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Three For All: Donald Sterling's Beard 8-22-14

Aug 22, 2014|

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For all brought your vita -- about a construction needed era they've got you covered this story for all whole bunch different topics on the roof of the three for all Tim bands that Maloney Christian Fauria -- -- is on -- -- today. But -- an answer to join us Sam's gonna showed -- -- April well. Here's mine my contribution comes in the world of sport sometimes forcefully and sometimes it is an in this is vaguely sports related. Antenna go to TMZ sports you know it's not going to be. All sports go V studio on well she was the woman in the Donald Sterling. Video -- our audio recording situation. V has just filed new legal documents in her war with Shelley sterling Donald's wife who sold the LA clippers. Steve Ballmer wanted to that second. V is claiming she never slept with Donald Sterling. Because quote he's in demand and she was his beard. DMZ is obtain the lawsuit would still be on the filed in response to -- allegations that be accepted cars and property from Donald but he didn't have the authority to giver. In the new docs to be on -- argues that the items in question were given to her in exchange for being Donald's beard. And she insists that -- knew about it quotes. She was not every partner of Donald sterling and believes in sterling is a homosexual and enjoy sexual acts or sexual congress with male. In the legal documents found -- -- -- -- superior court still be honest initially was acutely aware of his sexual orientation and condoned it. The same as well as acknowledging an approving. Donald's gifts to -- beyond. The gift that keeps on given it. This store like you thought -- while that Donald Sterling would just be allowed to fade often anonymity. And just kind of literally. Crawl and or Iraq in die. But stuff like this is just not going to let it happen she's suing by the way for ten million dollars well. Cost of being a beard in Los Angeles. Is ten million dollars on top of whatever she's been given already. Is this isn't it. Sterling is so out of it now but it is completely yes it looks that way offline because Steve Ballmer is now the coach the clippers as you may have heard. So by the owner of the clippers as you ever. -- Okay. Okay. The other thing that the players were looking once I don't know I generally I think. I -- -- that he's able Larry Sanders. He sounds like Matt Foley -- -- -- you referenced olds are now live skits. Error yet that's it's funny because it is and his wife is in the news also does happen a couple days ago Steve Ballmer why don't ask the bomber's golf early army ordered name's -- yet. They still colored girls -- You know it'd be right about it you know college early to -- Donald Light. While it is sale was completely double what she's entitled to yeah here's what apps -- -- championship ring of -- title three teams ranked. VIP parking passes. On courtside seats. It is the best thing about it. If that title up clippers' number one -- Does that -- title national team no legally yeah legally ironically entitled the team's number one thing now. I don't know I was glad they're gonna remain a freak show apparently were disguised their owner of some doubt we can it's just glanced over the hole there was a wave batters in a speech then let's go Red Sox and Tom Moore knows this guys green and energy right -- -- around and it's -- it'll play enough. You're now the flip it -- a big elements of what he's like the LP at a situation where. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Earlier out of the Seattle. It yourself explosions short of that hey thanks for asking I'm glad you care. -- I had a nice date -- go anywhere focus -- got caught. Have there been a full year for someone but I pretended to be dating a girl who's in the currently hit on at the bar so I would be moved away as her friend but that's gonna spend at its last advisory hearing is that that's gonna do it that's just me trying to get -- -- that's my original -- I can -- now know that the flattened by him. -- Up try to get you know try to get him McCain crowd at least I'm pretty sure she was a straight WNBA players though that there's a legitimate date that's going to be your situation that was not a -- situation slice it was close that's the closest thing I can come to -- put me on the spot there I -- -- -- oh -- it is. Does not -- Youkilis and you'd like -- been in the situation probably the wrong person mask as indicated. So last week to go out that Washington right -- so typical crazy talk my girlfriend can't you know out. Here when I'm on the road and -- crazy so I some down time some like U2 movie. But I feel guilty. For telling her that I have about two and a half hours to watch a movie that we both agree we will watch together your hotel she wanted to go out to -- that that's all they know. If you previously agreed they're gonna watch it there. There was a time and it's going to be it's the time typical crazy but I felt only guilty. Guilty for having to admit. I'll go watch a movie while she was like having the worst they elected the kids. Which can't be messy. -- is putting it out to customers guilty should feel stupid -- -- gonna hold it against you now. -- -- obscenity and he should know you hide the movie typically don't leave the leaders -- unions are not around I was. And two and hold out for a and there's probably isn't your ordinary that pays equal spot he thought it was good it. It's not a I'm going to the movies movie it is the plane missed its first positive review I've heard of anchorman help but think about I'm not paid all this money go to a movie sported box sometime watch a movie and -- -- watching in my count pop mortgage -- -- sixty I yourself. What did that eats all by myself a lot about myself economic that. This hotel you know this is broke service can't kick it it did join the two -- out of the -- that I really have. And I should be feel guilty for doing that that's a felt guilty for doing my knowledge still letter knowing -- secret authorities because -- and your spouse makes you feel guilty that I think -- to be worth it to make yourself feel guilty because she will hold it against you. You will demand a spot day. She will demand a night out with the girl's she's going to use this is a ship as eleven as a leverage point to get something where you're gonna have the -- -- An all star command to all of it exactly a -- -- -- -- that was worth no. Are. You yeah I would stay away from that per acre man -- you do not wanna let her know because she will demand like a night out with the girls are. Afternoon on Newberry street with them -- A -- having the most says it's gonna cost you big time all that for forget anchorman to at. Fourteen dollar hamburger and delivered I'm Embraer when you want me well from run from room service is called -- -- -- don't. Or online preparation that went up at 1 o'clock hour -- the patriots to their pre season get their crucial third freeze on -- -- one of the year Chris precedent join us at 132 this is not a 37 W yeah.

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