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Buck helps us kick-off a Free Form Friday 8-22-14

Aug 22, 2014|

Dino, Kirk and Buck start with a variety of topics including The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

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So Jerry Kirk had a little. -- poll like that -- off let me make up words is not -- well -- British. Term. When you know who like its like -- federal -- would be -- for fox you know awards catalog I it would the windows uses that that's like. Your signature word -- general -- a standalone federal -- luckily. Soccer awful dust up little -- And -- Little 58. The company today these are big time and look what. I. Don't object Jeremy average aerial dates -- -- Dot. -- -- I've read on the locals and I was doing it yet the immediate Bachmann due to meet today keep all -- The wires down areas saw recently public and go to continuously. So it happened why are next to. Where box city now where you normally look under is connected to Jerry's mouse yes -- -- -- so the back at least that was true you pulled out as it was not done with. In Dallas. The questions aren't the ultimate -- he was correctly that you were pulling out of house and never denied the Akerson said state -- to -- active and articulate the rest of kind of what me and -- for -- the show -- segment the segment gifts and -- -- -- Happened because stops there was -- -- there was Jerry's did stop on my miles. You would have said I'm sorry I didn't mean to. Now and I'd like that that never crossed my ego now now now now spot and positively or at least. Don't surely too personal criticism -- you can -- Nazi 60 really I don't think it's it's on -- ballot I'm happy. About the -- -- to stop might come from personal criticism. It's different to such got stuff. Because he was doing which -- to -- deck you know. Some criticism I'll take a guy. I could. Could -- -- -- person. I've tried I perfection yet everyday items like -- Lorenz says to you. Kirk junior please pick up your running pulled off the floor I'm sick -- pick him up yours sweaty shirts socks that jock. You please do it. Would you say. -- would attack ads -- I've been restoring jock as well I would say on. The cal -- I would say out of price forestry and do not tell you it's -- I'll give you -- -- them and handle all like to pick up at a every night before I go to bed I laid up close from the where the next -- not obviously fashioned reasons but because -- you. Forty cent apps and trying to gain and maybe you a little precious -- when you -- it looks at your -- that might. It every day if you what you do every day you realize -- men and half yes is inept and sweet yes -- just doing some pretty organized Horry. So I did well boom it was wanna make decisions at 4 AM. Randolph did you know the blue shorts in the shirt in the shoes whatever sickness and you make with the shorts. Open to implement experiment in the assembly and that might be one in there coming up when one and its whole thing and are on the white shorts and a black shirt looks so well I don't act like this story is getting away from. Meet them initially about it stock to sell you if we can return the subjects that -- huge monkey correct. Quicker returned to that my wife doesn't like the fact that close that she wants things in the drawers the noise it's 9 o'clock at night go to bed. Her problem out of you progress that's a prop as a few everything so I really do feel like it's if you knew which she was getting into. -- -- The next I am out here next speaker indication yet but let's just pretend your company -- about this you up at your -- I've -- -- -- that's when you run when you don't via to run for twelve and when you do run. Oh now. After 45 minutes -- -- that's the meters again this is about you have. To focus gets. Turned off of -- yes it has to do the next time you're coming to work and whatever our story a while for 24. The night for. Close. And remind -- or at least point out to her. My clothes I'm -- -- -- -- yeah I love you don't want you to be happy it's all about you have nothing do with me. I'd if you noticed if you noticed my clothes are out right. 312 we get up you turn -- all the bedroom -- to start looking for your outfit that I got that that's the way to do to prevent. I immediately say you know what is not a clocks up close out their. OK so why I want my own bedroom. Truthfully this is one of the reasons why Robin Laura Petrie -- it -- -- yeah -- add that to bed at -- see Ricky. What you don't you like having your own bedroom. I'm -- now when you always kind of nice used in determining -- used to yeah yes that you could spend going -- second -- rejected the news or whatever word and put your clothes. I might -- top Dresser really yeah I even -- another bite taken out of the living. At the moment little the chair -- addition here's the weird you'll hear about it you know -- -- it done when you don't I don't wanna exhausts itself. -- -- common history in which the couple on the same. Was -- Not a trick question. Cool. In all I'm not like taking a -- in time it's -- it is this why bill the Lone Ranger until now and not adding that there's gonna be two guys. Now now trick question yeah question. Refers to -- were -- -- like. I'll give tax but the couple shared -- bed yes. Well we'll have to be after the defense like she'll certainly have to be after Lucy and Ricky and I Love Lucy. The next exit and saw Archie needed in this I did it as the days they did at Edison and for that right is before that. -- -- -- And after Dick Van -- And Laura -- And green. And always trying to think -- -- -- -- that I am I'm Michael. Are you. Hair yet yeah. I'll call straddling. A have for bosses boss. Yeah I was doesn't work you know Roberts with a -- yet. He got me I -- do -- give up with the -- Now tell -- Exactly what music -- and was alone. That's -- -- trick question when -- situation collier easy. Up. You can't I thought they were and disobey you can't acknowledge that it was that you know about it I don't I don't think I don't. I don't like it to the soaked -- it will open in bed together thus the invention of you have a debit duke directly -- piano practice thus the invention of pebbles at the invention -- like Egypt and MM. Immigrants in the -- -- -- at a party and -- a while Betty he was at the doorstep. He was or -- Really yeah and I'm not a party got his party's it was yeah but yeah it's yeah at -- party's Reagan Barney's. -- -- -- I mean you can take it there. That might have been like I don't say I are always seem confused stimulus sexuality you think yes I got that vibe that he never got pregnant some of them well -- it is good race and separate rocks right there. Are we forget -- I don't know what that next working day for all the lights on when you get. OK okay that's seems reasonable to everybody to go waited to have to move merry little -- we have -- Yet she understands. Understand why it should understand just asked -- -- listen -- this couple out of your system the problem is she's usually going to work shall drop the kids up at school were never solutions. Chosen to a little bit going to have actually want to -- -- -- -- because there's some stuff that you'd deliver that you bring to the table right that were right. In a relationship with you would we do wanna talk Cuba and I thought I thought well I guess from every relationship. Which had its tobacco. I don't want that if I learned early on and you have to. This sit down conversation like the one your dad had the birds the -- technically it's this is -- painful conversation where you have to in my case. My first -- many many years ago. It's radio on public money. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But you have to have this conversation right here I know about the essence that's sometimes it's sarcasm sometimes it's hyperbole -- sometimes it's just you know. You men and or Jerry Y and about eight correct it's funny we laugh at this tickets to understand your. Yes an apartment had a conversation with Kathy -- -- come around as well -- I like them. -- used to. Like. -- mile natural pace that it's not true golf course are it's so. Card cure of its tenets of years ago there was this guy called the big show once in -- in heated luckily that your name. That was a thing they start playing right after a government that and they played over and over and over so I'd be out in people would come up -- Barkley bet your name. So I take my eighty year old mother to Burlington mall didn't. This is is that -- a boy and walk into the -- guy walks by means goes Barkley that your name. -- publicist and he. One that Daniel you know nice and Alex is a joke. I don't think it was pretty -- was being serious go ask him why yelled your mom it's a joke if it's -- it -- -- yeah I mean -- and on the ride home she says I still think -- Your reasonable question I would get out of wide media forget about you -- to have a conversation -- and it was Fred. Glen in me yet he says hey Fred blob -- up like hey glad blah blah blah he -- blah blah blah hey Fred glad he Buckley. Science at that sort of just curious you're calling Glenwood lake land. Calling for its I was threatened why in my Buckley. And he says because that's your name Barkley and that's how it all -- it's my right to sister my wife has told the -- that -- but this summer. You know when things popped. People from the outside start weighing on the -- Yeah that's had a conversation is that the euphemism -- to head up to yeah I -- I music people from the outside you -- a personal friends relatives of family and -- didn't get on so yeah it should get on socially cabbage she understands that area but but yeah that was a little. Setting a hot again that's part of the job shortly but that's aside. How -- pay for itself on things popped. Now that the pop when pigs yeah so next week off is. She schedule as they say in England I believe observation actually get paid for this week I think's really yeah. -- Up to me for couple of the compound blocked. Flying out apparently yelled out Phil yeah -- compound yet now with a poker relief from the bush place we go by the seat plane. BM CI OC out Seattle's -- but school next week to sort the dramatic. In the middle kids start school before labor -- its ethnic box your your involvement when you grow and yet there's heavily involved in the lead with vision. And you know just in terms of all the part time job is within -- school's summer exactly exactly. -- never went to school before the day after labor I'm not only that that would include high school and call right. Right not call for me but I don't go back -- you masterfully. On September 3 fourth with a state school which makes sense that's a -- what that means let's but lest they can do the better escort right. But yet they they start now before it is we cannot function of snow days bill. And in all my life for I don't know highlighted area to this I know that. Not to make this a blog about our baseball game on Monday but a lot of the players -- school. And they have to -- late music kids skip landing him yet righteous -- -- technologies got to -- to righteous and come back to playing the game Monday back to Russia commitment. While. -- Monday Monday night and it's just the twentieth ready when he said we -- -- -- he has all the electromagnetic. On -- So that -- Augusta I guess is that the we had a -- since -- flying in from Moeller high school but that's not -- -- -- to blame this up but this is not good public relations for the Roman Catholic journalist to public relations for LS though for the reaches. People are gonna -- -- off about it when you said that outside I didn't buy that but it's religious edit. You know on excellence I agree about when I read that the because the the office called yesterday when ticket to the -- To get a comment the family you know like that's what I don't wanna hear of this I don't -- don't let Lori. Apparently the Cincinnati archdiocese. Does not want students who come to school next week to do the arts to do the ice bucket challenge. Or donate ought to donate. Because the money's in some cases is being news systems so it's right which just goes here's a -- straight to hell. Right hand involved that's straight to hell -- this is -- and yet what Aniston in the -- manly -- Catholic. The Indian people went to saint John's prep yes and two. Indian. Heat with the Boston College -- He's close with -- practicing Catholic -- you're saying yes. And I think John treaties -- data and I think -- uncle and grandfather by -- as a father served as an architect for the archdiocese -- talk with the trees right. Yeah and so obviously your cap that -- a bit inflicted. But -- And confidently say that they are going -- mainly it's endorsing stem cell research. If it would lead to cures for mail lists which in which we all Null. Is just about the most insidious disease -- not just that you know -- viewers -- it and and OK I was being I was -- you could say something worse would endorse their estimate and EU you see anyone you know and we are known to people wants companies to Kelly was the one time this idea PC. Who got to realize and now Pete treaties is battling it in has become as I like this Iraq's Army. Oh absolutely yeah. And it and then you get the tournament awake a couple weeks ago and the people and got behind me what's the stupidest market accounts it's a joke. Really -- I think 41 million is the number so was recently. Or one point eight in one month now do the math that's more than a millions a day. Yes yes yes it was -- reg guide told the Ohio school he's via the superintendent. Pulled Ohio school was to immediately cease and given that the medical research institute Iowa City, Iowa which conducts. Pro life -- pro life freezers. Tickets and that'll so mr. Riggs was easy to preach to what is he with the archdiocese since. He's got to tell a lot of schools are I don't I don't think is this is a bright spot. Getting. Getting a spot how I didn't read the generated at right top photo super tennis schools to exit league you've been did he did -- -- spot and and had second thoughts. And one what what what suddenly changes are just a phrase from minute hand. Exactly how this works -- this was not the arch diocese proclamation although we'd know where they stand right on these kinds of things this is just some superintendent of schools in Cincinnati is that about right -- yes are up for a cap -- so it is so if if cardinal O'Malley who by the -- declined comment on -- he says are just some -- show some guts yeah -- an LA -- -- -- -- Deployed in that it's -- Me -- let's just say -- well leader of the church gets pressured some time today to comment on this says no we do not believe in stem cell research. No we don't believe that you should be sending your money to ALS because they conduct. Stem cell research my question in my hand would go in the -- and say cardinal O'Malley question. If I sent a hundred bucks a 500 bucks to mail list and I know it's gonna stem -- Catholic which. Straight to hell ours are like not pass go collect 200 dollars or does how does this work is just a venal -- is just a cardinal sin is this a purgatory. I think like a bad I mean I know that's the case in the on -- ever held out looking pretty good right now it's a pretty cool people down columns that have -- I -- fortunately got it out well we're going -- -- the rest of the people you're right I and I. That we can get to this themselves and that's fine. I don't like win win win this guy -- schools to be -- give resurgence that. This kid who's trying to do the right except that this high school so I wanna do this may be raised 300 dollars and does. Well great he's saying don't do don't do it's it can suddenly assail you on a few calories might as a pro life research points and I was the guy that's. The effect is going to be. A lot to be apart of a church with this kind of narrow minded dogma -- that that that that when we are dealing with and and for the first time -- Hell -- and at this year point five years -- -- -- -- -- decades -- -- yes that there is some tension I mean real you know. National international tension and real salt that money toward research and this this this played. Are you can't. Market out there right now go to hell if you do it. It's why the Catholic Church is an easy comparison it's it's a bigger scale Major League Baseball like Bud Selig for measles like -- Who don't get -- it's okay big games for hours the Catholic Church. Doesn't get it they don't play along that's why like baseball they are dying with young people there are no young kids going to Catholic Church is -- people twenties. Basically it's fall off and stuff like this is the reason why and they seem so. Amazingly out of touch on it. I sort of god I thought the ball Francis who's going to do this really did that I spoke I really it. Well you'd think there was a chance in Beirut that the -- -- -- -- over over the might -- so you missed a technical guy -- might say it's -- is Midas -- a -- But. You deserve this you got the correct am calling on the Catholic here on -- hit the big Colin thank god -- -- it seemed that the scene. Amazingly out of date yes but there there are those -- avenue -- -- to count there and there are those who believe that it's just the opposite. That it was Vatican two that that. Loosened things up that led to people -- -- it that people wanted instructor in the disciplines -- And it made it easier it is. They await will ask jealousy but -- from the ration. If you -- -- who's going on the reason why I would never popular music but now but I always. I was raised Catholic and and I'm old enough to have been. Part of the all Latin mass with the -- officer would celebrate mass. With a lot out of it and you got a lot out of that and ominous sign the policy use it 789 years old. As the game month -- get out of here right now last time you've been Catholic Church -- mass. Other -- grieve for months ago OK when you look around. You saved the median age was it's an older crowd of the parishioners and on the call submitting ends baseball take is actually fairly good yes via. Thank you expect. On bush and British -- on -- some intermediate -- we have a much to my surprise -- I guess he got some sort of I started apps that you will let you -- you were saying it was like. I mean obviously and -- different worlds but yet. Pace of play what Iliescu in the last time you and Catholic Church in the answers the last comic now the church -- -- -- I was in a Catholic Church. -- -- -- I haven't for -- I don't know my wife. -- every Sunday Catholic user in ccb you know I don't try to meet absolutely crackers that they're doing it. But to -- is her family is extremely religious my family I was raised Catholic and sort of -- kind of -- lapsed Catholic dispersants last sort of we've gone is that Fabrice would put it apps -- We've gone down the river different ways the other night and I wish I religious and jealous of people who believe in god. But I see stuff like this and I really get so mad at the church because it is. The greatest thing I can't think of a better. Charity camping with a better effort -- this I've never seen social media respond to anything like this and not even close yes and their responses say act. -- screwed now now I'm not really in all this fraud is doing it in the picture and he's done. So what happened Tuesday woke up but said oh we try to so far yes -- you know the stem -- 6177797937. Captains already checked in from all piled up with her. A bunch of stuff I wanna get to today and FL flags I'm paying close attention to I'm gonna get a little com. Little quicker little Micah. Ball and strike counter -- flags thrown tonight at -- -- like that yet affordable. I think at some point today we're going to discuss the Red Sox DNA this has nothing to do with stem cell research we're talking about -- -- altogether -- the chorus master that rantmaster were trying to -- the Red Sox DNA being literal DNA I just mean how this team how this franchise. Over the years has been wired. And this comes on -- on this on the heels of -- column in the -- the in The Herald today it would try to tie that in as well. Now -- get to at some point this out to the bottom assistance. Yeah I swallow. Not mystery Gordon needs my god give it away democracy and no court -- looks like. An adult Jerry Mathers. Oh my goodness doesn't. Omega pretty good this you're having a day and -- is up and over again government and I wanna figure out is I -- Instantly iron at last year's vacation yes they -- technical effort that yeah I play 15% of what happened and -- -- basically it. And it's a wolf -- he's walking up heartbreak hill we got to get to that yes there is a mystery surrounding -- Davis and what Gordon needs ahead. Only add layer upon layer to the mystery and by the way -- -- -- -- match Shoemaker who pitched his ass off -- -- as. Well then that it really pitches that -- put the -- Fire baseballs that kid to kid the right. No matter how you rate his performance I rate his wife's performance last night. Even greater than his won -- and what's -- one final thing I saw a collision of madness yesterday. From the second for the parking -- I watch on them to walk out. In somebody's house outside to see you building out happened yet have to at some point we have to address that will be right back.

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