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Bill Belichick joins Dale and Steve to talk about the next round of cuts, 8-25-14

Aug 25, 2014|

Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick joins Dale and Steve DeOssie to talk about cutting the roster down to 53 players. Jimmy Garoppolo is set to start and play most, if not all of the preseason contest against the Giants. Bill also expressed his thoughts about the kicking game and how some of the new rules have affected the importance of it.

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Gillette Stadium on a patriots Monday our conversation with the coaches brought to you as always by SV ally. It would Tedy Bruschi didn't get affordable dependable life insurance from SP ally. The company that is proof protected over one million family since 1907 visit SB allied dot com today. Coach Bill Belichick is with us I RE coach. Well Andre has gone this is satellite gap preparation for auto Miami in week one isn't -- days like this that's good warm day out there so yeah. That's certainly is related to the weather forecast you got another one even warmer tomorrow it's almost like room service for you get ready we'll take it -- take -- at the minutes up its spot -- thought that. We needed and -- that the guys really really work hard to but this you know pro government practices of the -- camp so. You know Democrats they knew it was going to be and it pushed through the -- And knowing that -- you'll put up in Miami in September -- guys understand at least two veterans understand that and through you can't you can't replace. What you can accomplish today and tomorrow with the kind of hot humid weather. No it's this is really its finger and then. You don't like to settle fluid it's more tomorrow and use a coach tomorrow it's the first major cut down day of of for teams in training camp. Fifteen players per team basically. Cut down I did quick -- that means 480. Football players. Tomorrow at 4 PM will be looking for work. Do you have a handle do you think on all those names if you were interest and and a guy which have a pretty good idea what we're dealing with a few if you wanted to look at a -- Well. Maybe in some cases I think it depends but honestly weren't that concerned about. You know what everybody else is still we'll see a wire like everybody else doesn't. When it's there the -- well taken it certainly a lot of guys that we've looked I don't know of the teams are only that guns in very little playing time more. No adjustment for Sears -- two in the fourth quarter -- -- that DiCaprio ideas they're not an opinion. Roster players but you know everybody's situation a little bit different whoever. Whoever's released its you know 485 B now 450 here for thirty facility if you guys that'll be on some type of you know injured list he appeared in a file whatever happens to date but but they'll still be a lot of players out there and we'll just don't you know work -- way through that. And say look you know succeed without there but. You're right it's big lot of names and then now we'll have. -- -- close to a thousand. In week 11184. -- Saturday is what I was looking right so yeah that's that's a lot that process and you know -- pro personal Harman the stereo and on his staff are. Certainly stretched the -- here in the at these next. Now attendees -- so. With. On trying to you know keep up with everything in and see if there's anybody that you know -- -- -- on. You announced four cuts today. James Anderson Tommy Kelly will Smith and Justin Jones three of those veteran guys. Anderson Kelly and Smith. Is part of your decision to do with a little early to give them an opportunity in the job market may be before this lot of players it's tomorrow. I think that does that does help them a little bit from that standpoint. And I think you know not not. Some of those players -- and had a big role in this week's game anyway and and you know we want to take to make sure we got to look at some of the players. Younger players that we do wanna see that maybe -- played a little bit less so. But in any case. We. Did that we fell echo you know we need to do what's best for the team and the guys that are here with -- opportunity and some of them didn't play as much last week. And Oakland where this week so Sarah goes. -- -- -- Hard and fast rule ball though the make of what your team in terms of veterans and younger guys and and what Bob Dole or is there. There's some formula that you that you have in terms of OK I need X amount of older guys X amount young guys who isn't is there anything there that that comes into play. Well I think you you always do have somewhat of an -- you know each year's different. And each mixes in his little bit differently each team has that define its own personality and takes on its own characteristics of well to set the -- goes but. I've never felt like. You know a strict formula that -- had idiot. And in as you know Steve there's a number of examples. -- -- Them quarry whose captain and his second year on drug made those captain his second year and sometimes guys that are. Young still take our strong leadership role -- have to be tenured veterans so. It just it just depends on on the individual open and just how it all comes together for a. Coaches talk about opportunities and players get opportunities in and try to do the most with -- because Jerod Mayo was unable to play you were able to see. Other players with the green dot on their helmet and making the calls and and how did you think that all went for your defense in the game on Friday night. -- overall not. Because first of all we didn't practice against Carolina like we have with Washington Philadelphia so. Oh we got in the game we. Had a different type of preparation for that we had the previous weeks and so. Thought that Steve artisans. James -- -- spoke that a good job as far as. Get Nicole's Macon some adjustments. Those communication on the field on -- course there were you know few things need to be fixed it and we didn't do perfectly vote. Overall I thought that it pretty solid job man and and it was a good opportunity of course high tower -- Clinton play and I thought Jamie Collins really did a good job of taken over you know kind of part of that role too in terms of you know panel -- defense from the inside. Linebacker position knowledge plan Weldon also Helton that I'll play aggressively and you know get them dictionary right position. How how much do we beat games rule what's the what's the formula in terms of how can perform the programs for young guy. How can performs a practice now we forms of these pre season games goes one way or the other or you just look for good mix. Regret that it's all important. -- that to me I would say pro and most important thing would just the improvement. They have a players is improving with a B in practice and games combination of -- that goes that if you see you -- it's steadily improving. Of -- -- Portland because you never really sure exactly how high that's gonna go once once -- level for start to decline a little bit and -- -- -- what that what that level risen and if it's not really high enough then you -- Philip -- gonna. We have to move on here that players not enough and really feel helpless in the role that reason so. I think as long as they're making improvement and yes invest our fest the level often hit a plateau in the gulf again on our. Some guys start sort of slow and then they have a quick rise once they kind of figured -- and confidence and see it enough times so it's. When you work with a lot of new players have worked with before just sometimes don't really know. How it's gonna go at them so. I've been surprised in the past that. How quickly some guys star in the kind of fade slowly some guys are they really come on. And it's just desist takes some little bit of time bullets apathy. -- -- they have so. I think that's kind of more important for Austin though wasn't -- practice was in the game wasn't against ourselves -- sort of -- instantly team. That the minute that's all good or bad whatever it is but I think when you're seeing progress weekly. Oil daily and weekly that's that's really what he wants. In your experience here if you had guys who who maybe didn't necessarily. Set themselves above everybody else. And all of a sudden that fourth pre season union went you know what I see something there I might not seen it before now but I've seen something there and a -- make the team based on that. I absolutely. Says it's probably happened you know wants toys every year so. Not -- sometimes are the circumstance involved. You know could be an injury or Padilla. You know -- that trade or some of the kind of transactions. That ends up. You know something gets created that wasn't there that might be something that shift but. Sure but that's not in an opportunity you know a lot of our young guys didn't get to play a lot last week you know we had. Acquitted him of playing time for you know our first group -- of the third quarter than we played you know kind of those next guys and there're there are a lot of guys that didn't get in that this'll be a game worth they'll get a lot more opportunity and we'll see see how they do. If it has been reported but I am gonna learn this lesson quickly here in our relationship to ask you first. I've seen it reported that you confirm that Jimmy grapple with starting. On Thursday is that true yes OK and and is he gonna play a fair chunk of the game do you think. Yeah assertive. Hopefully and M what are you looking for from him you talked about that improvement is that we are looking for continued improvement that he's getting the things you're trying to teach. Well I think in this case it's just it's just an experience. That he needs to go through. Two. Feel like he he's gonna start the game he's going to be in the game for every. Situations second down third down goal line red areas two minute whatever it is is to be prepared for everything. And handle whatever whatever it is that comes up and this is also -- that he'll have to do. Deal with the media abilities. You know production mean before the game. You know that your fans have plenty insults formally -- on the field. It's an -- game it's in -- all the things that quarterback. Eventually will will do as a starting quarterback and whenever that happens I have no idea but whenever it does have at least he will have done it. Once before and so I think there's you know something to be learned here on -- been here three and a half years -- You know dominant. Couple hundred times so. That this opportunity for -- to get Dexter Johnson and and sure learn from. We would just focus on improvements. Have you seen that improvement from those of the young wide receivers which brought in last year. I think there'll Saturn -- -- no question and and a big jump in the offseason and of course Aaron hasn't had a lot of opportunity to be on the field -- more just recently but just from an understanding. Standpoint assignments. Adjustments for recognition. A lot of little things subtle things the signals from the quarterback and formation changes and those type things that that's all from a lot easier to lose it all three of those guys KT Josh and and -- and and of course. You know assaults France a new overseer forcefully he he's really picked things up well -- this training camp and you know he sent an excellent job all way around. Both in the passing game the running game as a blocker in the kicking game I had a couple big walks on the returns last week to Julian and policy he's he's shown up -- to seven years so -- all those guys have. Has done a good job and I think a blow away over last -- with the overall group of receivers and he's been out there today to land. So you know that that's good to him. Green Bay played Oakland Friday night pre season game and Mike McCarthy did something interest thing I thought. He went into the game and and said he's his decision was they were gonna go for too. They have four touchdowns they went for -- -- four times made it twice failed twice and they were also critical for it on fourth down a lot more they wanted to work on those aspects of the game. If they do extend the extra point like they experimented with the first two pre season games. Will coaches like yourself look at the two point conversion a lot differently than. Outlawed they depend on the situation. In Miami and as the -- to feel like the Dexter points going to be where the where the -- line is that the -- -- back further with the conditions are. Problem. I -- in 2008. We played in awful -- in the season. But all fifteen yard line I think though -- a tremendous. Care to make that extra point in those conditions so. You know conditions are bad enough it might feel like you -- off. Filter to you know I don't know that that's an interesting. You know that there's been several proposals that birds that are -- shifting. Variations of change next rules -- -- in Chicago they discuss the time. -- -- I did like -- what will we did pre season first games at least it made it more competitive play. And in 9495%. -- that 99.9. Percent. Was so. But that was better and this both play. We're Steve at the operate in the Philadelphia game also shows the extension of the -- rights because those letters -- -- that we. Last year in the Miami game in Miami's. You know looked like it went right over the goal post season was ruled no good this one went political -- Balanced and so these we definitional. Cables -- so I think thousand room because kickers are honorable. All and so knows -- but we'll just we'll -- mostly want to -- are -- in favor of that longer extra point try. Right now as it stands. Absolutely yeah we propose that gal I'm on a favor making it more competitive play I just don't like plays in football are competitive and I don't think the extra point when it plays its 99 point 6% and successful at Pittsburgh and play. And honestly Natalie. You know 50% pickles suspects and now the experts lately there haven't moments. You know -- -- look I respect kickers you know they integrate Pickens -- they -- -- war for that but. You know one half the case in the leader for a little more than Africa for suspects. We're talking about great -- and that's that's the norm now. And were eliminated them plays that we've seen in the last publish a couples of -- You know the most exciting plays of the year so. I'm not in favor of eliminating those plays and like to -- extra point in more competitive and you know. Extra points or more competitive when you're allowed to block them on night analog block and he can -- -- the centenary camp polish it can't jump in on anybody can mean. -- -- -- block it means it's hard so. That combination of all those things is is really. Not reduce but it certainly. You know -- compress the kicking game to a punt punt return game. And kickoffs and kickoff returns like we had an argument wasn't one in the game. That was Stephens -- -- the Afghan Islamic couple seconds but all the rest of the kitten -- kicking game was. -- on both sides so there were no kickoff returns in the game and again the extra points and Google's orders you know marginally competitive missile or poem on returns. -- I like the kicking game as part football it started that way I think we should retain that competitiveness. We appreciate time it's always good -- -- we will see you next week -- sounds good I just take telecheck joining us here on the patriots Monday Sports Radio WEEI.

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