WEEI>On Demand>>Is predicting an 11-5 record for the New England Patriots being pessimistic?

Is predicting an 11-5 record for the New England Patriots being pessimistic?

Aug 21, 2014|

Greg Dickerson, Jerry Thornton and Rob Bradford fill for Dale and Holley, and the 2014 Patriots debate is in full swing.

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Let's give them five and one in the AFC east to be conservative and -- are very concerned I'd go all the guy right. Exactly you know they they often stub their toe -- one game war. You know -- the referees will commit some bag job like they did in the the field goal attempt against the jets this year the ball takes funny bounces five and one. So against the -- -- he's got them going six and four. This patriots team as currently constituted that went twelve and four last year. With so many injuries that by the end of the year they looked like the confederate since the end of the civil war like -- old men with uniforms hanging. Up scattered teenage boys -- the barely lift their right -- who was the guy in cold mountain. With Nicole Kidman. Okay yeah I I just remember where -- -- medical cold and cold cold about me that's the civil war epic out tonight. I know that you are just aren't under the war I because I'm -- public George casinos I wanted to be a civil war -- Not enough to actually become one -- and Renee Zellweger and ethnic and happy. That what's his name who's in who's the guy and what's got Zellweger so right on -- Jude -- why should law will shoot a lot property forget that love movies. Donald was out there -- Renee Zellweger played Robert. What was fiscal two. Well on fourteen get to the AFC championship game with the team that was devastated by injuries. Up and ice as -- said the bands like it's part of your prediction that they Brady gets abducted by aliens is like Darrelle Revis got to just hold out like how do you get. To eleven at five that was that they got with Matt Cassel. Okay all right we bring you down for secretary I'm not cut it out conservatively. Bureaucracy they're finished fourteen and right. Yes -- -- students sick sick that yes I -- if all else being equal meaning if they have the average amount of injuries that you can expect okay -- LT I think twelve and four at fourteen as well as perfectly I think I think we are totally fall into the trap for the patriots. Thinking this is. The the almost undefeated team of few years ago this is leaving clothes. Mean look at the offense -- all -- This yes you are no undefeated team of thousands are blessed but I completely but I could look at know of course that actually predicted this issue would be good -- through without my editorial called a -- you look at the offensive weapons or concerns me about this team and and I can hear you already saying don't worry about it. But the offensive weapons of this team. Rock okay he's rock but we don't know how how he's going to be. There's totally back up for wrong. They were tight and centric conference now other slot receiver centric conference correct and right. WR are absolutely yes so that'll men and am in Amendola we don't know what the other receivers are gonna do it can all -- we can't say if he's gonna be good or not -- we -- -- anything on the pre season. The running backs you don't notes the group is gonna keep fumbling there's so much uncertainty other than Tom Brady and I think they're going to be very good. But this is driving me nuts people are saying that this is a lock that the patriots are just gonna roll to the super. Mobile record just walked right into my rhetorical trap. Letter writer I just eye socket at me like you're kind of like now -- -- -- -- like what are those -- fraction after. They're happy to be this. And here I come get stranded while at the time and everything that you just described about the offense yeses is relevant and alternate. They they are at tight -- centric offense that. As it has today that to convert right. Which is what they were last year only the only high ground for seven of sixteen games seven of. Eighteen games excuse me. They finished third in the league in points rob -- and a hat and they had Dobson. And Tompkins drop in four balls left and right for the part I want percent in guys and none of the rookies. Three of them not one of them finished the season by midway through the year he was a -- was completing passes to Austin Collie. -- You know Yemen -- -- we we know he he played what fourteen games I believe -- actually 313 games. I'm at what point they both Ridley in -- both of them more out and still they were one point behind Chicago for the second most points in the top. -- -- I'm convinced based on the way. Offense is set up now in the National Football League -- how everything is geared toward the offense. I can be a quarterback. You could be a slot receiver Jerry to be mile wide out and would still scored 21 of the great -- -- back on but I also Davis okay. I never said they were going to be dead I never said they were going to be one of the better teams in the NFL on -- even gonna say they can't get to where they went last year. But my problem is number one you're right they are not tied in centric conference until shows that you be grunt or they became a slot receiver centric offense last year BP QB Julian settlement centric conference last year. And the perfect example that -- the Denver game. What I do is I come back to that Denver game. And I look at that and how you get past this team. NN well that he was going to one person. There wasn't a lot of options. I'm just saying it could end up like that. I just don't see a lot of improvement on the offense unless someone jumps up. And the -- thing works out and and I'm in someone that we see right now is it can be something we we can't predict. I just don't see. Is how they're gonna jump to the next level offense to -- -- not to be good not to score points but to beat that team that they have to be well here's the thing. I don't think you need to be great I don't think you need this. Gigantic jump on offense because they were good enough last year to me I look at my say they need is a big -- jump. In order to beat Denver last year they needed a better defense obviously didn't have a because of injuries and what they do in the off single day they got a healthy and they fix that okay. The -- fix part of now what was the biggest to me what was the biggest problem that Denver game. When you when it's due to leave went down run they had no don't -- okay well with the mayor is well that was part of it but there with absolutely. No pressure app. All -- that's not that's funny Chandler Jones with nowhere to be found whether it back or not. There was actually no pressure to be found so that they agree the offense will find a way to score points. I'm just looking at the entire picture the patriots one how can we be concerned what we should look at about. Eclipsing Denver. And that pass for just another thing but -- you had a great secondary US allies who cover. And all of a sudden that pressure gets with a quarterback like -- to a -- look at that Denver game though. Mean many recover those guys many many had it wasn't like the biggest drop back to second that threw the ball. It was near them. I. I it's a -- if the third preceding game this is like why we do things like this right right we can't we can't just go Tuesday 51. Left and I can't. I illegal I thought that's good. Fourteen until I feel like dumb like -- criticize them I feel like a -- Ron Borges cellular grip on the no way I -- about the about the defense -- -- is a 100%. Correct there was no pressure you'll also will look and at a defensive line with all due respect to these guys who were basically street Franklin had. You know Chris Jones and and I'm the Joseph blow on -- and silver Celine. You know. Jill decreased arms or -- Jones led the NFL in wraps by defensive -- when you don't was number two. Rob Ninkovich like depth at that position is is clearly an issue which is why you guys -- you know awful today Will Smith brought in it and easily. Rob is is gonna solve a lot of. Cause. You know what you thought you got -- -- draft him nobody in this town you said they'll manager I can't take your word on easily because you're gonna live with dot guide you with these next ten. Years of the guy who bailed him. Kudos TO but you -- get off that he's -- -- all the way up until he player for the arena football well. I'd pull erotic and trying to kill the bloodiest didn't know he'd be great for the other Detroit drive a. It's like you you meant to say when he's -- and -- this -- and he's already -- practice and he's been playing in the full eleven on elevens for the first time. And basically blown people's doors off like he's he's totally like defeated. Com. There was one with -- equals the -- people will buy him one on you know and not hot Sam -- all the -- offensive -- -- split these are the guys that I've just read the tweets and these are the guys that he's been defeat -- -- -- rushed and Connolly yeah -- you know a -- basket you know all of the week. The -- he creates pressure from the middle which grit that they did not get on Peyton Manning after a championship game I said. I'm not even sure Manning needs to throw his uniform and are now I think just sprayed some for -- on it just like hung it up and ward in the senate. If you have to ask me I think it's going to be the patriots Denver -- in the patriots are -- good team last year -- injury riddled team big gut better on paper. I understand that by. This is this conversation and -- you guys tell me from wrong but the conversation in the narrative with the patriots right now is like. It's the team that -- the almost undefeated team of a few years right. I think this team. Obviously a different I have got you got to have a lot in any -- that helped put. I see no reason why this team couldn't floor of fourteen to 151. Outs in the article 151 but they deplore what that shore Woolsey and in. A lot of this to rob I would I would argue that. The offense is better. Sitting here right now and August 21 it's just simply better than it was last year just by virtue of the fact that. The the guys are healthy and you know gronkowski is -- when we don't know Arnold about Gradkowski. -- we don't know anything all you assume based on what we've seen what we know he's gonna be ready for week one. Or beyond that we don't know that we don't know I mean this this guy passed to prove that he can get through in piracy I will give it up the one negative I will say. Right now about this patriots team is I can't sit here and say. Rob Gronkowski is gonna having phenomenal years he's going to be healthy for fourteen or fifteen games you can't say that until you see it. Based on past history. I don't believe he's going to be health deviant art you don't -- it bizarrely. I look at this team in oft stated again because people roll how cute use him impeached immediately begin going to be buried yet. But I look at a guy like. And Jarvis Credo if they BenJarvus -- doubt it at my new is that might seem. I feel whole lot more comfortable and it's seven middle level Albert go back but I -- here's the problem is that we're -- season and in you can watch practice we can say -- you know I don't worry about that if they got him and goals help the rocks coming back in these wide receivers the outside wide receiver it's going to be okay. And don't worry about running back well. We that was part of the narrative throughout last year almost every single game is the league and apple on the ball. As anything changed in that respect. Not really but I'll -- in terms of things that I am concerned about. What are your back is not on the lists simply because. Running back in the NFL on this page is is so it might be isn't that what we're supposed to do right now is that we're supposed to do we're supposed to look at the entire team. Wednesday -- what could go wrong and what how have they improved and what could go wrong and I don't think there's enough of these what could go wrong. Because I think this part of an up and I'll I'll I'll give -- gronkowski -- -- -- out skidded up the ball this offensive line for the first time a long time there there's another one. No I'm not saying this team news. Not without a -- a run at fifty why the court ever single -- whether it's or Denver -- -- the every team has its -- faults or flaws the war or concerns. But I don't have a concern for this team I have a few Obama. All I I still think their strengths outweigh the weakness at this time this Jerry -- at this time last year. Did you feel the same way about this patriot now I want to be honest because a lot of this is in a retrospective voted him in we can we can look at this of course it'd feel. It is aidid right now -- -- last year. But did you feel as -- added at this time last year. I know you're optimists right. No not nearly this good and for this reason I I there was reason to be hopeful but we will look at for a second year bounce out of a lot of guys on defense we're looking for -- Jones. -- Com. On Wilson -- some of these guys and most of them have worked out some of them haven't might -- Wilson. -- what I was not worried -- RE ND completely reboot it at the receiving corps that was a concern. And even build those guys by and large did work elk is they didn't stay healthy Iran offense was good enough to win them a suitable that problem was. Dave that's an -- if you're early in the year they weren't put up points and Brady wasn't looking sharp he wasn't on the same page -- his receivers. And that was still winning games because of the defense that the first month of the year that was. No pattern near the top of the league first five weeks of the season before I started going down like -- Their defense was terrific yes and that's what I'd been looking forward to I enjoyed watching them win games not on Brady's back but. With the other side of the ball winner which we really hadn't seen. Since I'd say the Matt Cassel yet it all week defense was pretty so I really -- all fourteen. But I will say this I do I do think that last year was maybe Belichick's best coaching jobs since 1980 replacement. The giants by it needs it it was -- you have that many people go down and that many people filling in humans on the defense of alignment. And yes they are going to be better because they're gonna have they had injuries but you got to expect there's going to be some key injuries this year to August. I just reel to reel it back I'm sorry I was brought about -- I did a real about Arnold why why. Because you think that patriot fans should be allowed to be a little excited about as football team going -- and I think -- should be allowed a -- up a red carpet. Welcome everybody. Out listen and Greg does anybody think that they're going to be on the lower Echelon of teams this year you do not like you. Durable equipment based on the -- you're talking Brett Bradford -- got into -- -- you know straightening out the top stories to -- rob Bradford Watsonville and to be happy like so stupid grin off your face and telling them go to WEEI dot com Bradford -- patriots -- -- they -- -- -- started -- back are at 617779. 79377937. You can text us at 37. 937. Jerry Horton rob Bradford Greg Dickerson we talk to guys we start off with patriots will get a little -- blood to other things you grew rob. Wouldn't wanna hit rock hard it was a bonds WEEI. Sports Radio WEEI -- Holley show Jerry Horton. Rob Bradford WEEI dot com the naysayers -- all naysayers and. And all that easy. But I I can I might be based Asia but I'm not at the top of the mountain days I have already thought -- even on on the base camp. -- don't -- rubs me in the unfamiliar position. All be in the pro patriots on as our general are like you can us. Normally -- very straight down the middle you're very -- cautious about that I am very balanced and objective that is it when I start this argument. Was you'll -- Rio jumping on the sixty you know patriot I expect the unit agreement be totally. I expected you say you're absolutely right. But I've been out of practice as pump the brakes a little concerned the seven on seven -- worked out quite like and hope they would yeah. I know -- but no I somehow you've managed to find. The dark cloud in what -- just looks like silverlight genius that is -- got a lot of things are now there are other gonna follow I don't let's -- -- Another team to root for don't fiscal apple picked and now again with your -- whatever you know up. I digress for a minute and trust me there is appointed as a couple years ago went to the -- -- embossed and on the fourth at on the roof of the am. The Museum of Science. It's cool event that they had a picture of this scene on one side -- me is the city. Behind us is physique and rage in this rainbow appeared IQ united which -- an overcast night of rainbow from the spire of. Does Jacob and parked across the city while looking at this a while this is unbelievable I heard this woman behind me complete stranger turn toward daughter. Which may be nine years old and said. I don't know what causes it honey it's probably the pollution that. That's rob Bradford yeah I I -- I don't know about this woman I can sum up in that sentence like she's the most our negative. She's finding the worst. And you know this comedian always has a line about Bostonians. A beautiful gators outside the early seventy and sunny. Now on I've got to add many more though I had a half I think that mean I I've heard that I progress -- minutes Bill Belichick sliding -- Africa -- -- well I think because they're like ET at the end of the movie. Well it. I have a little bit I might recycle -- well you guys are making my argument for me I can't believe we're the third pre season game. And -- knowing this team at 5160. You know yes there are good team. Are we supposed to look at what can go wrong because gets a lot. What has gone wrong when we haven't expected it has been the reason why they haven't been able to get you -- like Denver but rob based on no it's like what you're saying is. The patriots have all these issues and all these laws are -- August they have flaws issue -- every Jeep got its okay but that's that was going to be my point. You don't seem to be pointing out the flaws and issues. All of the other contending teams seem to be harping on the issues that the patriots -- law again I'll say this -- -- they're going to be right up there with the Denver's of the world. By I'll come back to that team. I think that's -- right we use that game last year is Denver ever get better -- right. Every weekend we can say -- -- -- epic -- that side of the patriots its that they got better. While his they had him like I would be saying -- -- has a history of getting her in all that video audio and pictures it's -- Com not. Yes but not if it with the world readers and they re I would I would take -- immediately into what went on when it went edwards' defense definitely improved -- -- -- of the markets where. The markets where right now -- -- -- their defense got -- so that's my point the patriots get -- Denver get better. I think the patriots -- going to be a good team I'll say it for the millionth time by. We it is also old should be our responsibilities. Today hey instead of this thing what a great team they are saying hey where did they get better. -- could things go wrong with that meet at the more interesting conversation and as they got there going to be rates. Hopkins has got to urge on the lock on on the on the outside. Ripley's -- a fumble it as much as -- -- To me it's more interesting to say hey you know why it. Where can things go wrong because we know where things go right -- certain number twelfth. -- Or with you know. Hillary arts aren't via Ottawa over Bill Belichick whatever -- Beat the number one -- -- -- -- I will say this about a key to leave yet he's really good when he's a 100%. Below we'd seen him at 90%. Or what every was when Josh Gordon. Basically broken down into its component molecules in destroyed him for an entire game. And we've seen him have a hard time staying healthy. -- -- -- all right -- -- this is what you patriot hunk is well I don't there's no way you would have said anything negative about Aqib Talib. If he had re sign with -- still would've been a concern going forward and we'd all be seen him in in including meat but Revis is this is a significant upgrade I am I I agree. -- I I will last US -- want the honest answer from all the when the lead conversation was going on when his contract issue was a topic of conversation which ones. Where you guys saying. They really should -- -- yes I've ones. I was thrilled with -- lab -- in the discussion I want him back absolutely positively yes so what end to re both sides of that being said. That player that you want and on the patriots is now on the team they're competing with so they got better. I'm not I'm not denying that they got better all I think Denver defensively got better. Now what -- the back to a point you made before where you'll want to us all sit here and just raise the patriots left and right was in a few pristine and wind and while -- have sunshine and cupcakes and be happy. I I think -- can do bull by I think I can do both -- here and it's I've got concerns about the offensive line I'm not sure about some of these young wide receivers. Hopkins and Dobson drop a ball last year I'm still concerned about them -- -- and I am not like what kind of wide receiver he's going to be. One at this time. I still think things are gonna work out pretty well listings gonna be a contender author I agree -- everything you say the problem is in between breaking down -- dollar rose the slider at the guidance that I've. Listen to people break on the patriots throughout the last three or four weeks. 95%. Of it has been exactly how we started off witches. -- 5160. You know patriots though. I'm saying instead of this. Doing that which should you it's good to have a good team and arrow. This -- As much better than heavy selling ten dollar seats up in a way it was it -- receivers Sullivan's state bar that I know that you'll remember -- right absolutely I mean probably the rot or last year they sold ten dollar seats. Opt in you but -- -- in the corners of Sullivan stadium and so beat Tiger Stadium was empty except for the quarter of at a. Pat pat pat back at. Those those aluminum benches that somehow. Sap the warmth out of your body at a quick -- -- if you like 110 degree temperature in use out on that thing only he would still get people that are or if you sat on the side with the sunset and you -- media. You remote you're not in the -- you're. He's ended up in the middle of people wonder why am a -- -- because. That was the team I loved growing up that's what -- wasn't a football game. It was. Escape from New York you know it was a breakdown of the societal order right I once I once watched a guy -- up a black sheep imported underneath his car. When he went to the game. Like the colts the colts were still on warm -- it was a true story and we came out -- the game as is the kid I was at my all the Brothers and but car which is the burned -- of a car -- two things occurred to last like not only that the guy put uncles and that he is gas tank. Nobody did anything about it it's a critical look at carper and like people go to games now and they actually have the -- to be offended by like behavior. But that's that's right love would Jerry talked about the pitches because that's. You talk about the voice the person who grew up went through all this stuff in in our right there with -- -- -- -- parking -- Mets stadium -- I don't know which is your favorite pages team but you are Mormon -- Holloway weeping coming back in the locker room after the Oakland Raiders win. And in the playoffs and -- like that but. And I think we have been spoiled. I think we've been spoiled and both ways number one I don't think there's excite the excitement there with a patriots like he used to be because they keep on winning and keep on winning. Well thought I think we've been spoiled because it's just -- up you know what they're gonna be good you know to don't worry about. You don't think excitement is there no no I think it's I think it's a different kind of excitement and I don't think in other words. I remember when that year they went to this they won the Super Bowl. Come back here. Yes yes that year on year lull without you don't the year it was it's should be the the to me that was the most exciting sports moment more than the Red Sox win the World Series in this area. Ever sure it's a because also it just the drought had been so long and it came so much so I don't know what it was the first one to right and so. That year you remember the last day of the season. They basically they got an arrogant and by some teams lost I can't remember who but they got a real big got a -- right yes it. It just worked out perfectly for them right. The I the jets I think went out in beat like the late. Oakland or some that late this season which forced them to come to Foxboro for the for the -- game otherwise. Who knows what he would probably not -- and -- of my point is the excitement of this that moment that's gone. That's gone. I couldn't disagree with you more I think people are. As hyped up for this team and is excited for this team is they were. Ten years ago or five years ago seven years ago. After they won their third soup -- think it is such a it's such showed opposite of what the Red Sox have gone through -- people have other one -- all four. Okay the 86 year drought is over autumn 2007 they -- 2013. Got that draw that that excitement that fueled the Red Sox is they are still. Think it's -- right -- I as much there are you more because I I look at when they go the AFC championship game now. There isn't like oh my goodness I can't believe the -- years ago in the AFC championship game is in this an awesome season the best about -- -- factor that's not the thought that -- -- but just oil but that maybe we're talking about two different things but that's what I'm talking about. That right that sort of excitement. I'm I'm I'm with you also above the 2001 be in the greatest moment has not only with that after forty years of just. Horrible futility with the patriots where they were they were synonymous with. Off the field guys who didn't get -- that all the time -- guys. All of their junk out in front of women reporters and -- that there was an embarrassment to be a -- of the team but it also ended a fifteen year drought in this town. Where every team was horrible and down this is when Gerry Callahan was -- loser -- and and guys like David Justice who put in in their contracts that they couldn't come to Boston. And that all ended. With you know the -- game and the Vinatieri. Pleasure that's as far as something file an MB to go back to it it you'll never have. Is this going to be hyperbole but a moment of innocence like that right where it is never gonna have that it's out of nowhere. And and you're not only had a great year out of nowhere had all the surprises. But you beat the best team and you won the ultimate goal which fewer points. Nobody had done since Scott what it was -- job. Right and you had -- You know 9/11 affected into the have a Cinderella team called the patriots and tie or all patriot and an -- in the world old beloved by America and I believe still our. Right at it and watch out a lot of countries so I can -- Most of America has forgiven Bill Belichick and the patriots for spy gate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- OK I got a benefit pedestal has anything that would give any thought that rob BC hard knocks you -- on. And brought the rub you talk them out of a well which you love. Brian Todd Brian Cox they'll light a dissident by the -- -- guys -- ion channel we have an outlook is at number 51 line back -- why -- so when Brian -- defense if you are not I have not seen. -- Greg him as he is the only watchable part of that you really like it better -- written him off into his own reality show I would watch it. He's just. He is a one ladies' -- go to defensive line for a very boring falcons -- would you agree -- glory. Eighties as explain alike -- -- while more -- coaches like L best coach Kevin that he's done it get up with a hand those announced on -- put him about where. We like. The nipple to be back out there etc. I kept out. And out a bit of believe last night he talked about it is whose daughter. -- Dallas. It was federal we have tried other players that are an earlier show but it was it was that I think -- -- Only -- as a political and. -- It's that he's 46 is daughter's thirty. Eighties that I told -- I was weeping -- -- I would active had to -- effects kick that -- And that's like about the third craziest thing he said in three -- And I think you have to be rabbit you go back that was part of that team that was another great part of that team that yes Brian Cox coming in in. Gas thought anyway I I've I've got -- went off the rails a little bit I understand but to come back to it I do not think that people are as excited in in the way that I'm talking about as they used to be I think they're every bit as excited. I just think they're spoiled and ethics -- Their expectations. Or at a certain level -- back in 2001. -- we get -- the playoffs. And win the game of the playoffs you don't agree with that before you'll bring you agree with that that that why is this the east signature boxed in sports moment now. You can exiting the World Series I think. Because it broke 86 years I mean -- I know what she's saying it was the end of loser bill with the start of all the winning streak that no city is really seen over the course of fifteen years but to meet. All four eagle four -- lost the little. With a sweep in the World Series -- no there was no excitement there was a game seven it was still that me after the break I'll tell you exactly like okay. Thank you 56177797937. Text machine at 37937. -- thought the patriots. As rob life rob wrong. You old worries and concerns. Me. About little England patriots all coming up -- -- here on WEEI WEEI dot com. Dale and -- on -- Thursday afternoon 617779. 79376177797937. The job. The very debatable patriots topic continuing off the year between myself and robbed in -- some. Fascinating points brought up by you to a low ball up a -- Ethnic -- believe they want all layups and be you know -- before breast reduction in the desert jurors. You while you're wrong. Oh yeah that's right the first thing I think I told you guys anyway is mating calls in the way and he says you know. Tracy Bingham was out front the big building and they do in the ice -- -- great well. I mean. -- this isn't like every other day every other day here at my notes that some people believe what you know it pretty much -- -- -- so we reduced we were just reflecting on Tracy Bingham and a former Baywatch coworkers because we are big fans of people saving lives of these certified in the the art of waters. Right that was it does show that really taught to lie and a lot of it taught me a lot it through puberty is as. I'm just devastated to learn the one in my personal. High school crushes nickel Edgar has. Let's say. Not exactly in Baywatch shape anymore I couldn't quite -- on Celebrity Fit Club -- -- -- -- a few -- up. As an already from Baywatch to I've been Italians are reported a lot of wrong so I don't remember what -- wrong. Are you at 2004 was the be all and it all goes. The pop moment. And I understand why you would say that but you said it yourself. You have four games leading into that one of the beauties and wonder what made you reaction. So pure or all of golf fans in New England like and will never see you again and I think. Was because it was the one game was it was the last moment it was the field goal it was the out of nowhere. Where the Red Sox he knew they were gonna win I mean it was if they didn't win game for the one game five. By it's still that that feeling I guess I go back I was at a -- on and I just been in just. The newspaper to be a miserable working environment the next morning the next morning. The people whom you never seem to smile before argued skipping down the hallways I've never seen a sports team only lets you reaction like that dealt. I was gonna say. On a similar thing -- -- four Red Sox. I don't remember I'm the adulation and the joy Emma. But drunkenness. -- Saint Louis got all -- no I'm talking about that the patriots on talk -- patriots tore the modulation afterwards and people getting drunk in the streets filling up. I remember all that. But in 2004. It was just the that the tears in the raw emotion of people on people remembering their their dads and their Brothers or their grandfather who never side. I just think go for. Help a much deeper meaning of feeling that'll one area. 04 was that one where people went to the cemetery with a red sock Sheridan stuff like that output. -- all 01 the patriots. Let's not forget too that. The the middle of the season. The 9/11 thing happened and it was just the the country's kind of devastated and sometimes you need that just sort of that distraction in the NFL -- gave it to everybody. That was the week that the patriots lost their franchise player so they were -- this kid that was fourth on the depth chart the year before behind Michael bishop. Comes in and and leads them to a Super Bowl and he's on the cover of People Magazine unit. And I I still remember the headline on that on the cover of People Magazine it was him they think you -- sure let's and that one not that I recall. And drop that you had bold man up to poster size and you can't I have it with me right now at a -- identity five to seven minutes at large bid Tuesday retiree. -- Are all. Thank god -- won that one. Pizza DNA Golan until one other piece of DNA and his late is substantially different Africa that he would've been checked -- to put up. It the headline -- ordeal was. Those lips that she and that's Super Bowl win and hopefully. The Boston celebrity who was gone and gotten out to the level of just America's darling and com yeah that was not anything like were ever see again. That was the Carlos Quintana. People Magazine cover I can remember -- that's the -- was that you'll ever on the I understand people are excited about this team they're excited about having a good team to root for. But there is in. To me there isn't that well you know what it's okay if you get to the EC championship game if you'll have a good C a probably the first one Italian. Com depending on injuries in and everything he might play help this season. If everything. Goes according to plan in there healthy and often want not. If they lose in the AFC championship game I consider the your failure on just what to meet this team has got to get to the super ball -- And that's that's a completely unfair standard and I would evident the other way not that's how your -- -- The jets who are you know I love them because -- of the before -- of of pro sports now and -- -- agreed to just kind of kick around. They're still bragging about the two years they made it to the championship game. I got blown out like that's that's the top of their resonated put out of business cards and for the patriots we did it last year. Yeah it was a disappointing year I would call that 10. They kinda get a pass I look at her last job stroke get the BA FC championship game and Apollo thirteen at the end where it would Tom Hanks says they called it the successful failure because we made it home safely that's that's what last year one. You have to make my argument because if you if that is the expectation. Then that's exactly what we should be doing which is when it's -- show it. We should be trying to find out the -- -- -- the real we should be that big got a great team and it's going to be great year because. Know how to get past Denver art let's focus on the negative coming up wild -- the patriots will suck in the 2014. Season. Rob Bradford Gerry Ford not Greg Dickerson 6177797937. -- note saying this I swear I Robbins. -- life. We will get a phone call out the nice way I will be dressed very well -- I went back. Thanks to -- the thing that's what starts all the markets as the government now there -- -- Barbara Lester Dennis and Dennis Allen -- alcoholic -- EI WEEI dot com -- -- on -- station. Our habits -- -- -- holly. Here on WEEI Jerry -- and rob Bradford from -- WEEI dot com Greg Dickerson. And for dale and Holley who they are off today they will be off tomorrow we have a cast of thousands coming in tomorrow I just don't know who those people are obvious. I you'll be here that's right you're here and not Steve lying that's right that's -- -- you'd get an excellent writing now a regular product but I praise coming from that I think he was bestowed upon as -- is -- -- everywhere and that the security guards that you think you can do it. Of people walking Tracy Bingham he said -- pictures -- Erica. But you did -- game and durable and one flawed -- one. Wear -- I can fix that well you dad don't repeat this in the next hour. Tom Brady saying -- these teams Devlin is the best fullback in the league he's the only fullback I. It's up it's like well let's it's like -- in the the Olympic gold medal in women's hockey get out there except a daily give notable that is -- -- there is no third a third team but. Not -- at -- I think we're like I couldn't do what you do when it would be like trying to flight attendant the land the plane you know they would have to walk me through every step of it -- -- crash and burn so you -- -- leaving to take temperature down progress I made this little. It's really 73 and now we're not supposed to tell people we don't really know what the temperature was not just a little inside radio that he can't see out the window that. Not only can we not feel the temperature out but we don't see anything -- this like. Blocks to my way. The only people in in the it and the sound of eliciting -- who can't see outside and I know this is gonna change because the dynamics the political dynamics Jews conceived in the morning show and it's slightly. Cutesy at the window to -- the backdrop. You know your TV you know this but if I have to keep looking Tom Foley's spot. The third base -- for Tampa Bay Laporte today instead of the beautiful weather. It's going to be the Bruins break actually the practice rate can be here if it was a Mass -- all they're tropical well we'll go on the right. Brighton on December more and the pages will be sixteen and now -- seeing out the window and everything will be yet. So privileges joining us they should know that rub his it's the death of wolves in here rob is tried to take all Julie out of the world -- There -- -- stand out ross' own ability to its August day if you missed during the 2 o'clock hour. Bob's exact quote right now I guess I'm paraphrasing year. -- -- -- If you think. This Red Sox season has been abysmal at that weight to the patriots season this year it'll be on the outside my paraphrasing macro and I ended all hope later. Well hold on let me do quick Google check on the art of paraphrasing him and I -- I I don't think that would be accurate tell us. Let's suburbs that summit substantively as well as the general -- irony. Through through -- the filter of the sixty you know crowd absolutely. Absolutely right on them let's run through your phone calls get on the line 617779. 7937. As we look ahead to -- -- pre season game number three tomorrow with the starters will play of the third quarter. More than likely bullet bill called out of half time come back out and simulate the regular season. In the third quarter what you look at tomorrow what you look at at the regular season. Should we be more cautiously. Optimistic about the patriots this coming season I appreciate you guys hang on. Michael -- first up bikes in the car Mike welcome to deal Ollie -- WEEI. Here. No no I'm not contractually obligated not to -- That could help optimize our -- Are this over anyways I did go to that but -- I will say this because this is going to be the theme I understand. Mike I said before the patriots are going to be an elite team in this league. We finally I mean when. Obviously it's a 34. Right that that's that -- -- -- -- well look at it I don't think more than like 5% of the crowds are legally or we're gonna go sixteen and OK this team has won athlete well being the last four years. It's been at all if he wondered if he bought for years and this year's team is better than those last four years we've gotten intimate look patriot. And gotten infinitely better on defense. You have Chandler -- entering its third year. And he's getting better and need to defend that and that routine that needed to get out -- you have Darrelle Revis to implement our three quarterback you have spoke to Patrick Peterson and Sherman. And in any other order you want a tournament this team has depth at linebacker -- Mayo who's probably one of the top five in that linebackers. Jamie competent second year learning. Yeah I don't understand this team is going to be a league dead -- schedule. -- significantly more typical than that -- the difference between the key being in Foxborough last year. And the game being Denver would gaming and -- any -- dropping a pat down in Miami and we are seeing. I'm not like -- do you really believe all the injuries the patriots had. Bet that would of made a difference in the AFC championship game I think it would not -- -- look like. The game it that AFC championship game. Played in Denver in one degree weather -- no -- Paying -- in 2030 degree weather in the week and what do you get when they weren't Foxboro. They couldn't -- all because you ain't got a good alarm. -- -- Mike you had me at Maine and Canada but thank you but no end in your point is is very valid I don't blame it -- I wouldn't play I unemployed are very adds I wouldn't blame it's so much on him until I would point to. That ridiculous call at the end of the jets game with the refs absolutely blew it and I would point to the other cult and that no one call. Boutique Lee was basically committing armed assault of a drunk in the end zone. In an illegal where they look for any excuse they can't -- as part of its flag they kept the flag and part of that -- they threw a flag and then picked it up with no explaining to -- those with a -- -- -- was gonna win that game if they played on the MO but I let -- participate in Denver wins I thought it was only a few weeks earlier that the patriots spotted them 24 points and. -- And -- candidate and I have no way approved happened that was complete aberration night game if you look at that game what we saw what suggest. Because a big part because the injuries big part because Tom Brady had basically one guided -- would you -- Matthew Slater. And who was tied in with what Matthew -- Matthew -- Roots Carol Hulk Hogan's allocate it -- -- and other and it just was not going to happen in this and that. But it to the callers point. All I'm saying is that he list all these things. Right down the list of what I've been hearing for three weeks I understand that. Can't we introduce a different kind of congress agent which is what might be of some concern -- this team. There are concerns is no question about it but their their concerns as Greg said earlier with with any team what you put. You put that same championship game and we meet Denver earned the -- field is. You know he can't cry about that. Put that in -- With lousy weather. In history proves that Peyton Manning can be had that's why these games are important -- had people suggest to me it just sit -- out until halfway through the season don't. You and home field advantage matters out so I shot the holiday and all that you. Manning -- that's the problem with that defense was that defense was. Broken up and -- beaten up no question what -- and I understand the whole theory of Peyton Manning soiling themselves. In outdoor weather and -- thirty degree windy weather and Peyton Manning has performed pretty well at times in bad weather. With a wave that often it's such a wagon what the Patriots defense that that was beaten up. A matter to me what what I take away from that game is there was absolutely no past -- there be any had all the live long today. And I would break out this on right here right well please don't -- don't of the world just didn't. Rob Bradford saying that at this picked up for 545. 1800 Rhonda but you know but it was just -- mean that was knocked -- change. I love the Harvard stadium and now I would love to see that game played our stadium. Four for no other reason I'd -- to -- on the -- when you are now just go to Vienna we would not -- -- we all know can't play in that that that type of condition. I would say this it they -- lost to me it was all on the defense there's no question. In fairness to them they they were banged up once but to a break -- -- a breakthrough product though too right he granted he did but. They the last seven times that about the ball they escort they had two drives -- -- seven and a half minutes that resulted in touchdowns the the merger ballgame up that's that's a quarter of the game on to drop Brady missed the big -- right -- right EDD he had settlement -- any -- miss the. It already missed the big room on the spoken. To the palace -- -- pretty good game it's at. The exit I'm going to have gotten ahead at the drop as it did buddy have -- -- Gerri I'm gonna defend Knoblauch and I'm not -- the federal and I got it right. Brady it was the analogy I made that I stick to it. Brady pitched yet a quality start yet. You know space yet -- sixth inning -- three runs but Manning pitched a one hit shadow you know I mean they they what basically helpless against him for 400 yards for kind of a lot. I I agree and I IE. I'll say it again for the last three weeks all I've heard was what we were starting to show was him that tries mean not right it is drives me nuts because I'm sitting here back. Back here and they -- about Ridley what about the receivers. What about what if this happens or what if that happens it's exciting that this team is perceived as one of the best in the NFL. But doesn't doesn't that everything's going to be great conversation get. Old after umbrella. To be honest with rob Bartlett can afford it depends. Oh were all -- I just it's life has largely. -- that you are out of there a part of a I don't put. It's like the worst fourteen -- three I hurt my eyes he's got a lot of fourteenth you're 5160. Wobbly. Here's the thing in in I I think it would be doing this in any other city. Like Denver like a Seattle San Francisco probably as well. Because there's so much height because there's so many. Things positively it'll look at with -- -- I think could be focusing on those things. As opposed to the negative as opposed to the consulting thing you talk and Pittsburg the giants. At Philadelphia. -- more concerns. Then there are all our brings that they're looking forward to. I ask you this after all this -- will set up in broad terms it all of the concerning things with this football team. What do you worry a ball the ball is -- the offensive line is at the health of gronkowski. Is that the help of Danny Amendola is at a wide receivers all its -- I haven't mentioned it yet something you didn't mention which is Tom Brady getting -- About -- But but the longer you go in to the the chronological. Portion of it light years. You have to worry about it more and more and more data side I think. This assume that he's going to be LT. I know Jerry wants to assume he's going to be. Now he is a defect that otherwise subject -- -- the deficit -- no actually focus they've -- Jimmy -- that that's all that's obviously what good are they did you buy that but gray market the big thing because we said this before this wasn't a tight in centric conference it was a slot receiver centric conference. And when you have -- -- and goal hurt and left a settlement I -- I think. Adelman has been under rated for a long long time. But we saw it go back that Denver game would you have that. If nothing else because as far as we know still. Know what these wide outs are going to be. We go right so right now at the slot receivers and it's wrong those other two top options correct yes all right and I go no problem saying. That those are concerning. But then I can look back to last year and I can say -- was barely there is a shell of himself. At times when he was there. The wide receivers were mostly rookies except for Danny Amendola who. At the hamstring all year long couldn't figure out the offense and yet they still averaged what 27 points. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There I said fourteen into the movement. You know it doesn't Aaron there's probably wanted to lose that was my only that I don't know last. Yet they you know they lost to Carolina who was that the that the bill are Google units and it was a close game the ball takes funny bounces. I'm not so in sixteen and so I I I didn't play. I have the T shirts made up yeah. Buddy you so so we so I talked about sitting back and and looking and listening to the patriots -- seen the last three weeks. And what does the other things besides the conversation of their going sixteen -- drive me nuts. I watch the pre season game I watch that means no game -- tonight. I watched -- drop blow -- -- want people. The experts the pundits talking about could GB grapple would be better than Johnny -- well. Do you want if you watched on two -- he's I don't I don't care and here's a thing. I don't know if they're reading defense of correctly I don't know all you know is that when I watch them at football players. I say you don't want. He seems as talented as this guide. Other than the running around. But he -- as talented and he also. Even those pre season game -- -- drop line no jitters and hate this but he or she looks like he's comfortable in the pocket he's reading through progression. In two pre season games. With some I'm in love with what uncle rob blows on the first couple games but. He's got up against guys who we're going to be future writers and bar stool and WEEI dot com. Exactly talking about -- future we are or aren't known for our producer -- well aren't gonna like the -- lot of strategy yes I know that you'll. And repeats them and I wrote on -- still the other day about this very topic like if if they his history it's taught me anything it's that it's you can't judge guys on what you see in pre season. However history has taught me nothing because I'm all and I -- or apple already I I am shocked I -- does -- Assad felt guy. I would I well I you're the scarlet and I've got a every year I picked that one guy that I just use the Alamo what he was my guy -- -- but Tony -- a lot of our. All I'm -- fill out a little note to him and thankfully someone actually might get it Steven hockey hockey and stockings. Obviously the hawking from from great training camp in -- that would have cut -- from central Michigan you know. I figure from that resides in the make the walls and a -- -- -- that -- that he was the smartest guy -- got up like that. But mighty back in early ninety three touchdown in Childress with another guy another priest he does know is that that the patriots and every other team is littered with guys but arsenal that's a good one by you by. What last year until our reality every single. Every single lot beat writer reporter and every fan that went down this -- it is. A lot of drug cute yeah. It is matter of fact I think I hurt people actually say that. That that if it gets removed a rumpled vs a man's jail. Is it's -- pre season games. There wasn't a lot of tight race for -- drop below. Before the game started during his time in camp matter of fact a lot of the same writers and London suit but facts are -- it was going to be the next big thing -- crap on grapple for his life. Including myself like by the two games then. And again that's all we really have to go on but that's it I'm I'm I'm predicted that he just clinched the 20/20 four AFC east. I get my point is is that it's not even based off the two pre season game yes I'm saying I'm watching these games and I'm looking at these quarterbacks and it looked. And that's part of the evaluation process but. Why do we have to accept that Johnny Maine cell was OK he was this player in college it's -- translate -- the pros. And Jimmy grapple with this player in the college and we can't think that because he went to a smaller college he yes he was drafted before rob polo but it was. -- -- -- And I don't know if you do this but Tom Brady was not also not draft in the first round he was now Chad Pennington one. OK he was the first trying to buy off the look at and I want to introduce our congress and Shia are we will -- we'll talk about drop below. Vs man -- vs -- -- there's some Red Sox stuff I wanna get into is well with Jerry. And raw and now lest we forget about Monique Davis who everybody was interest in. It seems like. Based on the ratings and ESPN last night we'll do -- Little League World Series stopping your phone calls he's well. 61777979376177797. ID 37 Gerry Fortin rob Bradford. Greg Dickerson it's dale and Holley -- WEEI WEEI dot com. I'm -- get to this on trending now -- -- but just in case you're wondering. Little League World Series Japan. With a 21 lead over Mexico. One out in the bottom of the first inning -- Monique Davis their bullet. Japan and Mexico battling it out and some sort Ronald Little League World Series with these sorts of my. Only interesting quote I've ever gone from the pitch -- Yeah Matt Cassel played Little League World Series. I mean those guys if you wanna go talk to home a -- anything. By football the patriots. Other blow it I'm becoming human being for oh yeah absolutely. Great it was great like the clouds are -- the ethics. If you guys and these guys get infatuated with the money Davis stuff. Last night because are of interest in the ratings so rating numbers all dislike. I wish I had them exactly. It's like three point eight. Where's the Red Sox did. Zero something on ESPN TO. So Monique Davis. And Vegas vs Philly but almost a war on ESPN -- a bunch of twelve and thirteen Urals play. Vs Red Sox -- angels Mike Trout. Garrett Richards. David Ortiz big trouble one you don't -- Because they are winning. Right demands something the other red thoughts David immediately and the other thing about I don't know if you guys agree. The with a Little League World Series it's everything how we you want it to be including how it's covered. The need to -- people being might stop the enthusiasm that's how we want to be every single day. I think yeah I think you hit the nail on the head where it meant something whereas the Red Sox is just another game 162 of one of the teams. -- -- didn't even need to be out there. And I'm I'm happy for Monique Davis as as long as. ESPN doesn't start turning this into a thing and we they -- fifteen minutes about her on -- our -- ethically takes a couple of broad audience and. And tiger wood -- whenever I hope she just doesn't become a thing if. At eighteen -- -- will become the living for the next lotteries two weeks -- or three weeks and I say this to somebody last night and I said. Tell you who the story was or who would be. MVP of the Little League World Series was a year. I don't know public to -- about five years ago remembers this too shall pass a year from now. If I bring up the name Monique Davis you might say yes she was the girl who pitched last year and -- can remember it's. You're not saying that she's given up like some child star later so the -- I don't like I hope Wallach Macaulay Culkin you know just the shell of that my life Pete I -- twelve years old let me tell you about what I did in the literally world's. It's in rural and how does the view as a thirty for thirty guys salute our rights and you see the one on the Little League World Series back in the early eighties -- it was my wheel house is -- it was like I was playing Little League. Cody -- Cody Webster and now Washington State Washington. And this gigantic long haired big -- is much bigger than everybody else this snap the Taiwanese. Winning streak it was. It was app that I remembered that department it was so -- what they did at thirty for thirty. Because not only did they go back and have great footage and tell that story but that they have Cody Webster driving a truck somewhere of doing that exactly what -- -- the buyout. You'll I happen to these guys that was a costly -- but your -- you're aptly write with ESPN thing. -- it is unbelievable in case people haven't figured out right now how they latch on to something. And it is yes there's a football season going on. But it secondary journeyman aliases to football season on it but a secretary Tim Tebow. But it's right but it but it's it's brilliant it may frustrate the hell out of us and maybe the three of us -- -- on the channel reason why -- -- -- -- reason why they do it because it's cells and because it gets ratings and what they do is. Very vague law -- or latch onto this big thing. It's all okay rob -- done well while we're done with you or not a Jerry Jerry's not a big store Geraldine bought from Gerri at some point right kind of. That person becomes a sacred cow and this is this is what chaps me that. Whoever they've decided to just you know BP. It's it's a positive you know Peyton Manning is in that new -- that that rarefied -- he throws bad picks in crucial games and idle while Susan got a damages legacy any. -- it will if you just don't thrown five touchdowns and one that you'd be saying this helps his legacy but it can't be damaged you know I. This is a network I once watched celebrate Tim Tebow as birthday. I kid you not their -- where where a paper hat and blow -- -- noise maker and they -- what they would give Tim Tebow. For his -- and like that was when they just lost. All -- -- -- a -- the weird thing is I thought Michael Sam was going to be that guy for them. Oh yeah and and what he's been -- really mention a bit Zell has been their guy -- -- Zell has been their guy but Michael -- If you get the scroll you know after rams game. He would hit sack and two tackles or whatever it is but not like I thought. That guy I point but the exact same thing I haven't heard his name mentioned in weeks I kind of thought. Don't Sal pal with gonna be hunkered down. In Saint Louis with every move and every mention of -- Michael samba band on the -- as the clown that they -- the park outside of Brett favre's house. The other anymore so yeah I -- they just. It was every year when Brett Favre was doing his whole like Hamlet thing you know trying to decide whether he was gonna hunt retiree nodded. And they which is -- twenty for our -- coverage from outside of his house -- Hattiesburg Mississippi yet that'll gunslinger yes it was a -- and those sacred cows are all this being said. ESPN does a great job that they they know which side their bread is buttered on and ought to make money that ought to. Create ratings and yeah I'll probably a little gels on talk radio I wanna be clear -- that if they come along with the job offer and it just about everybody has said I'm gonna shake the -- this -- -- power off my -- it's. Finally -- gone from -- -- -- and -- everything I'm gonna. And I love it here right I would have him is that this is right playbook you angered mr. Ricky Davis you. Oh that's right -- trade on Saturday. Let's ride the Ricky. -- the massive ratings but you don't have a problem with two why don't we had on on Comcast lessons -- that we had done. Kim Paul DuPont on from the -- would happen. I have to happen but rip them like I like him personally but why don't massive battle -- and with just order what knots about comparing. I'm talking -- off the robot not toddlers in the tolerance and comparing it. The six year old would do when these pageants the the twelve and thirteen girls were playing baseball. Well. -- -- -- -- -- Clear of the I was saying they are not similar I think Kevin pulled the ball was making -- garrison you watched -- those anti virus ever rob. My. I don't know what you're talking about this is that it has always had a loan. It is -- it is the -- the healthiest of guilty pleasures because it's just such a train wreck television to see these. These people at these pathetic lives that -- at eleven. Prove they're like children and put it like big hair and big teeth armament. And whatever it and I'm sure it's really bigot like that. You know Hattiesburg Mississippi Daubach and so a lot of the guys on the sex of veteran guys I'm there it's really big but it's just. Awful it -- like the reality TV futures league like you're gonna see all these kids some -- be on sixteen and pregnant or whatever because their parents so. Disastrous but that's just teaching your kids on how you dress them up that's not an actual competition. Which so little series. There was comparing that if something like the problems in the Harris yes that -- out -- stupid I tell you that has reduced because. First volume or how many people. Have to compete to get the level where these guys are playing on TV right now. Every town has competition. Doesn't guarantee go to. North Dakota at a VFW law it it'll it'll feel exactly the same way with that elite of the U lead when it comes to. Young beauty catcher's right after flooding the most entertaining one that's not the case I to fight it hard it will -- mom and just exploiting her yeah April cheap laugh I think part of it was. He was alluding to the fact that these kids are being exploited by ESPN and being on the being on the network -- -- -- point 47 loan passed up oh I'm sorry but I -- can be exploited like sure I don't get hot hot. But away and and I should ask them this question last night but I I think I asked -- rhetorically to myself after the show. Kids in the history of the Little League World Series -- last. What years -- really blown up -- national TV coverage. How many kids that we found out about late wrong which is. Ruined because of their tears on the Little League World Series or because they were shown all the Little League World Series. Again I want dynamics of the cute Cody Webster been that way that way it's supposed to be example where he once the be all and all on it he. There didn't get nearly as much. Publish -- publication or anything like that. It's death all these kids -- in the same boat can get you -- a huge tournaments. Kids are being -- that way this has nothing to do with it this is a couple weeks in this summer ESPN puts him on television they interviewed it's entertaining they get a lot of media coverage that's great. -- a month from now are we gonna remember this -- and I certainly. Argue I couldn't tell you the star was last year with a big name ones are always fought over for help. Only one last year -- mobile market. We get to that next right and maybe some of these kids don't know that maybe they think that we famous forever but they'll learn and that not all gonna alternate -- fox look at the world can end up with. With needles and or arms you know what we've always say like Hollywood stars always do it on it that this -- be economic cast a different strokes this is for a couple weeks when your twelve year old kid and I think we also all understand that. The kids if it ever coached if you ever played you know the kids that are good when they're twelve aren't necessarily ensue. Progress when -- fifteen maybe don't make their high school team that. This is no harm NS if there was we could have a conversation about that the irreparable damage would do went to these delicate little snowflake but. It's not that well and then once you want to worry about on the one -- the ones who were singled out OK I can understand. The once they're singled oh are getting more attention and have to deal -- more. But even those people I don't I don't think they're gonna be ruined. But that's one look at all these kids -- it's a fraudulent argument I don't I can you believe retired -- it was a lot of people feel that -- is a lot of -- who'll look and they say that. ESPN is sensationalizing. This and rewarding the kids and well -- your -- why did you you be on ABC sports where they don't passports -- -- sports -- I I do understand I I think that -- ESP and the NASA and taken a little. A little too far showing the eastern regionals and showing every single game with a little life into it that's life we live in -- and I understand that and and I also understand it's part ratings. They wouldn't show what if people are watching. Yeah and I don't really watch I hate to wooden bikes and plus I'm sorry I have vastly with a morning Davis I got into the. -- she's -- one that's sort of -- You know kind of cracked the ceiling into that that world of you don't Internet you don't means and she's interest -- she makes likes sports group are still whatever split. You know not necessarily come sit there and watch in. Can we riveted I pitch. -- I ask you yen two weeks from now. Are we going to be cocky about this girl law now now will be talking about how the patriots all in three. I'm such a disappointment I and rightfully so -- front and I if I compare and a lot of waste of the marathon have been big at this point my whole life of the marathon is a cultural event. It's it's a parade where they go fast it's not a sport in that some people go fast. It has yet you do yourself we need aren't Taco Bell my point yet -- -- -- it's just that. Five minutes after the marathon is over I'll turn to the person next to me and say who won. And they don't remember five minutes later you don't. He's from central effort percent the -- you're an American like you -- and there was something about continue wager on it do you know so it it's just. It's it's -- thing that's fun for that day and then it goes idea Capitol Hill and that's sort of how this is it's a -- spectacle. It'll it'll be good for the -- -- Again I came believe that argument it is seems so bizarre this -- you -- surprised like you haven't heard. Maybe I -- I mean I guess I've heard it but I don't really pay attention I think it's a fourth conversation be perfectly honest I did I'd just do. I think that he comes a Little League World Series what can we talk about it's gotten good ratings how can we take a little bit different angle on this how can we look at this little bit differently. While air days. It's no here does it. Well I I think there are some people really truly believe that the or. ES TN and national television and shows like this are exploiting these kids and twelve and thirteen years which I think -- -- I think part of the reason some people like clutched their pearls and gas been in a horrible this. Is because there there are people just don't like competition among kids. In anything you don't -- with C and the participation trophy world William -- generation of that and end. It's okay that that coach and Cumberland Rhode Island who gave the kids a speech about OK you lost but this was great this was special I thought he hits struck just the right. I think I expect it to that point I watched the Little League World Series and I see more good icu more examples up this is examples of good. Coaching do this is what we wanted get across to these kids if I go down to a field today huge permanent sub out -- a lot worse there -- a lot. Hours five I've coached. With an against the guys in different sports. That where the the best these kids can get and also some of the worst and and -- is it's not that that we can agree. Borders on child abuse. But a decent coach with competitive kids on television is is literally right exactly it's clearly they swear I'm. Except if the coach of -- -- 617779. Seven body 37 Scott Nvidia -- below. We see guys were getting in next Elena holly and WEEI WEEI dot com.

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