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Butch and Buck on potential Red Sox moves and if we'll Giancarlo Stanton in a Boston uniform in the near future 8-24-14

Aug 24, 2014|

The boys talk about the Red Sox making the Castillo signing and what that will mean going forward as far as other moves. Will we FINALLY see Stanton come to Boston? The guys also discuss Pedro and David Ortiz, and foreign players coming to play for the Sox.

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Great -- -- American woman. Kicking off our next to last hour here on sports Sunday we're gonna go to Fall River and talk to our buddy Steve hello Steve. I I would punch card. How at a call it giving it Trout. That. And then the evoke the three. World Series that they -- all right and I heard your reaction quickly. And I heard buck reaction -- thought you react to win this game and putting the Skype now I don't wanna work out but like -- I'd make my comments here what you are. Well when someone who broke the -- well they won three in ten years -- whatever. I would agree would -- point except I think the stain is too strong worded bothers me. When people. Well know it bothers me when people tend to go to the three championships because when they're making. An argument it becomes illogical and heads toward the emotional it's sort of it sort of -- you to believe that well everything's okay. In in selling so we trust because they've won three championships and like I think I know we gonna go this to the Bill Belichick. Right yeah yeah it's gonna let -- go to other Red Sox have the belated one. I've been here in this -- had no it's like a tribal devoted it is tree. Bet I get against the patriots -- -- in Iran at all every year I even hear about the Bruins. What do you mean they wanna culprit may work in getting six -- almost one of them. So let me let me just -- -- -- people like all the dark it's a good point it's a legitimate -- good point I will I'll give you my answer. When it comes to the patriots in fairness the patriots -- -- -- gonna make me sound I know you like the patriots toady wanna say this. But name a worst to first scenario name -- seasoning of not being competitive for a championship in the Bill Belichick era. 2002. With 20082002009. When they had. Capsule and. Okay I'll get I'll give you that I'll give -- that three years in 1510083. Years in fifteen when they haven't. Under Bill Belichick threes and fifteen and haven't been championship contenders have pretty different in the Red Sox. What. I'm asking a simple question I'm asking a simple question. And now that they why isn't it could be but the tickets like that Barbara brought albeit one. They you a chance -- they went that route now you're talking about champion now. Steve what I'm telling you. What I'm telling you always that three championship thing does have more weight with the patriots because they've been in contention more consistently. And at the top of the league and one of the top contenders Moore it's his sleeve than any other Boston team. Over more than ten years -- Not that. Which I go back to the flip side I heard we're adding up and it is the -- like it's you know vote because it's all about championships about. Why you backtracking that I'm not backtracking I'm just giving you last argue. While it's stiff French what's the difference 33 games. But you're on a streak you're building. When you -- -- Also limits you know I'm gonna play your game and I. He behavior on the cusp of being gone if you don't wanna talk just talk will we -- means we go back and forth the difference is it's 33. Meaningless games left at Fenway this year that doesn't happen and fox are. That doesn't happen and fox. The opposite that it took two reasons one they don't have as many games and I agree with the expected yet have -- But when you go to -- let's look at black -- which are they want all gains and they were second place. Then they got to. -- I'd have to did you think -- that was leaked to get open. -- why why are you gonna do this two weeks before there's -- enough enough. It's like people say this -- attacks are gonna fly and why do you let Steve on and today I'm wondering. He wanted to have a logical this -- discussion great but two weeks before. The stock of the football season with it couldn't be more patriots -- I agree we need some dose of reality but we don't need more doses of speed. Because he wants that you don't want on the grave of a twelve and four season with a went to the AFC championship when he lost three of their most impact players last year I does not know that I had a delicious -- I know you did and you were happy just eating there while I did not -- there did you want to contribute to Steve discuss all right I. That you did quite nicely. Do you agree with my premise and I thought speech like -- it was a good that your patriots because you -- the Boston media that tree and stopped. And there was some kind of I'm doing the patriots post game -- -- that's like I say -- died in this summer I'll be with Fred and Steve bubble bath every year whether we get a Buick. Fred and Steve owe it to objective journalist echoes of the patriot apps. While Steve is at least anyway. But I agree with speeds premised. That people want to throw the three championships out there for both the patriots and Red Sox. I think it's a little different with the patriots and I qualified my answer because they have been in contention for championship more consistently than any of the Boston team over a longer period. Guy's gonna you know. Lotto when I'm asking whatever logical discussion to me about that Steve won't and then we'll move on from this point -- -- the patriots post game show. I'm you and ask these questions you disagree with that done next week you know. I'd -- we have that discussion about Agile easier and I am not sure about are we. I think we are dieting -- yet elegant yet ask here. So you don't want to talk about the human animal bond -- wanna get an update and you know I don't -- are being spun around in the fall to a big. Posting oh I'm a big -- now -- though ruled that the NY YY being tossed out if you are patriots always know it is an idiot checking into victory given Bill Belichick -- on W I I I thoroughly enjoyed last year driving from Foxboro with in the it was in the into. It's not my post -- it which in -- and no it is the real post K okay let's move on let's go to Harold. And now Louisville, Kentucky hello -- Harold hey how are you doing guys -- quick quick question what do you think he she -- over it's going to be starting. Shortstop replies click here. Zero. I also said the chances of them shortstop ever again was -- on that didn't work out. And the the did that Twitter boys had a ball that we haven't used -- the -- -- treasury -- -- is it just. I would say 70% -- -- I disagree but completely you asked for that specific question what are the chances that he's the starting shortstop I would say 75%. What you say and why. Well I think -- Did a lot of errors here and it's obviously hitting it not to do so because they're too big negatives and Templeton Vietnam. Well and -- -- declare what question are we asking will he be or should he be. They're two different questions. Well don't know I can really be I I I don't at this point actually should be. Like too -- to -- to what's going on right now well. If he shouldn't be it becomes an interesting question and thanks for raising that issue Harold -- promise for council -- If the question of who should be the Red Sox shortstop and the answer is not Zander Bogart's then who should it be a veteran on a one year deal. Paving the way for -- Marie -- by the way has gone in the tank offensively which changes is thinking a little bit maybe. Who should be the starting -- I don't know next year at the easy answer could question that was an. It is J. J. -- free agent after this I'll look it up I can look at a very club and I don't know. I would say. That if that's an interesting question of Zander Bogut is not your starting shortstop next year but who should be and -- if you don't have a specific name. Is it a veteran on a short term deal one plus an option. Or it's not -- Guerrero he's not starting shortstop -- or any scenario where he's starting shortstop. Next year. Can we learn that lesson we Jackie Bradley junior ends in a book that's this year. Well except that. -- -- -- -- to -- a rookie I don't think they'll open the season with two rookies and one -- with Bogut is rookie anymore. I don't know I I do not know who the shortstop and his team is next season and comfortable saying it will be Bogart's. But. If they don't trade -- for Stanton. And they acquired in the got to play third base I guess it. -- basically federal he's an offensive shortstop in quotes here quotes and when you call guys up at shortstop what does that mean. -- defense isn't understanding of that mine and and why did they trade Nomar and 2004 because they said they had a fatal for a defense they needed to settle down the defense. In 1986 the red -- treated -- known as the Seattle Mariners Y eight. Because they had a large defense they needed every day consistency. That spike going to give. So they traded. This kid. To the -- to use out of baseball two years turned out to be a bust because it's like going to settled on the defense. In 2004. They needed defense they traded Nomar that the trade with the cubs they end up with Mientkiewicz at first Cabrera at short. Settle down the defense now the trying to sell us on this kid being offensive shortstop. Which gets away from the premise that -- it is important to which isn't. -- in -- where am I missing here you're not keeping in mind you to -- -- news it was that Theo Epstein Terry Francona crowd. And now with the ventured giant now -- they have a right to have a different philosophy but I happen to think the philosophy that was in place eighty signal for. Was the better velocity than having it offensive shortstop. You -- the table out very well let me go back to the J. J. -- point you are correct. He's a free agent coming up to three year 22 and a half million dollar deal so seven plus for three years. Currently it's 31 years old he just turned 32 actually. And he will be a free agent next year. Eighties his eleventh here in the majors so -- at 32 year old -- 38 year old at 37 year old. He is an -- guy clearly he's coming off three seasons with Baltimore where he had 32 point 225 -- however. Even always hitting 280 for the 317 OBP this year he's only get seven home runs and 43 RBIs he's only played a 115 games but. That's a 115 not 85 or so so the lack of power would be concerning. I guess my point would be when you think about that -- paint a picture again. I was only 32. I could be affordable I was a free agent which means you have to sign into a couple of years not one. Are you signing J. J. Hardy and making him your shortstop and moving -- to third or someone similar like that. I'd like Bogut. And it's going to be a really -- -- -- -- -- shortstop is the only constituents so is J. J. Hardy your shortstop all things being equal probably on another three year deal. Which some options that you either overpaid the first two years. I'd I'd have to look I mean I get through that Nemo because we were discussing shortstop I'd have to look more closely. Numbers it is hell it is range what he's got left in the tank. I would just I don't wanna -- I don't want this to turn and was soapbox round. Pronouncing. GG party is the future so it's -- I just wouldn't aim market of a guy but was available which if you did the research is available to us go to Brandon and a car want start -- the Red Sox shortstop. Yeah up all the talk a treat for John Oates been there or opt out there got back -- -- -- -- not better. Why do you. Little creep crawl was made quite clear that you're open to -- are not core to what. And if you're gonna but it act together at one -- -- to -- to the with -- all the concerned about it injury history. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's already on long term deal -- managed. To get them than an act on the buy it here. You get to it but the next five years that I think -- on here that you a little bit out there. They're there's sort. What they're older and all active somebody else. That makes more debt on Mike Spann the bill that aren't aren't just a law -- Pretty much for my first reaction to what you just said Brandon is where you're getting starting pitching in other words -- trading Ford are signing for. -- -- -- -- -- Could you want court an article out the possibility Chris -- and not owe a debt backed by a little but not likely but. Direct bark out the money to do in the prospect who -- -- they're not gonna give what what he's gonna yet for art -- pumped almost out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right so we act out all the young -- a look really quick note a couple of years. I don't know correct -- I am I guess the reason -- the reason my first reaction to York. Point which is a good one is why narco trade. For Troy Tulowitzki by the way I'm looking at his numbers are here is at seven years left 120 plus million the last years a club option for fifteen million with a four million dollar buyout. She get a guy for seven years in the prime of his career could be in the middle your lineup. And a shortstop we all agree on the potential of Troy Tulowitzki but also the risk because he's been fragile correct. Okay my point about bringing up Red Sox pitching as my first reaction to Troy Tulowitzki is if you're trading for Tulowitzki. What you have left to trade for pitching you can't just cavalierly say. Well they're gonna trade for Tulowitzki and you'll still have enough left to trade for starting pitching what are you gonna get Chris Sale what you get enough I don't know. I don't know that they would you -- could really got up arms as well and it worked and -- to it they choose that route and what the package could be a public to look bigger and you might ask someone like oh arts. Iraqi I think are -- -- tractor so why -- -- table and you don't want a -- and direct our. Great party. Then maybe you have a Buick or not throw -- 00 arts and may yet another -- props. No no no hang on hang on Britain and number in and no I like where you're going except I think you fell short. Again Europe Colorado Rockies -- Or your Miami Marlins -- what are we selling to our fans that we got in return there's got to be one guy in that deal. Needed to Hanley Ramirez prospect. Or they established Allen Craig's under contract for four years as well as units as it is you've got to sell. The Marlins in the Rockies in the -- gave up Troy Tulowitzki or G a college student and you're giving me. -- Bogart's in a package of prospects. Well I think to a minor model I don't think you walk. Some gonna be -- long term deal the better player maybe Allen Craig -- not they -- -- -- -- -- -- a lot to deal with either all all parts ought to ought to cut down. But I think he's pretty highly regarded bill around the you are under your leader all are real. And I don't know I think it worked at that I don't know -- I mean for an apology. But one or two story because at -- Then return to shoot Bart. Understood. Understood you make great points a buck chime in on this again my point about from a fan's perspective at the other city. He's saying that Bogart's. Could be the headline of the deal that's the guy you're selling I disagree. I don't care how highly regarded he's become my -- mail monster but if Colorado. Rockies fan and I am very lonely and I'm sorry I'm giving away I'm I'm saying bye bye to Troy Tulowitzki is much he's been the ultimate tease. You've given me Zander -- arts and I was hidden at the Mendoza line who's had all the potential and might not even live up to. That's -- -- headliner at yourself in a trade that's hard sell. That's a really hard sell you'll what Henry always in where that two top prospects in baseball now I didn't -- whether it's like treated Jon Lester effort justice. I felt they got as much as they could in this circumstance OK -- stuff. Repeat that -- felt they got as much as they they did as good as they could in a circus. So might not Rockies -- -- the same way Nolan get this league contract that -- building mr. over the this guy agrees that -- gives you thumbs up. Thank you know not a -- that's not Iraqis in the -- which is now understands. Is error. The Rockies fans would not feel the same way because he's under contract for the next seven years right and they wanna get -- the contract and rebuild buddhas. So what's what's odd I don't agree with I would hold I think -- with these -- ball player. I'm telling you you're asking -- to defend a -- that's happened. No I'm asking you were to explain a -- that hasn't happened in itself Iraqis and so -- -- gonna treat as I'm asking you to -- on which you you gave me realities that. But it's actually happening. Are you an opinion is the fantasy guy in real life do that does he give me a compliment allow the Saddam that we are Boston's sports media guys -- all by the way this will consider the other team's perspective an element many compliments and now I'm asking you to consider the other team's perspective please don't wanna go you know I -- -- I missed kick it back -- what's new one. TV in the sports go to Matt back to doing that let's go to Matt and blacks. -- -- They're legal and I'm -- on our make -- what about patriots. The only people called in complaining saying. Are you know they're worried about achievement hole when they need to realize is that. They've been spoiled for these past -- street here -- he's got all these injuries Lehman. Welker leaving and there's still a patient social club. Drawings worried about them and I just think they're going to be fine they've been. Twelve and consistently challenge -- consistently. Are under your guys to. Well -- I am we have to go to break but I have one question when you see today I assume -- not a patriots fan. Raven and myself get I will tell you what -- tell you what listen after the break. And we'll give our take on why patriots fans -- sports Steve Buckley -- -- sports Sunday more to come. Well it you know we -- lost. Thirty days seven it at it and that's the matter two weeks from now so I think it's more just about our improvement then that guys federal some cells and get none of their game conditions and I think that's what this game's all about so it's not so much the final score it's just more of the now how guys are playing in progress or react in a situation in -- weather guys in front row on the team. Tom Brady talking about the pages thirty to seven win over the Carolina Panthers on Friday night. One more pre season game to go open the regular season two weeks from today. -- you know I love to put you on the spot can I do it again. I'm tight of -- career you type of year that Brady will have again use extremes here. Worst year of his career closer to that or closer to 07 where -- set records with. You know record touchdown passes really -- ask a question yeah I just typing here if you don't mean yeah. And you believe that he believed that he -- Set up and I don't believe it I think it's total falsehood I just thought of before and radio no of course I believe he's going to have a season tilting toward 07 you you asking me. If he's gonna lighted up like you did did back in the days of rainy month now was always that potential of course there's no but I mean with a team gronkowski all right. Andelman coming and I'm saying that that will he light it up again. As he did in 07 in the days of rainy -- -- saying no. If you're asking me if the needle tilt in that direction toward 07. The opposite being a total bust which I think it's highly improbable. Yes I'm I'm all for the Neil tilting to grow so okay so now I get get to slam dunk -- oh yes. But Ramon -- different question forget the extreme discussion -- just ask you why your high on breeding having a really good year. If there's reasons you -- because some reads -- because he's one of the greatest quarterbacks in history he's helped the they have addressed certain needs in terms of weapons. I also think Revis is gonna help him simply because they need it's isn't going to be in the field with as much -- of those thirteen play drives that it. Denver at the playoffs last year. You know that they need not to have to videos. Such -- -- the great yes answer sessions and so. That the record season for Brady. Was up fifty touchdowns of course which has since been broken by Peyton Manning. I'm last year he had 5850. Touchdowns eight interceptions. Followed by 28. And thirteen 36 and four -- touchdowns interceptions. 39 and 1230. For an eight somewhat pedestrian for Brady last year. Somewhat pedestrian on all the reasons for crime wasn't healthy 25 and eleven -- 25 touchdowns eleven. Interceptions. So get his interceptions. 118124. Thirteen an eight I mean -- that's what's made Brady Brady really is the lack of interceptions. I would like to believe this year that it's gonna go back up towards the high thirties and single digits for touchdown to interception ratio would bring. When he throws a pick it's like kiwis comic moments these days. And really does he have a couple games where he does now I was really disappointed he's come by the way -- seven years ago. It was a big music when you grew up it was like that's Johnny Miller Johnny the one that always comes in with the the open and L and has to -- -- they call. Whomever story through the this guy. Is comic. -- -- Like to -- that do you remember. And a lot of people don't even know or know we're talking about with a legendary Johnny Miller and the Boston -- you remember about ten years ago. The longer I think Johnny Miller coming into spring training. With the the globe and mail whatever wasn't on the front page meteor to hit earth tomorrow and its first question every Red Sox played -- in spring training west. How do you feel that this could be your last article -- a and I distinctly remember John Valentin giving him a serious answer well John. I think I've accomplished a lot in my Iowa in my life I'm proud of my wife my kids and Johnny taking copious notes have everything you said it. I was -- Franken Boston hello frank. They guys I have a short question for you and and I'd want to be able to respond here answer my question is -- you're and the Red Sox and at a 150 million dollars. Would you rather spend it on one John last year or that hitting equivalent of a Jon Lester someone proven in the -- Mac and he wouldn't apply now. -- -- -- -- Well Florida your argument is. That the Red Sox. Only have 150 million dollars to spend on one or the other. He followed thing. And it's a fun argument and I'll play along and -- -- rob they have one Jon Lester I don't know we've gone with this but in the spirit of the moment I'll say one gentleman and I say the same answer. Yeah and I agree and I think that's the heart -- know where I'm going with this is. It's a whole philosophical question about what the better way. To build a team and I think where they made the error is made you dollars and years. As the sold the script there -- risk and that's not the case we seen with some of that Shane Victorino those. And the Ryan downstairs. I'm not just term. And dollars it's also the probability. Around at what level they're gonna put an arm. And what that can mean to your team. So in my opinion. I think they they don't consider that and not out and I'd rather pay more money and I think I'm taking less risk. By paying more money. For a level of performance at a higher degree of certainty around it and actually have a chance to be -- -- differential. Level of so Lester performance differential -- good. On even if you get performance out of -- you know or a Napoli or restrict it or it Dempster it it doesn't often make it this. Question for you frankly -- would finance. -- -- OK I sound like -- guy I think John Henry would enjoy having a conversation with you could you you basically let's be honest -- outlined the stock market argument. You're looking for you looking to buy high excuse me buy low and sell and and you're looking for that 27 year old. At least in my mind this is John Henry's philosophy. I agree with everything you said I would debate one thing you said the sole. The soul I would change the -- primary that -- the risk at that -- years and dollars define risk by definition just simply. You you -- it's a commitment number of years and amount of money so it might be. Why not. Because risk is also. The risk that they're gonna perform so that's that's a reward on and that's grown our children exposed to risk in the -- I admit in my question Gallic Resnick EL. In theory you know you have the chance of landing at spa and you have -- chance. Manning a biased but to use the stock market out that's the other thing you consider. When buying stock -- not only did it and it should at risk in the business. He understood understood so so so -- misty though is that technology stock that has the chance. For somebody to gobble up by it it be the next big thing and all this and that has a chance to do it in your buying it at a position. Where it is it is all kinds of other stocks out there like. Right. OK so my point is your art I think you're arguing -- tell me if I'm wrong in this my that the Jon Lester. Is a blue chip stock. But there's a price to pay for that and I think John Henry's side of it is. Well you know what we've already gotten performance on Jon Lester showed it to be overpaying for him we're gonna go look for the next Jon Lester seven years before John pastor. Yeah I -- and that's that's. There are actually correct. That would be irrationally correctly that got an opinion I read that right. I believe that opinion is wrong again I think. Did -- Q roughly -- studios. For the same dollar value. I'm even given the upside of that turning out to be get a is a higher risk -- 750. Million Bennett is out spending it on the one Jon Lester given that beat Korea certainty -- Alka. This isn't directly related but it takes you back to 1996 after Roger Clemens signed that contract -- run obligate us. Indicate famously series in the twilight of his career and so forth. The Red Sox invested the money they might otherwise have lavished upon Clemens. On Steve Avery Steve Avery Robinson check no. -- third. -- -- up forget who was but -- in other words they paid to use that famous del Oro mine. I'll give you. Five nick what you give me quarter advocates -- remember that Jason Allison. Who says that Kim member present and one of the stories should remember. That's a point in other words you've got something that's -- evolved into what it's going to be. So your point about 96. In his analogy getting to Christie goes. Labor ninety's really had a couple of decent seasons with the I was -- worthy of being your race and so they went out and Avery check on -- look it up they get somebody else but other words had they taken that seem. Thought -- hear me it might not the exact obviously. And given that money Roger Clemens yup the -- -- better -- with maybe he got better. Enhancements in Toronto that he might have had Boston who knows. Not for me to say. How did you -- not afraid to say it. Let's go to mark in Northampton mass hello mark. Yeah I think that they can micro. Listen. Pitching pitching pitching. Take a look at the cardinals right now they're whack at it now they have the same amount of runs scored -- -- active. Pointed it if you had -- making -- -- -- -- along you have marquis that's that it is going to be in a contract year next year. You think at eleven guys there -- securities that would draw attention obviously get a bounce back. You know it's been done reporter at a regular mock world -- conveniently. I guess not you know OK -- say at this -- are you you're saying prioritize pitching -- can't forget about the hitting. These last three championships for the Red Sox they've led the league most of the time -- been in the top five in the league or two or three an American League in runs produced. And this year their pitcher in the bottom. -- go back -- -- World Series before that the -- particles giant. Right now we're in the bottom part of the pitch at a -- I doubt -- they weren't but no they weren't bottom. They they weren't topic they weren't bottom. I Paul Lee of Utah -- leads and they still to announce he -- One world. -- not hearing me I'm not saying pitching shouldn't be a priority the priority which can ignore hitting you have to admit that a big part of the Red Sox season with 33 games to go. The fact that they're. Whatever they aren't a 500 and that they they have to play seven under baseball just to reach 500 this year is the fact that they don't produce runs. Okay needed in the cardinal and look where they are. Well they're not in the playoffs as if the game if -- that they ended today that's where the cardinals there in the mix it there are no wildcard there in the mix in the mix it yeah are their -- up. Late in games might eat you know every police you know it's so funny everybody change your mind when Lackey Lester. Once sent a letter everybody was like I'll leave -- to lead a pitching -- of Mark Zuckerberg on Palestinian. Let's go ahead and spend another hundred some -- -- my point as you seem to negate the fact that all of the rhetoric just had his punch and Judy lineup. Over the last ten years. I understand that you went to the world -- and walk on it actually would basically the same. Batting lineup that you have now. Didn't it okay you don't have Shane Victorino. Who we had last year and by the way by the -- here and by the way don't forget. It's their -- up it's one it would like the fewest it's an email -- and World Series in a long long time. But the battered the point is that they -- dignity. Yes they -- you bookmark we got these guys they had as any he makes it into doing recorded in all but he seems to be arguing against me I'm. I'm just amending what he says that you can't just ignored hitting Procter and we all agree. That they had to address the fact that for the first time a long long time -- produce runs operatives who runs bullet. Quick break we're back with more but what a beautiful day for based on our sports on -- bring them back into the show and a second he's wondering now. Little Bob -- Hollywood nights here on a beautiful Sunday. Barker he's gonna be playing baseball at the all time baseball game tomorrow in my I don't going to be baseball playing music. Yes we've played -- I think I could explain baseball -- I guided Paul metal. Sets up a great -- sound system there. And we played a lot of music but we played big in music in the thirties forties and fifties really let's kind of with the style you know. What Oakland -- Tommy Dorsey stuff like that but. And we have many room. Organ music. We we've had organ music in the past we don't have issues. With that it sometimes mostly it's just big band music. Old style music as befits an old time baseball. Look at forty don't wanna be playing when -- skated at Hilton base but not the thing wrong with that but it would be appropriate occasion some look forward to. Going tomorrow night you'd be here yet but I'm not gonna get the this a lot of talking about this is called in the mode. I know. Benny Goodman the piled -- -- love this song by the way. Since dishonest plan Mac could you play this underneath while I go up on this tangent at my good friend -- send whole lot from Watertown is the legend from Watertown. Was one of the greatest athletes I've ever met he tried to play basketball it's don't know college when everybody was. On scholarship he walked on he didn't make it instead of getting upset Steve do you know what he did. He dawned an -- he called captain chaos he wore a blue leotard. With Superman underwear and a eight. And instead of getting upset he was the mascot for stone and basketball. Bobby writes in the 1980s don't know chieftains and I was doing play by everybody Sean Morrison took on John Bagley and Boston college and almost beat them. And Zuma -- until captain chaos beat up the BC eagle. There you go that much of what does that do within them this is this theme song that this was also on every time he came out when bill. -- I went in relatively good. Red Sox lineup resolved by the way you're here yes I'd like to hear rock -- leads off and play shortstop. Super utility. Dustin Pedroia placed second favorite -- in the lineup after getting hit in the sixth inning and elbow. Yesterday batting third -- seven naughty word by the way that I can hear in the stands sitting in section seventeen David Ortiz idiocy to -- not you're market. He's betting clean up and DA a word. Close to if not exactly the word used on that sunny -- afternoon in April of 2013. The -- -- all -- the -- back into the speak out it didn't have the BBC's got CD -- -- -- and Robert Tenet stood whole drawing up a -- -- halt Pedroia Ortiz batting third. Says it is Napoli Craig in right field. Middle Brooks at third. Smokey -- and senator Christian vast as your catchers -- again poll Pedroia Ortiz says it is Napoli Craig. Middle -- pets Vasquez Alan Webster on the mound today that. If your lineup for the Red Sox 6177797937. To join -- 135. First pitch today first of 33 games remaining for the Sox. As we mentioned after a 25 any. Which take those -- to finish 500 I think that you do it. Yes you do yes you do that route I. I don't I don't act 500 parade -- -- the public which department guy with frank from her break -- and one of the big -- Steinberg got big flag in left field and he's gonna call next week. He's going to Revere fire department headquarters on Monday he's gonna put up the number 32 after today's game -- gets stopped peeling off the winds one by one like it like it. And that's what he's going to do here. So we've covered a lot on today show let's go back to the biggest story that data can steal. You've written -- column today you like the signing however you'll he immediately went to and rightfully so where they gonna get the pitching which I think is a -- yet most of our callers minds on this. What if what it was play game percent what if can steal turns out to be better than expected. Worthy of the ten million a year the lead off hitter for the Red Sox steal bases exciting player puts -- in the seats what. Give -- the domino effect from there. If could steal turns out to be worthy of the Red Sox help beating all these guys in eight. -- -- says it is like so far it's an argument you're suggesting a domino effect in that the Red -- would suddenly be leaning space from mini cubicles are. I'm so I'm asking to do did to do the bullet points if we excuse me if -- the studio turns out to be the real deal. More power of the Red Sox while I I I don't think that the Red -- would suddenly. -- the launching. Leanings but any more than it became the leanings but appetites case. They went out Pedro they signed Hideki what about Pedro Collins heard this week reinforced from Pedro that that's why David Ortiz came he made a phone call and got an economy. Was that part of the fact that he was Dominican and it was a good landings well okay David Ortiz who is was not intended by the Minnesota Twins and Pedro Martinez. Mentioned to the Red Sox I'm not undermining the world Pedro Martinez played the -- come into the Red Sox. However I also believe that he was on the radar. And -- David Ortiz. Didn't come to the Red Sox because of Pedro came because it was a good situation for example understand. He was basically the back up to Jeremy Giambi when he came here and it wasn't like this is where I'm going to be the -- like trees so let's not reinvent history here. On the same token. While I think. If if if spoke this DO. If it play through despite threats that have to Cubans started next year and of course this would be a more attractive landing what the Cuban players. On the -- however. Steele didn't go to the dodges because of weight eating go to the White Sox because of braille -- go to the reds because of Chapman he came into the Red Sox because of the money. So is that. Your point yes and and you -- I asked the question of the domino effect if -- turns out to be star. If you turn out to be worth more than that you went will -- attract Cuban players let's move on to some other points if he turns out to be a star. And my opinion there's a lot of domino effect meaning. They have more money. To spend. On other guys on pitching another stop if they have a star center fielder who's their leadoff hitter who makes that helps them. Not miss a beat when they lost Jacoby -- haven't we learned this year how valuable that was to this team. Doesn't that put them right back at square one at the top of their lineup. With a star center fielder and a guy get on base maybe not steal fifty bases but steal 2530. Bases be an on base guy. Via via -- -- people wanna pay to come and see there's huge domino effects if he turns it did there's more money to spend. Elsewhere that he could be now. They can go -- sign or trade. For a pitcher in the off season in Miami keeps your -- Stanton. Can steal now becomes the linchpin. And if you do this in three months -- former baseball season but it at the all star break betrayed for Giancarlo Stanton Marlins don't want him if he's a star in the making. I just think you know we saw what just Yelp we did and I'm just taken a whole other tact of the cautious -- and saying it could steal starts to become a star. And lives up to this it it becomes very intriguing. For the reds. You know wanting -- blood disease we keep talking about these Cuban players attracted the of the -- order mark because the Cuban American population yes. Okay by. To a degree. The white in the Marlins what why did they sign week reach out and debris you increase the good question. Good question that that kind of bothers me a little bit that that we make this leap. Lola trade this Cuban played itself Florida because -- noble ball -- well for how many years do we hear the Tommy Glavine was common -- I was knicks stock in trade. I do believe before the end time in the Red Sox will trade meanwhile back at the had a great -- on I believe that's gonna happen -- but you know my -- call me up and say I told you so. It. You know my point it's a good point bring about the Miami in the Cuban players but you know New England natives have always gonna be ended up in knowing when uniforms. -- it's over let's go to ray in Revere who's next hey -- around sports Sunday. And good morning guys in other sites need to make a lot of investment he did meet back committing it buying tickets again moved in -- -- out -- Red Sox and they the last placed first for the last place. The way the system set up. They pushed their tickets and ticket brokers auction them off CNET but the premium that that the by the month and it -- and I can do that I have I've stopped. Because you never know they're gonna get all the -- it sees it. You know my didn't point -- I'm really happy they made this -- you -- and I think it's a step in the right direction. You know that the Red Sox probably tripled their values -- they don't -- ownership if you -- the doctors -- Yet we we we accept this. Artificial barrier military -- special imminent -- like a book. 1520%. That bought the team. That it will resources. And you know I actually think the that the biggest problem I have an organization that they don't get this are on the contract. That play out their five years in spots like to be popped up or body Ellsbury and Lester for three. So -- called hope hope hope hope. Ellsbury and Lester fair enough because it's yet to be written but go backwards. Have they missed Jonathan Papelbon. -- practically had a problem with -- And Interahamwe and also Peter note it's that starts. They had the best closer in baseball last year and won the World Series you. Are right and I -- I'm not argument beyond just bringing up. We re bringing up counterpoint I don't agree with your premise although it's yet to be written with Ellsbury. And Lester. -- -- I don't agree to promise that they've let stars walk and that's hurt them Pedro. I'm Derek wall. I mean Amy us bar that they didn't pay the money to -- help me here you lose anybody that was the question again name NeuStar. Our -- say your premise against say your promise again. Adrian Beltre Victor Martinez that you guys -- local draft expert the -- gets legally you know yet. And Beltre is are all. So which are okay -- I in this industry with a question. You guys walked the draft picks. And they really had an edit out particularly well. -- let him walk for draft picks they let them walk because it wasn't like -- but the Skywalk -- the graphics. The draft picks or whether we're whether it was the product of the decision not to sign these guys long -- That I don't believe that Bachmann they prided Beltre one year rental and never ruin you -- just one -- the draft -- if you're looking at freeagent capitation model. Must not careful that's what they would do point. Well I guess I'm gonna kid you because they've Rodman for one year as a stopgap. In decided not to sign him long term. But look at what. He eat he shouldn't he's been proven to be worked. Well that's a different thing of course I agree with -- but -- -- making it seem might they draft picks was the sole reason for bringing in Manny was brought in as a stopgap. Teams do it all the time -- -- the that that's so it was a stopgap Abreu with the angels I mean I'm there right there all what you guys you signed for one year. And guided the hoping that they will reinvent themselves as I sometimes still and then move on to greener pastures. I just think you you -- you spin your -- elect eyes locked and I I think. To make the point relative -- apple on and I'll bring guys like that Derek Jeter played one game attacker would eat you or what mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. And I would attribute after the fact -- -- bile I get the start of the contract. They think it can go on a contract that he didn't really hurting first got -- got away. You know you -- -- a lot but at the press but a lot they they've when it's this season right when he championship. All right I didn't say I didn't say we say in a series saying but I I just figured into the dale hold stopgap thing. They didn't bring them in to get trapped ominous sound like as we go to the bird's final break him buck and a -- the biggest hypocrite in the world and I'm gonna play three World Series card. His argument would hold more weight to the Red Sox have really been hurt by not citing a star players. If they had won three world championships to contended for most of that time. And his argument would be more ballots on the one -- that car now despite Steve from Fall River driving off the road right now a quick break him of aqueduct. Our final hour of sports on they would walk. And butch lives from Fenway Park.

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