally not see the field so far so good agree with everything you said John will be on the numbers -- agree with you it's the eyeball test that kid can weigh at least so far. It can hit -- real thing when you watch -- say. Maybe would Belichick's. Was something special not a serviceable backup. But it really good NFL player. Now we won't -- hopefully for three years. As it is at least that one year and -- Brady's got three years -- -- yeah I think he wants a 35. So you think is for -- that's -- anxiety medication if he's helping Google -- Do you think he has three to feel like Obama put a number three. I -- forty years -- one year of grow up. Before he's free. Correct yes so. -- of that. You you -- in practice you seem in the pre season maybe just human mop up duty but you will not be you will not know we're sure if he's a viable NFL starter. Till last year was -- is not on a page agent is not possible that perhaps the driving force behind picking drop well where they picked him was not so much that they saw something special. Where he could be a really good quarterback if need be. But their dissatisfaction with malice lack of maybe -- We're -- what you do -- does that still -- take a sick in the second round if you just think he's gonna be back you don't take. You know. You name good a good backup. Quarterback you don't take care. Shaun Hill Shaun Hill a good example with the second when you're sick tonight -- debate -- by the way you think you have a team that can win. So do you think Tom Brady that question. Been fortunate to stay as healthy as he has would be just obvious that one year. And I don't know whether Belichick thinks this way I know I with the law of averages is that at some point you know in the next three years. He's gonna miss a handful of games -- One I don't know law of averages now -- averages because quarterbacks get hurt. Cam Newton got his -- broken well Brady is Brady and Manning don't get hurt I know in the end of the ball and Jerry's right about that she's been the exception ever since he was drafted a 199 rice. He's exceeded all expect -- -- it -- as you know what and we are normally are living on borrowed time OK we're living under. Or some way I look at it and because Belichick's really Smart I don't think he would just -- -- guys say he's. If we need a quarterback to back a Brady. Who's on the board in elegance. We wanna -- -- savage savage right or drop below or or. Remember he didn't do that. He said I really liked this grapple guy I don't think it was a need pick I think it was a this guy might be something special pick and when I seem the pre season that's how I look at life. Belichick loves him because he thinks he may be so I think Iran is something -- if -- some special that means he's he's a starter in this league I think. You're onto something big for a lot of reasons number one -- Tom Brady got the start emblem belt Bledsoe went down pretty commend them you know to that year. Before 9/11 before blitzer in order -- all on our list of top three things it. Patriots couldn't afford to have -- which Drew Bledsoe gold downright. And -- what it's all that year how does that -- one could have seen that come course not include unbelievable story but but he has a history. It and there are people that you know we all all around the organization has -- overtime Bledsoe was going. And Brady was gonna come in eventually -- be under bill Belichick's got any decision for drop what was done sort of an in -- in a vacuum on two separate fronts I mean if he's going to. They make a decision. That they are not happy with mallet they wanna make their living on -- don't I'll give you that they'll we we need to draft a quarterback. I don't think they dropped a slight other public posturing correct mallet was the brat draft pick him to get this correct -- so I don't think. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I in my mind he has to be something special who is capable of starting and playing in this league for whatever 810 years. In Belichick's mind we will you'll find out if that's true eventually -- the -- here -- somewhere else. But I don't think you pick a quarterback in the second round with the thought that boy what if Tom goes down in the next three years you know we'll be screwed. A screwed anyway I'm going to solve your other situation about the tidy and so you won't be lusting after really undrafted tight in Rio I think there's way aren't. Justin Jones so Watson knew Maria I think there's yeah Williams I think there's one coach in the national equality. Who was coaching one particular quarterback in the put in National Football League who could bowl pick up the phone and say. Tony Gonzales still looking for the real you're still looking for the -- Well one year with the patriots Tom Brady and you will play pitch and catch you thought Matt Wright was good way to see this guy. Belichick makes that call Brady makes that call Tony Gonzales is in the house happened afforded different degrees -- say not -- -- com right now. Mean he would say Colombian. -- -- hit the plus -- in November 1 other thing with this with -- your point -- -- he might just be special market however and a similar discussion about -- because the album. Someday -- what if what fraud risks every two million guaranteed -- -- -- What he turns up to be special. Well let's apply the litmus test that we applied to -- man's self he's either going to be a superstar. Or a bust no in between. What -- rusty I just got ripped on Twitter for asking Greg Doyle -- questioned how. Just say a let's say we have a pretty good track record of late of Cuban guys didn't specially Cuban guys who were and really could she'd say star. That's as stopped as an odd tweet is a star already ugly I just ran into a triple play -- and we are pleading with. Don't think that week says put -- out a -- this chat rob -- Chapman these guys really good shape that really good athletes. That and and you know position players are more of -- easy call that a pitcher can elect get more predictable than a pitcher. On Jackie Bradley junior wasn't but he's not done yet but that's a shot of the fact -- -- can't hit yet all. Is a shocker I -- even a baseball people even in the organization are shocked. In doing for a year and obviously with the waitress are mills right working. For -- envelope for God's eat Cheerios. I've masks on -- it it. Play a year and -- -- what winners he better get a box of isn't it let's game last night -- where's -- been for years. -- -- My legs on him I had. US you have to go through Mexico Dominica Dominican. So you're in the Dominican and I assume you work and obviously he's been working -- you think is he -- like taken batting practice has been taken vitamins. Been taken ground balls fly balls he's done an extended spring training but when this spring training stop expanding. Yeah but Bret Saberhagen retire you come across country people like. Half his life live work visas for him for straight -- to go to spring training that he comes up here. Work Mastercard's wise knows where he's. Which -- see you -- you've written and rent a cop yeah.

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