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Michael Irvin joins Dale and Holley 8-22-14

Aug 22, 2014|

Michael Irvin joins the show to talk Pats/Panthers and Johnny Manziel.

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Michael Irvin from the NFL network Michael I'm Greg. We get robbed here we got a guy I'm sure you're familiar with the must Steve Lyons. Lieberman I don't know what -- government I grew -- doing great. Michael or and that's without the it is that there weren't sure -- look -- what a great call would open -- a great moment. But -- backcourt and map out all. Where that would -- that it hit the shot -- opportunity. But we ordered -- on the -- -- and I appreciate that but it. There's no -- that -- waiting -- not without my -- and a lot like who really reduce poverty while they're and I. Pretty awful -- I get up -- that's what I. As they show that put every other toxic -- on the map these days. -- All of that everybody drawn out we don't follow that it would agree -- that work picked it helps sport. -- -- corporate. And don't worry that it you know it's are there you're there I'd love when -- Work out on where it also as we talked about it -- -- -- -- on wall equal football and funny way. What was the best argument you -- got on that show. -- It'll trigger about it they were cheered for. Bit different people from different sport so we're not brought it -- in your conversation we had a ball. It never got (%expletive) will it make you chew on shall now they're awful all later typically come out all right who's wrong and mostly. -- animals -- a political football player. But -- your -- post a sport like football basketball. Is all -- altered in their respective. From other people. Looking edit in if you aren't actually at that pull out when I got -- -- because. -- hear from a record I'd love where. Shall we were in. -- were -- from different or differently. That'll launch a lot of careers and launch yours India film network Chris Rose. What I insult what are what I stuck -- with -- us. Filling in embossed that are in the afternoon alerting them that -- figures Tom Arnold's coasting Nomar how well. Our Tom Arnold that I had a three. -- argument. In front of Jamie Kennedy who was to elect -- -- at the time so we we had an argument for running him and he absolutely thought it was true. Arnold stormed off the set we heard. You know on -- -- each other about some stupid revealed that he thought the whole thing was real we catapult him was. Michael look at. Let's get the some football what your thoughts on the number of flags and penalties called during the pre season and do you think it will last. Into the regular season. I really don't I don't think they're trying to. The taker and literate but like all day it's like you know well when we're first establishing. Who we laying out the at all. I and everybody over -- children in -- Here at three years ago and it would legislating out legislating the out of the game we're you can be -- -- now I've seen guys really -- Hackles with out their ultimate. I hit a critical all the -- Larry -- and they were smarter than they are right it is -- work you don't the and now they're saying. They were not happy ground and all -- program I -- and got the call are key in the first day of the from order order all and -- -- a little bit to direct. Customers to order for earlier on that order. Well Michael based stick with these rules -- -- at the corners of the safeties and the grabbing in clutching. If Hoover plan and they'd take couldn't drag you in touch you -- nominees Alec tell us thousands gore. Nowhere. -- that such. And that is the partners or partners are like oh to these guys where it removing a color. But you know. -- -- Hurt our thing I did not have the -- -- -- you're aware that you would not like all Mercury angle most be in order or hurt their Arab illegal crop might. -- -- -- hurt at that people don't let him. And not -- The quirky. Idea you don't care who worked. They were not in my. That's what they were then okay. Your breaker. You know -- -- cool chest while they hit you. You may. -- -- -- -- -- Number sitting at a number eight I -- me with an -- Or -- so we interpret late. It was a my outlook the like what is it like I doubt it will be. Well the court that -- them. All anyway and now. That are out here and there will be. That are saying there's a wide open today. You worked out real well. 13200. Look. We don't it will mean. One -- to -- and actual structure and should actually or. Is it rock thing. This is what I'd do. He -- figure a way I I had the -- the perfect storm of television union today. I saw the you the thirty for thirty on you guys college Miami. -- and then I saw Johnny -- selfless somebody often realize game. So I wanna note did you ever slippery when -- or -- game like that. Are there -- wherewithal. Law. On an order. That they're being middle senator Burton described wherever. Producer -- Rupert government workers. -- big guys. So the in the cities before. Always thought and sit it out though produced this storm I've been -- local and it was a wreck right in the middle ballclub he write or call our local. -- problem. Governor backcourt -- you don't permit all. It should we replace Carolina. You know full well today and I important so are you at all. Or regain I'd go down the sideline. Every. -- -- 100 dollar -- -- but -- but -- -- sort -- what anomalies down. And this is about -- that it might order. Order. Wool mart. Role model. But it should it on I don't know what. Got it all out a little bit -- I appreciate you guys they're just trying to you know we all make mistakes. Guys aren't active which is that it. -- click on our local diet throughout this article are poor role. -- -- -- all over inaudible straight. -- -- -- don't. Think there's anybody. You. Cracked up but it. -- -- -- -- Were all bought out -- -- That's a great society you know you are so open and upfront about your past trolls that that did you -- common and adds that a great career. Host playing now in your broadcasting career. Before I got to value one of the greatest quotes that I ever saw from you. Sought -- video and it was after you had been in trouble and I can remember the exact situation at the got acquitted or some the habit of a charge got dropped and you're standing in front of the media and you're saying. Saying how once you guys to report this story with the same intensity. That you reported it would now what I got a rested now I got acquitted -- -- -- intensity and intensity. -- I hate it. We're wouldn't -- what are you until -- -- You don't know that you got. But -- are life. All right we'll kick it. Would report. Like the bigger. That is it. That well well and the it. It. All. That I. They're not and -- one work or India we shall why. Realities. If we all wore a lot of outlook. Oh well a lot of saying issue and we won't be alike certainly. There. Will be. -- -- -- Well by I had mentioned man's dollar earlier so they were -- dark about the NFL as we've learned. Every single time we turn on ESPN Johnny -- Zell is the guy that people are talking about. So what's your take on this what I am anxious to get your take number one do you think you should be the starter but also. What do you think about his act is he approaching this the right way. -- -- funny doesn't it on your players we do and I we're fortunate that. -- -- -- -- -- I think you do is pretty. Now being here. Importantly what I AM there are rules in but they went into it and and bring it -- framework which they were being. Bill and Johnny Cash should be I think it on -- that I think I think -- -- that are being done I'll. Here's the article a lot of young guys go out. It's just that we arming and all of which would. -- superstar. And and as well. It would in what that would mean you'll committee oh not at all. -- all the -- on Twitter. Every child should -- you know all the artwork on. The line that it is now dropping -- and -- -- the purple. Call. -- -- or not. Only thing. Out of any and I back in our -- -- -- Via our. -- I want him to be Smart about it. And that and understand all of that that's happening now. -- the last the last thing Michael obviously there are all the issues with -- fell off the field. On the field he really hasn't impressed during the pre season -- do you think his game on the field translates from college to the NFL. -- -- I stated. That -- well I'd make him. At least it and display are starting order. Shut it then Israel will point out you have a career. -- good restart rent they'll. He's not particularly well. -- -- record now at all but I hit it very clean it. These people how anxious. However. I worked -- a longer. A portrait. Overall. It is a bit or -- Or all political. -- And sell so well the initial. You put out there. And ran out ordered meaning these results first 4813. Don't be provided on when it it doesn't work he. Put it and let all that. Of course they go out or -- or -- you or is that your. I don't look real trooper on -- -- about that and Kobe at all that there they are. And now everybody -- Because anything you -- -- because they already in order for awarded to. Me. Actual -- it and it by -- -- -- ran. That you -- -- easing into the whole system moles that I tell you wanna be real quick Michael you know I have recent hard knocks yet. Thoughts on the list of hosts on the best damn sports show I saw Brian Cox on the list. He is by far away -- star. Aren't the but. The -- -- -- -- the hard knocks against or translate but it took me a public in this list of people holy mackerel. It's this some characters on this -- in news and Ivan lions was the law -- one on the shell. If I didn't last long with their aim at Michael thanks for taking the -- we'll talk to next week. -- daycare is now it's eleven from the NFL network.

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