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Ben Badler from Baseball America - Rusney Castillo

Aug 22, 2014|

Ben Badler joins the show to talk about his experience watching Rusney Castillo play.

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And radler from baseball America venue there. I. We're out of time I guess I should just pull out talking next time they are your thoughts on the player and -- -- -- deal. Yeah that and the guy news. There were more athletic players who is in Cuba guy who won a gold glove he's got tremendous speed. Quickly actions and -- off the -- Turner Field. I need is not a governor of a defender I think is expected raveling was put. Of the guy's gonna bring -- your defense and in center field and in fact. As a -- out to you know play on corner as well he would control that. Very big outfield in right field -- -- -- so the guy -- brings more power. Speed and and defense to vote correct arc. Were you surprised by the deal the the numbers of the deal. He was. It it's incredible because you look at what you want to let -- isn't an opposing at least. When they left Cuba I think if you ask most scouts to compare. Those three guys at the time they last. I think most of were calling for a steal third and enact group. It is true that the success of those aren't. And the successor Yost you know we didn't even really need. Ownership especially more comfortable. Investment that kind of money in Cuban player and and I think the rules of this CPA and and they -- true that. You know there's not many places where you're going to be able to spend money any way. To their young players up to long term extensions more than ever are you wanna try to create and it's it's gonna cost here draft pick compensation. This is the guy -- here is 27 your golden in the prime of his career out of it it really inflated market fraud and Cuban players. When you saw him play and we are talking now after we hung up on you about. And we had a looks like DE looks a little bit like Alfonso Soriano with maybe a little bit bigger rear ended is that the one who would you compare to. 88 if it hammered down a little bit I guess that's the sound but -- is it 5759. We will be. Try to figure this out all year. Among. He's I think he's a baseball. Which which means he probably about 58. But he's added on about twenty pounds he left Cuba. -- about fighting here but nodded and 180. Now he he's put on about twenty pounds since he left Cuba is a deadly -- bad. He. You know find bigger and put it that way it. Eat he's put it on it and all the right places -- news guy who's well thought that her daughter when he was still in Cuba and even though he's. He backed up that extra must believe he's still running just -- that that -- really translated to a lot more power to. And what he was still in Cuba. Never Scott we're talking about him -- like -- Rodney -- type of -- guy broad inflated he spent at a premium positions that are -- well. More good solid 62 any type hitter with some -- hours and he's over the fence pop. And -- he shows up in my hip -- is that the opened showcase what does try to work out. And we -- and -- -- field so it is impressive to see the the power he shall there's a lot of scout I talked to. Yeah you know what we saw in Cuba on the national team on army's fourth -- the other babies. Solid everyday. A lot of those -- that are able mrs. this is a different welcome player than -- couple -- at the back in Europe or America. So bag you know that's one of the fascinating for me because that -- community people's McCain about him. There wasn't a consensus it wasn't there wasn't everybody was saying this is locked no question about it you give the money to -- to ride him out as a starter. There were some detractors. Seoul where where those detractors coming from. Be it even after the workouts that you just mention what are -- with things picking -- rise in terms of this guy succeeding for the Red Sox. I think wolf before he had left limited and she foreign start showing all the the power than usual in the powerless. With one conserve more of a line drive point -- -- and it's not. But so much that he's afraid to let your I wouldn't call them. I would put that label on him but he -- gasoline at record prices -- so. I don't and that and there are some went to the -- even though it. -- now what is real long arm guys is gonna get tied up inside the other somewhere to the swing and there's some concern about. The hitting approach from from some doubts about -- that governor. You know he uses his on base percentage -- -- if he can be a guy can hit. -- 28290. Especially with his speed and and the new power. You know maybe not a guy's gonna be you know high on peace wreck or if he could play a premium position. You know get on base that are decent clip in and give -- some power in premiums eat at Turner Field. That could potentially be here -- above average player. When you talk about scouts can have -- to reevaluate. What they thought they saw on a guy. When he's 27 years old already they've clearly had seen him play and had an opinion of him. Does that draw any red flags that all of a sudden he's a different guy couple months later when everyone sees them again. Yeah what one that the district do you vote strictly in the Cuban market is. You can see he's got it made me place where scout can do other valuation of the players is. Obviously not in Cuba could not alliances could -- that guy every day. Playing in in the Cuban national series so they're seeing him back. Editor national parliaments and then anywhere these guys go whether it. The world baseball black maker from all the key gauge exhibition series in Nicaragua Colombia he got caught a flight -- and go to these guys. -- wherever they go he can't get enough credit is -- silk. You know these guys to work hard they try -- he's got -- Angela. All familiar you know that the information they have on the is pretty limited so. You know what these guys come over and and leave it in my -- more of an opportunity -- Get -- -- up close and personal and it it that I think that can also. -- changed the way that they CD's players once they want to get a little bit more content to stand with them and and -- all the more of course. Two on the end bend the signing is certainly piqued the interest. Of a lot of Red Sox fans -- made -- do that based on the season that they've had. To wrap things up good -- great signing based on the numbers in the potential list. Player. I think it's -- exciting I think. And they're certainly -- a lot of risk involved glad. You know you look at -- outfield market I think it is they want to add impact of the line up next year. It is not really ill. Rolling option out there. Overall and come out -- that for the read about it. I'm not really sure removed -- that it is gonna play right now I'd certainly like to find a spot in the Baltimore. Exciting young players in baseball. So there is -- to have to figure out in a squeeze everybody. In this wide open and probably an apologist for Jackie Bradley I still think he has more offensive upside and that he's shown -- internal here. Outstanding defensive center fielder so I'm not sure how does that but all the pieces into place put. And if you look at what's out there of the alternative in the free agent market I think it is dealing with a -- of that is an area that got out there. They won't -- record Ben you you were on the scene for this you were following this whole. Processed did it surprise you to the Red Sox jumped to the forefront here I know that there were. Being linked as one of the favorites are all on 11 with probably six teams but was there any other team that you thought might eclipse what the Red Sox trivia. You know -- What the tigers made that trade. To get rid of Austin Jackson I thought they might bring interest you know especially once they start sliding. In the standings I thought they might get involved. But there was a couple other teams that might jump input now from that opened showcasing at University of Miami last month. And it seemed like the restaurants are really good team with good heavy presence there and nobody wants a monthly trade for that there's a well. You know they have outfielder Allen Craig is coming and believe there's there's like he'd put. And it seems pretty clearly they they were in on this guy from the start they always good to have you present not a hundred. I've been like they were just higher on him than than any other team out there.

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