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Julian Edelman: Brady is always competitive. 8-25-14

Aug 25, 2014|

Julian Edelman joins Christian and Danny Picard to talk about his approach going into the season, his performance this preseason, as well as the VMAs, and preventing cramps using mustard.

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Brady to throw to the right side it is -- -- that -- analytics event as. After the five guys you really don't have the patriots believe. But the touchdown pass the Brady. Still -- it -- 47. To eight or doing what they did the podium at Gillette Stadium. All you. Dogs living together mass hysteria it's that exciting and studio today right now is -- -- Joins us now Verizon play interview -- this patriots Monday at Gillette Stadium. And our interview Julian Edelman has brought to you by Verizon avenues of patriots game this season with a combined power of NFL mobile and bios on MTV and -- that. Exclusively. From Verizon Julian actually join us -- senator -- engine agree agree. Name for a as far as who you now wanna fight. Definitely. A gimmick yes I would have to I'd agree on Zachary cattle ranchers. Like he should be like. Throw and -- barn because I -- -- that bulls yeah I mean I think. He's quiet he's strong that's why nasty he's just he's he's sixteen tenacious. He's never gonna tell who's gonna be -- now you're just going to be dead -- you look you're from about if you walked in the patriots locker room and you talk to Logan -- -- be like hey this is the nicest guy of all time it would hurt us all well without a doubt but I mean. When you watch him when he's plain and when he when he's gone against someone on the same team it's. It's pretty it's fun to watch yeah it's fun to watch. Fast channel of like -- I feel it every a lot of great players like yourself and like Chandler. And Logan all the hassle -- -- it it will ship and got to have a bit of an a hole in yourself to succeed in this -- because. People are always trying takes them from. And Logan's got it he's got a big giant one huge and you have a huge -- and I know channel it does he's just doesn't want to really come out and really. Expressive and much like you and a dangerous off these. He acknowledged god yeah it's about a minute ago. But -- -- tell us now so after three pre season games. At least from the outside looking -- I mean you look like you when Tom Brady the way you guys that I -- this last training camp. Just being out here to let stadium watching you guys practice it just feels right when Tom Brady throw the football you've got just feels -- you -- you. Just feel more comfortable than anybody else in the field I mean. Did you feel that way to -- this is comfortable confident as you ban it in a training camp through three pre season games and your entire Korean. I mean. Yes by the most confident I've ever been. With that said I mean this is it -- it's a lot different circumstances from years in the past. With how things are going in how things are now. You know we we've had some good plays we've had some bad plays I mean there's a lot of things that we have to work on that I get exposed in the regular season. And you know we start a week two weeks to try to get that done because in only go out there and here we -- the giants this week you play you know Miami divisional game first game of the year you know got things always on opening day as Christians and you know. Second you know it it doesn't always go the same way it was kind of news. You know there's always a crazy play here sums going on it's it's -- it's the start of the season so you know you really got to get ready for those situations and being able. Just like that you really chomping at the bit now for the regular season starts. I mean that you guys play on Friday so kind of a short week -- really realistically play on Thursday believe and on Wednesday aegis. Ready for the season start already and head down a Miami. Yeah I mean. I like the pre season because it helps you sharpen your tools you get in -- Practice with your team for two weeks -- you and you. We've had luxury of having the joint practices so when you get to. And when you practicing guys and they know your moves you know you're doing in they they know though how you run your routes this which which. He should be able to get open but it it it helps you to go against other guys this stack up will even work in every week against the same old guy. When you go against someone else than you get to see how how well you're really using your your techniques in your tools so. You know -- like -- pre season thing and you know we do have another week and in this can be a big week to just tighten everything up and try to get in to the regular season full steam -- But let's face it this isn't any sort of payback and there's an audience of Jackson's the fourth pre season game I mean how do you view that PayPal why aren't just. An automatic out as the pre season game it doesn't matter who's who it's against. We call the third game the treacherous the biggest game of the pre season you Steve Hewitt that what. You know. There around here they keep you on your toes with everything. So. They don't tell you a few how long you play this that they always on it's like everything's -- so you know. Everywhere every week you don't know how much you're going to be playing this that. And you kinda have to just prepare every day every week that. -- in -- you know even the pre season that. You know you're going to be playing a lot because they might say you're not playing one leaker or herself and and they throw you in there at the last minute. Probably just to try to get a test of in your mental toughness or some like dad and you know that that's huge over here with the the situation knowing in the mental aspect of the game and -- -- Ryan Callahan and the first corner. I'm on Friday night how surprised are you to see that what was your reaction we Johnson. You note. Like I said no I don't I had -- -- and I had no clue and you know like message got to be for you to be prepared for. Anything happen you know some goes down with a quick manner you know something you know for guys to get out. You got to be prepared and he's got to worry about what you gotta do and do your job -- How how how does it change for you mentally was so it -- -- comes into the huddle. You used to running you have the -- that's on the books and it's it's a five -- out right but then there's the adjustments that you make that route then there's a way at the top kind of wants. You run that route that we human and when you do kind of talk about it -- -- -- I want to run just like this when melt comes and are you running it. Going back to the base formation based high -- to run that route or are you do you have to kind of look back at how Mel wants that player run you look at it there's a difference between each quarterback how does it. He separated or what makes it difficult. -- try to stay in the system. Of what. In the coaching point that router that that assignment of that play is and you know of course see you you've played a few years with each of the guys and you know how he he he's gonna react to something you have to know how some -- -- gonna react so. I know when Tom's in there I you have to kind of know it -- Tom likes in 1000 there. In you have to kinda turn that on and say are well this is you know what now likes her some like that and and you know with with our coaches they put us in. You know -- right play calls and and they teach you on each play you know the fundamental to play. The concept to the play so do you stay in the system Indonesian would be all right. But you have to know on the sideline and say well is -- going back and the next series because if you look at myself in your shoes that's the first question I'm asking my go to -- after it -- -- -- -- or -- to -- and -- and it's just the but. -- -- -- what you really can't be that pushy guy. Now. Portugal. As you. It to his -- receiver yeah I mean does it not -- quarterback these kind of set up in the huge yeah I mean. You know that's that's the commander. You know well does -- does Tom Brady does the commander is he playing with more. Extra motivation to see I see him and I saw some passes and in a Friday night. And I don't want to overreact to pre season spread the need at least you we don't on the sideline to a deep out to Tompkins aunts and myself. What did do something gold braid just oh he's always fired up -- is a little like extra dollar on the view she got an. You know. It seems like each and every year I've played with him that he's always a little more motivated. And then next year. You know it just kind of the guy he is. -- what what's what's his favorite gamer what's his face it's the next game as just a competitor in Tom and -- -- he plays with that chip on his shoulder I mean we've all seen the -- six and all that. Stuff and creditors and all that yes I ask not stuff. And I mean that's really how he is -- -- -- -- a corn hole game in the locker room in this guy. Is trying to win in these. The most competitive guy over a gentlemen's bet sun and it's it's as Tom you know he wants to go out and -- -- Do the best he can every time and that's it that's what a leader does and he it it becomes contagious and makes other guys on the same thing. -- two quick questions and I got to go first question and I don't know if you can advances. Capacity through to the fell -- the -- first or second series it looked like you short arm did and look like he did it on purpose was because look spell wasn't. Throttling down and going in the linebacker or did you get -- guys that look at that. I have a -- that we saw that Louis we moved on to. Did -- and I just I -- here's what I don't you saw I hope you saw because I'm still trying to figure out what's real and Kate at the amazed have you what I want us. And I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Once the Vietnamese and Paulus and never will -- a given that I know it's on -- -- -- just look at demonize people opening -- -- opening -- -- easily make -- accurate but cannot be real and it does not real image management and Janet Jackson. No but she she almost -- that was yeah. I'm Alfonse wardrobe malfunction. And Jackson's status she replied not that how's yours on the shirt pretty tight to it says almost out she was going to do the whole big reveal -- I didn't know what was gonna happen -- wander and -- Somebody's -- I don't know. But I did he did what Miley Cyrus -- like a lifetime achieve who it's it's it's an achievement is that -- ends of the I know she had a homeless person. Former home -- -- him an opposite. And except war for. Do you agree not crazy -- lakers. I -- -- all of voted you out there not get in trouble you Stuart is at the mustard greens right you hatred on that. You -- And you know during most of that from -- I saw a final -- on a bus goes even devoted to prove it -- the secular at a panel that the -- -- -- I mean. We're ticket nutrition. Supplement advice from bar stools and I mean we know and no not from -- -- -- president -- -- you know where they got it you know they got -- from. A football game on for high school football game on the side on the ice panels for an economic game a -- most of. Now you it. It's MP sounds pretty legitimate because there's a lot of salt probably in the Muster some to do at the mustard seed. But we we use pickle juice and they have been here in the in the salt in their. Exposed to help from it prevent you from -- being. And dehydration and helps you maintain the water and -- he's drinking water you maintain the water without the calories of a Gatorade. So. You know that's what we could. I think we just found the next you know the next video you can test it out. Meanwhile Boston on the sideline measured time with Julie and I joke it felt perfect love it. I Julianne thanks a lot of joining us appreciate it is Julian element that brought to you by an IRS restoration specialists and fine master money dot com.

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