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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Gruesome Injury Edition - 8-21-14

Aug 21, 2014|

We tackle four topics inspired by the injury to Angels pitcher Garrett Richards in last night's sox game.

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And -- I heard myself. She didn't. This these births. Do. -- -- And only name. The only. The -- Johnny Cash. Final. His final work right. -- that a mandate. The last thing -- again. It was a cubs. Nine inch you know I was I was -- memories of Johnny Cash cover it and -- where Adam was the name Johnny cash's cover and it could affect. Did you do this on there's a little ditty -- -- -- you're still wall -- four brought you by AT&T AT&T covers. More than 99% of all the Americans building you a better network. This typical right for television if we're doing the show on TV if you get the show all this stuff. That would probably make people gruesome and turn away and -- applaud their televisions but in radio which is gonna described. Some of the worst injuries that we've ever seen in the sporting event. Based on last night's Garrett Richards -- Where his stick to baseball to starts. August 8 tools that are September 8 2000 Fenway Park. Bryce Florie hook up and hit it right off the high. It's. Right there. Throw one pitch in the you know change change everything you know going hospital and -- dire you know these quite frankly -- And just so long long long night that turn in the -- field a couple of long years really. I had to be reminded just how. Awful. That particular injury was because we sit in since then since the Bryce -- injury we've seen a number of guys get hit in the head get hit in the face. And I watched it again today before we went on the air it is the worst of them all I I don't know why this one is worse than any the other but it was just. Particularly on another level guys he he exploded. Like a balloon full of meat you know but I mean it was just. Why couldn't you -- on that call. It that that's what I would wanna hear birth -- with the big you gave them hammering the Obama that I. Well was 2000. What -- found -- -- engineers. And got. It was a -- YouTube's. People don't play BU it don't get the breadth. Right I understand it it is after. After adding that that sound was with a good pass by. I don't know how you just put it -- -- a loophole in my bubble exploded -- -- -- -- of media had me -- followed up that valuable with. It reminded me of the time. Randy Moss any muscles of Randy Johnson threw the pitch it exploded a bird at all only and only that was Bryce -- face at -- -- -- what what are you Roberta. But the bird died. Right or -- it. Like you're going for the Brent died it was a live there was a pigeon he was still the world if they probably felt the respect rob we get three more to go you never know might -- in the -- -- Yes we are phantom Michael just a couple of weeks ago -- USA basketball scrimmage all George. Went up. And didn't come down so well. Thought to be. Potential starter for the -- there's no question the -- -- numbers a little bit -- no doubt about it you see the player right now what's taking place. It's the same like. When it goes without a scratch through this twisted ankle -- his. No -- it when -- go from shake it up the prayers and I don't know that coveted fifty some claw back and I look at first reaction is what this is gonna do it it team US. As -- this ship with -- that equation should not be pointed and I. Had the fortune of knowing about this before I saw the video -- so that I was saying okay I'm going to have a make it Michael. To go to migrate diet old man of my bed without ever seen in this and then I was in error and a number that gay people card. That actually have the audio of it. Surely he could -- That was may and that I sucked might some at a corner of the fetal position but like -- Hours and I thought you gonna say I knew about this before it happened because if you remember what a Bobby got I had a lot of great why. But what if -- classic that was there that spring training the shortstop Japanese shortstop for the Minnesota Twins broke his leg turning a double play. Bobby Valentine next day when asked about it because he knew guys said you know I had dinner with them last year and I told him you could break his leg if he kept. Executed double play like that. It's he really was a genius you really aren't well for a guy led them to 69 wins in events of the rap he was a gene when you look at them play when -- get what about you so we'll play basketball oh -- that I have no fear of doing it my way. I have fear of doing everything you know -- -- got -- -- -- that is the so don't -- -- -- actually has always despite -- -- your right on the money this. Way if you are more worried about injuries now when you play basketball because because my game with so economical. I'm like Rasheed Wallace at the end of this. It's your payments of two dimensional forward that backward not that there is your third dimension and back and people found you don't have much left -- -- -- -- -- -- like -- prove your bat you little brother bear fruit for you to. Do we -- but -- and -- and and -- like Rasheed you're not necessarily running up and down the floor aren't comfortable and Wallace never. Entered into the three point circle back tires -- would you say your game's more Dino Rasho or Rasheed Wallace -- My game is accommodations. You know Roger constantly smoking cigarettes at halftime and then. They have audio you back in some -- the down in the -- -- it. You do not want to -- and rob little circle in -- there like. It before before we get -- -- -- -- -- AB David -- thing that's sort of my favorites. -- is maybe the only reason India asked me a month and it's because I'm a load arsenal of rob Bradford sound effects. -- not -- David thanks. All the players -- -- there was -- there's an unspoken communication between us I don't exactly what it. -- -- you guys like DTS -- it is effective and really jealous feelings and it is hard -- do you feel it like. I haven't left my feet since that that injury since they've -- the ball Georgian during yes exactly I just said I want this'll put the fear of of jumping. -- let me -- my -- on the left Mike meets with I was like eighteen years and -- -- -- -- equipment -- the building today -- watching him and Tracy -- was doing -- ice -- challenge which she was in front of the building. Former Baywatch star if it carried -- I will do with ice -- challenge. That's you know if if I -- health bars if my job you would not well I would if if she finished the words -- with my -- so that's probably not likely to happen. -- -- Week eleven of the 1985. NFL season it was a Monday night game between the Redskins and the giants. One of the most gruesome injuries you'll ever see happen a joke size. This is the great golden age of television. As much as we are just. It is much as we see everything now ordered at a bombarded with highlights and Monique Davis in and Johnny that's not everything. Back in the -- it is 1985. They would show. And it would show again -- are short a third time. Now if a guy gets a gruesome injury like that they -- made -- want to put the Kevin. The kids think of Louisville. -- Brooke is like day fatal dog and CBS -- very careful about showing that showing it to many time in 85 everywhere everywhere thank you. Back in 85 pictures. How special this nine different angles nine of what a great call by Frank Gifford. Great call one of the greatest goals is government is the only greatness don't -- the -- -- it was it wasn't it was understated. Right -- is if that injury. Because I know for ever since that happened since 85 -- you go forward. 20/20 five years that was the gold standard. Of gruesome I -- bill isn't likely I think it's still. This -- it's still the one you always become reverend Jerry to you know I never ever. Jim Crum ride from the from the finish I met this guy gets to vote for -- set -- -- in the Super Bowl against San -- his leg it just it. Bit like a little whip. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And stayed in the game he had at least -- in the -- in the entire game because he wanted to be there with -- celebrate with his teammates. They Joseph Montana like just crush them in the final minute. That was less gruesome than the -- thighs and that was when you compared it to even back then and it still is here right. He showed it more but there are less camera angles and if in order for they tried they tried their best of it everything they possibly could get right up there on the eighteen cameras they have now but. I got the forty niners last year. It was the NFC championship game. You'll definitely remember but I don't remember it was just as gruesome which -- remembers name linebacker whose chest it's gruesome awful. With that as early as Christmas buys them. Well without the -- taken out -- myself quiet it. It to meet today and made maybe because it's so fresh in my mind because it happened a year and a half ago the Kevin -- one to me. That's the most gruesome -- I think that surpasses the Heisman. Because it's all the bones sticking out and I'm -- high definition video. -- you -- -- the -- -- -- -- taught me to turn away. Is there are some things you cannot unseen. You know and I and it I'd like it -- watch the ball George want to visit someday that's gonna cause me. And at erection you know -- that I. It's gonna have got to think of it it's exactly the wrong time -- -- -- -- -- how I got again now it I just what it's gonna cause you -- cost me caught on I'm sure it's gonna. No I don't gonna be better off -- I think Taylor have my -- -- yeah. And Adam what's guys have been doing today. Medicine commercials that promised to east yes when it straight. -- Time -- the AT&T gruesome injury of that today is the 1989. NHL season. Well you guys -- the -- wanna back minority vs saint Louis blues and Steve total skate. Slashed to quit -- large trucks carotid artery and. I did at the clock goes -- about. Okay. While the director of what I know what. I'm not you have a close like Ted production -- right -- with gamers I thought I would be today I got. To me that's worse than in the bone sticking out Campbell just because he almost died almost almost. -- is harder right it was -- Right here -- writes it it looked like some some garlic Monty Python and the holy Grail you know she made public you know. Did actually doing Julia Child like that cut -- -- had just. And that was a spot on the ice that was. You know Hewitt is as big around as a -- who was -- this -- product but -- and he gets funny we had this discussion if we're going through all these. -- for the show him some people ought to be reminded of at large check in the entry just how bad ones today if so that's really think about those with with. -- leave all the cards on the table went to be reminded. I've -- -- -- there like I rolled right up there with my of people that back room. All right it was a me that it was just I just think that it's because it was about it but me I block felt the need to me he's still the goalie who got his throat cut grade on anybody you talk about I mean being kind of like the one that we always refer to. Well the Monty Python reference stuff but what could afford the sort of cut it off any facet of -- Positively advisement we that we. The team. A sympathetic figure. This is currently an -- game honk like the sort of felt that from what. He lost that goodwill I I remember correctly he could give an interview afterwards without dropping his girlfriend's -- well -- We don't my girlfriend Kathy Lee Gifford has helped me get through but a lot of it deadly Crosby on her hair -- cap on different -- -- forget -- Crosby has helped me. They nursed me throughout the other night in front of all it's -- -- Crosby and you have to heal well you last week at NASA's that's incredible. -- the Osgood incredible brand target average is targeting him and John Davidson. So right bizarre -- of all time Jack -- the entire Internet is based on that shelf. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And we'll -- if it's only up finish moved. Our guys for four for a Thursday. Here on the dale and Holley show.

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