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NWOA Injury Report - Shane Victorino

Aug 22, 2014|

On today's Bradfo Show we talk to Dr Ken Polivy, Spine Surgeon at the Newton Wellesley Orthopedic Associates, about Shane Victorino's recent back surgery.

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I'm Bradford talks or things that interest. Some of which might just it's. Just -- it's okay. Cheers rob Bradford. Welcome into the Brad -- -- as you can probably -- I am not rob Bradford -- -- -- from the dale and Holley show he's on his Johnny Carson. Summer tour right now which means he's got -- forums so that's why I'm here and today were doing the NW 08 injury report that's the Newton Wellesley orthopedic association injury report -- doctor Kenneth polity. Doctor -- how you doing today. I am doing well or you. Very good very good a little bit better than Shane Victorino but and we'll jump right in he had successful what seems to be successful back surgery on. To repair a couple of disks of these three foreign 45. Quick question about that -- what exactly goes into that back surgery defusing the vertebrae or what exactly were they doing to repair those. No basically -- -- radiation or words being disk material which is -- bit like crap beat pushes out against their rudeness spinal -- as they. Basically we don't it and make a little window and take those pieces out so there's no fusion that. And much bigger surgery. Okay so he doesn't have to do that rehab said. Maybe three to 43 to five me five to six months what would be your best guess about that and the -- get back into the rehab a little bit later. -- the important thing is that. Of these after you have surgery uniforms start issue and you want to start to settle in a little and that way. Let pieces are at risk in the future for coming out again. So well that always hit it just take it easy. Not really rush into any rehabilitation. I believe that they. I'm restricted into walking. For one month and not to perform any bending. Lifting or twisting. -- -- get beyond. A four to six weeks then they can start with them late physical therapy gradually increased but. Really we'll take a good six months or to improve. -- -- let's start at the beginning of this season his was having his hamstring issues. That he couldn't shake and you we know he's obviously had the lower back problems how much does that hamstring injury affect the lower back. Well that they're probably inter related. A lot of times the hamstrings will go into spasm. Or -- feel pain or someone will -- me in the back of the leg in between that hit in the knee. And will that actually may be -- pressure on one of the nerve -- in the back causing not -- -- likely it did appear that he had a -- -- previously. Because it describes. That he had a newer and larger distribution list. -- is so now that -- said the surgery and you said he can't bend twist or lift or is -- in victory and called the blt. How. What exactly is he going to be doing while rehabbing once he gets through that month or six weeks that you talked about. What what will be the first -- what can he start doing then. Well it does not start. With some basic stretching. Is probably some weakness. Especially in the lower back muscles in the industry. He poultry board did control the quadriceps which is the front of -- late in between but yet. And then he and all of those areas will need to be gradually straightened. And stretched out that he and increase. You know is is straight in the areas and now also -- -- -- So what will be some of the activities he can do we can start with a slow -- -- that. I think that was quote guy -- can start with that lightweight he conspired. With I wrote the conditioning and stretching. Pretty much all of the basic. Is there you receive. You know being -- spine surgeon yourself not me. -- and you've seen this type of surgery done before. What Tom what are the most likely setbacks that could occur. Moving forward for -- Well it he pushes it to set to fire he may develop. Muscles spasm or inflammation which will delay the process. -- there is hey I would say at seven -- 11%. Recurrence rate. When you do it this surgery and that could just that's really not related anything. So that the biggest problem is is that there's recurrence. In the future of course there you know may be some. -- -- this order where it appeared that setting and simply because it was -- continue to compete for the discount. Now how will this moving forward once he gets kind of through the rehab process. Will he regain a 100% range of movement say you know -- swing a bat throwing a ball. He should regains. -- percent of its motion. You know that the strike is another thing if there was some type of chronic pressure on the nerve root and it doesn't wake up 100% that he could have -- weakness. In his legs and we all know that you know later important part of running play the outfield. And also swinging the bat. So. Hopeful that you'll regain. Most of the strength and be able to perform. At the level that he was performing before. Of the amount of these surgeries you've done or you've seen -- heard about how many times. Would you say that. That that patient has had to go back and had a similar treatment. Well again. And I'd say probably 55%. And would -- be it would lead to another surgery. And it's not. And I think. -- -- -- You know proper finding the proper diagnosis. I would say 96%. In the heat in -- 90% of people. Little group. Well I appreciate you taking some time with me today doctor -- they really do appreciate you sharing some of your expertise -- -- -- is very nice -- -- and you you're making Red Sox fans feel a little bit better today. Well here that keep rooting for the team. That's right hopefully we will see him back on the field for spring training at the beginning of spring training and towards the end of February. Thank you doctor -- It. Again that was doctor Kenneth -- V. He is a board certified orthopedic surgeon -- an expert on spine surgery and sports medicine. He is the associate chief of orthopedic surgery at the Newton Wellesley hospital and formerly he was president of the Massachusetts orthopedic association. So he does know what the hell he's talking about and he's very optimistic that chain victory know will be back on the field and he won't have a recurrence. Were -- and another back surgery to fix those disks in his lower back so we're hoping that'll be back on the field come. -- end of February registering -- starting and that you'll regain regain regain. A lot of the abilities he had before and hopefully maybe this can help we that hamstring but it lingering hamstring injury that he's had occurred. Be related to these lower back problems. Now obviously. Right now the Red Sox are looking at kind of gave full outfield with chains -- a question mark is. Will -- be able to play right field again obviously in Fenway Park it's a huge right field and it. It is a lot of stress on him having to cover all of that ground. They have young assessed but this you don't -- Jackie Bradley junior you have all these guys coming up. And you've got to crowded outfield. Could this spell the end of Shane Victorino. I don't think it will he seems very optimistic if you read his. Read rob Bradford its article -- Victor Reno from the other day. He's very optimistic keeping -- get through the rehab process. Sooner then he's expected to and really get back into shape in playing shape and be. Not just still rehabbing coming into spring training but. Full -- ready to go so really -- to see that from Victor Reno because. They really do need his leadership and for those of us who've actually been inside the locker room. And seen -- he is a true leader on that team people do follow him he's a very outspoken member of the Red Sox. And he's proven to be an important member of the Red Sox now if you think of Victor Reno he's been a very good outfielder. Fielding outfielder says this is pretty good fielding outfielder Jackie -- -- are very good -- outfielder. So if you have those three guys let's say says this is who left JBJ's in Saturn victory -- in right. You're covering a lot of ground right there playing victory applying next Jackie Bradley general help. Victory Olympic his JBJ can cover so much ground. And take a little the pressure off victory you know so moving forward if those three guys are still with this team come next spring training. You're looking at what could be at a -- in defensive outfield. So were really -- victory gets back to full form. The power will probably go down he will be 34 going into next season so obviously your power number's gonna come down -- -- Barry Bonds. And -- -- this has got the power object religion can't really hit. Let's see if that bounces out next year obviously they can make other moves abroad and Allen Craig we don't know where he's really gonna fit and he is an outfielder. By trade so he could be out there he could take some time from victory -- helped make sure victory -- stays healthy through a full season as you know. Chain only played thirty games this year and have a lot of time down in rehab starts down in the minor leagues. So we're really hoping that he can get back to full form ready to go for next season. As you know the season's pretty much a lost cause so you want your guys to get that surgery early this is. Victory -- taking the exact opposite course that some of what Carl Crawford did who waited forever to get his surgery -- before the seasons are victorious -- notes to it now I wanna be back I wanna be ready to go. Next spring training. We'll see if that works out really open does because you can have an electric outfield next year little bit older -- Victor in a button electric outfield on the west. Again I -- Darren Kitchen filling in for rob Bradford on the Brad -- today this was -- and WO -- knee injury report with doctor Kenneth polity. I appreciate you guys listening you can hear me every day on the dale and Holley show hosting -- for moderating so to speak. You follow me on Twitter at young Ben WEEI thank you for listening yet again.

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