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Three For All: Mustard and the Video Music Awards 8-25-14

Aug 25, 2014|

Danny Picard and Christian talk about Mustard as a solution for cramps, The VMAs, and Suge Knight getting shot.

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Hey these guys know more than just boarding school educated well traveled passionate -- -- Renaissance man at -- at least three or wrong. Number 30 yeah psychiatry. Threes overall -- It's 34 wrong these days with him half beaten. Hi welcome back. Bring -- the three for all my first street for all. Bridge asked three broad street brawl with two so you through to victory so there's something like that. And that would -- activity. So what -- we will start with and you might be wondered why I asked Julie entitlement and Chandler Jones about. Draped in moss did. To prevent cramps you probably -- what is this kid talking about this reason I ask that question because. On. Friday night high school football Madison academy. A touched on -- order. Well for a flag and it -- the sideline and he starts Franken -- I don't just mean drink the most highly enriches -- I had yellow on yellow bottle. -- -- -- like on the sideline and he's it's the thought of it until he takes the -- and it. Put it down and I have never seen. Anything like that in mind highlight if you told me that this was interest or at signal away but is actual video footage of it. And -- I'll wonder what does it work you know you yeah you're trying to figure out if this is a joke is it's rail. And well I go to so I -- I see it actually a possible sports and I let. Final bird hit the search and great research he does on the web site -- originally -- and it's an interesting fact. Must -- is known to increase circulation in -- auctions for all -- all organs. So -- birds -- to reassert its time and a hot dog also -- -- Just like my -- -- helping my hydration the -- but that's not just literally just drank in the months did. And it's not just a little lost on -- I don't run a mile hot dog and I was very conservative now I know and that would food I don't know it has the same effect as it does just -- in the most Adonal. Another question researchers got rejected stuff I didn't really -- because if you had told me don't and that that athletes dollar got a drink much did. -- we -- struck toxins from the organs. Well I did not but now we're talking about your injury late unity we talk about angle acuity. Oh well no -- because that's got to drink. You feel like it was a big deal. So we would drink -- I've seen -- -- Belichick down appeal for each game. And after doing it for like thirteen years somebody at some like researchers that you know you're not getting anything that. That is a tragedy and a bit of that yet. You in the NFL you would drink and if you feel like I mean what you don't get hooked up at the ivy. I don't know why don't you know rare us very rare rare even. -- we -- it's not like -- and I thought I have to I have to -- a little -- I like -- it's worked out blazing out here in New England I mean it's like you're. You know deeply all your. Water it. I'm going a little bit beyond just grants Alba yeah I had a couple drinks before it. -- -- -- Also you can yeah I think you can't get the ticket lottery ticket -- you -- -- -- -- -- a much as late at night so it's so realize that you Miami -- -- Forget about the Doritos are gone mustard on the hard court must. I'm shocked that this is a thing but this is the third. What is now. We're making it's that you think the coaches the pictures the coach at a high school kid with a legit bottle of yellow mustard. -- did it bother you pick him let him do that it was about identical views riders at the table yet you -- edit that -- -- and again. I mean you're not you can't just sit there are three -- -- -- you can imagine that's that's causing -- the most things in Grozny to. Yeah that's probably the weirdest letter to her and as far as when it comes to. How to hydrate how to to reestablish your -- whatever -- accuse the mustard seed. Very powerful. So -- is gonna try to get a video -- -- an app right by the time it. Julian -- aren't -- when he got bought me quickly enemy you ocean -- I don't. Should and I got shots. Know what's it doesn't really -- not the first time so I -- -- you know you read distances so the big amazed part of the amazement last night. But -- -- Saturday so they all go out Saturday night of this place called 10 in West Hollywood. And obviously. Some stuff it's crazy. But what was interesting to me was the fact that. Night at least the reports on it -- night wasn't necessarily the target. -- to possible. Targets were but he got. Justin Bieber. And Chris Brown. Don't like -- -- but they got to try to pick. Oh man is an innocent I don't -- it's shot obviously by can match it crossed over. Today and -- Justin Bieber. Like it from Canada right plays guitar in the subway system you know or anybody it's you know discovered by usher. And now he's added up all. Added up any role in this club had shirtless bagel chain -- I mean if you're in backlog of me how quickly view besides the regular. Let it out meet people. Or. You gotta think about this if you -- Just -- -- well this street cred as. It is they can even worse and locker opponents just. -- Take it. Well. It is person he calls it probably. Selena. News just a -- in Adams. -- you know -- -- -- I've who would and it made the reports are seen at -- Orlando Bloom with the shooter. -- It's that. The swap on multiples that is not a -- bullet though you know -- asked -- to -- what the -- -- you hear the breaking -- now. So whenever there's a real breaking news now we used here. Britain so that was really the biggest image thing in the fact -- it was I was shocked that. I regret that Saturday Night Live. He's -- the ES PX rated via CNET and he was jokes now -- like -- -- odd pieces. I thought that was a great. Halves hours networks -- BC I'm surprised IP chooses to go buy up. You know top and I was -- it and we wish we could. -- rates on these inside. I'm surprised he wasn't there to obstruct. Not. In the human -- -- president of the disease legal. -- all right -- anything -- and prevent it but it only got upon review of the upon further review will be at the end of the show that is. Solid 34. All. Take your phone call numbers are the three. -- thought it was a little rates -- be a.

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