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It Is What It Is Cast: Jimmy Garoppolo to start preseason finale

Aug 25, 2014|

WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Chris Price discuss the news that Jimmy Garoppolo will get the start Thursday and play most of the game. They talk about what it might mean for Ryan Mallett.

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Welcome inside Gillette Stadium everybody my name is Mike for trial had joined as always by patriots expert columnist for WEEI dot com Christopher price. Later tonight Chris to the patriots foundation the charitable foundation will hold their annual -- that's why you see all the cardboard cutouts. I'm behind us our Rob Gronkowski immediately behind us. He is not expected to play Thursday night would not they would be of shock at this point. If he were to play but some of the other guys that we are certainly looking forward to seeing playing the number one would be starting quarterback. Jimmy -- below that announcement was made. I hear inside Gillette Stadium word got around the problem would indeed be the starter -- over Ryan mallet Tom Brady will not play. So what do you make of Jimmy drop below getting the starting -- again on Thursday night against the giants. I think this spikes the Ryan -- trade talk Ryan -- -- talk -- VO at this point this summer -- some them we've grown accustomed to now. Or over the course of the entire offseason we know for a fact that. He was talking a -- Richard talking to the Texans in the offseason. About a possible Ryan mallet deal this is going to spike the Ryan -- trade talk once again. Column I'm interested in seeing drop below out there in a reasonable against a reasonable facsimile of twos and threes we shouldn't read too much into this performance though because again. You're gonna see a whole lot of start so I think this is a way to maximize -- -- reps. On Thursday it could -- interest and see how it's how he responds it's going to be interesting to see over the next couple days with a -- coming up. What ultimately ends up happening right now. With the patriots at this point be wise to hold on to Ryan -- as -- as a third quarterback at this point even if Jimmy drop below which out of chapter reported as not being. Tabbed as the Brady back up formally yet we don't even know what if Ryan -- going to be held on the roster he's going to be cut. What do you think the odds are either way. I think you are best served by having three quarterbacks on the roster at this point having Jimmy drop law has been very impressed over the course this summer. That being said I don't think that they would be completely comfortable with the idea of having him as you're number two with this point in his career. I say all that with a knowledge their did not. You know with the with the understanding that. If someone knocks you sideways if that the Saint Louis rams' offer you a second round pick her third round pick I'm not saying it's gonna happen but if that. If a team comes in here and says look we'll give you something for Ryan -- that you did not inches -- getting. Then that's a game changer but I I think really at this point -- you're looking at a situation where the patriots again would be best served by having three quarterbacks on the roster. Obviously that does play into. That the the -- the injury to Sam Bradford on the over the weekend. He blew out the same -- that he injured just last season so that changes the dynamic quite a bit on the trademark it really does in I think it's important to note dated this time mere things are very fluid -- on the market is dynamic the market is always changing. For players across the league not just to the quarterback position that's one example but you you can look at -- handful of examples across the league. Don't assume that once the final cuts Armey also on Saturday. That that's going to be the roster that that team is gonna taken the regular season more often than not their trades that happened. They're releases. There's some finessing it goes practice squad exactly there it is when you're talking about the team building process it just doesn't freeze once -- the 53 man roster spot on on Saturday. Have a chance to talk to Jimmy drop below inside the patriots locker room on Monday and he told me when I asked down. Yeah exactly what is the difference between starting. And coming in in relief of Tom Brady he said really there isn't any you have to be prepared whenever your number is called obviously Ryan -- got that one series. On Friday night against the Panthers and did fairly well he comported himself. Fairly well and I drove the team down for a field goal. When you talk to Jimmy Graf below the thing that we got on Monday was his humility and he knows the quote that he told us was. I know I'm still rookie I know I still have a -- to learn. And it's a lot of the players around me who are gonna determine how successful I am I just have to be able to lead them as a quarterback. That there is very young men prairie there at least he's saying the right thing publicly we don't know what's going on behind the -- producing directing public he he's he's telling us. They are kind of what we want to hear from lack of better term I want the coaches wanna hear more -- -- -- I will say this and we talked about this over the course this summer. He's been good in that locker room. When it comes to commanding -- huddle when it comes to. Working in a leadership role with some of the younger guys it's kind of tough because. You are in a leadership role when they -- almost have to kind of deferred you the veterans have to defer upended the same time he understands that he can only do so much as a rookie again he showing the proper level of deference. All right that you mentioned some of the other moves that took place over the weekend. Obviously on Sunday news being made that defensive lineman Tommy Kelly and Will Smith couple of veterans on the roster Will Smith brought in in the offseason to add some depth. Really frankly didn't show that much maybe not all his own doing not his all his own fault. But he didn't show a lot and also. There is three cuts made what did you make of all the cuts over the week. The biggest and most surprising to mine mine was Tommy Kelly I thought Tommy Kelly showed very well over the course of the offseason. They brought him in hearings -- good locker room guy and they had a lot invested in quite frankly he was a guy got injured early near last year. Hung around. Really reworked his deal to stay here and really showed his did his due diligence when it came to the recount process got back on the field in in relatively quick fashion. I wouldn't be surprised to see him back on this roster. In some former fashion in 2014. We underwriting non guaranteed situation actually we've seen that from veterans here in the past before where they're cut and then the brought back after the first year so other contracts aren't guaranteed he's basically basically -- week to week deal. That the James Anderson -- surprised me a little bit because they don't have a lot of depth that that line backing spot a particularly when it came forward to working that coverage linebacker so. I would be surprised if Anderson was out totally completely I think he's gonna look on some world. To your point Will Smith I think he struggled a little -- -- -- a little bit underwhelming I think those backup defensive end Will Smith Jake Beckett. Michael became an all struggled to get a consistent push on the pastor on the on the passer over the course of the summer. Obviously Michael Buchanan is somebody to keep a close eye on on Thursday he spoke to us on Monday. And he said you know I know that I have to show I have to separate myself from the group I think I've had a good camp in doing that. And I would tend tend to agree with him I think he's put on some -- now ways he told us anyway weighs 265 pounds. He had to put that weighed on to be more effective on the defensive end setting the edge stopping the run you think he's done that. I think he has that I think he's shown enough improvement over the course of the off season at least on the practice that we seem. What I want to see from him going forward now like I said before more consistency I think he's got to do a better job. Getting pressure on the passer he's Denver while in terms of setting yet to be from my perspective but. If you wanna be able to show more in this league nor give -- hang around the league as long as possibly you have to be more consistent -- and that's the one thing he needs to bring to the field going forward. All right some of the other things you'll be looking for on Thursday night I'm just any of the starters of significance get any time whatsoever I mean. You would have to figure -- -- you what now 8785 players on the roster they're all back ups on Thursday is that the way you see it. If you're starter on Thursday night in you're getting significant time that the bad -- I'll say that I don't think anyone -- any real significance I mean I wrote this over the weekend. You know if Brady Revis cattlemen brick house. Here's a name wanna throw out any played -- high and on Thursday night and I thought he comported himself handled themselves very well Patrick -- He was a guy I talked Chris came in here as an underdog to make this roster. But he is shown I think it in the pre season in the pre season games to be very personal -- both the free and strong safety spot. Exactly I think it's a great point I think however it's going to be interesting to see how it all shakes out because they have a lot of those guys they have a lot of those safety slash special team types. They don't all do the same thing but the -- that seemed category where you know you can look at guys like -- Norris Davis native -- -- on walls and Patrick Chung Matthew Slater. All of those you can only carry so many of those guys they think he may be the victim of a numbers game I do agree -- I think when he was in there I think you played well. But I think you have to start looking at who you can caring who you can't carry. An 88 being bit not all the guys in that grouping oppositional grouping. Are gonna end up being army people -- and I are an -- some gets banged around a little bit you you you find a way to keep water to around here but I'll say this I know obviously Slater's jobs secures the special teams captain you would think. I ever guaranteed on walls and we're here last year I think Tim on walls and may be on the bubble little bit. I think -- looks good I think he's too valuable and I think the coaching staff loves them I agree I agree an appointment but that -- one less spot for one of those guys having one of those guys might be Patrick -- Interesting to see if and how much indeed Patrick -- And some of the other veterans play on Thursday night if they play at all obviously it figures to be a big game for the twos and threes. A lot of players a lot of non roster and varieties. Fighting to make an impression fighting to make the 2014. Patriots roster that'll be Thursday night yours truly will be inside MetLife stadium bringing you all the action. On WEEI dot com Christopher price unlike the trial I -- at Gillette Stadium WEEI dot com.

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