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Fantasy Football Podcast: High Value Targets

Aug 22, 2014|

Fantasy Football Drafts are now happening every day, so Pete Davidson and Jim Hackett have you covered. This Podcast focuses on the High Value Targets you can get in your drafts if you draft smartly. These players can slip to you and make a great impact on your roster as the season moves on. The draft is won in the middle to late rounds when the best upside players are taken. Jim and Pete give you in depth analysis on the High Value Targets to seek along with the Rookies that can make an impact this year. Jim and Pete will be back this Sunday morning too, on-air at WEEI FM 93.7 with even more. Prepare and enjoy!

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This is the fantasy football -- Football podcast when Jim had. -- -- -- Presented. And Clark Chrysler. All right everybody welcome to the Tennessee football podcast Jim Hackett alongside our fantasy football expert Pete Davidson chief Tennessee football writer. At -- move on dot com. I showed today is brought to you by drafting leading provider. But Daly finished his fourth to crappy stuff on him by Clark Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in the Philly Pete you know nobody beats at Clark field. Nobody -- -- here. And why would how could you. I don't know how big -- And you know what what do I don't that it could it -- but what we do know I know when the camera guys are going to Clark that's enough and it is -- -- that is enough why wouldn't it. And -- seat Tom Barack Obama up there he's the guy LT up really well because again nobody -- Clark field I will call in advance and make sure comments there very well. So I speaking of deals there's also at the stuff going on in in the fantasy football universe you people are drafting right now yes they're people drafting as we speak yet on Friday afternoon while they're being paid by companies exports. That's that's that's a wonderful thing doesn't make it bad people think you know now while -- blowing off work in -- listen into the Tennessee football podcast -- drafting your reading articles that he put up on WEEI dot com. But we fully support that. Yes in fact here wrote a -- WEEI dot com it's encouraged that encouraged goofing off moonlighting. Absolutely. Skating. All socket and excellent so look at that with that said there's a lot of stuff you can't mess around with and not work with when you wanna get Tennessee football and fall. Couple of articles. Come to mind that are up on WEEI dot com right now in the beginning of the week. And it was Monday you put an article up about rookies in Tennessee football that's correct and there are notes on 35 might wanna just. Grind through that a little bit -- more more like lightning round that some show some of the rookies we've talked about a lot of the rookies the entire offseason from. You know back before the calm mind all the way through -- -- OT gays in the NFL draft and throughout the summer but there are some that are positioned well. To make an impact right away. Yet now we. We should definitely. Work through it is that the rookie article from. Although I think today's articles probably a little bit more high priority for people -- so it's definitely get -- that as well yet Nadal and that's the high value targets addition to. Which is important to drafting this weekend to know or where the values are exactly I mean we went back -- you know we took the high value targets that was actually our first article that we put up for EI this year. But you know what that's it was it's a month old at this point and you know average track position is changed in. That's what we got into today's peace and we put it put a few new names in there for folks excellent. So good luck to all those who -- listening that a drafting if anyone isn't listening then I hope you do terribly. He -- -- -- is not not a little -- to the ought to step up but just yet how doctor block him please listen next the fact accept that at a critical. We don't alienate our potential no we don't we don't I'm done no good luck to everyone is seriously drafting and hopefully. The information that we've been providing and will now in this in the show in the podcast and in our show on Sunday -- you all out the best the local -- all the -- footballers. Definitely and then and that's elect to Egypt with the exception of three weeks yes prompt it to. And in it you know the rookie article was it's interesting it's it's it's very difficult for ranked rookies for -- draft because it's so hard to tell. When opportunities and common and what can get between opportunity not opportunity. During the pre season you know. In a sort of picking through the. The blanket he Blanco. Practice reports that you get from various beat writers and other people around the country you know trying to. Actually figure out whose pass protecting well and who's not based on stuff that's happening. -- camp drills and stuff against very Vanilla defense is in pre season or against no defense at all and I it's it's you're chasing shadows and I tend to put less stock units and a lot of people. It's it's it's the silly season and look obviously some of the stuff ends up being true but a lot of it ends up in Malarkey is -- last year. With sex -- so you know like right now we're here stuff about the ship sank he he's our number one ranked rookie yeah and mostly based on opportunities he wasn't our number one ranked rookie pre draft but. He's got a job now he's well he's he's definitely got a shot at a job. Shonn Greene is not the toughest competition out there. You know -- -- -- you know contrasting styles so it's hard to really -- sank yet less than half -- job. From the -- And and certainly green is not as proven to not be very durable so -- he's a good bet that a lot of rookie value. Perhaps over time he's not the most -- back in this class but as a rookie. -- sort of be tough to bet on anyone else at this point right having said that Terence West Coast -- adults Ohio are also high on the list. And either one of them could become really the back excuse me the rookie to own this year but it's. Can be based on things that happen during the season right so it's a little tough to draft and as such right now. Problem. So what's interesting about those 'cause -- the -- right in the head that those of people the target you know later in the draft when you can get them because you know you've got Carlos Hyde. With the niners and you know Frank Gore aging. Injury history though that recently he's been good but you know that transit stop running at some point and then Terence west for the bronze I mean they're gonna need to run the ball you know and -- Have to run together in Kate's gonna get a lot of -- obviously so is west it will probably get -- first west section. But I mean we don't know Bentley as intense him it's time so the west could really you know even if Tate Tate has a relatively healthier you're probably still gonna get a couple starts -- west -- it's definitely good back on. Which you know and it's you know judging re draft -- rookies very difficult thing especially when you're looking at the different position groups. You know we have a couple receivers who are locked in that jobs here but you don't know what kind of growth -- these guys can hit you don't know how much defense potentially gonna draw. Our receivers are always Dicey sometimes even the great pick a couple of years Roddy White. Running which struggled for years you ditto you know put it all together yet and he's far from alone eyes towards another example and there are many yup so you you can be an outstanding receiver. And you can have a two to three year growth -- because of -- 34 year growth curve. Go back and look at Vincent Jackson yeah you know it's Jackson's that top shelf talent but it took a couple of years to really get on the field here. Makes sense look I mean this. It's competitive there's a lot to digest a lot of the receivers. Specifically deposition are it's a glory position and they've been glorified their whole lives and get to the NFL. They maybe don't didn't have the work ethic that some of the really the guys who really have to know that playbook and know how to. You know get open on the field LE Troy Brown is -- to work toward his entire life. An appointee from the from the start of his career to that of the time and ended. It's -- of these guys coming kind of prima Donna like there's a lot of factors so it's it's no surprise that they -- time did to get it going in the NFL level. Yeah I mean that could be -- -- -- -- I wouldn't discount I think it's more just about it's a tough position to play you have to learn how to fit into an offense that you know from the route expectations of the pro level. Are so much different than they are the college level and on and -- -- in the last year. Have swelled to England days. The expectations are higher in New England the most of us the NFL right about college but yet right. But yes you know in addition to the you know the rap stuff and you know synthesizing yourself or whatever the better work would be into an office. You also to deal with better quarterbacks more consistently and you have to deal with -- So you know there's there's there's definitely growing up factor in the NFL you know for running backs you've got that pass protection thing. But for for receivers it's probably a little deeper and -- in terms of you know the rookie curve if you well. Well the five the five receivers that can top off the list. Let's get into those guys a little bit Brandon -- and say let's. I'm sorry you got -- but we -- -- you have -- before does that just mean a quick word about drafting rookies and I know there's a lot of people out there -- semen drafts yet. The take a branding cooks in the fifth round they're taken Sammy Watkins in the sixth round. You know they're taking. They're taking. What's another good example. Mike Evans Dovonte Freeman I've seen in the seventh round -- you know I'm not saying these are guaranteed loser picks. Boy it's really not the way to do you really wanna have rookies fall view. You wanna take to secure options off the board first right and when you get into that. You know for me may be late seventh eighth ninth round. Now the -- start becoming the guys with the most upside the fact that they're unproven as wider still on the board and me you can hit a home run with some of these guys that. You have to be careful try to do that when there's still. More predictable talent available no doubt these units that that's that's yet. It's more fun to get the rookies -- when you've done a better job at the top and build a foundation you you can't he can't put the window dressings on before -- of the studs of the house operate you have to get that. The good stuff going -- and what might be what's wrong -- Exactly -- You know my friends and Andersen windows still beneath many times and I was saying I can afford new windows and they would say well only a rich man can afford that windows. Like that one G it's almost like -- -- does for a living -- back at the same thing with the Tennessee the you can you can gamble if you've done a good job. In the front. And in these rookies depending upon the size of -- league the owners what what the dynamics of your league who who who you're orders. Tend to draft with the tendencies are some of these guys -- mean you know there's there's 35 rookies here ranked in this article on some are gonna drop find the ones that make sense for your team. Yeah and obviously the guys at the bottom. Don't project to have much in terms -- -- draft value. But you know we. And I figured why not just. Put a lot of guys out there the more the merrier kind of put you on the spot here with a with a few of these guys for all not enough room with a few of these guys so. You know -- they -- important to -- in gathered at 55 receivers that dust at the top of the page and gave branding -- with the saints. Mike Evans of the Buccaneers Samuel walk ins of the bills Kelvin Benjamin who knew in -- we'll see tonight against the pants on the Panthers. In Jordan Matthews on the Eagles who patriots fan -- Last week all these guys on have plenty of talent marriage being at the top of the rookie rankings what do you think. With given opportunity. And dot competition. -- lack thereof has the best opportunity to make an impact right away. It's got to be -- yeah. Asked to coax and -- the guy I mean I don't you know Cox was our highest -- receiver going into the draft although it is very high and there was not a lot separating. The upper Echelon guys so -- -- marvelous talent. It's because he's out on them to yet the secret is out it's gone very he's not a value column. But he's not a bad pick either but the you know the thing about Cox's. It's sort of everything is going for him he's got a great offense he's got. Role in that offense that is priority for this team. They need to get -- cooks often. It's important -- the saints and if he's not. Mean they don't need him to produce a little bit team needs him to be dynamic factor in the middle office so. He's gonna be a priority in terms of getting involved every week finding ways to stress the defense I think you and I mentioned it earlier podcaster news show. Com. You know you've got the two extremes of match up. You know dilemma in the saints' offense and they throw -- big monster action program good luck with that -- and if you can find a way to deal has -- gas. Guess what we've got this little 44. Guy who's got ridiculous agility jumping ability great hands. We've got into so they're gonna beat you with size -- can beat you with quickness they're gonna do them both sides of the formation and guess what that got Marques Colston and stills as it's gonna say in the zone the last piece -- personal. Yeah a lot of you have got problems dealing with the saints this year you know the days of Devery Henderson and and Robert Meachem being the guys you have to -- worry about Shockley right over yet they've got a different level player now. And that's gonna help -- parties you know eyes you know to look I mean Drew Brees and the client base that's just reality that's what it says it still great. Just like Tom Brady is still great but these guys are as good as they were three years ago let's. It's just the truth -- the Islamist right now. What breezes out of this would priest is now getting is that shot in the arm. That Peyton Manning guy from having all of a sudden going from guys like Marvin Harrison Reggie Wayne. You know and curse on. And -- you know very good receivers but in at six foot 511 range yeah all the sudden he goes out there is playing with -- and that Marriott's. Right and and and with Julius Thomas makes a huge it's huge difference yes and I got a six of five quarterback for the -- six foot four receivers. -- many had never seen that type of you know. Skilled talent around him before and in the top and bottled water bug like Welker who's gonna find a little holes in your zone so. Brees is now agony -- in my opinion. It's gonna it's going to be playing that kind of and that -- has been playing for the last couple years where he is gonna -- his skills or maybe on the down slide a little yeah. But the talent around in his on the upswing and I think it's gonna level off and you can typical Drew -- year cuts but to me that's it's amazing about Brady because. He's yeah he's dealing with the same factors without the weapons you know. Historically the last few years it might not hear people talk about Brady's flap on 2000 we. We -- had this many times but the idea that Brady didn't have a good year last -- -- crazy crazy news dealing with. You know Hewitt told people in February what robbery was going to be dealing with in September so yeah right. Yeah -- Hernandez no Welker away -- Aaliyah. -- with a whole new cast of characters it was like there was a a GV than anyone was aware of short of Andelman. Yes I mean in the narrower quickly it was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And and -- eat that up to his credit. On a week to week basis with the help of the patriots. Eighteen specific game plan they work they did they this year they're gonna have those same guys but they're all gonna be a level better -- -- to be in the system hopefully they have grown up. And it could be you know I see a different level patriot office. Which when combined with a different level patriot defense to -- makes them a week I think I hear. Somebody else. I'm yeah I guess it was predicting eleven wins with -- Note was Tim events in the mid day in and he he he I I scoop -- -- that he relied attentive if he can already airlifted away and yeah how dare you but it's true. Gotta -- -- is true -- averages twelve you know you go below the average currently I would go I would go thirteen. Yeah that's a number I came up with thirteen and three I would go thirteen mile barring injury and piano if some happens. You know quarterback or corner -- You know. Whatever who knows but if if if they're relatively healthy -- Brady Revis. I actually thirteen additive I don't see anyway around it there's no competition in the division yeah. Innate in a step up in the big gains that -- so let's let's help our fantasy football owners step up for their draft so. I mentioned those receivers folksy you hit it on the head as the as the guy off the -- you can do it out on the back of that in terms of values you know yeah. -- obviously I think just because again he has everything going for him quarterback. Coach system roll it all works for him as a rookie and he's got the -- capitalized so. Barring injury or some. Really growth pains that we just don't foresee -- can be America. Evans also probably going to be America Vietnam a little bit more of an adjustment he's gonna have to. You know make his bones playing on the outside he's not going to be working -- Jimmy Graham although it doesn't -- plant crops and foods and Jackson yeah obviously and I have -- like at its quarterback so I think accounts a guy can legitimately play only topic last year's flu. Taking -- -- quite well now will he get out of the box quick I don't know that's why he's a little bit risky. Watch skins. I can't say enough about him lock in terms of talent right com. But unfortunately IE. Where -- landed too concerned I don't love the bill scheme I don't look their approach to offense and their quarterback is still work in progress -- Sammy Watkins is really gonna have to earn it yet. So you know to me taking him in the seventh round but it seemed way too much and you you're just you know what your. Your asking for the way I do it. I would I would wait a couple of rounds and take -- Benjamin who's locked in. Probably to a number one receiving -- a -- and what people are to seeing him tonight ready he may not lead his team and targets. You know -- be Cotchery the rules but -- -- probably Greg Olsen. You're William Olson of the horses for sure the tight end. You know Cotchery immediate sort of a -- to move the chains kind of -- cheaper yet but but Benjamin's going to be the big points for a team if he's -- -- trouble. And it's just that. We called mr. upside is scouting report for reasons guys -- he's got Plaxico Burress potential yet. In the other he's actually he gets off the ground. So depth. And the other guy wanted to decide in the rookie article which I think is a good segue for the high value targets article that the revised second version up today and WEEI dot com. On is -- Beckham junior who is going largely. For God's let's hit Beckham looks at Matthew's first physically last night. On the advance the patriots last week do right now Matthews yes a pitcher that's probably area or respect for -- -- he showed well against the pass. Com. The reason Matthews is higher is because he does have some players to compete yet. So because of that because -- the you know starting. -- guy takes a month or so to really start paying dividends. But the thing news. If you'd get typical. Maclin. Missed time Riley Cooper also is -- -- time yeah injuries you know you know Matthews. It might you know maybe by week nine -- -- he communal receiver. So he's he's definitely worth -- you know really the explosive offense. That's that's it down in office I mean Mark Sanchez looked like gotten off that's what's in the senate you -- phenom. So Beckham last year yours your question. -- had to say -- to say because someone that you know 41 on you know. Reading in Denny wouldn't in speaking with viewed this is kind of going largely forgotten a little bit yeah and hey you know. Rightfully so I mean you know you can't you can't get fired up about -- not practicing and that that's that's people being sent -- the thing is. There's a good chance this hamstrings and -- because they're not. You know pushing him they're trying to do the right thing. And this guy's not a player who's gonna be way behind the curve when it's healthy disease. You know about this team ready receivers we saw. So you know Beckham may be you know what's just -- -- -- a worst case scenario would see mr. September which I -- policy does. Okay well. Still got about eight weeks left you know office for a regular season so. I you know Beckham right now it's looking like a wonderful stash option. If you can get him -- he -- he -- 84 I think that's. Outstanding business yeah. Excellent excellent. And you know for people who wanna know more about Beckham's full scouting report on wrote about you can link it through the article on WBI the high value targets for it is an article just put up today. And you know watching his film especially if you know your football he's the kind of -- sort pops. You know if it's the he's got the agility got the ability to go and get the -- you know five and change I got the and it chance while. One more rookie I want it to get to before we segue off to be very high value targets revised edition. A very interesting one -- Delonte Freeman but the falcons because. And did you hit it really well on this article. That it's the unconvinced that Stephen Jackson is gonna on the touches I couldn't agree more. And this is like her he's a perfect player. To talk about in terms of finding values because. You know if you need that safety net a guy like Jackson will be sitting around in those in those -- you know middle rounds that you could grab but are you smarter are you smarter to get. You know take care of yourself in the beginning at running back -- get them upside player player later he's just to me. Screams of that you you just -- BT I mean. You what -- choice rate you wanna layer your running backs the week you want them -- so ideally you're not in a position of need. When Steven Jackson is the best available starting quarterback in the -- hopefully you for taking care running back -- And you can wait a couple of rounds take take take the best value the best upside guys support which is what were urging people users. Don't be afraid to take a chance means but take the best option right that's why -- -- -- yet Primakov -- upside but he's got more upside to way to battle it. You know a guy like Dovonte Freeman I'm I'm just to your point if I get to -- Freeman in the tenth. By Alex got a lot better Stephen Jackson for a right exactly. Yes exactly so look for players like that in in baritone and by the way people always put it in those terms but it but as you mentioned and it's deeper than that. It's not you can't look at it in a vacuum. Because that's not always gonna be the choice. It's you know that's the choice if you don't have to take a running back right threaten you by -- and we're trying to advise you. And give you as much insight on as many players as possible so that you're not in that position. Yeah and it's it's you know there's a lot of different traffic plans out there are no zero QB zero. Wide receiver -- draft with five running backs all this different kind of stuff. I'm not saying that can't work I just don't like pigeonhole myself yet I'd prefer to build evenly so I'm constantly taking the best talent on my board. I mean the -- be a time where you can't do it. If you know if you start draft with three receivers. That can be decent way to do it but you do then sort of put yourself into a box -- and you may have to go against taking best available player for a couple rounds because you how. Have to drafts of running backs so if you can stay. You know take him back had a -- -- ticket accuracy for your first two picks maybe take a backers which are second -- -- you have to each going around five. Now you can take anything yet. You could take you to take a quarterback -- want to tight end to that site and if somebody who's really good slipping but ideally just take. The best wide receiver right back out again. And the more you can do that the longer into the -- you can keep taking -- triple picks. The more kick action -- -- and the thing is over and boy does it feel good you know someone took. You know Matt Stafford in the third or fourth round injured Jay Cutler in the ninth right and that's that's a winning move -- And I like to think of it like this you know the best quarterbacks with the most pedigree and the biggest -- -- on the field get to called Rome plays. You wanna be able to call your employees like set yourself up with preparation that. That you you're you're empowering yourself to make these kind of moves that we're gonna target and and speaking of targets are really wanna hit the high value targets article because the the players in here the type the guys that cannot really make a difference if drafted. Appropriately. In a draft starting tonight and yet. Exactly tonight there that's that's the thing answers I want to get this article out today it's -- that I thought would have. You know some big names to get people's minds for tonight -- looking for value. Possibly so let's -- you walk us through this January. Yes no I think it's say I think it's a great article there's a lot of value and here in terms of just sheer numbers of people that decided which we which should give. Fantasy footballers a lot of optimism as they get their drafts of the first guys are really interesting want. He's made a splash before. But is -- a really really. Low eighty -- say hi ADP where you can. It is tough when to say low high ATP and I sure he had a late about late late eighty. On the number three there had a couple of weeks last night Heidi if you would be let him bow right. -- get into that story in all of which are I don't know what the fix our actions that. Yeah -- lightly advocate let's tackle that Lil bit but you know -- Last time I heard of anything like that was win Nam it was hillbilly Jim and iron -- got pulled off -- -- -- your enemies -- well there -- the level that that's the thing they were there that they were smoking dope in the car. On their away. To a wrestling event in Atlantic City where they were wrestling each other at -- I'm not -- can you tell us about that I didn't think he can be tough but apparently the Steelers. Phenomenal never say never my favorite story about the iron sheik is is actually from the north and I -- isn't going to -- -- -- not just look -- -- at. Is Florida in the blue corolla if you look up the -- -- at and I still don't know that. Yeah yeah -- nose of the iron Mike shark which would turn in the arm band around like how does that suddenly turn it into the August injury in the history of professional wrestles. We are losing people can -- Andrew Hawkins is who -- stuck in its commitments that Andrew Luck. His former receiver for the Bengals middle splash of the last couple of seasons in in in short windows but he's got to roll now with the browns who are. Very receiver light and I think that's a good you know combination to their they are receiver light and -- -- -- like receivers -- and -- -- -- it's -- accommodation -- opportunity to -- -- at the right -- Yeah I mean look it. The bottom line is that I believe I set roughly this in the article to start many people there and get open yet biscuit can't get open you know he's a small target. But he can free himself up so I think. If you look at all the guys on that roster that's the guy's going to be open more than anybody other than you know obviously Cameron. Yeah I mean at this point if you can get them you know 187201. Yes they can only help you. You drafted him a real wide receiver six prices and -- guy you could probably start almost which he needs to yet. Absolutely and I think you'll want to necessarily but you know. Fantasy football's not always about what you wanna do -- that you have to deal with yeah. The out the next guy we just talked about -- previous conversation about the rookies don't know Beckham junior you know what. He can do knew where you can be found right now is EDT is 184 selling ruined yeah -- -- you know. You know for what it's worth this ADP data from Tennessee football calculator as I've said over and over -- and keep saying it. Wherever it is that you draft if you're ESPN -- make sure you're using ESP and safety patron Yahoo! -- he's very deep hatred might fancy. You still might fancy -- it. CBS has their -- to make sure using ADT that fits the draft -- end. Because draft rooms. Have pre draft rankings but the ADP on the site usually is driven by the pre draft rankings so don't -- CBS data. -- here and Yahoo! address yeah and and don't don't just assume that the ATP Gator I got. The DP -- excuse me. That I got from fantasy football calculator don't assume that it's going to be what that the guys in your draftees now if you are in a draft that's a lot of draft. Where everybody's -- there chi -- yeah there's no computer involved. Could calculate is probably a good spot yeah. Probably good spot. But if you go to wrote about to go into our wrote about it if you go to our top 500 article I've got links to most of the major eighty. I strongly encourage them to stop talking about this now but I strongly encouraged. That you've. Use -- use the ADP data -- best suited for your purposes. Yeah it's aids -- to a -- -- something that I think the take away for the listeners as -- these guys are probably. A lot of people my draft room may -- have. You know ranked a lot lower and maybe make sense for me to get them if I've done my job heading into this pick a little bit early. -- ATP is not necessarily where you want to draft a guy it's just where. You know the consensus rankings are it's where you probably need to act if you really want him and I I think guys well -- -- -- field yet. And speaking of that that that's a great. Transition to the next guy who gets a lot of pub on this podcast in in our show by the way. Sunday 7:30 AM on WEEI 937 join us -- lot of good stuff coming in that. We'll get to that a little bit more. But Justin hunter receiver for the titans he he popped the he popped the secret last week against that against out. Excuse me titans were playing steeler -- CN it was a not so relevant but it two touchdowns and a hundred and some odd yards on four catches. Yeah he he'd -- in our sleeper pool from if it's easy it's hot it's. I really didn't need him to go off like that we are gonna target immunity in catch anything. But yeah hunter since we threw him out there. Bomb a month ago at 1159. It's eighty. 100. I you know I encourage you to take him. Anywhere around Korea ranked. He's exactly the kind of guy we want to targeting this year is you guarantee not just an honors the kind of kid who conceivably could go the wrong way yeah. You know he doesn't have the perfect attitude work ethic. But the thing I like about. His situation. Is that coaching staff. Date gets it they realize what they have their hands on it got potentially great player and I believe Shawn Jefferson as a position coach if I'm not mistaken we easy. Exactly easy on one excuse that I was team yet for we will keep -- on that's why he's receptive but you know Jefferson is pushing him. You know they need him Wear a shirt that said jag. Last -- and you know others they're not let this kid get away. Without working they're making sure he understands what it's gonna take it to the next level they're pushing him. And you know it could go either way it's possible the guy shuts down there to you know not not all athletes. Responded that but from what I can tell the -- this is responding. And he has kids that probably needs a little tough love. Because he hits you're talking about speed. Size seem to waitresses and yet this kid is a game changer because he's above. The defense. Standing still. And can out jump them as well as in -- basketball mentality yet it you know but it it it they're saying that it practice nobody can stop him on the fate. You know so. That's a big play like -- and the thing is. It -- to me see the whole thing about fantasy football is. Looking at that roster in some -- it's looking your opponent Newton that guy can go off I like to look at my lineup it's they have exactly guy. You don't have the software your team yeah and its interest in tragic copy editor -- Think exactly cut. But -- outlook hunters he Chuck Norris agrees that mean Chuck Norris appears ala the woman in the middle but it -- -- like -- by the way much -- -- about the French judge the French. Anyway dodge ball references guys that. Hunter is the kind of -- I want to go on after that she's got that highest ability. Against a lot of hope he does have a bust factor but. Again we're gonna have your backs covered free agency with a waiver wire once this this is going to be a year where. We want to waiver wires can be load yet players said don't worry about. You know having -- roster spot to -- after we quarter two don't worry about trap of buying -- maybe ends up being a bust because you're going to be able. To you know -- football roster transfusion early in the season yet so. Go for the guys who have potential -- Because studs are gonna win this year that's what's gonna win championships -- a good example is in Cincinnati and Marvin Jones is on the list a lot earlier. Then Mohamed saying -- but both of those guys can help at the right well that's such. Jones' on the list earlier because that's the way the article was written initially. He's not a analyst earlier Sununu seduce a new addition to this article right so Jones was going at 129. When we started this -- we started this article back in July you know it's 163 broke his -- -- -- all the way to 163. So we've updated we still think it's it's reasonable draft him yet but now you wanna wait now it's sort of a flier with a lot of upside of the second two thirds of season. So -- -- is a guy who could help you a lot early in the year while gas filling in for Jones. I -- -- is a bridge either Bibi Jones right that's exactly as an exact point -- war. If you draft a guy like Mike Evans -- drafting guys like -- east lead to take a little while to develop the media hotel bathroom yet right you have some of these guys -- you know I don't know if this guy's gonna go off week 123 but I sure do like him. For the falcons season Cindy is a guy who can. You know bridge that gap as yes bridge the gap has built ourselves a series hole before yes. Yeah that's so that's I met -- those two through those two guys is because you know one you have to wait a little bit on the other can gonna give you that. He can you know see she ate your immediate needs two weeks one through through 23 and four after breaking up. The -- like thefts at that and they don't press thank you. I noticed you were used the word gleaned in -- You glean more after fight that's a project at our home so -- -- that it. Nuts actually Aaron Dobson oh gosh skip right over Dobson then that's okay right now doesn't it just because. Again while we jump -- -- -- yet he's the mystery you know I mean -- we've seen enough they think from a from a talent stand point but there's opportunity there's talent. This question marks in common that's why is -- eighty 171. Yeah I mean personally I don't want to question marks and Dobson that don't revolve around his health yeah I mean I'm a believer stay in the food. But yeah I mean that the vote is what it is I assume the fact that he's now practicing. Means he's probably gonna play any game before the season and now a lot if he doesn't. That I think he's eighty he's gonna stay roughly where it is yeah. If Aaron Dobson it's going to be the starting -- for the patriots. ITT's third receiver at least yet. It's got some upside there particularly of Caracas and there you know it's just as the anti everything I think -- helps him because that that really limits what they can do with the safeties -- Cesium is like upside wise wide receivers three potential but he's a guy that you can get. In terms of where you're drafting in the rounds like as 45. Mind -- yet later. And I mean I thought I mean Dobson I wouldn't be shocked if he's put a wide receiver to numbers on 2%. And patients -- McEnroe yeah shocked shocked you know now I'm with him so he tees he again exactly the kind of player we want draft. Take a shot and -- and wide receiver five or six prices. He can that be your third receiver and you know what it does work out where your place. Now back. Just stay with terrible start that that happens microphone that's a -- In it in a fast jets took. A Prius qualities and equipment that someone passes at the -- I should -- I I should get into this and I was in a in a meeting one time and in the person took the microphone. Was in a state that they should know and like hit the Mike is like. And and kind of started the meeting as a moment like any news. I digress microphone yeah that's that's that's that's. -- are they don't I digress OK Gordon -- kind of exactly all right so to meet the poster boy of the high value targets article. We talked about that he talked -- this when you did the first edition of it. Is Martellus Bennett like can't figure out what the world's apparently doesn't see in this guy is I see everything I wanna see in my starting tight end. I think common wisdom is he's the third. Option right now that people go well after a challenge Africans it is -- after Brandon Marshall that is how much is going to be left over about it I think that's the general idea. I would say a lot because that offense rules right in titans a couple of other than the modern era of you know tight ends like you know being so dominant. I think it's a touchdown a fifty yards you know let's let's play for me. Yeah I mean it's. He's capable of doing more anyway writing you know. Bennett is probably the best red zone weapon they have I mean people are gonna roll their estimates say that but. You know try defending him on the five yard line right I mean he's he's. He'll he'll blow you away if they were on the ball. And if you rolls -- -- pick them up Nolan he's he you know he's incredibly strong enough I mean they've got two receivers I mean obviously Brandon Marshall is built you know why yeah. What he's not a scary as much as at it right so you know it. People write about the two monsters on the outside. But you have to take that to the next logical step teams are gonna lean on those guys that it is going to be beaten a fumble that. Especially in the red -- so. You know that it is gonna get his I think you make a run -- scores. I think it probably increases yardage last year and to me he's the top twelve guys that he wants yeah. You can get them to reason with reasonable price right now -- and 31 overall right now. Yeah this if you get nothing else from this from this conversation take that away now -- early on and but you know and I don't even know if he's the poster boy I mean Russell Wilson is still the -- yeah I'm there's another one in breach. While. I mean I think at this point I have -- How can he be on the board once when he wanted it just doesn't make sense he's going to be a top twelve quarterback -- period. You know so. As we've said a gazillion times wait up to QB run and everybody has one. You know take take the twelfth or thirteenth best quarterback in and laugh all the way to the bank you know the only thing about the strategy that is tough is if you. You know -- if you have that emotional component. You know if I think what happens to people as they get a gut feeling a particular QB whether it's Matt Ryan or Tom Brady or Romo or will sooner you -- Jay Cutler. Or RG three year cap for -- any of these guys to get a feeling about one of them they wanna make sure they get back on they jumped two -- -- three rounds early. I actually urge you get the heart out of the equation understand that once you get past in my opinion. Fools just because that offense is so it certainly downhill yet. I just don't care after that I'm willing to roll with -- and Griffin Cutler Cam Newton Russell Wilson Matt -- operator Tony Romo -- of those guys -- happy for the new starter I will wait. Antsy which one I can get last. And I mean granted if I wait long enough like it to the ninth round and there's still four of five of those guys on the board maybe I'll act at that point. With the idea that hey maybe you know -- around next round I'll take two of right you know because. While people say oh don't don't go to quarterbacks early that's how you're doing when you take your first quarterback in the ninth for. Yet and invite you made that that that clarification because -- we say wait but like you know. A lot of people are from you know I think it is becoming smarter in terms of the strategy so look at. You know if if Aaron Rodgers is falling to a fifth you know you might wanna make up. Play on that absolutely that's any good strategy has to be flexible seek and take advantage of opportunity right so we signal ticket quarterback early we mean it which you know tech quarterback in the first round we mean it when I say if you're going to take a quarterback early. Take the lead guy in the second not the first. Obviously if quantity leaked it to fourth yet go for yeah that's -- -- went up. Yeah just be Smart about it that's what it's all about because he raced to the fourth Q forty got a foundation. Yeah you've got maybe two running backs in the stud receiver or two receivers and -- stud running back you -- Yeah exactly you've got something to work from. Now that star quarterback is putting -- over the top. -- whole different deal yet no doubt what's up our listeners get some more high value targets here sharp Kenny stills a guy we've talked about a lot. Is eighty. 130. He is -- you know. Immersed in that offense is important. And he's productive yeah I mean he's been there settled at a quad injury it sounds like it's pretty much nothing to be ready for week one out and I. I'm on the big fan Kenny stills we think geez you know we thought it was game ready last year I think that proved correct and we think it's gonna take a step forward this year. And what looks at how he's gonna be get single coverage and it's not going to be on number one court yeah. He he's gonna have excellent opportunity to make big plays I think he's gonna make big plays more often enough. He'll -- on a given week you should get one big plan you know it's a feel good about him where he can -- -- you can get him in the draft sure I'd I'd I'd I'd start considering Kenny -- long before that -- -- be sure now. In most -- -- it into I'd take him. Where I have ranks no I don't because usually -- someone else that got -- even irons slipping yet. And and that's one of the things for those people who read drafting in reverse. When you look at the team we put together as I called our worst case scenario team we can't take anybody. After -- -- we put that team together right. Right so in a real draft you should be you know most of those players are probably getting around later than I have them -- Because other guys are slipping so you always lunatic that's -- -- What what -- reverse was sort of just laid out for -- to show you where that value is show you what's gonna run out where so you can have a good idea of how you put your team together all the way through draft. -- you know as I go down this list. Let me -- -- let me -- if there is the poster -- yeah those are all -- yeah exact Eric -- expose people dead honest -- -- in case we have some new followers in new listeners which is. Drafting a reverses a four part series it's an article in four segments on wrote a bond dot com that Pete does. And basically the important thing is the summation it's just the first the first three articles -- sort of like me showing you -- math. It's fascinating if you will affect now it's a lot better than it sounds. It is what it is I think some people enjoy it more than others I mean it's it's to read all four articles -- not does -- but you know it's it's. I don't want people to take up fake and yeah and it based on -- what it tells people to do is kind of look at the draft and from a different perspective from the bottom up. And finding the high values like guys like this in this four part series now that the first segment. Is the low low low end of the draft in terms of people that aren't even drafted that you move move you way up and you'll find these guys. In where their position in global universe. When we first started doing this article. There were just couple sources -- -- yet -- and just having a DQ also -- winning something we can and should have made it this is great yeah. Now you as we've already been through there's like 910 different places game theory you pay the numbers go up and down drastically. So to just pick one source of GDP and dutiful drafting reverse article and actually we've learned a lot it would be disingenuous right. It's gonna say yeah I did so I I I played around with before Matalin but this year. And we did a little bit differently but the process remains the same start with the obscure you work your way up to the well known. You try to have a feel for the higher. Players. And that that knowledge that. Detailed knowledge of what's around late. Hopefully colors your. Viewpoint on earlier -- and allows you to build. In a sustainable way and it it it it allows you to do we've been preaching ever since we started doing podcasts this year which is built evenly. As much as you can. Because again it puts you in a position you can always take those slipping high value players now a look. We've all been through these straps are meaningless in this podcast is very likely in an effort to track before right right. Everybody knows their time and you come up with a sport where you meet your -- two seconds. Right yeah please get please get please get right oh yeah thank you. But there are going to be times they had strategic expert labs has not yet it's not like there's obvious picks every time you come up sometimes it's easier than others. But we want it and and if you're gonna make one of those victories -- have to hold your nose or you'll love it. At least make sure it's a -- Where your putting a block in your team yep at least you're doing something that -- so it's hopefully allow you to meet -- maker -- in the next. And particularly fair to keep early day if you don't have short term solution to a long term solution. I think anything guys that the at the back half of the art and in the early stages of the article it will be in the back at the drafts ago as a computer that. Assets. What you mean. How much writers one saying is that if you're building your team right if you're if you -- keeper league and you have one of those kind of question mark next keeper -- such a broad. You know I yeah I mean. Finished -- -- like a sort of notice saying that's a lot let's say you're a keeper league in you can keep X number of players or whether it's a large. A list of of players or it's a shorter one. You know if you're -- we've all it at certain stages of our drafting life as you get better at -- this is isn't as prevalent but. My guess is that some of our listeners you know RBB. In the earlier stages of of their of their draft -- and even being involved in Tennessee football -- I mean in just in five years it's doubled from forty million people participating due to over eighty million so. There's a lot of people seeking out information like this so. It if you're in most places you can have a head scratching moment an article like this -- the high value targets -- your theory in your four part series. And wrote Obama drafting reversed. I think it's if he gets some sort of an ascent. Someone either in and and on and read draft league that has upside for later in the year or if you're the keeper league if you aren't sure. That's an asset get somebody that I will maybe this guy can turn into something for me if no later this year next year from -- perfectly that's. Recommend from I mean it's you know I mean I -- tried to sort of figure with -- keep Rangel is in this article but at least for re draft right but bomb -- it's. I mean you're right keeper leagues. Are good in that way where yeah okay there's other things I can look for it in -- -- prepare that's on set the building and building equity that is true on. And let's how we deal with time -- We're good yeah we've got to -- -- probably fifteen minutes out. So yeah I mean it's. Let's let the guys who really want it yet just -- -- -- like a chance west. It's huge steel Odyssey Felix's Steele but I want people and I'm curious chair but. -- -- -- Security Robinson's long illness and security Robinson's Portland I think you're Roberts it's important to hit in terms of we think he's going to be good I don't know. I mean I at 124 I think he's great value. -- The one thing about Robinson is you do have that. And what's he got to be honest the saints like the patriots you'd you'd. You don't wanna put your mortgage you know the struggle on right on what sharp pains can do is running backs because. He probably doesn't know what does the animals don't appear Tomas -- good Tennessee last year I didn't see that come and -- w.'s gonna wiwa and as I said I don't think Pierre Thomas had a good year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well and he's mean he's a glue -- here you know Vietnam. And Peyton. You know -- -- laws like silent you can tell yet so yes he's not going anywhere I think his -- anymore third downs this year yet. Robinson's my bet for most production in that backfield but you know if Mark Ingram stayed healthy. I mean everybody's on that Mark Ingram bandwagon if you recall we run that market yeah right before the turf so last year yet he's been running well since the end of 2001 button it's just a matter of staying healthy. But anyway the real well let's Rudolph as well yeah because I think I -- for the vikings yeah I I think to mean he's he's moved from 1990 and ninety. Since the first week when he came out we thought he was pretty much -- 99 yeah hicks I think he's still a steal at ninety east. He's still a darn good players in ninety he could score twelve times for you know a north turn hurt me he gets tight ends offside. Because I'm I'm definitely looking to be in the -- golf business -- can use. And then the next guy I you know it's every year. You know every -- there you know I don't know what this court has to do to get some respect com. But 96 for Eric Decker yeah and his escort like 33 touchdowns I know he's here he's a ten touchdown a year guy and edit I did it look easy can escort -- with the jets I'd. -- -- but he excoriated online yet you know. He's going to be. Easy far away the number one target on that team -- gonna get in music even if he's not as efficient. And not as great as he's been the last two years Connecticut volume yeah. So to me Eric records. I've gotten fifties but. But you know what it's worth I'd never drafted him in the fifties 'cause I know I don't have to write. Sector is a -- again in the seventh supposed eight around not because I value of their volume actually higher but why am I gonna paint and I don't need to -- the list in those -- -- because geno Smith as the quarterback. With the jets -- -- you know it's been out but it fitted with a feel -- off I'm not perfect but I'm not criticizing you for stopping the point is gonna make is that. You know before Peyton Manning was there there was a guy named Tim Tebow remember him. And Decker may himself pretty productive Ostrom you know in that -- stands here by Tivo and -- era. Yeah couple believe came from Kyle Orton but but the bulk of them came from mr. -- right. Yeah attackers playmaker he doesn't get enough credit for being -- athlete and he's not. He's got Julio Jones or anything like that that disguises. Ship and it felt out good hands good routes. Excellent awareness understands route running understands how to work after the quarterback. He's gonna make place. Think about this in terms of how we've been preaching through these podcasts and in the on the Sunday show in the articles that Pete does if you just look at these three players in a row. Kyle Rudolph Eric Decker calling cap an eighty 9096. And 99. We preach patience. And in getting that top talent at their the fund a foundation pieces a look at this measure to get you tight end. And like your third wide and your quarterback right around this time of the draft. Rudolph Odyssey can only get one Kyra that time -- just so maybe one we have to do it -- Eight round while we do in the ninth and open up what's left over for the tenth or or whatever yeah but yet these are good targets in that area. I wish I -- -- all those -- be nice. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At some point and I plan to auction article on -- but I I have to be honest auction. Articles and auction values summit. To mean. Using someone else's auction values any time I've ever try to do it back in the past when it wasn't -- -- -- -- -- it's one of the hardest things to do because auctions. But he's got thrown out. Sometimes ten minutes into the auction yet. It -- people are going for too much money. Then that what happens is that all of the high tier players and going for too much money in the panic sets in right and then you have to counter swing where that is going to. Make your numbers for the second tier guys. Pointless they're gonna be too hot yet. Just know it's gonna have enough money to spend that clemency. You know auctions to -- are more about -- about dollar values are about knowing the values just the same -- you do -- draft. And being able to react to what's going on an auction and that the number you really -- -- that is what's the number of willing to go to for count yet. Set that number have a breaking point don't allow the -- -- to knock you off that number. But you'd need but the rest of it all flows from within the auctioning your -- so that it kind of feeling knowing the strike. Yes and and and and don't get sucked don't -- your emotions get the better you pay more money that you wanted to pay going it -- -- at some point. You you may have to pay a little more than one yet. But but be beyond the tail -- you know if you walk in like hey I'm not gonna spend more than sixty bucks a running back. And then McCoy goes for seventy tumultuous -- 68. On -- if Peterson's then on the board for sixty maybe they've got 61 yet. -- -- 65 yeah because this seems to -- the level of high in town in this draft and what you want it to the one thing you got to remember in auctions this year. Is that when you get to those one dollar checks in typical -- week. You -- and you care acts yeah. If you have two bucks. Your -- at a lot. You give me the last five picks of the draft. I will make K yeah no question just skip I think everybody that's -- their -- just five dollars and five -- -- yet and I will draft three players' analyst five who don't cut yet. So you know. That's the thing that I look at. In these auctions I wanna save a little bit of money which you set -- wanna be able to go two or three. I don't wanna be down to one dollar picks early -- I want flexibility but at the same time. I am not worried about how to make a handful one dollar picks in the draft as long as I'm getting the bang for my book early. I'm fine with that. Yep and I like to do an option to his -- and I'd like to assign a value. To be you know that top pick -- and again and then a little bit of a lower value to the second pick itself like that. But -- -- that's that's easier to do in. In that particular format we use right but I but what I try to do is I try to keep like a plus minus meter next to it so if I do stretch a little bit. I know are among -- four dollars off above four dollars over budget so maybe I'll Arquette out to be cognizant of that somewhere. A little -- Smart yet what you wanted to do you wanna be doing that for the whole room. Yes so what you want we've seen the it's so more than here's a sheet of values that I wanna pay you wanna have a general projection on where you think the values are going to be yet and then if you see. Everybody's paying higher than I thought you need to started play as a some priests are adjusting those lower -- down. And I mean and here's another thing it's hard to do you need to be prepared going into that room because it's a lot of paperwork if I was scrambling -- -- united ducks in Iraq -- is it. You know. What auction the thing about auctions they changed so much you know with the first on my dinner and auction nobody had a computer. It's you know. A few years later people -- use spreadsheets on their laptops that -- NASA can't paneling their money a lot better make smarter choices. Now everybody's in a draft round draft from doesn't mean for you tell us what -- Max it is tell you what your opponents Max bid is. So everybody sort operating on the same level everybody's -- information. Com. I and I was and anticipate talking about auctions but now -- on humans do not get Smart because that mean drastic happening and and it's getting more more popular well the here's one thing but -- this is the last auction editing next recruits more. One thing that I have always found. That works for me you know auctions it's too at the very least try. To actor. I'm for smaller big believer in it's I'd rather set the tone of the draft and react to someone else and yeah I'm a big believer that. I also find that. The beginning of the auctions sometimes like the beginning of tennis match and received two players are feeling each other around or boxing match you guys should cancer around the name. Move it is nobody's really -- big punches. That's the way auction start out sometimes. And if that's happening. Act yes if people aren't beating early. It yeah and if you can get a -- player for a lot less and you fought them think twice. I was in an option. Weeks ago. And I started off getting McCourt for 55 bucks lose now to me that's free yet that I'm willing to spend -- yeah. And I think it was hopeful assessment of apartment for fifty -- yeah. So what do you know you -- you know what I did I know I tell you yeah. Tell everybody what it UN high the second -- that your -- via our got -- just 57 picks back up right. And also the two best players of my board I still have like nine hours left and up. So you know every now everybody in that room. Peterson went for sixty yeah exactly so if you stole those two guys right and everybody in the room sitting there they have any figured out what they wanna do yet -- never -- I can't claim that just happen to -- error overload you just pay a lot of that's good -- virtual later conflict you know which are not -- -- -- -- It would hurt you later it's not gonna -- -- if you keep talking with each other -- -- Calvin Johnson for 52 on my team took up a -- to finish my team of one dollar players -- -- you know that's the thing if people -- gonna let you do that an auction it to do it spring. Don't be if everybody's there. In their and their being you know tended to be aggressive at all. Not overspend but. Not over anything but be aggressive and go and take the three best players in the room of people -- to do it do it yeah. So that's that's that's the whole thing about auctions is is each one is different. You never know what the mood of the rooms can be you never know where and and by the same token I've been -- auctions for the first player goes for seven in a box -- -- Yeah away you know yeah so so Jamaal Charles goes for 79 McCoy goes for 72. Peterson goes for 65 but -- ten minutes later. I -- Forte for 49 -- crazy you know that's another thing about auctions there will be in most auctions are fine there will be a couple. Drunken sailor spenders and they will act early. Let them yet you know same kind of -- of -- -- to -- act if you've got a couple drunken sailors let them act stupidly and then coming clean up after they're done one. Anyway whether we should talk about with that seven minutes the one thing I would like it's just throw out there. Is don't underestimate it beyond the drunk owner factor in a draft is that there's this often one. And you can really frail when that way when your case let's just make sure you're not him if half of opium. But like you know you can see it happens what you supply it has -- This one pick Vick kind of sets about that aren't tech guys right. Definitely keep that definitely keep an Iowa he and his team is doing what it needs and be there to scoop up the that the straps like I you know. So where we. We got a couple more people we do yet let's -- let's hit let's greedy because he was in the -- the first when I mean I set it when we come yeah just sort of put a miniature honor early. But he is no longer value at all yeah I agree he was my old value when we first put this article up at 64. You're overpaying for Tom -- 64 now because it stinks he does great but you can get back not a player. -- interesting 94. 6464. -- of its UK he's 64 now. You can get that kind of talent usually 808494. Yeah so let somebody else and we're. -- local Boston morning this is another let another patriot and overdraft yet this is very important for anyone listening -- WEEI because. You're right in the market this is homer bill. By the way I'm a homer OK but I don't I don't -- draft anymore I did -- any -- I was I was -- respect. It's good to get through that anymore and there could. -- in the Pete Carroll error in the early parts -- -- consoles are I was absolutely homered rafter no doubt. But do you believe you at -- like 30405. So yes I might have. But if -- -- seventy which isn't a bad thing out only angered him yet like you've. You've you've wised up a lot of years and you always managed to get somebody out there like a lion brand -- -- usually -- where we're at roster like around 21 of the undrafted yep that's right. Nobody loves me this problem about the next guy yet the next guys the longer we got to hit the monster -- -- is I think he's a monster and for the life me I don't know how the -- lasting this long Michael Floyd -- com. -- we first started he was at 57 he's moved up a whole four spots -- -- it's crazy he screams value. Yeah I've got to ranked 31 -- break out or something at me maybe 32 now I don't auctions at some times but. Michael Floyd he broke out a little last year we sort of think he's gonna break -- more this year. We've got to rank -- believes our thirteenth receiver he's right on the edge of being a lot you know being number one N com. I -- not wait until 53 personally if you -- -- CDP I mean he's he's coming in as a wide receiver three this is guy with number one outside while 53 NC usually. Can calm but yet I mean he skis. But you're insane. Yes absolutely as I said I think I call ahead stretchers or -- doesn't make sense you know so yeah I'm I mean personally I'm looking to act on Michael Floyd in the fourth round. I usually end up with Floyd or Paterson. I call my Floyd Patterson -- -- like that for those people who know boxing com. It's it's a it's a no brainer yeah absolutely no brainer. On a lot of guys it's Spiller is a guy that you know we're not as in love with and as we were a month ago -- he is a little bit better value now. But you know the more -- look at the bills that would the world team the more I look at Nathaniel Hackett whose son Paul Hackett you know this might be a little bit of jets bias no relation to Jim Hackett violent and and now there's not but well you know Paul Hackett was one of the the most. Boring offensive coordinators in history with -- -- for a long time -- -- -- very very little imagination and it if Nathaniel activist and -- disciple Paul Hackett. I don't know that they're going to be able to unlock CJ Spiller and Chan Gailey did in 2012 so it's it's it's siege exposed him to do it if you gonna catch a break -- an injury to Fred Jackson which is gonna do it on sheer ability yet. So to me he no longer has that top five -- that he should pat he's got -- he's got the town yet but I don't know that they're gonna give him. Enough chances in space I mean he's I mean he's worth a candidacy DP but not stealing yet. In the polar opposite to him it to me is the next guys Andre Ellington. Who does have the right coaching who does have the opportunity. And I think that the value is there. Yeah and you know are you stealing and his eighty K I don't steal on him I think it's good value I've got to ranked in the second round and it's late second round. And ellington's another guy we're not looking to take him -- ranked -- just an honest ranking yet you know ideally Ellington got you can get -- you know. I was like the perfect way to start a draft if you premium and it is top five running back. Highest level elite receiver the second round and Ellington in the third yeah I love that it's nice recipe. Yeah and the next guy is it isn't it to me. Is a lot more around. -- more fresh young anyway yeah absolutely like that. But he he's definitely not only safer he's -- more attractive he's -- is -- good looking guy he's a good looking cat. Foot building given a nice looking kid but but his eighty 26 aren't like I could see that are -- Barton. You know we even win that yes said the Johnson's gonna hurt but yeah no we're outlook for Charleston to get hurt but he has and the reality is that can't hurt Doug Martin's. From we thought he was good value at 24 even when Simms was healthy. Now he's 26. Now there's going to be some correction on that I think probably all said and done. Mark didn't maybe the when he won -- like that. I think it's great spectrum accurately do he's not. Doesn't have the highest potential he might have they had a complete -- -- line. -- got serious issues up to cut. But he's gonna get a ton of touches if they can get that offense going with the passing game should be able to run -- light boxes. He's definitely worth a second going back excellent in for a couple newbies in this article and -- well you know we felt like. Since a couple of the guys the value changed we felt like we -- our readers so more some more options so. We threw a couple of deep options and what team is Marie who yet you know we really like plaster before it got hurt. I mean let's face to really old dogs is a running back for the raiders for those that don't know extra choreographers in Iraq. He played the same backfield. In 2000. Twelve as Blake portals and he was UCF. You know and you know he's the kind of guy you take as a flyer. If something happens to MG the court to run DMC which very well could. He usually does yeah if if if those guys if you a lot of breaks down this kid's gonna start to a lot of touches. And once he starts getting them it's gonna probably be hard for them -- take them away yet. Particularly when the when the top two assets. McFadden and Jones who has such a history of injury especially real -- asset with airports yes that's definitely. And then you know -- knew we are covered Travis -- tight -- chiefs interesting player is he a guy that you can take issue number one tight and put him in their forget about it. Now he's not a Ron -- -- site which is set it and forget it but you know. He is the kind of guys gotten great upside so if you can get a solid option. And and you wanna grab a guy who you want to beat that guy out -- yeah. -- is a wonderful upside options and then you've got the Jim Hackett squirt gun quarterback tight end theory which is -- you know Alex Smith. He's going to lean and is -- and I'm telling you like this kid. Yeah I mean look I I don't prescribe to that theory. Has as much as you do -- You know but at the same at the same time. That's my daughter countless phone excuse me. At the same time. But you -- AT&T yeah. It at that I don't -- how to subscribe to the you know the week quarterback taken theory as much as you do but there's something. Yet there's there's some truth to it and eat in and if you wanna see it. You don't have to look very far just look at the tight ends on the chiefs last year yet they got use. Yep. In the couple other guys just had to to round out the article -- -- Who he showed well on a pre season game last week -- again ADP of 155. Kelvin Benjamin who patriots fans will see tonight as the pats take on the Panthers an average chef position of 97 this guy. Has a ton of talent a ton of skill is hi resonate guy coming out of college images to the watching tonight yes absolutely need to. And then the last coach Trent Richardson who quite frankly you know. The rationale was right there but you can get a guy starting for starting an interlocking you get -- first you know at 61 overall. I'm taken just for the upside yep absolutely. So that's gonna run it's gonna wrap up the podcast stay tuned to stay tuned to more fantasy football content. At WEEI Pete's pumping out articles he's got tons on -- including drafting a reverse which he talked about a wanna get maybe a little bit more to that. On Sunday show Sunday 7:30 in the morning WEEI 937 check it out we're gonna have a conversation. With Marty frank a beat writer for the Philadelphia Eagles. Who. Can give us some perspective what's happening the other patriots recently practice with them in joint practices before their pre season game. A couple weeks back in the interest -- you hear what he had to say. And we're gonna tackle talk a lot about what's happening in Philly. And those Eagles running backs yap because he had new -- -- back there Booth can environment that -- have a lot of stuff to talk about I can't. Mario on great so that's happening on Sunday so check it out. A 937 FM index for Iran. Listening here at the Tennessee football podcast. He teaches the conversation between Pete and I Pete is our fantasy football expert Pete Davidson chief Tennessee football writer over -- dot com check them out and a big thanks to our sponsors draft kings leading provider of daily fantasy sports a -- -- dot com. Look if you're not listening to our advice and you do not have a bad draft get into the daily league's draft -- and help you death and then now would by Clark Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in the there when nobody beats a Clark deal. Nobody checked about a Clark Chrysler Jeep dot com for all the deals thanks guys. -- -- --

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