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Tom Brady reacts to the Patriots' third preseason game 8-25-14

Aug 25, 2014|

Brady joins Dennis and Callahan heading into week four of the preseason. He explains how he exercises his brain to maintain and build brain fitness.

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-- juries are trying to hyperventilate chat with pomp and make no promises Bob Brady interview brought to you by AT&T northeast electrical distributors -- applicator and DCU. Digital federal credit union according Tom how are you. They don't warrant we were just discussing the Sam Bradford injury that's got to be so frustrating and devastating for him certainly Jeff Fisher all the rams the rams fans how -- NFL guys like you. Deal with this ongoing threat of the sort of damocles hovering over your head. Injuries to key players to really Alter the entire outlook for an entire season of an entire football team. -- compartmentalized. You know it's pretty tough especially this time a year when you -- that happen. But it is the nature of -- on it could happen you know Kurt Vonnegut there's been. And played it very physical game there's so many things that are really unpredictable and you just keep caught. In a bad position at the wrong time men. And you know -- -- you know so. You know you -- really rely on the -- But that team the quality of the later in the coaching almost being landed over the course along -- through a key player it is. Is always -- October comes out. You know the roster and our look very different December reform to play a football. But hope we have as many health guy at the right time as possible in order really achieve your goals but it's toward the -- legacy. Tom when you went down -- call what your emotions were not only just at the moment but the course to the entire season that the frustration your competitive guy what what was that whole thing like. Well I never really been seriously injured until that so. It's really -- everyone deals with things differently -- him down. I just remember. Kind of what you come to the conclusion that this unit over then that you know it kind of on the the next day and you're competitive nature takes over in your rehabilitation getting back on track you know. If you are still obviously. Concern with the team and our attention to what they're doing and then eat all the games and so forth than you do develop our great appreciation talking about Erica sometimes. -- you take for granted that you're you're just gonna play every week but that's not football on the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It out of the game been and continue to later in the week that that's a great thing -- -- that some that I really a tribute injured list that. You know even if you lose sometimes -- Yeah you lose a -- -- you know a lot of help the other Chester Glover he might actually. And and that's what you try to do. Another another injury in the headlines obviously Tom was Wes Welker another concussion and I I somewhat in magnetic coverage and -- That's something that every receiver has to as the pay attention to because sheets there are times when you have to get down and -- well course trying to get down. How much emphasis is there with say Andelman and Amendola to undersized guys to really tough guys who. -- school over the middle who tickets how much emphasis is there. To get them to avoid those has to go down on the way Deion Branch is to go now Marvin Harrison used to go down coach you want those guys to be a little. Less. Let's courageous in him and -- a little more Smart out there. Yeah and you got to try to do. Or some other just unavoidable. You know that if it -- with -- decision and then. Second I'm not certain plays -- -- data you know a lot of players to do whatever. Whatever it takes to help you so. I I try to talk to the virtue of a lot about making good decisions and really be Smart -- -- We have an opportunity that they -- get out and play the next play you know Doug the decision yet to make some of you have that opportunity just got. I'd like and what -- -- gotta go for it and let it out during the three when you you -- guys injured. Certainly head injuries that have been a big topic of conversation last few years and they're doing. Yes toast and the players so are trying to do best they can't eliminate those are -- but they're gonna come out and it's a contact sport so. -- How does he got out and -- and -- -- a guy like questions what do my one of my best friend I mean you are you out of their -- so. He just. You hate to see him go through -- and that's. What the output of retirement. You know a little less than a year it is you know what you are saying adopting only player to deal. But Tom it's it's Jerry Sorkin and I just want to seal the understatement of the century statement right now by saying -- I'm a big fan of your work. At all. And -- everywhere I go every. Shield I don't mind here that everyone puts the number one question mark with the patriots as the offense now to -- this is the same offense. That's getting -- backed at last she was third in the league in points you guys have. Any concept of how much doubt the result they -- that you can score points. Well Tripoli I think we we we never really paid attention. Yeah external. Voices that are out there and I think we just try to focus on. You know what we need to do our job it is the only people that can really affect what we do it of people that are -- I -- I think we. We have high expectations. You know we don't have great -- -- over the years and our expectations that go out there and you know be a great offense -- one that doesn't turn the ball will want to play physical Smart great decision -- played great situation COPEL. I think we did a great job of that. You know what we don't have a great job that -- the years coaches talk a lot about situation all make it a place when -- really count and there's a lot of games that are decided by reports that -- the teams that. Are the ones that. Windows games. The Olympic records or less in those little ones that didn't want to -- -- look -- course of games that really find a way to where you don't find a way to lose -- Oakley wanted to talk to that aren't used to win when you have -- -- be -- We got a lot of guys that had made in contributions thus far over the course both you and I appreciate your games -- We're gonna need -- over the course you're a long year and -- guys that are active on the on that -- -- are gonna need to beat. Performer or whatever level whatever -- they make it out so. I hopefully we can be you know one of the top offense in the league let you know we got to go out there aren't going to make these -- It's -- you surprised that bill pulled you -- albeit briefly early in that ball game for mallet did you see it coming that he wore -- -- -- time in what was the point of all of that. Yeah you -- just you know before about being ready at any time -- that's kind of what. The way it goes. Over the course of history you know you never know what you're gonna about Juliette. -- happened than you know another guy's got their dignity and and do your job -- it happened out there in the first quarter of the game and a great experience all of a -- unpredictable. Policy unit. You gotta be ready at any time or whatever situation may come out so. Coach Belichick always keep everybody on our -- Tom call me crazy but somehow I picture Bill Belichick being a little aggravated when the offense and the defense in the special teams all plays so well he has nothing to correct the next day have you -- -- fifteen -- been part of a patriot win that was so flawless the bill had nothing to bitch about the next day. That's not your style and doesn't typically. You know that that's just not the way years. Protecting your outlook for. And you've just got to go out there and do your job and -- the reality at all -- get better on so it's not like. You know there are ways you know we get in the game. You don't want to order Julian. Down down that you're there in the third quarter wouldn't you know it looks it looks like a really good play and it won't do on the things. You know you need to do that you whatever 3040 -- you know we're we -- is that we. You know we did it right there was of the problem with some that we are doing that we -- luck in the -- men. You know we had to make a place so. It's hard to congratulate everybody when you -- during their brings a lot of things that need improvement even though it may well. Good and appreciate the game you know two weeks in Miami and Atlanta. Work -- out so well also ordered him or that things that we need to do better we need to be more pressure on the order. You know when the games really matter you're going up against. And it L caliber player and every single player that we -- do a better job excuse because. Any one player in any game it should be and you can -- sleep on -- the place. Are you. Rarely have you looked as comfortable with the receiving corps and in August I mean. And that's saying something -- you pleasantly surprised at how these this group of receivers has come along and and jailed this early come. Yeah we've we've. We don't have really good job over the course that preceded that and yet they've won the most important thing we've done is that we've all been out there. Practicing and I think -- has been really. You know made -- great commitment over the Nazis and says get ready and prepared themselves to be out there everyday to make the improvement so. You know all the skill guys the receiver to evolve without bill that rebate practice thing and got a lot of -- I'm chipped up until this summer to work in the spraying it with the same things so. You know hopefully get some other guys who have been out there back in the mix that they can incorporate their total offense that we -- released into Iraq -- like Indian rocket. It's. You know it is on all of us abroad next -- well and got about sort trying to do and I guess -- did not like. No work. -- -- pretty high expectations so it's not just thought I'd let you know have a series you're recording now let's have a big game let's play well every week -- well I. Every practice every period practiced. Every doctor that we can get -- they -- -- to develop. Chemistry and camaraderie and all that's that's the only way to become a great job so. You know our defense played really well in Iowa and negotiate and we based those guys. -- how are you which has really made off and better -- Oakley secular -- rookie. Top Tom on that note when asked about print and -- fell we've you know we've seen different guys coming in here and have a harder time than others fitting into this offense like. On a scale of Ochocinco to Randy Moss like we are where is -- fell right now. -- -- that you know he's a different receivers then that a lot of the guys have that coming here he's. Not a veteran free agent you had a lot of art period the play NFL football and he knows what they call project and it -- -- a quarter. I've been productive though. You know the -- -- someone like I did a lot less than someone that comes right out of college that she had been that you're ever created so what experience they were about eight. They know techniques being so kind of veteran savvy types skills that allowed them to get open and induced into the blogger -- choke. You know he's done a great job and it's been on worker with WI. -- -- play -- you really can't really act. You talk all the time talk football. You know it -- -- now I'm on the team so. I know he's a big part of our offense this year -- -- important but often and you know every week or what China continue to make improvement. -- final question from me -- I can safely say without fear of contradiction the chances are Burge is in coming to your locker this week and says the coach wants us to you and bring your playbook but other people aren't in that same situation. Is there -- instead tension in the room this time a year. Yet it's it's a tough week. You know you you've seen a lot of guys that have worked really hard. First six month that are the computer up to me that that maybe don't get shafted again -- would at -- a patriot so. No one no one enjoys this week it's that kind of necessary evil this. League and there's a lot of guys its -- You know just get an opportunity here but maybe go to adopting -- somewhere else. Are so many great players over the years or -- schemes and they're successful in the completes itself. You know you just wish everybody the best blocking the best that helped them prevent the continued their career somewhere else and maybe you'd never know they -- -- -- -- so. But yes sure it's -- it's a tough week. -- -- on the it was a fascinating piece by Calgary in in The Herald yesterday about how you work your brain. And I was wondering as some in this thing and did did you just stumble across that -- -- one -- say I have to exercise my brain if I'm gonna. Maintain my level of I -- decision making. -- my career and how did you start out doing that. Well it's it's they you know Henry pica said that had been -- conversational last few years and I think that was something that. -- the guy that work with Alex Guerrero of were quick for a long time. Ago. Just the guy that I trust implicitly. With my body in the preparation and I need to make in order to be successful that we talk about all different injuries and certainly head injuries -- one that I have always been curious about -- Researched -- that is that the things we need to do some great resiliency of recruitment and and yeah I got started years ago and noticed a huge difference though. It's a yeah. You know logistically. It's another tool kind of in the tool -- -- use it if you're gonna play for a long time the other. Figure out all the different types of things in order to strengthen your body strength in your mind. And be proactive about it could you just can't wait to get it keeps him all the time that. There's so much of the model that has always been flatly can do is go go party candidate and get after you break down. And if you wanna be a great -- sure. -- maximize your ability to release sustained peak performance well -- and got to be proactive we can't wait to get hurt and I think that's something that. I'd really try to do over the last twenty years and certainly the brain plays a part so. It's just part of education re education through a lot of athletes. You know who have really young and old model old system that. Doesn't really work currently don't wanna be you know 5060 years -- not an outlaw and you know work or not give it an act in the first. Effort that goes into that and you pay the price advance so that. You can exceed all expectations were not more effort football group that you can. Would it help aging talk show hosts and what is -- the tail -- -- -- like played jeopardy do you do puzzles how do you exercise your brain. There's a lot of different -- except in this probably. 26 reporting that we've developed that -- -- different parts your brain so you can figure out where deficient the dark. And then you give them to have not more focused like everything your body you don't want some of the work too hard and you don't want someone to work. Not enough and I think finding that balance. You know in the brain or your body is. You know how are you optimize performance and so you can go where deficiency are way out of going you know you do excited to bring it back -- that you can. You know you can continue to do things that you want to put on your gift that you get all this before you don't have to. It's. You can sustain -- performance and Boris you can't especially as an agent talk show host. They're in her memory or whatever whatever the things that you did your work are you can sustain those things a lot longer. Then you realize and I think that's. Something that I have learned -- a continue to do first you know as long -- I'm here. Tom it would be really unprofessional of me to point out here right now that. A media for the first time in it's my birthday. Fortunately I'm not a professional and anyways usually -- You know if you would it you don't wish me happy York or sing I don't think anyone would bleep that out -- -- doubtful that I forget that I withdraw the question. Eight Tom any idea how much up playing time you get in the fourth and final pre season game have you been told you this witness find out. We're just waiting to find out we've you know we always around here we get ready to place so. I think it's not some that you don't get ready to play any game time in coach isn't looking at a plant in -- group so we get ready to play and I -- decides not to play you don't play but we treat everything like normal weekend. You know it's a good preparation for a delay so and we got a lot of work to do this week it's. You know every day were getting one step closer to games that count so you don't wanna -- certain states as. You know mine's working hard on Minnesota is working -- team we play literacy in the work of art so hopefully we go work -- and get a little bit and -- ourselves. Full disclosure tears are streaming down Jerry Horton space please just say happy birthday -- make him happy Tom. Regret that your. Mike bucket list is now complete thanks thanks very much -- and actually -- thanks for the time. Our Tom Brady -- interview with pot is brought to you by AT&T. Northeast electrical distributors and by howls lubricate her. DCU digital federal credit -- summit Lowber cater --

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