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Gordon Edes breaks down his cryptic Cespedes tweet 8-22-14

Aug 22, 2014|

ESPN Boston's Gordon Edes joins Dino, Kirk and Buck to explain his cryptic tweet concerning Yoenis Cespedes exiting last night's game.

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You lied to me an hour ago yes -- do copped to doing used to I had nothing to do that you read everything to do with injuries. Brightness in Baghdad unfortunate phrase that you're doing on purpose -- he's having a purpose I'll tell he's and I had nothing to do with it you -- -- had nothing do that on purpose of salt God's plan. That all things happen for a reason I don't know that I love that 617 -- I 7937 we're gonna get to Gordon needs in thirty seconds -- first a little bit of background we have Bob nightingale on about a week and a half for two weeks ago. Outright after the trading and incest but this comes east from the east of the Boston Red Sox. We wondered what Bob nightingale USA today -- the Oakland -- would take such a formidable hitter out of the middle their lineup while there in the middle race he had. Interesting things to talk about drop rock into the lake. Be here all the stuff about we get started to update he deals might increase your -- -- -- Getting here in the first place is there anything that as background. He hit that focused -- to open up the -- money to people is their number you know problems on the horizon here. Interest joining us on the AT&T got a lot of good pal Gordon needs gore had an interesting if not short lived tweet last night that has since come down. You tell us what you know. -- secondary what I know -- more -- and warns of a but says yeah -- you know I I heard yet that he's become an army in the in the cryptic in short lived creek and made it sound sinister you know what or nefarious. Happened out here it's the story. When wind assessment came out of the game. I tweeted I said this may appear absolutely no relevant to what's taking place and black. Win sense that this was. Playing for all point he received threats from people that he owed money to. That there were involved in in its smuggling from Cuba and subsequently. You know it's it's establishing residency in the Dominican Republic. Are you reported. That threat -- of the Oakland -- who then took up. With Major League Baseball. In MLB. Is aware it in and -- and actually. There's no mystery as to whether assessment -- -- money and he was sued in Dominican courts by his Dominican. Agent acre Mercedes. Who had. Assisted in his defection from Cuba then set a -- In paper he stayed in. The Dominican Republic when -- establish residency here. And Dominican court actually ruled in Mercedes -- and said that. Access this owed him 22% of its earnings. Seoul. This dispute has been ongoing. Assessment that says resisted. Are having to pay. Mercedes what did Dominican courts. A claim he sold so. -- You know there's a lot of dirty business and all in. He's Cuban players defecting. From -- we know a lot of -- -- because. The publicity surrounding yes -- week's defection from Cuba. In I'm telling you this is something this is an issue that Major League Baseball. Is gonna have to address in a big way because it's your so right. For corruption every step of the way. Lawyer here's -- -- -- gets perfectly reasonable epic which retreated was five you'd you'd say that's why he's taken doubtful speculation. Whatever why so why delete the -- I think between -- okay. Here I think between it was OK to -- but then you also have to remember. The medium here in what I saw. How people were just running away. With the topic in Spain and I wrote I was writing that the Cuban -- yet in was responsible for assessment this coming out of the game at all. -- -- -- Brits believe and called it and want -- at -- What was going on. In the end I mean I bombed out that subsequent mine might deleting the week and asserted we're expecting this this is threatening to spiral out of control. It's better to just take it -- you know hold that are -- so waters a little bit because it was getting -- And after the game. You heard. John -- explanation that it was a family emergency. I noted that that sense that this mother is living with him he's got a history of high blood pressure. -- -- There are directly about that in the press conference. He said. He would answer trek -- process this watch too well. Addressing the issue at a later date of that but in order to respect its privacy. And in my story today again I made reference to eat previous. Incident. Involving substance at all so it's not like I was trying. -- to run away from the age limit -- in any way shape or form in fact if anything. I I think that. It's weren't banging that drum incessantly on this issue and so anyways you know. MLB has got to review its its entire policy. In regard cute and Cuban players acting because we could end up with some really ugly. Sinister situations. Like he'd seen in in in the Greek situation. Talks are negotiating to add another Cuban player to their roster for next season -- so you think this is something that. You know we always hear -- over the Carl Crawford press conference with a claim to have done their due diligence and they. Went through Carl's trash barrels that when the find everything else about him and so forth -- that you wrote about this in fact. So is this going to change the way they -- they pursue Cuban talent moving forward. Well clearly it isn't because. As I wrote last night I I think the Red Sox. The Red Sox in the tigers with a two favorite scene in one of my sources told me -- right. That they were optimistic. That the Red Sox were optimistic about signing up -- eagle and I believe they're going to. So I think they have done their due due diligence but there's -- amid their -- -- They're probably not in a position to know right now in in regards to the actual process. A practice field getting out -- but college you know Cuban ball player in order to play in the United States is establishing residency in Haiti. And you know come on. Your -- you don't think that anybody's arm was greens a lot of the way that process. You know it it sustained fighting corruption in. In the 800 I think that one of the things one of its simpler steps Major League Baseball. -- -- in this series is that when a player I suspect the United States. Maybe you have to establish sick Cuban players are are in a separate category that you can't say okay. All right you pick in this who rescued you in -- your life and leave Cuba not come to the United States but you know what would start I was here the freeagent. Like somebody in the Dominican you're going to be subject to the amateur draft but that just doesn't compute. You know there's been -- what player is gonna -- you've been given to millions of dollars there's vice. -- -- are purely from a baseball standpoint and as best as you can tell or as best as you have heard how -- international -- rate and project. These three high profile Cubans down the road to steel per week incest but this is there is current order there. Like I think at this point it is certainly just based on performance on that most talented guy what is would -- -- person and set this tactic to steal an unknown. Interest -- -- what I've been told I -- of value it is who have seen a good deal XTO beyond the video that Casey and his people put out an -- -- work -- -- if you haven't -- Gary -- at a comparable -- -- When when he -- In free agency. But what I'm told is that. It's tools that are particularly its power in is that they don't are they don't play out it's obviously as the Braves. You know the people who saw a -- you. I'll -- forty -- with the White Sox. Realize it yet the potential to be a monster. They're they're not quite the same certainty. With this deal but it I think people think that he can beat an impact on center fielder right fielder. That's certainly how the Red Sox look at them and and you know given the track record of the success that the guys like -- and that's that's -- Abreu pat. You know Red Sox and should be excited about the possibility that -- are becoming. We're talking with -- ESPN dot com's Gordon Eads and Gordon we -- up a fourth voice to jump into this free for -- were going to fix Major League Baseball today of the five point plan. Most of which Tom Warner enunciated not all but most out which ones resonates. Solidly with you which ones do you think and it's not a matter whether they happened in a Major League Baseball works at glacier. But just in terms of -- is being king for a day. Pitch clock being enforced. -- staying in the box no warmup pitches for the relief when he comes into the game and automatic intentional walk and either live or eliminating. Pitching coach visits to the mound you only go to the mound as a manager to take the guy out of the game which ones do you like which ones do you -- -- at -- a little mini is. I think I think is that there's a place for relievers. Getting to pro war -- when they come into the locker all. It did your mom. It end in. You know when -- -- -- -- -- different from the -- I think you're warming -- Go and I thought well I don't talk to public two pitches instead of England -- job bank and he speaks slowly and clearly -- American you know don't understand this fundamental difference. Priority and -- these days in -- in the gate it's going to be unbelievable -- -- in the gore needs Steve -- world records on what. Yeah -- so nice to be educated category by the way with a field goal kicker warms up the sideline his background is a net and a bunch of his teammates behind it. But he comes in does get a woman away having a baseball discussion here without telling you look at. After the break we're gonna talk a -- they went at T Mel Brooks I in the title hitting off the -- getting ready to go in and pinch hit yesterday last night should he be get getting like three -- because the backgrounds different. For the for the Major League Baseball pitcher are you should get a couple pitches. You -- -- -- -- aren't. But you know I I don't eat out when. The other one I also think there's a place or opt. Pitching coach visits. To the mom I I you know may be a limit on how many times -- -- in a lot -- me. We can remember games where you know Jason Varitek Michael -- for our Internet. And but I wouldn't eliminate them entirely. I'd like it. It clock idea I'd love the way -- -- guards a little too -- right in you had to love the way match baker was pitching for a the semi state on the Robert give me the ball is that the data which in the -- he was ready to go. Buckle July oh yeah yes I guess I expect that that you -- after the game yesterday but you know what -- everybody worked like you know. I should they would even be talking about the possibility. Of other pitch clock. But it. I can I I would certainly be in favor of -- -- you know I mean -- in enforce the rule which in the -- to that -- o'clock to put you know aren't. In my estimation how would be the the fabric of the game -- be shredded irreparably. If they had an automatic intentional walk I I'm aide David Ortiz intentional walk last week it took one minute and five seconds. I'm with you brother on what you you know in. If we're gonna talk about maybe we have put a clock on that certainly that they are all right yeah you know that. That -- humid. A time of game as well. But -- that mean that one -- common sense. I see no reason why -- -- just could point down at first base and a bit. The better track I mean what -- eliminating two of those rare instances where we're. Up a picture uncorked a wild one in in the course of an intentional -- Or -- I guess the best story which in the Jackson. Kelly -- all action also in the. -- EA LCS that Dick Williams. Yeah thank you very much spark yet where -- forget -- -- hit -- -- now but. Yeah I just don't agree starting at one. It was a big hit it edit her Oakland when they want -- street straight World -- -- it Kelly leak it in the bad news bears never got back to. That. Oh he can't ignore it and thanks for the time of the clarification this morning we appreciate you're input on this program running off the rails. This thanks Courtney is -- dot com. 6777979. Cent since I can't this I've wanna apologize for my performers first hour 22 minutes -- able to guys. I'm Lisa sitting there in the background yeah is like that I gathered that you had to do our I don't even know where our allies here and there -- not -- not I still am so we it is so we want for. -- shot from the but the first to Taiwan on its. -- -- So we brought one person and who knows a little something about baseball school you're in this new market. We bring another person and who knows a little something about baseball and you marketing you know my point is how many more people that we need to bring in -- to explain -- -- a little different. We won't -- up in the bullpen. It pitching in the ma I understand it differently I don't know -- it -- I stand up I had today or is it -- -- -- -- -- -- two pitches that if I don't think -- have a two pitches Saturday. We can quibble but that it regrets but that shaving time talked about having nothing I don't think you understand this issue. I know I'm -- I've my arms around this neck is back to my -- feeding its. My point is public to take for you -- pitchers. Couple minutes while you -- a baseball songs that I think 45 to sixty arts meant he did too along. And seconds and it means there's fifty seconds before I know I haven't and the world's a better play 45 times over the course of the game is five or six minutes and a couple of Travis -- what I read it they'll do. -- it's not like I can only do things about this he gets a bucket with weight training are you really can't do 67 it's an -- as well. Does that mean that advocate use it and I'll let -- slightly edges but it two of them were strikes he only gets to. It's just you know I know it's it's the background all I don't back I don't of these pictures that never seem odd -- different amount yet just reminders like the hot. -- -- -- Major League Baseball on the mound. Yes second and third one out becoming a -- situation. -- always there with plague to Playboy models and a glass wind behind the plate Tracy Bingham. From my beloved -- cookies I think -- Tommy Bingham sisters -- but it came with reference good. But you look and you see Dino Leo would with a fast crowd dentistry. Sure -- won a couple of pitches uses them giving it to. Measurement and as you get to eagerly at the -- of major league baseball players will never sees headlines exit or your phone calls DNC.

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