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The Bradfo Show: Who will be the next Hall of Famers?

Aug 25, 2014|

Rob Bradford is joined by Turtleboy of TurtleboySports.com to discuss which current major leaguers might be in line to become Hall of Famers. The duo dive into the difficulties facing the current crop of big leaguers when trying to reach Hall of Fame status.

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It's nice easy and. -- things that interest. So I wish my -- it's. Just sit there and still. Episode of this and to be who would win and show. -- Welcome to another edition of the browns coach show sponsored as always by Google's distinctive clothing. -- doing -- insurance to the finest institutions you will find anywhere. Today we are honored audit in studio in the Brad -- show host. Studio podcast studio turtle boy. Who has been on our show before and but not lives so I'm how is this field house feel will be alive feels great first time in the studio thanks for having me and I just in the areas errors stick with the anticipation president it's it's excellent man -- in the south -- is very exciting or what -- That's an -- that -- what what bigger thrill can you have is that one hide secret code Orange Bowl champion but I casts couldn't you. So thanks for governor in terrible I appreciated and what -- to talk about today's is a pretty interesting subject. The hall of fame induction just happened as recently but that doesn't mean we can't start stop we have to start talking about it. Because. What we're here to talk about is really the hall of fame voting going for -- we had all these guys come in this year. -- some really big pitchers. But hall of fame voting is gonna change in the dynamic is gonna change. Because of the environment of baseball because the elimination a performance enhancing drugs we talked about the not to drop off and home runs ended change from. Lack of pitching to lack of hitting. We have to start incorporating this into how we're looking at the hall of fame right. Absolutely I mean I just look at the numbers we're gonna at the start lowering the standards Majorly. About ten years from now we're not gonna have to underwent pitchers in mind the three underwent pitchers those who don't forget you'll now. I'm committed to never see -- -- yet yes -- talk about 200 may be hard to clips and for home runs. You know these below 45500. For power to. And we're gonna apps are talk and guys who -- under fifteen to two to 400 home runs are going to be that's going to be the new bar. The dad anywhere to go like Chris Davis who knocked The Who who -- so fifty last year whatever was -- -- aware that now -- leave it to the consistency of home runs is just a thing of the past but before we get into that. The start with a Red Sox is it simply good place to start because people are interested him. And the the people who we did a Karl Morris sicker men and a call a couple of years ago for -- a -- -- what. Players on the Red Sox had chances to get all him now that was the 2011 team and there was a bunch of right yeah there was the AG Gonzales is on the world there was. But even even Carl Crawford and intranet conversation believers not she recently yet and that's just shows you right there I mean he was back then. Carl Crawford was. Second among active players behind Juan Pierre and stolen bases in he was projecting to be one of the best base stealers of all time. It worked out that way -- now. I mean -- shows what the hardest part about baseball. It's 'cause it's such a long season is to not get hurt yes system to make a major league Baseball Hall of Fame you have to have I would say between 1215 years. Of good solid really good production to get -- is seminary here career. Matsuzaka and Mark Teixeira had a good sever your career he's not to me and I think. It's a great point and because we get so wrapped up into. These guys saying look at their performance at the performance the last 234 years but you're absolutely right. Mean these guys are dropping off cliffs. And in large part probably because of the performance. And it doesn't make you think -- mean in my amateur Chris I was saying -- but cal Ripken played in X amount of straight games right consecutively. Does anybody honestly can we look back and that thinking could that possibly have been done without. A little something oh yeah it all mean news -- the minute didn't -- means without the game and and I think. We can understand now how prevalent it was in the game. Even a month guys who were respected because it was just so accepted now you go in the open clubhouse. And second car auction off I've our energies and Ambien to get to sleep -- -- -- -- and that's just reality but let's get back the Red Sox hope. As a -- a couple of years ago we talked about this well although this -- a huge turn over some players even in the last month and so when we're gonna talk about. Potential hall of famers with a Red Sox. We start with -- David Ortiz. I think we ball believe Ortiz this problem -- is probably deserving of getting in yeah. Absolutely yeah if not for the numbers along the -- -- music 450 something home runs career wise Bryant to mediator her on there I'm not sure of the exact numbers but. We're talking legendary performances to me that's what I'll always remembers legendary performances and it really doesn't get much bigger than. He had it and that's a tricky thing though right -- the post season how you how you era interject postseason into it that was an argument which Schilling's debate was going on in itself what's happened in the short to me Schilling is. He's -- I mean it's sad that what small percent of where I guess that's the weird thing is when Schilling's name came up for debate. It was. A lot of people making the case a lot of people and then see devoting come now I mean not even close. I mean this thing about you look at the voting Craig Biggio will get in textures X 74 point nine this year to meet the fact anybody could look back and that Arab baseball. And say Craig Biggio had a bigger impact on the game and Curt Schilling is silly it's ridiculous racial and won two World Series in almost by himself carry both teams. -- Visio. Played for twenty something years had 200 -- wants. And really amused as dare I mean he's a very good player but the media that's ever alternates that as. Longevity and so the Ortiz thing you know the thing it will probably work against him the most. It is the position most likely and two -- three thanks so he thinks the and that he -- -- to a certain degree in the era to a certain degree the the list back in 2003. The lists I think definitely have -- You make -- point that was Edgar Martinez isn't even come close though but that the thing that helps mr. frank Thomas Frank Thomas getting you know and I know he played for for a lot of years. By a that helps a little bit by the end. Alison I'm I'm for Eric -- for the -- Marti is what works against -- your -- used to be more than even in the position. Is he played in the heart. Of the the -- from the time I mean uses people got a great team to thinking of 114 games and never did anything policies and yes I mean -- obviously you're waiting a lot of pluses and let's be fair to do that mean that -- -- Bernie Williams that argument and then to the patriots is a bunch of guys in the pages were all right -- it's yes -- Are you played a big market that house but Ortiz. I think that we greeted the house there'll be so the only other one that we can really talked about is the -- now here's -- say about the draw him. Is that. If you look up right now. Compared to plate appearances. His plate appearances in Derek Jeter played appearances from the same time which would come out to about the end of may 2003. Which is I 'cause I tested this the other today and the numbers are almost identical really yes but here's the problem. Is that Pedroia had -- and break it broke down a little bit here recently. And -- that type of by the way that he plays. Can he project how the longevity that Derek Jeter passed but Cooper right now if you got that match up those two numbers from. Almost identical I mean I think -- -- I mean he's had a slower year this year political empowerment almost you know he's got nothing like -- the power but. I don't think Pedroia away I think the journal the hall of fame -- and -- and incredibly it's going to be tough it's it's still like. You know when he won the MVP it was a week -- for the every day there was noise out but it was -- -- -- how -- categories -- to lead. To win the MVP WTO -- -- can have a guy power hitter hit home runs have RBIs have slugging percentage have whatever OPS. By Pedroia at the six or seven categories because the position he playing and is just dot typically someone that you go for a VP. Amid all of Dustin Pedroia I think he's pretty I don't think he will breakdown I just think he's tougher mentally a lot of players he does play some more recklessly. But. They what do you skull frame as he plays a weak position. Billed as a rusty and all fame via for basically he went home run in 96 -- cell nuclear members and four. Also win other guys were hitting it's much it's true it's true I mean that you look at the numbers Jeff Kent does not in the hall of fame Jeff Kent is a great second baseman 300 time -- high 300 for home runs. Jeff Kent is a much better baseball player when it's -- said and -- the Dustin Pedroia airless. Offensively. Absolutely in in. -- about where you wave back to this guy -- stuffy mcinnis back from the dead ball Aaron held defense of records at first base for years upon years upon years. Was kind of a 300 there was no power at all and you can get in the hall -- I mean this guy was maybe the best defense of play the lover fine for a bomb by he plated offense has all the Google yeah probably -- stuff to begin this. Pulls the course record and again this stuff the stuff the stuff -- all the course record a candle admits it still. -- -- So one player that is on the Red Sox just were really star for 500 players associated with a Red Sox could possibly be in the hall fame. Who's not on the Red Sox who. I wanna use to get it introduced. The rest of baseball which is John last. Telling Jon Lester is going to be involved in. Bye. Bye OK says he Texas fire here has a year like yet this year for the next five years. Which is. Which is not the norm and that's the problem and in and we were talking before the podcast and this is why. Getting pictures in the hall fame is going to be such a difficult thing if you talked about potential pictures right now. Playing right now war would go in the hall of fame. We would think what Felix Fernandez yeah but he wouldn't he's got in yet he's a long way to go he's not right QB some mothers. The most I mean Clayton Kershaw. -- Arthur -- are right it was only 25 to recently. Boosters say young. Is -- Unocal exact Greinke had a few good nicely dominate the point is is that. We've seen what happens we've seen what happened here's a good one Justin Verlander for. Chris Sale you know it's like -- you have earlier Israel's Verlander went up -- him if you -- two weeks ago he say he's in the whole thing I guess what he's -- for an MRI yeah and this could lead to write entirely different pitcher how often do you see a pitcher go from as dominant as -- analysts who having -- four plus ERA. And then go back Dominic. Nice to -- accurate at all not whoa here's how well the old Clemens juicy also not without some major surgery in in in not indeed this guy that was never Verlander level. But Lackey Lackey was a guy who would really did pitch with a damaged ligament in his elbow had a surgery now it's coming back news really get yet. Not -- -- -- -- -- by -- by yet it is so can a guy come back NBQ do you could flee to another example Cliff Lee. Is a guy who had a really terrible year came back and was good. Cliff Lee spent the first seven or years is the one of the most average -- -- that was just on the in your fantasy league he was always on top of the waiver wire always there. -- just became Cliff Lee yeah I don't know where it came from now it debate. Your point means cool so we name the names cool so who is going to be the next pitcher in the offing I have no idea because you when you look at it that there's only five current. Active players of over 200 wins and usually mean that's the beginning to -- -- -- -- you can't get any winners 200 I would assume. I'm US CC you have had. Of Hudson if Halladay and you have a legendary -- mortally -- began he thinks so. I think holidays guy like 203 -- him being the lowest of the five of them so I mean how they had many many years really -- broke down. What went down the -- -- -- Posey when -- retired holiday is still playing he's on he's selling a Phillies you know Halladay. He retired he retired yes. So he's done in another car that I budget is -- -- -- he's done by it mean to your point he broke out stuff and yeah I mean it's like your holiday I always the model of fitness he's the guy looked at like. That's the guy you want when it when the Red Sox went through their beer and chicken it's like we need less of these fat guys and more of blustery in shape. Believe it or not this is the guy who talking to the guys that the team trainers and everything went back it was going to. They said this is the guy who's we work for Halladay this is the guy who works like out certain. And I guess the point is and you make the point. You can work hard you can have the right attitude by as a pitcher this isn't a position player. Pitcher you can breakdowns not a natural motion to throw baseball -- -- a fast and -- many times right now it's. All -- to the stalemate. Where you're throwing these pitches we don't know how Connors or. -- people weren't throwing cutters in and split finger. As much as usual apple apocalypse you lose three or four miles an hour on your velocity UN Don you -- at the end your career yet. It is they're becoming like NFL running backs almost you know those guys who -- -- years and I pulled it mean they come and they -- I mean we might never see. He's dramatics in dot com -- ever again. I wish I had the audio this as I sat down with C. J. Wilson and in -- Couple days ago in the of the promise of war over my interview with them wise. Was he signed the contract. Big contract in his -- in his thirties so how does he's a very well spoken guy -- respective. How does he feel about pitchers going in his thirties with -- conference. At the end of the -- -- the interview last Cody gave was. If your you. You can stay healthy if you're pitcher in your thirties all you have to do -- work yet. Now I love the quote I'm gonna use the court as cliche as that -- quote but I think you said that's not true. Not at all not come close I mean it's nice that sounds good -- paid it's wonderful all sound good I remember when I mean I'm sure it doesn't Rudy believe it and whatnot but. If fact of the matter is a mean a lot of these guys try hard you know CC sabathia. I mean lost a lot of weight in the -- season -- as he was dedicated to get in shape and he's just broke down now as he was ending I. Do you think I do think that. In this cut answers in the Lester conversation which is I don't think you. Paint everyone with the the broad brush and then disguised -- guys thirties and break down three years because I agree with -- -- or whatever. And you have to look at throwing motion the efficiency throwing motion and a lot lackeys are good example lack the talk to people assume that -- as a reason why this guy control longtime improbable it for a while. Because he's very efficient throwing motion. Lester I think is somewhat the same way but we -- said the smoke quickly though I mean weak right now very very similar storm. Russians are I mean. The reason -- medics was -- the last alignments not because he was a faster he's famous for being of the place the ball perfectly. And I mean I don't know if a guy like Maddux could even survive Major League Baseball -- -- I mean. It's been so long since I've seen that explain but I just remembered I mean he could put the ball perfectly more than any other. ITunes -- -- didn't have his overthrow he didn't have to do is the epitome of you don't have to throw parties after the race by just cliche we hear all the time right. Where a lot of guys so hard but if you put in the wrong spots can be. I mean that was -- it was so amazing about him I just. I mean I'm single -- a movement on his pitches on but does it mean just look back and think how did those guys do that for that long. I mean. Maybe there are other things out and I don't know by having everyone knows and nobody is beyond suspicion it was frankly you know. But but the odds of us in this day and age with the testing and all whatnot. I just don't know for we're gonna have to severely in ten years from -- -- BWA's and after. Severely lower the bar for what a hall of fame. There's -- that we've. You know it comes and goes right I mean we have the Biggio class last year and now we have this class obviously agree classically that Pedro class is coming up right -- -- that's going to be that's. It comes and goes by I think you're right. There's going to be more than just the occasional year -- -- down year -- -- extended time work. Much like we get to adjust to the steroid use numbers we have to adjust to the nonstick last year and. Absolutely and that's when more people say that you know the -- or shouldn't get in all the stuff. I'd just say let's set the bar higher for them you know. When I look back on it in these are the guys that watch grown up yes many of them are cheaters I mean I assume all of them more. But for me -- -- and Mike Piazza is not a first down -- -- I don't I don't get that because -- piazza redefined -- position for me grownup for a catcher was the position that you played. When you were just a sturdy rock but Tony Pena played catcher for production has grown up that sort of thought our analysis -- out and this guy piazza comes -- -- -- 62 round draft pick Tommy LaSorda is like great nephew or whatever. And he just redefined the position and guys like that are getting in who's gonna get in ten years from now. Now in -- -- in in especially when you start it becomes its toll objectively compare numbers and I have this kind of flaws. Argument yes or litmus test switches. You take MVP voting it is the best I can do right because when when there was talk about Jim Rice I looked at as. -- and ten years he finished in the top ten MVP voting six times and I'm not gonna compare his numbers to someone ten years from him yeah that was -- steroid era to meet with dominance and is there it is a flawed and it. -- method but I think it's a good place to start the permanence and -- they -- Jim Rice getting yeah I mean. Listen this longevity I understand the argument for lunch every Dwight Evans would fall under that. Even though he -- very good numbers in the eighties. But dominance in in. If you knock me over going to every dominance in an error. I think that that kind of helps you separate from the statistical argument yeah -- so convoluted because the steroids Elena. Ryan Greenberg Jim Rice that's another beef I have with BB WA. The I can't stand these people via into the wonderful people and all this device but professionally this because you lifted it too much stock trade yes and and the people or not -- -- it's also because I see the numbers every year in the fact that some guy. Can go from like forget let's think Schilling got 45% of MVP vote this I've been healthy and with -- -- If Schilling makes it into the hall of fame they're frauds because -- how can you vote for somebody one year. And enough over the next they make up these rules of the goal on a lot of these guys are well I don't vote people. In on the first time helping any of these three guys as unanimous. -- you to just me and who do you think you are you can just make of these rules. Well also wall you know that there is the problem is Wendy's is too subjective lectures -- that the rules -- defined enough room in the voting and that's where you get people saying gonna do this -- I -- do it that way. And -- it in regards to voting yes if you vote for somebody you should be locked in that purse that's that that. And the reason why am I absolutely agree I I hated to I hate I also hate the I'm gonna vote for guy because I liked him or he was very nice or might keep -- -- Miller who might keep David Ortiz out. The whole personality thing we don't interpret could potentially happen he rubs people the wrong way yeah a lot -- there evil yeah maybe I don't know I mean I don't know. That's a good one though because we think of it through the prism of year. Buy it. By now we usually turn it -- chili rubbed people wrong way -- right here's the thing in this -- -- to get the point O of guys moving up in the -- in the voting. Bert Blyleven perfect example that was Bert Blyleven he'd kept going up and up and Oppenheim Metallica. So. Every single time that he was not voted in what did you hear there was like you look forward to it. Per -- Blyleven bitching about not -- -- I passive aggressively. Yeah like for you know five I don't don't don't worry about like mine my awesome numbers -- orbit but. Every single time. On the radio right after they're -- Burt Blyleven is bitching about. And you know what did did it surfaced it made people aware -- -- -- second we're looking up Bert Blyleven he wasn't that bad. But -- kept moving up kept moving up so my point we Schilling is that. Right now obviously sick but if you kept in the media. That helps the that the because staying in the consciousness of people after you get out that helps. Mobile -- or use my public what you're saying there is that like. It takes your name to be out there for people to just look at your numbers mean. That's your job your BB WA Halloween -- it's like oh I forgot about Curt Schilling yeah you know what he is pretty good. Like what's wrong -- -- I think I'd toll sin I mean IE I am 100% in agreement what would you think about what laboratory did this. Is O of selling selling devote a lot personally. I don't love it was about the and yet laws but it by you know -- though it's. He shouldn't be in there have to be some element of be able to earn the vote now I understand -- daylight at all. You know this this is an organization full of fraud -- -- these people haven't learned anything in OK I understand -- path but it. And you have to wait you have to be in this organization for ten years and okay. To bomb to get a vote yeah. And so let's fix that's wintertime I actually think they should cut it back to five because what's happening is it you're getting people. Who are Neiman were. Known the younger people you advocate people who who were looking events that brought event surely more. Sony when I instinct that you have to earn you should be able earned this is ideal world yet to earn the vote mean once you get them vote you should do everything you can. To make the most of them vote in the united him and whether it was as a protest or whatever. Tightest I have a problem with a because it takes so many people like yourself you would love -- -- -- right. I -- -- what they put that avatar put his vote to the people. They chose the ten most worthy guys I believe that should be in the hall -- Yeah but you know it. How the people this give you advice and you make you earn that vote IRA. I ended it on paper it sounds great -- -- certainly year man of the people are sorely in revolutions. To fix it as recent minutes internal voice for the so what's -- -- those absolutely. But it's. -- it's it's. I don't disagree. With what you're saying about him being trust at all. I I I would I would like to say that I do but I I don't because. I have a problem with these people who. Give these these token votes. To -- jays -- off Ali how -- in public some of the Eric hanging -- -- -- -- yeah it's obviously he's to me that's you're you're not taking it serious -- And in in the I have people like you mentioned before not being consistent. It whether you're not gonna vote for the steroid guys novel fassero -- guys that's a proper debate in millions and that's gonna keep some guys out that I don't think there's any question. Buy it it's. It's just like the end the -- society on the MVP these things via. It some people just aren't taking it serious enough room what was the one. Com. -- -- Ferrell who has yet on this year but he people not voting Ferrell in the top 3 AM answer after last year winning the World Series. There's a couple MVP votes there were light. I'm PLO would you look at somebody and there's -- government. I mean I was the writer of the train to get coach you are the Cy Young last year when you look at the numbers mean. What was it in Eric Gagne when Cy Young yet he was the 2003. Coach numbers were better than us via and there was this last year is one year where the most dominant pitcher. Who really wasn't that we we see more dominant the Max Scherzer was last year he had a high someone I area for Cy Young winner. On and thought but I do agree Ferrell should not then I think Joseph Girardi is the best man -- that. As -- and I mean I think if it. You know the guy won the World Series out of nowhere and moved into -- bottom third time around yeah I put -- third I would put Girardi. The notebook Francona and the note but into the in they had on the Japanese writer in the reasoning was I think you vote for Buck Showalter. You vote for Buck Showalter this because she -- -- -- -- I can remember what it was but but anyway it's in you talk about Koji. And -- I -- the what I had it was MVP voting I voted him I think tan he knew -- and guys -- So I vote and tell -- -- delegate. I think I think your point I do think your -- of poachers are like nine intent by. It was such an aberration of the year and that's what you have to factor but we're getting off top yet because all fame stuff. So much that part of yeah -- -- and it's stupid. I mean this is the this is the best kind of conversation to me this is a baseball congress it's the best thing that's -- -- -- -- best for a baseball is it's very quantifiable -- so many numbers to look at yeah but but that's where the conversations that change because it's not. Mean we also to make of enough that. Going to be the weird thing you know looking back it's like a number ten years ago looking back at. -- -- you'd think who was currently in the golfing -- -- twenty guys that -- currently an actor Ken Griffey junior's of the world for Tom's always people now look at who's -- I think it's -- In poppy and everyone else is -- wall and so what people would say well how do you -- Miguel Cabrera out. It's not very bright the point is as if his hip fell half. Tomorrow and he is a model of fitness yeah yeah we all know that -- exactly for the Babe Ruth with a -- -- -- It's it's he had this hip problem if that flares up over the next couple years. Then it's up for debate is just like. The opposite Adrian Beltre surprisingly everyone's surprise for you bring -- -- and all -- him he's a mile -- of you know he's got up there is all I tell you what if he keeps doing what he's doing whole -- the 35. A couple years if you -- -- when he signed with Texas everyone's like he's gonna break down he's gonna break down as he plays -- hamstring issues. Well he hasn't I mean he's gotten hurt here by he has that a remarkable ability to play through injuries and play effectively through injuries. If he's able to do yeah another three or four years one. Numbers of yeah he's going to be a 400 home run guy. And 400 home runs is going to be imminent target just right and absolutely yeah the thing about him is you know elected ballots remember what will we had him for the when you're awesome. And obviously -- -- Did they went another direction. He'd only done that for about two years of the point that one breakout year in LA. If you bust before you have those you know the problem in the pillow contract that that was the whole thing -- coming off the Mariners where. It was terrible man and that's why they signed a one year and so is like because he stood out as like. A red flag for Jews because the -- that's very strange -- -- are but -- don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because the guys that we young players who we said old. They were just a man and a I'm. And Mike Trout out there yeah and we're reference -- as well for. Potential future hall of Famer he's twenty he's got such a long way to go and Kershaw the same thing yeah. Those guys are even close yet they have so much work to do now blow -- -- we're so quick to classified them that it was cool it what do you. Also apologized I just thought of them he's an obviously no brainer you you used -- a long enough 51718. Home runs is god and insane. And yet. East tailed off a little bit but of this year surprisingly he's okay right eats it he's done enough for you can have just like you haven't -- years -- it and -- so. -- is there anybody else I mean look at analysts here and thank -- going to be a problem. And it's going to be totally different story by Beltran. Is high on the -- three hits and during I don't I don't call -- I mean is so good ten years ago when you're young and you stealing bases. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know the problem the problem is the wall is a lot of problems as a acknowledge the obvious. You know obviously. You play right -- was tied to it. Is the face of cases had huge numbers and and now the last couple years he's on line in just over forty -- Korea yet he's hung line. Because he's -- clubhouse guy he. In -- like him have been around useful pinch hitter -- -- but he's been doing for a few years now so our image of him. Along the other stuff is maybe slant to rule but it it shouldn't be weeks because at the end of the day we should just take a look at it says this is what it is. Yeah but it's. It's a tough it's a great stuff that's a great subject for me I've -- -- haven't really thought about it that the would drop off there's going to be because. So many guys are getting hurt and I think at the lower the bar yeah particular pitches now yeah boy it's I don't know how they did this for how -- these guys win streak against me that's fascinating -- how they can do that -- well he usually -- -- it was Schilling pitched -- leeway is there a year he birdied -- -- and Schilling wasn't dominant for many years -- is gonna get in first postseason performances. It was greenest. I think he's 200 game winner. I believe it is easier is somewhat high. Here's here's the thing is that relocate and in the conversation has been some problem because of the Jon Lester calm situation. And about the signing thirty year old pitchers thirty year old pitchers tend to long term contracts. Fall. Here's a reason why hasn't seed is is because we're talking we're sitting here and where are a hard time finding pitchers or pitching overpass 35 now. We would effectively especially and having a really difficult time knowing it. So you can understand has in the NC agents. There's always going to be outlined there there's always going to be the 123 guys in -- who are they going to be in. And to your point. It's -- identifying those right now Felix Hernandez and he's dominating his nominee but deep look at the number of pitches that he has thrown cold -- the 27 -- high twenties I throwing up he's up there in and he signed a long term deal. By -- this drug because he's had seasons or is broken down terribly that the a couple of mean since it was our as a McPherson is from -- -- That -- yeah all in he start pitching image believes it's such a young young age. Sabathia it means you get news sabathia is late twenties and to even probably like thirty. They you know he's gonna go down that road is gonna -- those -- well. I've got CC would last is because of the size I was wrong. Yes and it's weird because you know you're talking about -- season in its -- the so. Come back few original point. Is not a natural act not a -- I knew this from the team would be aimed at all this so believe me if I said I -- the baseball around for ten minutes and I'm like I need to put what area is slightly drier than idealize everything by. It's a great conversation and and before we go I just want always love your rants -- you New York rated ranting. Total boycott her voice sports dot com. You greater ranting here you rented print form your rant on podcaster in on the air so what is your biggest friend what is this thing get this sticking your cries. Well right now I'll read -- if these maps out. They pull fans in every state -- asking which team -- the most in whatever sport and they're going to put out was for college basketball. And I -- UMass diehard fan yes go to all the games love him. But obviously that means I hate Boston college and I was so happy today when elected them happens on the most hated team in Massachusetts. Is DC it felt so vindicated. Because growing up. IA was forced fed Boston College you turn on you know sports highlights it's a -- here's ABC literally didn't even know -- mass existed as a school until I was like twelfth. And they start making the -- minister what is this you I was fascinated by what is this UMass team this is fun cal Perry and guys going around and Marcus Camby -- row this is awesome. And I fell in love with that team hookers and monies are. All of would have I'm. -- but you know when they were in the final four. On Boston College doesn't have the ability to get that type of enthusiasm because. It's in inclusive group I mean it's exclusive group. It's such a small group of people whereas US is our state school and I thought last year enemy determined and that thing that was so important for them. That they have to do it again this year. Also so your point is and so when this was game now most hated college. Team in in Massachusetts. You were petrified is going to be you man I thought I thought there was a chance it would be -- and -- is my argument. Okay here's the counter argument that'll make you sent out God's. The world I mean a big part of this apathy. Yeah I mean a year you'll hate the people you care about and so so I think that you mass if they did come back and they were on that list of being hated that would be a bad thing is. I wanna be hated I want I want UMass to be that I was so -- oil at the Rhode Island -- and it wasn't UMass at who also if you living you Rhode Island. Who you know you're you're you are I think. You don't come based Syracuse now what do you have against Syracuse you Rhode Island Netflix and I was almost offended by it and now. Well someday you'll be hated want to I want to -- -- and that's the best about living in Boston is that we of the I mean go to buffalo and about the patriots came in about two months ago and I cannot wait to be hated it cannot wait to be called names. And there you know at the best part of being a Boston. All speak you as someone who is hated all the time we will do another -- to outlook for the -- well thank you terrible economy since that terrible -- sports dot com go to it and now will be back. For another podcast foreigners.

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