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The Fantasy Football Hour with Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson: Week #3 8-24-14

Aug 24, 2014|

Jim and Pete are back with another edition of the Fantasy Football Hour. This week the guy's start to prepare you for your draft. They discuss the importance of Week 3 in the preseason and how teams are shaping up in terms of impact players. Jim and Pete also welcome Martin Frank from the Delaware News Journal to the show to give his take on what the Eagles will provide for fantasy owners this season. Then the boys break down draft strategies and the Rotobahn Fantasy Draft Guide.

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Welcome to the Tennessee football hour on WEEI I'm Jim Hackett. Alongside Pete Davidson. Our show today has brought to you by drafting is the leading provider of daily fantasy sports and trappings dot com. Empire friends o'clock Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram them at the 1 where nobody -- o'clock deal Pete as you know nobody. You know I think it goes without saying of course. We're supposed to say yeah. Sponsor but yeah I mean nobody -- its -- absolutely hey let's jump cancel some great action on Friday night particularly with the the patriots a nice big win pre season three over the Carolina Panthers. In a swing counts unlike for -- like that you know the first game it was obvious dislike -- practice. Yeah I was election victory it is it's it's Vanilla on offense and Vanilla defense in weeks one and two and four. Three you really get to seal a bit of of a differentiation from what you see in the first couple weeks and I look no further than mr. Tom Brady who. -- -- acute and the kind of dink and dunk in the really quick release efficient passing game well as the end of this of the first half started to. Come in the beginning of those of the second half result there is stretching the throws a little -- hit Tompkins nicely on the sideline and nice touchdown do. Two armed -- arena -- wanna get into you with you and a beautiful throw up the seemed to Julian element in the second half so that was encouraging stuff to me I think the Patriots offense looks primed and ready for week one. Today yeah like I told -- off. Fair yesterday I think I mean I I'll watch the patriots and I don't know as you know as a guy who doesn't root for the patriots like cancer for -- about it but -- I -- thirteen points. Now what do you know I think it would obviously. With a quote unquote you know healthy have to talk about health but it all things being equal I see them right there as well I mean obviously if yes that's horrible injuries and idol adjust that number but to me this looks like a really good football team. I think the page and I think the patients are probably the best team -- yes I agree with -- yeah I agree with you I think it's an NFC's dominant. Power elite but the patriots are right there representing the obviously I have yeah I mean that I'm sure a lot of people say Denver but -- mean. The patriots have now if you look at the rosters I think they've they've leveled the playing field with a roster quality and that I think the -- -- factor. Is you know that the thing that that that wins today no doubt. Let's get into what we saw the other night so one of the fantasy football factors I think that really came to light in pre season week three for the patriots machinery. Two touchdowns and that's the easy thing to look at but it was the activity and the way to -- -- that was exciting to -- I know I heard people complaining that the arena wasn't part of. -- early office the first couple weeks. You know obviously we never felt that way you know now that -- you know everybody considers retreat to be sort of the audition game whatever you wanna call it and -- obviously is playing the -- that we expect to -- in the regular season I think he's the best back on the roster I think he's the most important. Patriot running back. And I think by and large he's the most valuable patriot running back in fantasy and that goes doubly if you played Pete -- No doubt in not to say that Ridley is going to be a big factor I think he is and -- fight it unless I missed something you didn't fumble so that's obviously good side. Yeah -- know he didn't fumble I didn't even get a lot of carries but he didn't he drop the ball. But the thing about Ridley is the key is who he is in till he isn't in and cookie isn't if he puts the ball on the ground I think it's in my I Donald Rumsfeld isn't picky like -- But sound. Still trying to figure. That's a separate act like they -- in Foster stuff we talked about but it in another show but up. The thing with Ridley is MA I think he has his role and he can help a Tennessee team he's the goal line guy who's gonna carries until he drops and I I I. I have to think that -- is really shall. Well that's you know that's that's what's going to be interest is is how much of it at least -- currently actually happens it really one fumble when you're done this year. I'd like to think about -- -- -- little bit more of a rational. Take on him I was actually the -- defending Belichick on Twitter this week there's people saying that you know he's -- way too harsh apparently disagree I don't buy that I think. You know I think he's trying to be consistent with his other running backs. You know maybe a little tough love hold him to a standard. You know I mean look he's a power back you can't have a power packed with ball security issues. And that's just the way it is I don't have a problem with it. Particularly when you have good depth that at the position and you get a dynamic back like -- could do so many things to -- law. Absolutely. And that's the standard and Adam. You know look at Wrigley it's not accurately fumbled a couple nineties he had eight at eight fumbles -- last two years from not mistaken it for. Pretty early in the season last year's it's it's on the got a clean -- this -- -- team wants to win a championship camp for the program exactly. Let's talk a little bit about a couple more players in the patriots team before we flip it over to Carolina the -- -- A litigated to some things that you that I saw I'm -- you -- Tuesday -- goes so while no doubt but before we do. Are you an alignment with needed from what I'm seeing with Danny Amendola the hit what you're not seeing yes isn't it is he gonna be a factor is -- -- be affinity factor. I'm saying no he looks -- a packet to the right now I'm worried about him as a fantasy factor I mean I'm not sure what the patriots. Our thinking with Amendola Mike my guests and it's never more than -- guess with the patriots folks and let's face it yeah but but my guess is that they're looking at him and Paula. To fulfill the role that he's gonna fulfilled -- which is making stick catches. Third down catches using his route ability to make key receptions. But they're not -- you know he's not a great blocker. The patients love receivers who blocked the I think we've learned that a couple of years ago when elements start playing that well yet. So you know this is not something unforeseen but the fact that I -- -- is having trouble staying healthy all last year. Why play him. In a major high -- percent drop from scrimmage when you can get import stuff about him not doing that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think got a little -- and disease he has and obviously. On the grid could refer to reflect no I think he's going to be a very on the flip side. Is someone is gonna be used a lot in that could actually in hits his Tennessee profile Emmitt was a -- am avoiding right now -- -- -- not coincidentally is a guy who blocks well yeah. You know inside and outside so I don't think there's any doubt. That look -- got they have a plan for I think him and though it's also got planned for. You know it's the patriots folks. For fancy football game might upset a lot of people. Yeah play guys when they wanna play him in game specific situations at one weekend and -- might be. The star of the game and the next week image below snapped I just based on the master plan to Ian Stewart yet did exactly be -- of that. So I wanted to get to the other side of the ball and -- Carolina and talk about a couple of people now sort of shout out from my favorite football it. Steve -- -- yeah how about that -- our industry the best the best move on the field was young Steve Boeheim his voice but for sure it's the name. Last year -- keep listening goes -- got a couple artists agree I'm -- I got I got will be just as a good accurate so we hear shouting his name. I think you gonna see him but on the other side by last night yet did in a heck of a movie -- -- that defender on that offensive -- -- of his pants yes. On the flip side an offensive player who apparently doesn't -- Steve -- that's probably -- -- now click right in the that the two way players there are long gone now. But it Carolina stepped -- England yes. -- -- -- with the elements than before to Iran before him but with Carolina Kelvin Benjamin in -- nudity doesn't wanna get to before I think those are the guys I think we need I -- yet. But before we do that is one let people know in the next segment we come back from the break I'm gonna have. I guess to witness who has Martin frank he's the beat reporter for the Philadelphia Eagles of the Delaware news journal he'll be coming up to give us some perspective on. All the talent in chip Kelly's offense in Philadelphia as a state to that. But before we go there let's talk a little bit about about these Carolina players. One I was very encouraged with which is the rookie Calvin Benjamin. Big strong guy big hands he was literally grabbing things out -- last last game. That would be the football. But the but the guy wasn't too impressed with the -- as a great player and like on second a lap last his performance. Is Cam Newton he showed some things and instinctively as a quarterback elect the world -- well it was with a foot points where would he was doing nothing mobile in the pocket. Brought it if you're the Panthers do you want him running in pre season. Maybe not and I'm just so used to seeing and that's kind of how he built as resonant. Well that's true that's true and and obviously I think navy teams that have running quarterbacks -- you know maybe more prone to look. Mediocre pre season because they're gonna wanna save their guys. But yeah I mean everybody is killer RG three Toronto last week right yes so maybe cam Newton's got a little bit an advantage from the neck up piece. Smart to save himself but you know I thought we showed some real poise in the pocket he. Considering that he didn't really have one. A hole has its collapse yeah I thought that -- the patriots were really get in his kitchen. And I you know he doesn't lose his crackers you know he stays in there he keeps his head on he holds guys off with his left hand and throws the ball the right he's got a lot of Roethlisberger Hampton if if they can get guys open I think -- might have a better year -- some people think. We haven't moved about a our QB one window that's for sure. He's impressive to me he he's a very calm cool character. Well that's what I think people wanted to see over the last couple years that it is maturity I was pistols a presidency the four points but you might be right it is -- it is the pre season but however the third pre season game at -- -- -- a wrinkle -- two -- just that natural instinct. There's also -- allows way to I think a point in his mind he might. He's taken you know -- have to do a lot of running this year -- stuff with -- -- -- but will will they will see how it happens I think means gonna. I don't think knew it was going to be the problem there I think he's gonna fight parties to do well the question is did they leave them with so little as the office of assets or doesn't matter how -- it will have to -- Benjamin's performance was obviously encouraging. -- you know he looked comfortable in his routes he looked comfortable catching the ball -- see any concentration drops which is a good sign yet you know that the crash course they've got him on it seems to be working so far. And I mean that's good news for Carolina it's good news or people or draft Calvin Benjamin and a rookie draft. And I think it's that good news for those people who choose to use you know you know eighth ninth tenth round pick on him fancy dress. Yet he he walks in as the projected number one receiver there and you knew it was gonna Needham. So I was looking for are you what you hope to see never receive like that that might have that pedigree to be some -- a wide receiver one from -- fantasy perspective but at least a wide receiver won a top threat. In an offense and he he's deathly up a guy catches the ball in his hands he goes and grabs it he was big he was strong he moved well I was impressed. Yeah not that's what you saw last night now if you watched college though he's a guy who have. You know once a gain of almost a concentration drops of the fact that he didn't -- last night the fact that he really -- look -- -- that ball in his hands it's it's definitely good side is he needs to catch the ball consistently for Carolina's shares important. It is this is a much of a running threat I've said this before and podcasts way way back. Which is DeAngelo Williams -- Jonathan Stewart that has been there for ever like what is -- a change if that's not it's not gonna change this year is that discovery engine mark and Tim barter and right -- and party last gaff needs are backed out after the patriots so right. It's it's it's going to be. You know the -- and the Angela -- used to. This is a lot on new this year there's a lot on Kelvin Benjamin and it's have you he's fun to watch that. And tell you talked about canyon -- was traded this week to the Philadelphia Eagles coming up after the break we've got Martin frank he's the beat reporter for those very same Philadelphia Eagles. He works for the Delaware news journal a look at Ford having -- up after the break stay with a Sports Radio WEEI you listen to the fantasy football our. We're back with the fantasy football hour on WBI and we have got Martin frank. Of the Delaware news journal with -- this is Pete Davidson and Jim Hackett with a fantasy football our. Mark writes for Delaware online dot com that's when he that's -- and finally his -- and you can follow -- on Twitter at him frank. NFL -- I get that right -- All right -- is welcome yes welcome to the show. So Martin you're down there with the Eagles every day hopefully you can shed some light on some of the things that -- fantasy footballers are wondering about the back field down there. Once you get past mr. McCoy it's a bit of a mess in my right. I'm your exactly right. Pretty high expectations coming into this -- this poll. But he's been out so extreme athlete with a hamstring so. He doesn't practice you have completed its pre season games consoles just -- -- Antsy about him kind of making comments well it. You know we can't evaluate you've heard him play. So we just went out and got another running back and Kenyan barber. And -- a guy who. You know is pretty familiar with the Chip Kelly scheme from his days in Oregon exactly like Japan and ordinary. Knows the system and everything's so he stopped -- -- there is due out today after you know they. That's -- it was native you know China couple -- Rushed seven times for 32 yards. Yeah and I caught his -- really immediate he had that that Chip Kelly intuition he was following the plan -- -- -- -- with the team all summer. -- -- exactly. You know he knows the system he knows where I mean it's hard to say. Exactly how that's gonna all play out because Chris -- is expected to practice at least that's. And want to play in the final pre shooting in the Brazilian jet. So I mean that's going to be huge for him and his chances from it in January which in the spring was going to be a lot. Because I -- question. Pulled himself is sort of a Chip Kelly guy but I think the thing that Paul might be -- -- into Marty is that this -- backfield is still the Chip Kelly guys I mean you and I spoke earlier. In August and I soldier and he -- was a guy like I mean he's a great story that that. He had about four different problems with that -- if I'm not mistaken and CEO and LC IO cartilage everything. I think as -- as well. I mean the way he's running is really just amazing to me you look at against the pats do Marty absolutely. Yeah yeah well I mean no conflict -- game for him because Paul was not -- it was -- David well and they demonstrated was now. So it was basically you know McCoy and and strolled in the first -- and -- -- in the -- you know statistics urged Russian. -- -- -- You know he really put a lot of good film out there and I think vehicles what you like. Yeah and I mean he's got that ability to run inside and outside he's got ball skills that. He certainly a guy I'm sure they wanna keep their hands on even if they can keep on the final roster. Absolutely. There's always room for a -- like you know can from the ball and catch all the facts. -- others -- Tommy wants it is it is our analysts is start Sproles who talks all time there are very similar are always open -- Street so there's conflicts for. So I think it shakes out I really think like OK and they'll make in the team -- You know -- I mean they really like I mean that's slightly treated Bryce Brown. You know after in the spring and stuff they want and make room all. And you know if he's healthy. He's a good news good running -- of how are straight ahead guy but he you know rival on the street. In these among kick returns every now and then last year so. -- Awkwardly in the job. And he might you know that might funeral for that too because. You don't really look at Sproles as the backup running back up in arms saying like shall be comfortable oh is that she was some court. And -- and you know. -- on third down stops so. I think they really want -- second run that. Or third running get -- terrorism typical third run so. I think. You know -- -- that's been. It's gonna be inching -- because you know -- -- is always used when he's had a lot of good runners he uses them so I mean in this you know there's really nobody in reminds me of the patriot backfield that they have right now where everybody on the steps chart. Has got ability -- Matthew Tucker TCU I remember watching his film. Before last year's draft and I was impressed he says he's tough kid hard runner and I could see the Eagles not want to let go ahead as well. Exactly the same -- regarded as well you know these these power forwards. Now I'm also need a good job. It's going to be an interest in. It's very conscious and finally because -- go on options. It really is I mean this is this -- I'm sort of -- it is going to be one of those back fields or just gonna sit wait and no matter what they do you're gonna have a lot of interest in town on the steps. On you know no -- And those dollars. Jim accurate call you and I predicted that on the podcast three months yeah exactly. Yeah just a matter of time it's it just. Exactly. Something like that they'll they'll he had and our our previous listeners might disagree with you on that much but it's but it. Quick question -- the other night. Any anything. In the local market that you hearing about Maclin he's doing okay and in degree earlier reports -- ago but I'm just curious defendants come come to the forefront with the turn out alcoholic that. Looked and asked the hyper culture you know looked awful mean you know Jim and I are both had ACL problems and parties that we both cringed and that it. Earlier I mean and that's -- -- of -- you know in the locker room after the game -- you know some respects one went down because just plants -- People who. The amazing thing was he came back and play yeah I've that shocked me even if he was attempted. And after the game has signed. We'll find out about an hour's practice. It. Is no. And you know I think everybody's here. Up and actually training camp -- mentioning captain is completed and so. Went right down in all seem like silence. As yeah -- opened fire on guns that scenario. He says he's had a rough couple years with injuries that you really talented guy so it was it's good just to hear that didn't see him you know back up. Jim we've got to correct me if I'm wrong formats for the break and got three objective a -- up a synchronize watches that on -- Martin before we lose you I just wanna get a couple things now McCoy I know all the McCoy owners out there are likely talk about -- injuries. To me they're both minor you got that so in the thumb. Are more -- seem aquae again this pre season unless I'm missing something. Which you also say these injuries are minor not something to worry about. Yeah -- -- the military and yeah every time you hear about authorities think about turf so -- And -- About probably asking for anything that's what I mean they insist it's not anything -- true so I mean he played. You know and played our audience in England you know -- practiced on Sunday but he played. You know it's great they're right not. And if they were. Yes they were deeply concerned about that injury that probably wouldn't put him in there in the third week they were to just rest of them like to do with safety over in Minnesota. And you know they don't want. We. Two weeks and so you know first game. So you know. Should be over it on the grass. Other maybe fractions. People I think -- two weeks she. Should. OK well that's that's sort of the way I've sought now -- before we let you go I mean you're there around Chip Kelly all the time. -- -- so much about his scheme all the bells and whistles. Like -- some type of futuristic offense but the more I watch Chip Kelly and this goes back to her breaking down film and his guys in Oregon. You know what coach NIC wouldn't when we watch the Eagles in Oregon film as we see a team that's extremely disciplined they actually play a lot of old school football they blocked as well as anybody. On and like the patriots they like to do you know -- specific team specific matchups they find the weaknesses in the defense and they use their fundamentals and and blocking to exploit and am I missing something. Millions you're exactly right I mean that's that's. Like the perception people others to -- volleys like those muscles -- fancy things and stuff but really. When you break your right I mean it's it's just basic football game you know a lot of plays that he will run our plays and everybody you know. Exactly and an -- to me that that goes to the heart of the you know the issue when people start talking about the NFL adapting to nick foals are adapting to Chip Kelly. I don't know if you -- to stuff that's been working for decades. Well not only the way they do it in the real auto. Line of scrimmage. Get ways of fortunes insults to a -- were they trying to. That's where all the -- come from absolutely that I mean that's definitely. And so I -- -- most of -- in the old Oak Hill on YouTube to be differences do. We got -- here -- record there. Got mismatched here element so deep right Cooper you know that's that's the thing that's so works. Absolutely and I think you know and and there's no doubt that the pace that offense is a big factor but again it's not like this some new concept of bills were doing that the people in the in in the in the nineties. Let's say yeah let's let's let let's keep Marty on the line for the next segment even get a jump when it comes out of the break a little bit more mart and frank. And they'll be back after this it's the Tennessee football our Sports Radio WEEI. Pete Davidson Jim Hackett and we're all lucky to be on the line with Martin frank. Beat writer for the Philadelphia Eagles with the Delaware news journal in the last second he is giving us a lot of information about the Eagles won a little bit more. From -- we have model I'm gonna keep me ever as long as we can have them. But then we wanna launch into the 2014. -- bond draft plan which -- put up great article that is very important right now -- it was getting for the -- ready for their fantasy football -- the wanna get a little bit more information from -- We had to come short last segment. And I -- might tell us a little bit. More that you're seeing about the Chip Kelly offense how it impacts -- and I think the I would like to get our listeners some information about the receivers is -- a lot of Philadelphia and the impact Tennessee. Absolutely. Yes definitely I mean you know we saw last year is -- their partners -- approaches for everybody and so some of course. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know I agree here receiver you like thirteen 132 yards. And you know everybody in between I mean it's it's. Up tempo offensively try to run that it is possible if they feel like how choose which means you know -- on the ball -- on the ball. Person reply it's such as for of course Sproles. He knows that Kurtz is going to be a big factor. You know it's great and. I know Jim Hackett likes to hear good news about actor -- he's a keeper friend of mine I think for the. Yeah. Would -- -- wise you're you'll have a big role on -- here you know they're they're really -- on. Jordan Matthews rookie wide receiver out of Vanderbilt. In the -- yet he showed well against New England -- he -- he'd be popped on the television -- -- much. Apart -- -- got some issues this chance that your from from folks like Marty at camp I mean Matthews has been pretty much. Top -- since they've gotten them mark Marty how would you break down. The roles of the receivers do you think Cooper Mac and Matthews are gonna have similar roles are gonna rotate. An and and after those three that you think is the biggest factor for maybe getting some snaps. Yeah I'm actually I think. They're prepared -- -- Jordan Matthews in the slot which makes them even better matchup because you know it was 63215. Guys going on nickel corners sort nonsense all of so yeah I mean each -- that's -- it's a big role -- a master -- be on the outside. Beyond the. Don't think code that cracked me do you think I mean from what I've seen they're gonna move those guys around a little bit as well. And they're not going to be static they're gonna be probably all playing multiple positions. Yeah I mean ultimately what you -- versatility is right is receivers split. For the most part I think what. You know Maclin who rubio outside might seem that Clinton's a little bit here and there before right but I think like match. Would be the primary. Primary. Just. -- that's that's going to be -- do you think Brad Smith is gonna make the team and is back in a limit you know the number of real receivers that can make the team. Well they consider friendship. -- I know but it. Well -- it an act of an extent it -- -- -- Just because it's special teams. I mean he's a great football player in Ceres is the -- I mean throughout trying to -- the first round. Receiver position you know -- I mean not gonna go to -- essentially right and I guess -- what -- angling for here as does my guy -- have a shot. I didn't have a moment guy I wanna see this guy naked. It's going to be. Back discloses. Yeah. Seen saying there's a chance -- stated as such -- and it's exactly. The sort of I mean that you're. You know or shall on the -- so long he's going to be a couple weeks in America. Okay back right itself. So really that of the Big Three at this point at Cooper Maclin Matthews you don't really seen anybody making -- move on them for. You know it's snaps from scrimmage in the regular season in order to see. Like five surer means. The three you mentioned -- and -- -- and threw it out for six receivers. In Paris Johnson. All you know guys that -- those guys animal was the one that strikes me as a potential Kelly -- long term because he's got that size. Yeah its -- -- -- -- develop more right not seem to try to do it. And compile all Jews not Justin -- and a string. -- area. Look at Axel Lombardi it's not yet good stuff it was before we let Marty go more up to skinny one minute thing I mean an end and we don't like talking about kickers in fantasy football -- but I'm getting a sense from you bet that pandering might be in trouble and he may not be the opening -- kicker now that's actually significant information for people are drafting. Folks you might wanna stay away from drafting -- it's possible that this rookie or not rookie this swayze is a rookie -- Yeah Cody Parker this -- that the Eagles just acquired it's possible he steal the job would you agree party. Yes. But there means there should be an hour flights going -- like Christians. Wednesday you know betrayed its coated art from Annapolis to -- in the because. Terry. So and then like Henry -- 31 -- Yoko. Thursday and I on the order. -- afterwards -- Yeah I think it's. So I get on in here if this -- can kick the ball fairly accurately and so and he's got a big leg right. Well he's got more of a touchback like entering. He wasn't the most archery. Auburn which problem right -- Shows -- contractors this week. -- That's that's good information -- I think folks at future you know -- -- on kicker and if you're not ought to make moves before we quite probably wanna stay with Hendrick -- you don't at that spot lineup guys yet thanks for Alomar. -- and frank from the Delaware news journal great job thanks for the information as a lot happening with chip Kelly's offense in Philadelphia a lot of players that can. Impact of Tennessee cross your insights are really appreciate it a great job thanks so much for joining us is. Our -- hey come back out sooner attack. It mark frank talks. That's -- frank of the Delaware news journal he's the beat writer for the Philadelphia Eagles give us some good inside the repeat. And I think there's loss of that we can glean from that in from listeners can coming on into the address this weekend. Yeah -- deftly if Marty back in the shows some time now I cricket from -- -- got a -- sixteen minutes left to get into the wrote about draft plan precisely so if we can help some folks drafting tonight tomorrow Monday. The next ten days whatever here we -- since the 2014. Audubon draft plan. You put an article up on -- Audubon dot com. In this really kind of gives you the framework of what to do this year this is -- a general look it's not. Anything that's written biblical biblically in terms of the long term view for 2014. Isn't a talent rich. Draft pool. -- as 500 players' strengths and just to let you know so. This draft will give you kind of a roadmap what we just walk through repeat position by position to give our listeners what they need as they -- their draft so that we've got a little. Of philosophy for high draft each position this year so out and that. And yeah I mean you're absolutely right I've never seen this much depth at the skill positions. As I say towards the end of the article in which is we're gonna get into a situation shareware. There's no way around the early part of free agency. Even some bigger leagues. And fantasy football your Tennessee. Outstanding options on the waiver wire -- I mean we we saw that last year it's going to happen again yep I agree it was it was it was a very rich -- wire throughout the entire year last year it Tippett and he is. We won that we're tell people pick up Josh court pick up -- camera yet. -- -- Pretty serious people but in August when you're when directing 500 players that should tell our listeners all we need to know. Exactly we're not doing it for health is that these guys are all material -- important now let's hop into it with the quarterbacks we talked about the strategy a lot in our show. In our podcast and great depth. About how do how to approach the quarterback position and and I don't people get confused we preach patience. But patients can fall you and a couple different ways if people in your draft room are Smart and they're waiting on quarterback so to speak. You can too which can also strike talk to me a little bit about that -- in terms of the best way to approach wrapping your quarterbacks. Yeah I mean look. We all the positions the one thing we always want to strive for is to drop is to draft the player who can out perform. The draft position taking him so you take a guy at a hundred U wanna guy who's got the upside to perform a guy you take a fifty that's always the the mental approach to each pick we want you to take. Quarterback's no different so take a quarterback in the first round it's awfully hard to outperform. That level on because you can get those guys in the second round as well so as I say in the intro even if you must have a top three option and I don't recommend that you. Become hell bent on getting. Manning Rodgers -- but if that is you're. You know mode of operation that's what you gonna do. We take him in the second round not the first and even better as a state go take in the third it's always best to try is Jim as you pointed out a few weeks ago. Strike towards the end of the run if you can't yet the straight towards the end of -- here if you can't same thing a quarterback so you know as. So I understand is going to be people out there or wanna take -- quarterback early is nothing -- mobile assay to stop them. If that your approach still try to wait it's about you don't fall in love with Manning when you can get threes or Rogers in the second. If you follow the draft plan do it the way we say. Try waiting to the cemetery round you're going to get a top fourteen option and we think there fourteen guys who are legitimate QB one performers. Yeah and you -- -- down the rankings the fifteenth ranked player quarterback has Ben Roethlisberger now Roethlisberger can help you. If you wanna go down even a little bit deeper in terms of -- preaching patience. The 130 player -- he's the sixteenth quarterback Andy Dalton and guess what. Andy Dalton the rivers goofy as he might -- growth is thinking my feet he's got great weapons there is getting AG green. And he's been good he's been atop -- dare I say to top twelve performer last year right absolutely he's there's there's no doubt about it a lot of people are worried about the new offense we think he's probably going to be. You know right around the edge of the top twelve again. -- and as I say in the article you know some people really want it just. An -- NIC don't try to prove a point by showing people how late you can draft a quarterback right ideas to win for me. You know I actually call it might not in the -- and I'm not gonna end up and -- -- -- -- Sam Bradford that's sort of the end of the line for me. But. And again that's an an extreme situation what I want my folks to try to get a top fourteen -- and try to be one of the last people to do it. You'll end up getting your quarterback is the ninth round -- -- doing very well yeah. So somebody jumps early on Manning a Rodgers -- priest let them. Build your foundation with your running backs in your elite receivers and then you'll you'll have a nice foundation to get the quarterback that you want and we're telling you there are plenty of them. Yes they've gone forever now what's next running backs running backs. Yet you know running backs the kind of thing where you know there's there's a trend for people to sort of say running backs are what they used to be they're not important anymore I agree with the first part. Not the second. If you do draft running backs differently. Today and even last year and the year before last year when you compare it to how used to draft running backs back in the -- Jim and I you we are in drafts ten years ago where the first 24 picks up. First two rounds are all running back 21 of the more running yes. And you know pay it made sense back then because there were more bell -- running backs about Africa gets all the carries. You know you know the backup running back -- to come in every now and then now you have three backs rotating. Our two backs rotating you've got all of these you know we call our. Running backs who were you know not primary guys but still getting a lot of action -- any wood -- that there -- so the advent of this part time running back who has. More than just a tiny little role that means you can still running backs in the fifth round tenth round sometimes even twentieth. So that's up to the factory -- your drafts. Now what that doesn't change. Is the value of the guys who are still bell cow running back yes it'll be -- the -- -- top of the draft still have -- -- full time -- So if you read our draft plan it's going to be very clear. Nothing is worth more in 2014. In the top five running yeah. -- -- So the top five as we know them today in you know and we have the order -- wrote Obama LeSean McCoy being number one this is one thing everybody seems to agree on yeah I haven't seen a site that doesn't have the same top five guys at the top. You know -- McCoy -- -- Kamal Charles Richard Peterson Matt Forte -- -- you guys to do guided dance. -- to me it's very clear those of the top five players you can order -- you'll want. I mean wrote about Scott mortar ordered for you but you know if you wanna take any of those guys one on -- freak out about it. Yeah -- that don't look at their all the India lead category now a lead don't be confused elite doesn't mean. That those are your only running back one options seem very appear to twelve team league. You know anyone in the top twelve is thus be running that one but these -- the guys. That if you're in a straight drafting you're in the top five you have to get come out of one of these guys just -- -- and if you're an auction draft you can -- go grab one of these guys but. You know if you miss out in that format there's plenty of depth there in the early part. Of the -- of the of the draft. The first couple rounds don't know yet if you don't -- -- top five picks are probably not gonna get one of these -- evidence what people have to prepare for life without a top five back. And the draft plans got you covered there as well on the thing that I want people realize that now to sort of transition into the receiver yet. Com. Once those top five backs -- -- the board you know it's us it's very simple Calvin Johnson and Jimmy Graham should be the next two picks after that. A lot of people. Wanna take a running back I would urge you to consider taking. Any -- tier one receivers that are running back. Once those top five guys are up support I think to -- Thomas does Bryant -- -- Jones those of the guys who wanna focus on yeah. After that point -- economic case for a couple other guys can make a case from Marshall Jordy Nelson -- on Jeffrey they might be a quarter of a click below but. It's justifiable I think yeah yeah absolutely in -- election for those seats for those people who are worried about Julio Jones foot. You want to insert Brandon Marshall instead of Julio Jones that's reasonable I mean for me Julio Jones upside is so high. Time now -- willing to take the risk is here at the act around one -- looking for some upsides so you can compete with the teams are at the league running games. So for me it's worth the risk to take Julio Jones. But I can understand you want to flip him with -- -- perfectly rational thing to do where it gets interesting after that since you're going to be at the end of the round in the tenth eleventh twelfth spot you're gonna have another think coming up very soon. I duly you can take a running back there right for me I wanna get DeMarco Murray if I don't get DeMarco Murray there. I'm gonna consider. Maybe banging out a second elite receiver if one is still available if flinched and -- and all or some combination of those players go head of my first round pick. I'm very much okay going. Dez Bryant AG green AJ green yeah Jones something like that at the end around -- at least I'm locking in league talent that I can build around trees that engine to. To run my team off. Exactly and and at that point if you go that way you can still get a running back think you can pick your team with -- not one of the elites. But a guy like GO Bernard would be there Andre Ellington not about us. -- love to have Alex does a number two but you know you cannot only get those guys if you if you go only widely lied. Well. If you do that fits into the round -- those guys probably don't get you base any BP now. You do creators are aware of what those guys does -- to you you're now in the driver's yeah that's great and and in the point there is that you can't. You know you can't get great value unless you allow someone to fall if you're constantly reaching for guys who you know entertaining yet. You don't get the great values of patience is rewarded sometimes you look at the guy but that's how you make discrete about expecting patient. Now we don't jump early on quarterback could prevent arteries it absolutely -- the one position that scared key to orchard -- no doubt about it. Now run at a time so let's get to the tight ends and it's timely and -- -- In the -- nine minutes. Well we've got to put our -- immaterial let's obviously got tight ends and we already covered Jimmy Graham he's the one guy you wanna take in the first round I'm not a proponent taken cast in the first round -- mean there's too much risk. But let's face you know what if you -- -- in the sack taken an early second -- personally first -- it's essentially the same thing -- you order it. A lot of it has to do with who's left of the important things to come back around to you. I wanna talk about -- a little bit more okay because this is WEEI were Boston all right and it this is a homer factor. I love crock I know everyone listening loves rock we all of -- He warned all right he's got amazing talent I think all things being equal. Actually personally like -- more than Graham if they're both healthy vulture in the both playing a -- guys -- a little bit more in the red the red zone. But throw a dart in terms of his injuries guys OK so if you can wait -- grab -- just have this little bit below is ADP a jump all over that but like don't reach. Don't reach because you can really such -- -- off by hitching her wagon to an injured player like that. You know look I I and go the other way honest just -- -- -- and only play devil's advocate as I happen to. But look when teams that are drafting at the end of the first round one of the things you need to do -- create. Euro indict him to get -- up upside. Now if you're sitting down there like there's no way -- -- -- -- the top. There is a rational reasons to draft for -- -- because just what you just said he's actually even worth more than Jimmy Graham he's playing at 2%. You just have to understand what's going on. You have to know Europe. You know personal ability to rafter roster you know if you're starting with the receiver and tight end and that tight end has an injury risk. What happens if you get worst case scenario what your team it'll look like so you have to know yourself yet another league -- in. You really have a lot of confidence you're gonna be able to fail a lot of quality picks yet after the gronkowski so it really comes down to what your tolerance for risk is. You know what and how well you you're gonna draft so. Know your limitations and you know what kind of this season do you wanna have are you willing to sort of put it all and -- on and try to win the league basket -- -- to -- to -- -- no -- But he's also a guy where if you get -- that's an area you probably -- you know. It it it can go both ways but the the main point a tight -- gonna move on quicker were running low on time. Tight end is the in a lot like quarterback you immediately get quality -- throughout the draft. I duly we'd like -- get one of the top eleven guys you're patient should be able to get a couple of guys inside the top 100. You know somewhere between he you know hundred you're gonna do you'll do very well and it's at key positions so it's not a position -- -- the stress. It you know as long as you're getting good value your -- if it doesn't work out immediately go to the waiver wire. And get a tight -- last year you were to Martellus Bennett off the wire you get -- -- camera to Wear a wire to your screen. What -- screen they're gonna be waiver wire guys this year don't stress out about. And that puts it in team defense and kicker and it would it -- some philosophy jam yeah that it's important. Yet seen defense I see about 11 -- at 110 well there that I really liked consult her about rankings list which teams like. To -- I want to be patient. An -- but I also wanna make sure I get a top eleven option I don't wanna end up with the jets. I don't -- end up with the giants are ideally -- Atlanta with a team like the jaguars treatment bills but let I don't want a cowboys either as the show lets us make that crystal clear. It's a few of the cowboys don't want they stink they'd -- venture -- so ideally. You know I like to weights -- fifteenth sixteenth round. Jump in May try to topple the as far as kickers go. I hate to be boring NC the same thing every other experts say. But their right just draft kicker last don't try to get Smart don't take us cast in the tenth round don't just go to some silly like Matt -- the twelfth round. Wait for the last round yet. Take your kicker preferably one late by week's deals for. Exactly just wait it's my last pick every year and I usually have a pretty good. Forget about it get that. -- -- -- your shoulder patting yourself on the back to saying it was just just just just get the people that you need you donating. Fill yours truly right back to receive -- word you calculator and I'll kick. It goes to the heart of our draft -- upside on the board every single routes that don't pass up -- upside to take care yet wait till last for a and catch anyone you yeah I wanna I wanna get into something that we talked about off off line before and we've actually mentioned it. And often our show but certainly in our podcast at the NFL in terms of the way that the approach personnel sometimes the label. Draft experts quote unquote also label for and is always ways that you have to go like it's like a constitution that you have to follow. You and I both I think preach that every draft and every draft room filled with owners it's -- -- in that's why we try to give you as many. Opinions on as many players as possible so that you can react appropriately. Avoid the labels and -- I think in terms of final content you comets that we can make. About your draft strategy yes 2014. Is a little bit different than past years is so much talent in so many different positions that can help you teams but. There are some overall philosophy is that -- that you should taken I want to get into those a little bit with PP if we can't. Yes sure I mean like you know if you look at the the -- draft plan and I talked about some of the popular theories senior on the Internet these days like -- Running back drafting or overseer -- I think those things philosophically a lot of them are. Based in good sound thinking yet I don't think there's absolutely no reason to go heavy running back early. And I think you can make a good argument for doing the same with receivers based on where you start and draft the thing I don't like doing is making decisions of what I'm gonna do in the fourth round. Before draft -- you start yet. It's very important to mean that I -- in a position to take advantage of the mistakes made by other drafters with some lets a player -- fiction Politico. I'm not gonna pass on that player has its. Position that I predetermined that was trapped in that round I wanted to take advantage of that mistake every time summit passed up on value. I want collect that about it. So that means you need to be flexible during the draft process so no I'm not a big fan of saying I'm starting draft with five receivers five running backs five anything. I'm not an and that's the reason that even though we say wait a quarterbacks we say well -- flexible teaching -- something dumb is gonna happen banking on for scene you never know Peyton -- slips into the the third rounder breezed into the fourth and when that happens if you know if you're the kind of team you like to build around a quarterback you go ahead and do it and here's the thing. If that scenario occurs. You have a foundation before you took your quarterback right. So it's you know it's you have to be flexible. I have absolutely. Allow yourself take advantage of on for seen things I mean how many times -- you've been in -- draft. Where some guy who's not exposed to slip slips. Any sense to whole round after that -- -- at least everybody starts thinking what is this guy bill that I don't know why are people taking that guy that's exactly the spot you know what do you what do what don't I know at the BI agent last night what happened jump on -- world you have to confirm the guy isn't dead but don't if if everybody else staying away -- players you like. Take the player yeah that's my advice I would say Levy on bill comes to mind this year let him -- don't. A rationally stay away from Libyan -- he gets into the third round he's still got -- yeah yeah. Yeah so it's I think that that's that's a good theory to have -- like we again from the top we preach patience at the quarterback position but is he just said. You know if it if somebody slips. Just be as prepared as you can going incident the anxiety doesn't take over usage is what's wrong but this cannot draw -- -- out you know so it's all about when. And and how you spew higher team has built -- team is structured. And hopefully he'll follow our our advice and good luck to everyone out there it's draft weekend. We're gonna have more content coming this week Pete's going to be providing articles on WEEI updating the rankings in the cheat sheets that wrote a bond. And we got you covered here at the fantasy football -- WEEI thanks so much for joining us. A big -- of Martin frank. Of the Delaware news journal who joined us in segment two brought some great insights on the Eagles and we look forward to helping you next week go buck everybody would -- drafts thanks so much.

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