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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Emmys Preview 8-22-14

Aug 22, 2014|

The stories of the day brought to you by Kirk Minihane. Today Kirk previews the Emmys before he goes on vacation.

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He got there Japan writes. It is gonna. Biden. Or what really this morning I was an onion bagel. -- everything they smelled good it's easy to me. It's a little -- this one on but who's heating fuel army just the way -- say it is legislating did not say irritate my perspective to give sometimes. That's an explosion and well that's too much that delicious tasty treat it like the sesame bagel host which the will be the buddy -- idea. That there with the called it your -- your articles. Slightly bigger by the Dan -- -- Headlines brought you by AT&T. This morning -- -- -- it's always the dollar marketing of boys Paul wants Coleman and nobody nobody. -- it but yet I remember why you have. All they -- that's when I was a kid. It like wouldn't always -- Do you exhibit 20/20 -- rural part of my body just. A moment ago I suspect in box day. Where via the vote. The public logs in English right out of it. Offender earlier ethical treatment for -- by poll. -- in Cincinnati's. And Catholic schools there yes I am that's offense a few more fans that moving the -- the Monday nights on Sunday. Mean this is outrageous -- you know Mario happened at three you know Marc Petit -- Now Harold -- -- -- -- we have I don't know per orbits and her regret -- every -- each of them altogether. And it got acquitted once the market at retirement in the never nice place it's a beautiful place. -- -- ever run and their -- -- that you guys walked by children -- back I I ran in I was in the news data to the new computer with Scott while I don't think I'd ever seen him in the not we both seemed surprised to see -- Without it it -- -- -- it's only operate Herald Square that that -- Harlem offices it looks like it like a TV show about it newspaper. It like a lot of -- -- -- break ins and -- to cling you know it that's true it's true point. When you book it's always that he enemies -- Monday night oh opposite side. -- -- Monday night out and I have tacos before I think it's possible. Have a better year television you've had this year I'll start we go to the big ones in the second. Look at this that we talked about this before we ever do better than this. Outstanding lead actor drama series -- Bryan Cranston breaking bad apples. Jeff Daniels and -- in the newsroom at nine. Jon Hamm mad men I'm Matthew McConaughey hatred ten out of ten that -- -- house of cart path that -- home run while. Group it's hard to imagine any other year producing and it's now. Nazis. I would vote for what however they've left -- perhaps the best one. James Spader blacklist I get nominated for -- nominee. I put him over the -- as a sham that is a mockery of that crap ship mockery arbor -- vote for what else do you get harder -- -- -- ought to breaking bad but I like Kevin Spacey because he seems to bring a different. Him every role he plays he watched as the cards -- just started to appropriate -- I don't like -- toxic channel. With yes Jane brown does that in the James Brown like every. The different characters he plays. Like that and -- -- the different actors who play into parts like even as a little four year old boy. These were abuse it will be your -- Big brown yeah yes yes so the little 45 year old Riley is talking -- yeah. The characters -- white talking like that randomly talk yet nobody says that. You say it's -- that we should take away from the movie the games as a jerk it. While apparently out upbringing but james' future well he was to the degree that -- at -- home I felt compelled to do more reading on him yet. And I think it will be nice to him probably yeah and you some sort of drug abuse thing yeah article book I guess about him like a year to never I'd I'd I'd be interest in reading it be assessing the movie. And I don't know if if you agree with Christina. It took me about fifteen minutes to on this in the rhythm of the movie yes and then once I -- this is all we're gonna do this okay yeah this is a method. The medical analogy right okay what you what you figure that out you sit back and enjoy the rest of the film -- -- was great here's the drama series nominees -- -- the ones first the Big Bang theory which observers watched. Louie and he's serious. Big bankers weather watcher network situation. -- by not correct movie FX -- like modern family which is only slam wall yeah it's like and I watch it and everybody feels. -- -- black which is pretty good haven't seen it Silicon Valley which I've not seen in -- which is with -- -- it's -- -- it is very funny yet -- -- it's fine it's -- recused myself from that category. You see nothing. -- am FMR. For the same every time Libya same that he Antony is like Martin's family. This kind of meanders is no real funny moments I've seen a couple of you're right it's not. Given the compelled to watch a lot of heat is turned on at any point at saint and it's the same stuff no real price at the ends -- -- father the gay couple and ends up as a big talks a great family right now and I'll hug each other forms of Silicon Valley is is is. Very well written. Yeah and it's deep and it's in it and in you can draw reelect conclusions from I think it's great tradition blacklist that I've notes you've got to step up -- your recorder for the ball. It outstanding drama series breaking bad. Downton Abbey which are on -- rather -- ball out -- -- spite of the scene that's not reflexive answer to -- -- don't like it. -- -- A team of drones which is sources sandals on Leno episode about a house of cards UT game now -- I've tried a few times. And then I guess. -- -- -- core check out house of cards mad men which is not a great season true detective which is the greatest show history I think the first the last and beat final break -- -- nurtured to correct. Yeah this guy yeah mark her regrets his true detected nothing comes close he said. Which would that she comes close as it shores that cost she'll she'll -- -- the -- -- now. I want you watched every show. Its collection to re edit -- and bank like Adrian. I cut the wires the best Koch over this -- it's it's a it's a totally different that is the network TV. The wires if you -- for effective yet. But it's but it's -- it's it's it's a different -- -- -- -- my spiritual wartime you for basis means that you haven't seen it. -- that would be bought it at that I've met him a debt I've not seen it -- Donald Sterling -- -- remember -- yeah. Claims the former LA clippers owner is homosexual. User is equal either I his lifestyle according report Thursday it didn't think it. But as. Our kids. -- -- go away quietly right -- he personal assistant the Indiana State's lawsuit should never stop the sterling. If the eighty year old billionaire businessmen -- to help cover affected first male companions. According AT&T the paper states that. Of the -- stories homosexual George sexual acts and or sexual congress. With males the site reports sexual congress. Stood and it means well I heard -- we are turned out ultimately yeah sex and congress well. Which. Which is why I don't have been some of that. That it goes to maybe Donald Sterling shares to stand up classy individual Alex is just one of the year -- gonna make it through the yes but he proposed. You know it's awfully but the institute that it didn't work it out -- again. The need. Pavlik. It appeared never did the beard he never did now in fact one of the -- Adam told the night came. He says the reason people figured out there was gave was I didn't an avid. Did inevitable hubbub look at the data record earlier on these -- what you want to. Thirties. When it is what did you say this is this is not much to that point yet reviewed that we sold to restore attracted. To him. You accept now this track I know what regularly -- well of course. What are you look at you know look at me. As a Democrat that I. Have no episode six game here Dolly says Watson that's a handsome woman the laureates and any doubt in some local Mexico -- island go I aptly door that you could she could be your girlfriend. Yes. Even -- I don't personalities aside Heidi what Jenny from a visual but he honest public ago. But pockets and -- I -- almost who know perfect -- we -- way. But he Jenny and I I like Jenny in two levels one. Of the nice to forget that our satellite that -- total body she. Sexual. The call. I was the am dating someone in and a blow to wait wait. Let's examine now. No big deal but that introduced this person to Kenny and they get it off and one last winter but he suggest. Suggesting. It's -- and offers -- Buick -- Apart approaches the ball and -- You'd take it acts up or racquet god. -- -- could you know get reinforcement you know -- -- yeah killer -- that I don't. Carry a dollar. Don't -- for you so yes and that's good I admire that the I would think it'll. A beer can understand that you look at him that's it that's like grapple -- -- -- drop loads it's sadly Tom Brady about a one will be a lot of good looking at depth chart on the billion you know I can definitely absolutely -- I congress I don't know but -- Yeah yeah and I of course if you could look like any guy out there. As -- that we you know who you're attracted you could look like any guy out there do you think it's a cool looking -- guys you know late. -- them look more like. That it did you more -- to guy here now with a flannel shirt guy -- Newman. Argument recycled into -- stuff about white Knight also edit them all Republicans on me from minute the way a little edge coming off Paul Newman now. Like the guys the pretty boys operators right now were right so investigated to go and instigating down that particular. Investigation used Craig -- cuts to the official duties of it would be more of like sort of the guys are linked to poverty and yet you don't you know him. So -- would be out. Means our guests -- the break he would be chicks dig in in a rough and tumble kind of way not classically handsome settlement. -- Worst looking good treasuries is buried you know bash bash in short I think for me. The guy like somebody taller that you war is 66 foot and what are not succeeding you've -- -- -- -- six feet tall. With the final of that might might write -- Bible you ultimately bigger. Like some -- where heels. That's that's again being so asbestos -- try to give you serious issue answers what I did meet but might be 510510 by ice yet you. The 511 well expert drug like that yeah I don't know. We talked about before like Robert Redford that was as you know we'll see the pretty boys and commune. I just mentioned it I happen to -- minimally recently elements and that's. Ready for had an interesting -- -- was a great looking guy not so much and that's okay. -- of those tool I would I can understand based on your preference that Paul Newman is more your style. It back in the day just like Robert Redford was the prettier there to a guy like Paul Newman movies that are having humans better after the dog that bleeds and threw for what it is though. Who his opponent was on him. Makes -- today who's on the of those actors don't exist right who's in the seat. Paul Newman was it was great actor who's also a great start right. Right so today we produce like the movie stars we always discreet act like who's the chino who's Pacman. Who's to fall -- it was gutsy as always the ball -- too -- because they still as an organizer -- -- up saying yes and forties who Mickelson who he's not he's a class we great looking guys in the Euro. Ed Norton. The Fort -- based kind of quirky guys all while I just died sadly I think the greatest one of the generation Philip Seymour off. -- well except for money ball which repairs that was his -- now -- Cassidy was the passing -- casting history. I -- -- last week yeah Jackman. He's -- and they'll know this economic which Catholic run that we can't actually Earl Bradley Cooper. Practicing. -- not seem to me so far to be flexible haven't said while we -- comedy into drama speaking of inflexible and George when he just. Typecast as the adults labeling handsome Kabul -- are -- -- to act it's you know -- -- we're you when Damon -- Neither one of them like I haven and -- classically yes classically. Handsome. We -- -- tactics aren't exactly look like how you come Hollywood land. Look at that to a stream has yet good that I was shocked at how good that movie was how good you know if your performance that they that might have been his best before and -- Jerry doesn't like payment -- payments is that a politic serious issue guy and it is yeah SE CB informant that there will be no form the Soderbergh movie got replied I don't wait. Kind of -- I don't wait -- was excellent thousand pounds -- that tries hard to do good things about the Catholic learned his lesson from the a grown up playing more character runs out Damon moment by the good for the -- guy brigantine game. I just think -- think the ball much better I think applicant's name -- Damon the great -- And I think that out like it's a much better -- than he's been given credit for you know Affleck is taking grief for the Batman thing. So -- single line more reality than Toby African McGwire Spiderman I don't problem. Only -- the Catholic Catholic -- an excellent. -- has now superhero this has gone this is I'm dating myself to him when they announced that Michael key was an epic Batman now -- actually there was national. Your tour adding a surrogate right that's good triple a final Michael that up but he kind of went away at least not around anymore -- sort of start out Tom Hanks and Erica. Well movies general Hanks played over scribe Michael Keaton could have played he'd gone and done serious stuff. I agree to the Apollo third -- about Saving Private Ryan and what happened was great got. All right parent and -- you can -- a real real name Michael Douglas bodily change DiCaprio. Tapestry is a movie star yeah he's at he's great that he's a great -- to -- -- -- movie isn't getting credit -- all did it was a great movie. All right 61777979837. Headlines brought to you by eighteen I just -- -- -- we thank you for patients during headlines we will talk to you next as we are gonna. -- baseball. 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