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Is 11-5 an absurd prediction for the Patriots 8-22-14

Aug 22, 2014|

Tim and Christian discuss whats more absurd, Tony Gonzalez' prediction that the Broncos will go undefeated or Tim's prediction that the Pats will go 11-5?

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You know -- always say Crist about. Nine days at a ten. Week ago segment by segment shell by shell punch out at. 159. And things over today on -- just direct the next there right and yeah. The topics in the shows don't necessarily. Stick with us especially this time a year when there's no real football talked about. What's the regular season starts you're gonna it would have some bleed over some carry over to 162 games of baseball season different game every night that sort of thing. This show feels like it changes from data. Just about 90% true for me anyway. The rare Jon Lester stories are honest I'll put that out there's -- -- caveat -- ran right at the show. But yesterday. I walked out of here maybe this is because Jared Norton did across. Get your heads did you know what no he just reinforced. What I was talking about during the shell and for -- reset this for people weren't listening. Later in the program neighbors listening earlier in the day. Lou Christian and I worked together at various points yesterday Lou is off today you'll be back with this on Tuesday. But Christian and I are gonna continue discussion that we brought up. It's about midway through the program yesterday after came back for one of your many meetings to get ready for an important meeting critical third pre season games self critical -- the patriots lose it every year and may still win the division -- -- that's a critical it is. But you went to what do you mean what impact that makes a team you come back and we were taught its football opera long baseball discussion and I brought up Tony Gonzales suggesting. That the Denver Broncos are gonna go sixteen and I'll be suggest that he -- outs today he said you're gonna. I always -- had a team that was built like the patriots that went on defeated. Throughout the regular season to the Super Bowl our -- that effect whatever he was suggesting the Broncos were built to go unbeaten this year. So I thought that would kind of be the launching point of the conversation. Are the Broncos that good as the patriots top rival in the AFC. That they're gonna go unbeaten until they see New England in the AFC championship game that was how I thought the conversation was -- golf. Along the way I said look I think the patriots -- be really good team I think that it would division I think they're gonna go 115 and it was like the needle scratched on the record with you to deal. Well well. At eleven. Five losses. How can you talk about how page it's only gonna go eleven and but like. I felt like I had some lighted them somehow I felt like I had done something right. Well. I insulted the team by say they're gonna win the division and go to the AFC championship you know. And you guys were offended and so -- at the Redskins did debate like who's the -- did -- -- you as trying to stir the pot. And they Jared Norton came in and it was just. Gas gas and I -- that's where a lot about Jerry not only does he embrace his homered as he Wallace and yeah -- exhibit now wouldn't lose said. That the patriots you're twelve wins because Belichick wakes up in the morning and groups twelve wins out. Jerry went so far to say -- I would gobble it up. He's not exaggerate now he means and that's why I like him is that he -- cloak himself in and that's good. -- yourself to your beliefs. So Jerry was given me crap about it. And now I do not think just to clarify Jerry tonight -- might really think that Tony Gonzales meant that the Broncos are gonna -- sixty you know they're not gonna go sixty. But I wanna ask you I'll reiterate on circled back this conversation. Is it an insult. To think that the patriots. Might be one winless. This year but still BA better team because that's my contention is that it is an insult should -- the -- like I. What I saw on each side I was go back and forth with some people on Twitter about it last night to not. How dare EEI hire someone who's rooted for the Steelers to come on talk about the patriots recovered the Steelers to talk about the page even worse god forbid. Now being embedded with enemy territory. I think they're gonna be really good I think you're gonna win the division. I think they're going to be a better team than last year I think they're gonna go to the AFC championship game and then judging right now it's a coin flip as to who wins Denver or them. How much more how much more reinforcement. Of patriots fans need. To feel like they're getting credit going into a season we call like already. Given the number shipwreck is I think there might be some people out there in New England who here. What I'm saying you can empathize a little bit or at least get where I'm coming from there should be here's my point first there should be no fan base in America. Literally no football fan base in America. That should need preemptive. Reinforcement. Less in New England Patriots fans they have been the preeminent. -- jobs in the league. Since the new millennium for fifteen years now it has been the best franchise in football. No fan base in America has an easier time the patriots fans to opens its school board. And not need the sort of preemptive pat on the back. This easy you what do we -- in this entire offseason. Racy novel it's getting. And then I'll respond that by saying now he has -- lead it's about what has quarterback. Back in the late. Say Peyton Manning is better or Aaron Rodgers is barrel I don't know look at the stats last. -- -- Got -- hard really look back up and he was just harder golf god heard me Erin Burnett has got arrested. We don't have like I was -- Q. Call yesterday at the meeting on the patriots. If at all on the patriots I think every gonna go to the championship game. That's. What I say about teams that -- -- gonna do well all written. Hillary on the patriots let me try let me try to break it down view what I think it's like so listen I grew up steeler fan. -- -- play it and I played with the with with the hatred so I have it I have there's a connection there. Army right I want them to do well I want them to succeed I work for this raiders -- I want the patriots to go to the suitable so we go to the Super Bowl in Arizona. I would be guard you know be fantastic I want them DeWitt. Oh we're not talking about this the bottom. I thought of that old aunts and now -- They're super fans bears' super fans. And does what their release what they were I'm Chris -- right so what they thought of their to -- quick pace to refresh your memory. I recently purchased wanna go big is it sunny day price was still stands over a need and a culture that does here. Could singlehandedly. Cure our dependence on former don't think his hair follicles cure malaria putt -- perfect hurricane. What went. Yeah yeah. But then maybe I don't hurt mean -- -- -- Yes all right so that's sort of -- patriots may yet become in the -- they constantly need -- spoon feeding of support when I don't think they should need it. It it doesn't matter it's it's it's there are now like the success in their team they've done. Has kind of led them which I think to myself to of that mentality. All it would do is replace. What. All you need to do you -- soundness and you don't and you want to but there's a New England accident there's somewhere but that's what I think it still got repaid -- challenge. You know in Kabul some some some figure that showed that Tom Brady is as good. As it was last year. He clearly wasn't I mean we had people on the show that not just. I bird numbers and his -- it now like it was a right front your face ears are now out. And I think he's better than it was last year. And he got worse. Yes better so you're part. Yes you're part of -- -- -- six arrogance and Hurricane Betsy and her name is ballots. Who wins. Feel like I'm getting sucked into a gala askew was a little experiment here I -- -- -- 115 when the division go to the AFC championship game we'll see where it's played will figure it out after that my initial inclination right now would be to -- Denver to go back the Super Bowl when the AFC. I'm wondering from year ago. You've got what thirteen and three is no easy -- give them three losses -- -- because you've been fluctuating between thirteen and 314 into and I believe you point you made a prediction once a seventeen nothing because they're gonna beat the Broncos so badly they hear it and it is -- count has to win mr. that is -- -- you know going into the playoffs yes yes yes the NFL -- discussing you know what you won by so much we're gonna give it to -- that's yeah I -- through. I mean it lasts me yes I separate -- north of the only team to lose -- would be Detroit because my nephew plays for hopefully his own team and you know what I. Don't see that as -- the thing of it is the difference that I have between some of the patriots fans are riled up by -- suggesting that there were only. Gonna go 115 when the division go to the championship game. Is when you say. Fourteen wins thirteen wins I don't consider that a homer pick. I could see that being the case I could see them going and winning thirteen games sports I think they could be that good. However a look at the schedule I look at some of the road games they have. On a look at some other flaws. And I say it looks at eleven win team is gonna win that division that's what I tend. I -- you say thirteen fourteen wins I don't think that's like a homer thing to say they could be that it. 617779793. Cents. Yeah you know and when I looked at you know going to practice on this spring came calling the games you know and then thinking about the schedule all the teams that they have to play. -- initially been solid they're going to Super Bowl they're winning it case close that you look at the schedule and you remember how hard it is. To win ten games. When health plan for the Seattle Seahawks if we won nine games we thought we -- gold in the playoffs. 97 would get you into the playoffs that's that's how confident we -- it didn't matter with. Six games by -- big deal we're still going to the playoffs and what you get and you get it and who knows what can happen and it's not like college work. If you lose one game you're basically out of the national champs a picture meet some SEC teams can win at least two games and maybe they get -- but no. College you lose one you're done. -- go to nice bowl game in the pros. You lose 56 games -- still be relevant still have a great team maybe just lost the couple you know Google cakes here you know -- -- play here fumble here. Solid there -- schedule. I want to all the game took it would tell you. Who's gonna win and why can't so I have been open with Miami. Say what you want about Miami and playing -- South Beach. But not to lose to the Miami Dolphins with that often the line and blind panic elect Corbett -- -- global -- Irreverent ads and give me your three loss here another loss aside I don't know I am losing to. The Broncos to Detroit then in San Diego look at Adam losing those -- they're gonna go. Eight no -- a Broncos have a chance to be enabling also was too little experiment here I don't this experiments. Until experiment. Miami. Over under eight wins. Miami over under. Under under a do you date the jets over under wins. From. Let's say over gave buffalo over undersea congress under six went under six went. I was over at Indianapolis over under eleven ones under. San Diego over under nine winds. The American sports stuff. That night was yesterday Diego yet. Over okay Green -- over Andre wins Green Bay eight points yes over. Kansas City over under eleven wins under under regress -- I thought you -- been a little bit war. Complimentary towards the dolphins. I thought -- wise earlier and earlier in the year we're talking now I remembered the buffalo was like buffalo I know about the Olympic team in a -- later -- -- -- if that's -- usually easier to fulfill the other end the experiment that's what you're using is your barometer -- yeah I could see how they -- be a twelve to thirteen win team and so when you look at it it's -- When you look at it it's sometimes it's it's ice to this as a player I would look at the schedule before the season even started. I would put Al Al Al. Work when I was in Seattle now. Here it would it would be win win win with that what the L to sprinkled in there. Let's about who out who we were playing. But more about. Where we were physically and emotionally what. You know obviously just play the game like everybody else plays Guitar Hero who would who would be who would win. I would do that the same way I do now I know that the date they're probably at three losses. Last year. Twelve -- four. You know but. Again. A team. It just was hit he'd be a better team and potentially have -- worse for a of course I think that's that's -- able to I think Beckett. It happened just as easy is it to -- you look at some of these teams. That we just outlined that are on the schedule this year if you're gonna grant me that they're gonna have one home loss. Which I think is fair to put out there is they oftentimes -- and -- back home loss particularly early in the season. But if they have a whole lost even to. Denver you picks somebody on that list at Detroit. You got to try and I have 22 home losses Broncos -- -- editor go unbeaten in the division men. Yeah and on yes and -- lose a single division binoculars the jets and actress stub their toe somewhere along the way I am not certainly stub their -- of the jets -- based on a field goal and now 3000 Djokovic lost acting in the other one. Was Miami. -- -- Determine. Whether their regular season is a better more successful regular season and may be home field advantage in the AFC championship game against the Broncos. Is going to be that three out of four game stretch on the road at the colts Packers and chargers in November. That is going to be the determination. If you're if you're telling me that you think the patriots going into this season or thirteen win team. And I'm saying eleven that's where the swing is -- yes I stick -- 17779793. Cents. Oh that's that first game so yes Selena three games at home to play the jets Chicago and the Broncos. And then they have they go on the road to play indeed at Detroit the week before Thanksgiving and then they play Green -- on the role in the play San Diego on the road. Those West Coast trips back to back wrote a team and I know Green Bay isn't the West Coast. But there is some impact on you physically and you in your sleepy and you're just. It's not everything's not firing like it showed -- I think that is that was that 1234. That's five weeks man. I think they'll lose three games on it that's gonna be the top stretch they bought I think you already have built up enough equity. And strength. Really not figure out what type of team they will be mean beating Green Bay is impressive beating Detroit at stake at -- home would be impressive going on the road to San Diego I think naked back to be that. But it will trap game that you hear about so much that but you know we we were sleepwalking through this game it's -- 1 o'clock start game. Right on the West Coast at 2 o'clock a start game at early for -- East Coast are not used to that -- -- it up early glut. Going on. So all ask patriots stands there's. Do you want propaganda. Or do you want analysis because I don't think seeing the patriots are going to be eleven win team against that schedule is. Too negative against new England and the response that I got yesterday. And -- will be brought up this comparison to Tony Gonzales is sixteen -- -- Denver bronco prediction. Was I was more out to left field by saying the patriots are gonna win eleven games as opposed to Gonzales saying the Broncos are gonna win sixteen. So that's more help -- surf through this wide as a team. As a fan base forget the team what is a AMD's it should need so little. On emotional support YY. Activists. Like the way we figured out to stage work from -- I'll check armed puts certain team. Which come January will run roughshod over to competition why are we salt blasts locate -- predictions from the sports fans that today's game. Bolts won 4923. Volts 149. A 52. Gate the difference of opinion -- between you and yet. That's the mentality. There that's what it is they are the fourth best fan base in America according to new Forbes magazine's throw. 61777979. -- As the -- -- digits next 379837. When we come back and I threesome WB I would get to some of the calls on this these sort of patriot fan mentality of constantly needing to be reinforced about how great the team is when they really don't need because all they have to do is point to the scoreboard. That that's what's kind of baffling needed -- as we get ready for the third pre season game Kabul we come back the biggest problem. When it comes to the NFL and all these flags and how I think he can be fixed we'll talk about the movies -- -- I've got to. Complete cure for we'll talk about that don't talk about the patriots angle to united threesome Libya.

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