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Tom E. Curran, CSNNE, Previews Pats/Panthers 8-22-14

Aug 22, 2014|

Tom E Curran joins the show to talk about Pats/Panthers and the latest news coming out of training camp.

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Tommy current from Comcast and CS and any dot com brought to you by his hair doctor doctor Robert Leonard TCI you don't. A couple of at all. -- -- -- -- -- I'm -- this whole thing because your phone is all messed up. They're out there weren't. That -- -- what I'm pretty sure is critical that won't help it probably hung up on yeah. Well what -- deep breath on DK okay. Let me W let me bring -- to the suit -- Tom -- -- bring back to a simpler time. Poker which would you today. 1990 -- -- fuels. Or 2014. Brian -- Thank you. -- -- -- -- -- well yeah I know well here's a here's is my point this is the reason why we were talking about means now and -- there and I said. Well you have to give support her some credit. Because he actually you take two games angles and who while Minnesota that yet really good game now they're two games but there NFL games. And joining me and bill hasn't had those NFL game yet. I don't know him well on the -- -- thing. -- -- -- No one example -- committee. Being actually done well -- giant now he has a pretty wants some -- Except for watching Monday night I never -- boats were scared. And I bet you are joining me and tell. Was scared now it would get it done already spent the early part of their career but it it 86. Basic 270. Linebackers about what our ultimate -- reaching that point are you. Hurt your arm. But I would awestruck by the size different. Between Mandell -- -- that we we re vote. -- You really well. Dumbfounded when you look and able to get an extra in the corner and most people when I thought it looked Eric. I a year -- more. Are open down as the right to Wright were right phrase to use but. If -- -- a failure at this level is it more because of his his size. And his play on the field or is it more because of what what what he does and how we carries himself off the field. Not an open shot Greg if you don't start turning into. Our -- gotta be football or rocket arm starts. A lot of players or other -- and do it -- Which sharpened to a rich charmed or Europe or back at all. You have to be a complete dirt. Ball prayer upgrading your. -- Off the camera I -- -- you or. Help. We're gonna record or -- -- out everybody ought to stay out too well we chat so that news. Little reported I'm at it the right thing to do. -- straight -- to at least reached over your shot what the best -- in me on the guy who rely on. Thanks monopoly operation -- does start its hero. One story short he thought they were seriously. Portray himself as an ultra professional or a social right now an uphill. Saw more for things back in the patriots -- thinks considering he played tonight. You retard the last couple days about how old Greg Dickerson sixty you know patriots might not come to fruition. And so I'm curious for you. Give me your top three concerns for this team right now. -- and I've heard -- the other day and I. Understand your. I -- frustration and exasperation. Where everything appear rainbows and unicorn -- But I also understand -- we got to roll -- well or your. It's -- I'm the nit picky when I am usually not at noon but I look at it unsettled but on the up a lot. Because Ryan Lindell -- in the bank -- not wait rate in the interior -- jointly operated and happy. In summary -- its will -- articulate don't -- ROW that interior. Are structured pass -- they're relying on let still. Are pretty were pretty. How well the other book that the best in the -- seat number and -- -- that Burris. -- last year a little little lightning in the bottle. Or is that historical level it played out. Especially in the area the at large RR ROC. And special people to attribute -- more attractive nor. To -- write it down. And in terms of playing time tonight. Will we see Brady and the majority of the starters well under the third quarter -- culture player. I think you'll see at least until -- I'm Greg. And then depending on political satisfaction the dollar check out where. What he's seen it restored to a third quarter. Number not patty what do you are adamant about. Or about three uses Super Bowl you know remember -- yeah yeah who are horrendous. Don't circuit roll back government to bolt about. -- -- -- So it'll peel or education plate they're not Hitler -- keep quiet. -- that talk Rick where where -- into the third pre season game in this is where we -- kind of weed out the of them look good in practice and they look at the first couple games. Knew a couple of guys who you actually think will look good in real -- NFL games when the season starts might be able take a step toward. -- what you've seen so far. Jimmy cattle operate our. Well -- you know it could be -- what you reward of each one went off the radar -- one guy may be established it looked like he might be really -- ago the next. I think -- Darius -- well linebackers. And they're not going to be. Guys we're. All. -- necessary. Because there's very little linebacker. Colin. Mayo and I coward and a whole lot I'm in -- I'm back -- -- we to cover and run. Noted in he's coming off -- yell. At the last two years. Play well like you point out market. -- And start last year Chicago. We'll have a limited role he can run to tactic no matter where -- -- that early night and we. -- -- out which could well period and I won't -- you -- but in light. A lot of reps early camp and because they're not have a lot of attention. On rarely eat it all up. -- down or aren't -- Rick Mears. And for him the report. Inaudible course of the guys USC -- A 208 if I listened to all mob or it could happen. Tom every single year it seems the patriots bring in a name wide receiver and may fall flat on their face so I'm. Ultra cautious or over caution. With Brandon fell. What he's seen out of him in the two pre season games including do you think you'll be different. It really that good he's still a guy who really old riding the upward -- It was 404050. -- guys. With Carolina and I think that he hit. And it can be the number one I mean the -- referred to oracle. Joey Galloway -- or so ago. In number of different -- or -- let -- -- At one and a guys. Immediately -- that got -- -- or. But I think that guys on the upward arc as opposed to. Make it -- last up and trying to. To -- this team I felt a little things. Pretty well good blocker. I think -- might think I'm a little out of my mind when you look at it honestly. Objectively there for a wide receivers illegal settlement. Talked to sell our pop that's the sport I haven't or Opel. Which organized. Because of their quickness and ability to copper. Real good so it's kind of -- -- You don't -- Tom will be off the beaten track -- -- Now now. Going to stick in my gronkowski who questioned it perfectly are going to be amber yeah. Here you know I'm gaining some knowledge here and you know it seems to me at all ever all I ever hear Oliver CB. This stuff about accounts in in you know is gonna be ready to play when you're on. Now is the last what have you seen that's it and that that tells you they can be heard this year. Don't know office beauties -- fact that while he goes. After a recent injury history. That makes you say get credit here you have to look at the type of injury. A direct. Shall work it certainly hit it -- at all where you are last year ACL it would happen at any. PR -- BR during the previous year. That's the -- it out but but factory. Mark Ingram and -- are. -- Eight Tom. Go beat the snot out of your phone with punish Jaffna. -- -- all right hit it right. It's total way of it lasted longer than we expected. At -- what you want on it was the terrific. You -- on that at half past period. On current from about Comcast CS and any dot com brought to you by his hair doctor doctor Robert Leonard.

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