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Chandler Jones breaks down Pats-Panthers 8-25-14

Aug 25, 2014|

Chandler Jones talks about his dominant performance against the Panthers and looks forward to the start of the regular season.

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Welcome back -- -- -- -- and that he will live at Gillette Stadium. On this patriots Monday on -- forgotten studio today villain of the ten bands and Maloney. Christian Farr is Whitney and just sit down next to us in studio is Chandler Jones and not interview. Which -- Jones brought to you by Verizon never miss a patriots game. This season with the combined power of NFL mobile and bios quantum TV and Internet. Exclusively. From Verizon Chandler good afternoon I don't I'm doing good thanks. Having me thanks -- so Chandler lot of praise on you got to look related the entire defense so I'll try to tell -- Usually when everything works out good for a team that's usually what bill kind of tries to knock you down -- pay who don't feel too good about just so -- happened today. Are actually Saturday or Sunday. Around the you know especially -- if you had a great game. Thank you I appreciate that you know coach is very consistent with the coaching you know is gonna go to the same way we when are we losing. And -- -- -- to agree coat you know on his Olympic of the things that we do as far as that is apparently what things to do rate. In them that -- become would be coming out RB and a professional athlete I'm you know when you do -- -- you've been playing a sport for the song. You know I mean I'm and there are -- and you know doubt the guys in and cross the -- with book. I'm you know you can agree are deeply about this place. I played OK yeah I got to play better I don't think notably better is that there's a lot of players that live out there and hopefully. -- before we get -- we've won we can correct those things. But when you going to this -- pre season game I mean we make. A whole lot out of it because we say oh this is the biggest pre season game now you've played it you've experienced that now for a couple years. Do we make too -- the third pre season game and it's it's the biggest one note the dress rehearsal. On the Seattle the -- you know a lot of from people look at it differently. I think every game seriously jackets -- it will be the last game of the season on. And -- also brucellosis pre season going on this is that mrs. Robertson in parts involved there and give better you know we can we go. And I'm excited you know -- -- -- for this team to go forth and we won but -- yeah I said as far as a pre season games you know some people caught the Dresser or someone you know I think I think every game's leaders -- A big game did you guys play the mulch you know it's -- -- -- the most and out of all the pre season games and -- the defense. Let let's be honest there's a lot of hype. This season don't just like it was last year but is even more now. If we're gonna judge that they're pre season game and say okay this is actually the dress rehearsal or odds from the -- gonna just like that. You guys looked ready to live up do you feel ready thank you that you need to live up -- -- you guys feel ready to live up -- -- you know is trying to ignore that begins review pounded his mind you know reference again that's what I told you and I don't know how well I don't I don't believe there is -- yeah -- -- that -- it is today. Yeah ago I -- at that wizards. Advanced when they came -- on Saturday back to the song was play. I'm gonna have this amount -- -- at the theft and for every game via. A camera so. Companies the whole the whole -- the bass -- we conceived so much from -- the players and the -- players. So there watch this game called game I don't know how do you -- -- how do you prevent yourself from doing that is just an accidental sometimes just based on you. Can't fight with the topic to tackle this thing with you at. It's tough man that's causing the issues that have believe in the rest hands and you know it's it's their job to you know to call a game and and it's tough you know his plan to sort of football your hands and again that's based upon you avoided -- it's tough I mean hey it's illegal so you know you try to avoid -- -- you try not to do you could say it stupid. It is tough. But -- or something that you can like it if you have a move particularly got a couple -- there's a move that you figure is may cause the problem like bleeding to death penalty and and it's got to hit it -- little bit knowing that now you kind of have to adjust it and just protect yourself because you -- have a great move accidentally hit some kind of base. And now that now that that play that drive continues to go because basically what happened with you. Yes the yes it's tough on SS and those. That's one of those things you just have to own up to you know you're in you can come -- this out of the classroom is -- very closely hey you know. They -- in you know and and a and it's it's your job understanding you know your hands were a little high. -- -- you do get to -- the guy's face mask on his helmet so. -- -- -- -- -- -- more controlled against you comment today. Tommy Kelly rules meant that these guys are gone but what's your reaction to that those cuts element. Us on the edge of rabbits have got to build bone density could go sick you know its. On -- team sentiments gong to conceal the time to build notions about how does it because it is kinda I was completely is always like it was kind of awkward moment. Because you really did -- kind of public it was a death of public view of the could definitely I didn't know what to say to Juan you know how to react to one. Mean these guys yet and playing with a long time -- -- from last year Will Smith was new bit. Would you say it -- you just be good luck be no more hope to see you soon. Well you. -- -- understand you know it's been an NFL on younger player and NFL in underscores in my third year. Tom you see situations where they'll be you know. New guys in the Timor -- guys that leave the team and a system part of the a part of the organization are part of the National Football League you're gonna see you know. This one's in my third year and I've met plenty of guys you know -- -- and -- and verified without -- across. The league in it's just just have to understand that the organization and just the National Football League. Speak about yet in this one this. So watch we talk to talk to every Monday when. You guys listen every Monday -- -- And it is very curious Monday patriots Monday with -- and they don't think this. It and you play. That each guy. -- Each guy whether the -- is able it is real life he's the but it -- him just because football is you know. Criticisms orders so what you seem like such you know cool shield guys you know very reserved. Do you have to Connolly. The deep into your hole. They did. You know that these tackles that played the lead you because relentlessly coming up quarterback. Great job that it against the rod thank you. You know it doesn't that's that's noticeable but you just can't be passed them and figure out. Is there to do wizard you you playing music easily what kind of repertory -- -- There's difference -- it just turned into -- off you know you know from me stay here would you guys to me you know strip and implement them. But I'm aspires an -- as you say a hole and yeah. Own. I'm oh my god. First of -- yeah I think I. Ever meet your cigarette next everybody I'm an Arizona business -- and a like. It's off the table -- You know not come across the guy that talks about it trash from having had any -- mistresses and that is there's some guys you know try to give me your hand. In his little extra push and you know that's when you kind of there Italian and not kind of -- I'll give you an extra push back maybe inexplicably. -- trying to be mean I'm just trying to do my job and execute you know -- a -- -- against the individual battles in the field and you in your talking and you know that's when you gonna do they lose your focus is not let me go -- and Sunday's. I'm the biggest things to do your job and in in and try to put the team -- honestly. In them at the biggest thing we try to coach here so -- When I look at this defensive line and I'm gonna go back to to Kelly for benefit is on I'm shocked that that he's gone. I don't that -- I don't look at the guys in the middle. As major pieces to help you guys in the outside the morning at the bitch and yourself so when something like that it's fun I guess. Do you look at that and say well now I need to do we even more with my job because. Individually you just said you have to won't focus really are on your itself put. Do you put that focus even more so that pressure even more so when you lose someone like that in the middle what's that that I thought. From the outside looking at least was that important to the Steelers -- lot. You know every every single week was this pre season or whether as a regular season revenues post season. I'm I'm one out there with the same mindset and it no matter you know no matter a whole pulls out there and it's. As it's you know whoever is up there next annual whoever's out there I feel like I'm a -- game while you know so it not there's no there's no relief. Up pressure you know as far as you know that players -- his absence you know or whatever is going on you have with the president of the bill about it but every week I'm I'm gonna give -- 110% so. It's two seasons in recent another pre season game currently before the season starts in before he really did it do teach you to set goals for yourself. But personal goals yes I do it is owed to eleven half sacks last year -- he tells the goal is this year. -- well. Why -- -- know that question I was young and us. No I don't articulately over and under. You know ultimately gentleman and a way I can still some thoughts on being sentiment until you number -- -- more. That obvious you know I know and in I -- that question a lot you know be walking and grocery store I'll be now be in the -- it's. Obvious enthusiasm that. I think it's money you know I get different -- But I you know whenever I have an interview -- from talking to reporters in this is actually feel you know. From I does that I want do better than and -- -- and that's how you know and at the -- team even if I didn't do as good as we did last year. A Martinez better arm I'll be happy in analysts on Wednesday. But I honestly feel that way are really doing some of the steam. -- implanted in them and patriots in -- -- for the season yeah and you know you can't give us. Answer. On on really. You know I can't be focused on on that vote against it because I welcome you with the that's the that's all it does affect the teams that that -- on the play. And -- -- -- to betterment -- able to that so that's fifteen were right. Ever actually element is -- when you talk which and the Jones the Verizon. Player have you got a -- right now what are we gonna do anything to break the break. If we take a quick break take a quick timeout. A lot gentlemen thank you for joining us. Two runners on and on -- and it probably are now. Now is little -- so we've all the beats beats by. Albert and added that one. That. -- off let's call hey you know -- you know as I'm sitting in the day visit has got to look you know. Brothers. Robert -- rather too and it. A big coming -- How many. Yeah I can tell us it's actually yeah this season where you got Christian one more form before we go to. Yeah I -- Normally I'd hear this all of this via this -- -- this poll that well it's -- people to -- okay. Who was the one guy you wouldn't want to fight this fight so memorable was adopted soon. What was that Mike Colbert people you guys displayed Vermont. From Carolina was the guy. But you're not on there. And fight this I don't -- -- -- -- with his brother almost. Yes -- -- I'm Jen and bones jones' brother was like that who so you can't can't take -- yourself. Who would be his body yet legal manic as Erica up. On this from last year's out there and -- what item in the this. Poem there's a few tough guys after. From -- Ireland. OK Angelina Quincy Douby that the whole -- -- right now is that I've read this. Back here -- the armed. On Wednesday. As anyone and often because my progress so maybe you guys that. Compete. Did it was -- He's glad you welcome the will keep them on anyone actually have you ever. Drank. Molested. To help with France that's the new craze there was a high school football player over the weekend on the -- country -- Wednesday and this -- I have during the have during. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It happened over the weekend -- football plays that they were pivotal. You know -- -- that is a referral. And all that was just what I have got we have many of odds -- -- -- Todd thanks a lot that -- join us thanks every minute I Easter and the Jones. The chance of John Julian Edelman Angelina mentioned in -- next the Verizon play interview which and the Jones. Is brought to you by the Lansky and -- on anybody's first foray as we just said Julian Edelman joins us after this final.

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