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Rusney Castillo is the newest member of the Red Sox 8-22-14

Aug 22, 2014|

Tim and Christian react to the breaking news that the Red Sox signed Rusney Castillo. Alex Speier then checks in to provide the latest information.

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It is a patriots Friday we've been talking a lot of football we will continue to Duce earlier and -- seven to be the guy but if you mr. during the trending now. Quick note here from mlb.com. Jesse Sanchez and he's been put out there about the Red Sox. He says that. The Sox have signed. QB in. Outfielder rusty can steal. Or dailies are on track to do sell. Six years 72. Million dollars and this is what we're talking about I believe. Exactly 24 hours ago Christian at this time yesterday. -- and our discussion about what it would mean for the Sox outfield to get him on board and how much he could provide in terms of a lift and is being dynamic in that outfield was so many other. Uncertainties about where the power where the hits for the run production is gonna come from. The suggestion is that he's a brick gardener with a little bit more power he's a you -- Wiig who's a little bit smaller. But not as much power we are not even sure he's gonna be an outfield he might also be a converted infielder and might play third base. Which would then put Zander Bogart's -- shorts. Yes I mean we'll see right I mean this is we've talked but it's a long time at a lot of other teams are involved yankees cubs and giants mariners. All these are teams and and the rule wasn't in the estimates for casting you'll have ranged from 45 million to sixty million so you're saying. Looking at 72000006. Years 72 million. Dollars for rusty -- deal. Listen I mean one of the questions we talked yesterday was a monkey -- Jackie Bradley junior. Mean with these two guys battling it out next year come training camp -- spring training came around would with the center field job -- between those two guys some loose Angola's. The center fielder for the red Red Sox in 2015 point fifteen is on the team right now. The center fielder for the one at fifteen -- fox is a -- player named rusty -- the give -- credit for all of our. It. Was pumping to steal his tires just as early as -- are. Reunite got to him with a grenade and I and alt plus give you dual credit guys shared credit in this yes. I met -- tend to. I think this -- the person that really hammered this home this guy's going to be does that appeal. I ask you still don't know is going to be the center fielder I don't know if he's gonna be us and popular music retailer based -- but I. I do. Have -- It's sort of vision in my head that he could be. The center fielder but I can also CP and he's the third baseman if they decide they like -- in center field. And we keep going back the center field issue of it being exclusively. Rookie bets vs Jackie Bradley junior and this is a new. Angle to it and the I'm of the school of thought that thinks it's far more important for them to get a look at -- you see what he can do defensively sinner he can handle that. That I -- of the school of thought as to whether or not they can figure out. If Jackie Bradley junior can hit as it becomes more more evident to me all the time he cannot. And that might be a lost cause joining us right now to discuss this breaking news about the Red Sox is Alex spear from WEEI. Dot com breaking news. I don't know we -- breaking the sound it happened awfully quickly we're trying to get out sound as fast as possible your demands are getting a little bit now I now and you won eighteen clips from the super fans from the bulls and the bears earlier put ports and the work here -- mad artist Christian. There they go I know I do expect it. And the fact that you know based -- perhaps beyond even at its without distinction. Well Alex what should we look at long term effort to -- wolf first -- -- -- -- start with as a true of the Red Sox won the bid to get rusty can -- I do not know what they're I have not yet been able to confirm whether or not the out what they're not achieved our crossed. Yeah I's are dotted I did report I did report very early this morning. Either the Red Sox were UT in the street paper it. To get Erin and I had heard I had heard last night it was unable to confirm -- dot -- It looked like they were heading towards the six years have -- two million dollar deal with him. And it sounds like other people are hearing that now so. Do you think if there's the matter of what I'm not to support. We look would have -- -- does that make sense for them to go after a steal the way they did or. Visits as more based on just need. Well for the interest -- because you know it. Get that it depends on how you project the written test DO. Big error number you know that have gotten protection on them. Very well -- a great it was kind of a known phenomenon in what he was going to deliver him. And of the -- the other which was a and I'm right handed bat with enormous power. Who did you really can't be replicated the degree but with some questions. About how he would transition to be able to face last in the big lead. How he would be attacked with scouting reports that sort of thing. I can deal represents an interesting one and that delicate can be made that he's creating a bit more of a crowd and -- them and bring you that. In that he is the guy who's. On the he's the guy who has kind of a diverse skill set. Not a very good not much -- the most disciplined approach. But. Ultimately is very athletic great speed for the outfield so all he would allow you would allow them -- Possibly can and others are killed or right field he he gets the ball hard you know built that well. The power projection very widely -- as to whether or not. You know there's a guy who would -- home run power whether or not more of the gas -- guy. I think that you know play a reasonable com. In you know 11 potential competent -- kind of thinking about what kind of player he could be would -- -- -- victory you know of course -- talks. Haven't -- victory out in -- Or not they don't they had Shane Victorino but not the -- Victorino that I think year your reference in there and Alex that this is not seems especially in victory no quashing victory you know I I I agree that they're on form. That we haven't seen in a little while. But yet but they're they're the big crowd in the Red Sox outfielder in -- -- throughout their children. Right as we as soon as they explore whether or not rookie that's going to be. A month and every case and -- equipment -- next year perhaps there's. -- -- that by the mayor didn't get someone Micah -- that's more time -- developed in triple play in to avoid some of the shortcuts there perhaps in the trouble. With some of the guys this year but they have you know the separatists they have they have Daniel -- they have Allen Craig. -- they have any epidemic jam going on in not in the outfield right now it's going to be really anxious to see. What that permit them to do from my trade important how this impacts the development other guys presumed that you. Yet that's exactly Rezko wanted next out to get out spears joining us right now it's not about the reports that was sneak ST SA rusty right we're going out with a Z sound -- said he has raised me is that. The way were supposed stated that so I. I I want we're going to be mangling the pronunciation -- can't profile while I think -- In -- like group -- like. Earlier French accent. Robert Redford called in and said his neighbors today they resonate -- DL so there are reports that he could also be a third baseman if he has signed the six years every two million dollar deal. To be with the Boston Red Sox. Could you see him at third if they want to continue to try to put move key in center field or is that -- the question. Well I don't think that anything about the question acting a lot of it. There's there's an evaluation to -- obviously. Beyond you know yet completely and killed in years basically Cuba -- So I think QB it would be a little bit pool party. To either rule out or ruling in the possibility of him playing. Period infield positions you know maybe he's 88 kind of right hander brought Cole with more street more power. We don't know that yet. And I don't think direct talks would know that yet. I think did have a private work out for of course. And there's been -- another bad germs and attended by. There's a lot that's to be determined that when a nasty things about fact or some broker. From Cuba that you have. A degree of that there are quite as unknown and mysterious as we might think. Games in Cuba are available on TV recently and there's good players from Q art scene. I'm in the WBZ had been in international competition but there is still a lot that is unknown. About signing a player like that so so assuming that the deal is finalized. And again I'd been given indication that it was steaming toward that outcome but not an indication that it's as if it's done done. Then then I think it -- explorations and you know. Her attacks have so many moving parts right now because of all of these multi position does this kind of interest -- The play that game out there in the puzzle pieces together and figured out a puppet -- me. As he has speed as the greatest that's. So putting -- third basically about it. So how does it worked out so this if this is confirmed or whatever it does -- confirmed hopefully I would assume then how quickly can we see him in a line of risen one of those things where is got a you know wait awhile to come up and start playing or is it just wait till spring training. So there are a couple of about variables going one has it what -- -- -- are only two Russian -- To the major leagues because they don't have. The same competitive incentives that are working on her in the in the play out on -- have. But bringing up immediately. They do -- very interesting thing to me would be whether or not this would be a -- sixty or 72 million dollar contract he kicked off the or it it would wait until or it would lead to finalize it until after that he's in which would have massive implications. For a luxury tax purposes because I think that the Red Sox. I believe the delegates in -- attempt to -- -- the luxury tax special. If they work to it would assign them. For the duration of the regular season depending on. I get depending on the pro rated everything -- plot. I'm so it'll be interesting to see how the contract is structured whether or not. It's a contract that begins in 2014. Through 2019 or whether or not it would be secure -- span. 20152000. Party it don't make much sense for me to me other than a one month evaluation window and the guy is just getting in the legs under him. To evaluate him politically is provide a good example you -- -- middle it's on month summer but it was a contractor in 2010 to -- OK so finally Alex then and this is a theory that was floated out there and one that I subscribe to. That if they went out and got resonate to steal at some point this year and -- today is Steve Francis French. -- -- -- they were to get him at some point this year that would make it possible to move somebody that they got in the joke Kelly. Allen Craig deal or this Aspen this deal they could move somebody that they got at the deadline. To go after a really big fish with upon thoroughly intended in -- -- Stanton. Is there any way to look at this and see that as a precursor. To a move to get. Stanton or -- played a big time -- of that ilk to come back over the offseason. Look at your -- a paper Stanton is is predicated largely on whether or not the Marlins would have hurt your. Of moving him and there's no guarantee of that but look what threats such an accomplished both in terms of stockpiling pitching prospects. What kind of back in the back of the rotation guys but nonetheless useful. Useful trade chips as well and that's kind of the kind of strange confluence. A lot of outfielders which is something which with the position of scarcity and their system. Until you know really a couple of months ago and -- started creating -- outfielders out of the Brock called in the -- that the the world they are creating a massive pile of straight -- And they're going to have to move out some of these guys because they have other -- are on the other. The forty man roster this winter so I don't know if it is going to be the ultimate end game because I don't know the Marlins are you going to cure them. Moreover I don't know if if the Marlins. Would wanna set it for one year for instance. -- as part of a package or is it would have interest in the kind of outfielder -- a small group movie that's would probably make more sense. Guys of that ilk that out because they're controllable for so much longer but the replica of it on. A roster flexibility assuming that they do sign. They can -- and they're you know they're gaining redundancy. Position. It's accumulation of guys except that and Craig and to steal all of a very short window of time which does put in better position. To be able to kind of go after just about anyone. It would want to create in in the trade market this coming out. Alex thanks -- are really appreciate phenomenon and thanks reporter earlier today and follow on up on the news that the Red Sox might be bringing -- today is -- to Boston -- the time. Actually done on pronunciation. That's about five or six tries but I'll get there that's out spear from WE IWEEI. Dot com. So I kind of have my wheels turning yet but it has to what this could mean. And it's been funny has generally -- -- tonight to your wheels turning in what direction -- point went well prepared as fireworks. Fireworks just a two -- and he's the Kevin Love fireworks we didn't get from the celtics' Kevin Love -- were -- this now. If he comes on board bank in place senator then suddenly you can use moved he bets as a trade chip. And if -- keep showing that he can play center field and shows that he has defense over the course of the last month of the season. Then all of a sudden maybe now the Marlins can angle this to make it look like more of a baseball move than a fire sale if also attached to it is Allen Craig is your assessment is some other combination thereof to get Stanton here and like Alex said and there's a lot to what Alex said at the end there the Marlins don't have to trade John Carlos Stanton. Just 'cause the Red Sox want him doesn't mean he has to come here. And they might have to give up way more than that and the Marlins might ask more than what been sharing -- is willing to part with. But it's -- definitely. Gives them the flexibility to put him in center field and move bats high profile prospect to be part of this package. Yeah also you know he goes back to Jackie Bradley junior obviously know his value. His his values have decreased since he just couldn't hit me was gonna figure out and seemed to be a little bit of attitude adjustment there are also in my opinion. So that you Brigham rookie bets -- OK now we try to Jackie Bradley -- how good is on the outfield. You know good years with his glove and I'm playing defense but it says he can't hit so -- bring somebody else up there -- some people get a look at him at a Major League level. They bring a -- smoky bets. It's -- he start to play a little bit better he's he's decent he's he's he's not below average and he's good defensively he's not -- -- Bradley junior. But there you go there's another sign so you build up all these assets you collect -- Now you can't argue structure net and then you hope to see what combined. I gotta cut myself off in mid thought there but it was interest in to watch the phone call screen as Alex was -- in fact we've still got a couple up there and I'll go to him right now -- 6177797937. The moment we came back from the updated the top of the hour. The phone starter role in this is a move to get Stanton. This is a move to get Stanton in fact let's go to Alex and mauled and Alex what do you think about ruse because steel coming on today is make this -- coming to the Boston Red Sox. Big guys. I'd really like this move and it's. I kind of look at it. As a way of Salt -- I think they're trying something different. Because -- bad in the organization note that the prospects that are compete with that in the last couple years and for example. Metal -- Bradley junior spoke I know that those young most of them but. They haven't exactly had built by look at approaches. We're spending the money. Well that is who they got a lot of -- -- on the -- -- -- -- game. But I still like the movie quote one of the Cuban players that come through you know we. Access it is a break you. Who we are open about it Chicago White Sox would stolen -- the export -- day. I don't like that and we ought to. Yeah I like to move regardless of whether or not yield stand. Regardless of whether or not it brings in Carla Stanton to Boston I liked it because it's a valuable component offensively for team that clearly. Is offensively -- right now. So. After yesterday you know it's. One hit. With -- go to Chris in Connecticut also wants to talk about these Stanton angle hikers. There are good but they -- good track record that Cuban players coming over to United States that think it's a great move. Our spirit to variant. Like -- Gartner report is -- art -- that great for our record at their so why are there like you'd think it's a precursor to gain entry. It you Korean dialogue and -- you know. And you have some flexibility are that he could street sense that it which at all. Surely can happen. But he definitely flexibility. You can -- that. Metal obviously part of that and -- a lot more than that clearly but I think potentially -- -- he'll win. That today that he'll air Marshal would be one of the best health -- -- Then based on my opinion that in Brock -- all fine on the third -- Picture you know what and that actually additive which -- -- here Chris but I wanna put this on the -- real fast because he has got a call back from Alex and according to what Alex says to our producer Sam on the hotline. Seven year 72 point five million dollar contract four -- -- this -- so it's an additional year tacked on what we even thought. In the first world. Luke calling from Portland Luc you're -- night -- seven -- Yeah. I got -- all right. I ordered a question -- all that money that the stock is spending. Are about strategy and out -- and that they're not and are now that you're human guy. Who we're gonna bring interpret you because we can't do it yet perhaps. How we gonna get I'm gonna. You know get it out. Athletes -- -- that the person -- -- so you had one problem you could -- and it's now your search approvals probably covered all your pitching. And so now it's going to be a problem. Many of these younger prospects -- get it you know that out of all of them -- no -- release any out yet. Consecutively so it wouldn't -- Cole Hamels now. -- reserve is Jon Lester back on the trade back as a viable option. You know so now you couldn't hit it did hit may get guys who can hit making a pitch you brought up Jon Lester. -- unfortunately and that's your own fault because you just made me think is something that I wanted to we come back about the news surrounding Jon Lester this week. They came out about the on likelihood of him returning to Boston there's an angle to this that I think people are over rating dramatically we'll get to that next 937 W yeah.

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