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Little League World Series Podcast 8-21-14

Aug 21, 2014|

Sam Packard and Zach Geld provide a thrilling and dynamic recap of the LLWS so far and prepare you for this weekend's games.

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We'll -- -- -- triple and a with -- I'm Tucker. If you look at Scottsdale Arizona here tonight you know Agassi for his next -- yet now. -- who who footprint. -- -- Behind yeah. International and US side of the apparently did well. Who are you. You had to do with those. I think. Diary. But actually like the let's get into -- serious talk Mexico and play it right now. Jackie Robinson west plain -- tonight. Huge match of that year US finals preview matchup prediction about this terribly Hughes goes broke -- acted regrets engine that. Are the guys snag. But Davis last night took to the hill against. It's hard swinging about a team -- -- that's -- let me tell you think of the Nevada team. And I think of like the people who really decide to build their -- and in Las Vegas tranche people. Absolutely zeroes would say this though -- baby they're like magicians. That casino maybe there keep. -- -- runners as the high end that's the reached loses the good ones yeah they're the ones are like street performers street performers street walkers. It's. A wide variety of things so you gotta hand it to these nobody they can break all I know in review I'm pretty sure on our first Little League. Three -- episode. When we are breaking and the team's all we have for Las Vegas was that they didn't have any sponsors. Yeah and so clearly our scouts redo the screw the pooch on this -- -- modest -- and I -- Nevada rakes. That cost increased unit can't -- crutch yet you don't exactly -- he was he's well like eight for eleven mobile -- browsers are unbelievable. Teams that about 800 we met David Price out of the bar last night when we went on a field trip to watch it and he said they were. 800 as a team yet Dave price brought a lot of facts a lot of good stories it was fantastic and have gotten any minute. You know you -- -- yesterday there we were also related -- color pizzeria uno. And who walks into the bar but another big Dave Bryce. And another white man with a real sold pavlik -- he remind me of like. Fuzzy Fuzzy Zeller sealed -- for your -- like yeah that mustache and a big. That to the guy with the prediction right smack in the race still as a great story about how one's idea of flight we love you little -- -- we. The moon. In a big -- -- -- -- Evansville Indiana. Air air power on his way to a family reunion apparently we saw. Oh was how cool it was kind of a Dick so Avery I got up his face and weasel that we've been good too hard. But that's that's aggression either here at Miller -- anyone knows brought it to brought us together us and David Price is watching Monique Davis and does so much hyped going in. -- think barrels the highest rated Little League World Series game on ESPN. Ever. She was ever cover of sports Sonoma is a lemonade so the third black female to be on the cover. After Serena Williams and Tyra Banks you'd you'd he just went with that I was in the -- -- the third. Those tough one. I would go to that picture was on my walls -- yeah you couldn't figure out though well I didn't know who you are saying who's the first -- -- Oh float joke Loge area about a bad gas to be Jackie Joyner -- maybe I don't know whether it's what you could -- happened it didn't. Of the details Tyra Banks and and pink polka dot bikini. We'll see -- It's and then Serena after she wants on them I would guess a Monet Davis coming off SI cover girl. It's shelved. Or he or she is goes too -- -- get singled and give them a double triple triple. Triple scores. In the -- is a two run home run later right. And then she is she six she gave up 3806. Total three know is that match -- amount of strikeouts and remember thinking man. Who have hits six hits -- six hits eruption era into the thirty's you still struck at 66 or seven outs -- strikeouts yeah I mean she can throw gas and they aren't aren't errors anywhere effort. If so what did you buy this happened -- that Japan and South Korea game as well also a shocker -- -- remove their retirement it's listing page -- and then move into that game because. Both of those teams had their aces on the hill and they both took an early. 12 career together pitcher. Act 55. So he could pitch potentially in the international final on Saturday. Which after they won they'll be there. Japan took out Takahashi at sixty from a man my main man so he can't it's still the final on Sunday. It's but this is like -- it's ruled these kids there children. You can just go out there and throw for days and I want -- that Tommy John surgery. Yeah one out of how we can split the apple like 65000. Meters depending of the ratio of -- -- -- minister's wife died he's the only one now you think uses I think uses that much or not. -- just play for hours and hours on -- -- hurt. It's absurd I've seen -- -- that -- area iced up from head to toe. The pitchers have the the classic ice on their shoulder -- on the elbow Saran wrap around a medical treatment they should just go balls all. 150 cannot disagree let and we let him loose especially in these big these big moment games Seattle and lose. That's it's absurd and move it onto the international game because it was. Probably one of the better games of the tournament if not that I just -- all he -- -- great game he had. South Korea coming in -- in eight straight wins nine Sarah. Eight street. Undefeated in the Little League World Series and Takahashi -- -- man power up which are necessary elements of farm rates coming off a complete game one it shut out. In Japan's won twelve straight Little League World Series. Start that again I didn't think Korea had a chance with Russian men and boom. -- the little monsters their South Korean pitcher. Just bear broke up one of the balls and got it out two run home run it immediately circuit Christ didn't. You know everybody got to look at this video will will tweeted that he was -- when he crossed home plate. Fantastic. Is that he did it was fantastic. It would you can raw emotion. Be better -- combine it into it's like the bat flip socially. Apple was -- will say that his baffled as we there was another battle later in the game. But the Beckett explode right computer explode right in the face like that's that's moment right there that's overlooked on the ground and that's lawyer Judy -- bat break slash year cries. Yeah can be learned I literally said -- you're terrible speaking today. All it's good -- -- -- don't may have finally got a big about. Heard that it does not -- where Smith apparently. All right so we have right now Mexico's -- Japan to try and make it to the international final. They played earlier in the week next goes up five you know believe in Japan scored nine unanswered runs I personally think Mexico has little chance it's going to be Japan's -- -- read now. Rematch with talk about not to gosh little monster rubio and monsters and men and they're gonna -- embargo on -- I'm gone 85 because you'll be of the pits on their guard. You that Japan that I -- -- Mexico. Actually -- I gotta be different in Mexico they've been reiki -- destroyed. My pick of Venezuela. Who had that is going into the Mexico Venezuela game had given up two unearned runs the whole tournament. Zero earned runs until they read and they gave up a left into the little Mexicans got -- the guy that destroyed. We'll Mexicans. So I'm go with Mexico over Japan's going to be close one. Not a pitcher's duel because that all have. I'll -- Mexico -- and at that Luis kid. He can shut him down he sent out with the bath time Bob -- Mexico. Our roads and and then. Japan all the way over South Korea in the final. CU are sticking with Japan in the final yeah pics of integrity and believe it -- in -- in the final bill. I will give you credit for that both of your picks are stolen -- or their lives for a terror -- Big day other team JRW. To grab some west little Jagger -- in the west at all. Round I. Was. -- generally yet -- -- you know start over and now I think we should keep that part in the now of course but -- we wanna start that overturned -- -- appears to have -- Jackie Robinson west led by appears Jones -- He is their best and hand -- haired lady met. Monet davis' Philly squad was kind of weeks off to the plate -- and -- sure the whole school is fantastic all week. Philly really is like their one win in a crazy comeback against low lizard island the walk off air -- And then they've got that allergic like Cummings is six feet -- can't do any heat are robbed last night by the umpire he knew there was. First pitch outside it was in the batter's box in the other batter's -- umpire calls it strike. He kind of flips out roses arms that looks at the umpire looks -- third base coach that's true. Nothing you can do anything next pitch even further outside -- umpires like oh you're gonna show me strike two stupid ball right to in what happens nasty. Strike three swinging. On the -- furious I think he threw his helmet off in the dugout. He should that was outrageous that. We finally -- about the umpiring I mean I equipment and finally tonight I don't think we have I think we've wanted it to us but that's a terrible and I thought we planned on but we didn't -- we. All we talk about it again that's the flyers are terrible look at you told me about the umpire from Poland the polish guy he was -- -- all that they're bad it's it is one of them called a foul ball. On a fireball. And then they reviewed and called it no. It's -- game this review in the Little League World Series it's got to. Unbelievable if you're gonna go volunteer umpires can't be shown them up every three innings about a terrible calls R&B that is that not what you need reviews -- it's it's. Well -- Train carriage is heard Little League centric podcasts I mean I click a radio voice over there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Reviewing any of the earlier ones we don't need like the regionals probably and I know -- -- on the equipment. Or at all to what it. Bunk it's yes it's due to Akaka. Yet -- more. -- heated. Heated. The -- of that Jackie Robinson west's yet Phillies got no shot -- Jackie Robinson west and go up against in the by a team that destroyed the ruined its redemption of its first loss. Redemption. Right into the hands Jack -- -- -- these scandals he still your pre tournament prediction. You're sticking in my own. -- -- the Kool -- guy with us now I'm go in. New Jackie Robinson west the Conrad Nevada. To the title Nevada all the way Sierra Nevada South -- final. Now. Nevada Mexico well well it's the world of Charles -- in the quotes mark that down. Nevada Mexico. Finals. Boom aren't as -- let's take out both. Asian teams. East as soon -- that that. Really -- -- -- of that low blow job perfectly germane actually. -- Ask me -- tour official sponsor the post office. You guys like to post up. -- cigarettes everyone would accuse the post office use it's. You know where it might not be for some kids in existence if you don't use the post office acknowledged. -- -- like you'd wake up 10. We get more like dad we go to post obviously. -- -- feel like. Yeah don't you think as polite distance of being any cost of letters you don't post office. -- towers along congress and the local post officer actually got mail today. 100. Ordered a T shirt OK US PSW word he was that sixty with the it -- attract the future. I was concerned that I was gonna get it. Don't actually if you order something in -- are reported this teacher and then I got an email from the website saint quarter complete. Without attracting you know what you should do is have faith in the post office. That they're gonna do they delivered to your door yet stay right there is there for these people go out there Stamps.Com. The civic duty this country okay. You have a responsibility. Your fellow man have you read. Declaration of independence. We hold these truths to be so. -- thing. Peaceful you aren't once the history fifteen mama with Sam. I get to the -- they say that post offices mentioned in it but it's not -- you do the constitution we the people the whole constitution. Article Washington. -- -- I can name -- -- bill of rights one bill itself now that sounds terrible. Well that's our podcast -- this week. -- second podcast this week join us next week. We we have another long before it's over. Probably nine on Sunday and -- so we'll Monday we'll be back we'll recap every day completely wrap it up for reelection of Hawaiian. If you haven't figured it out if -- opening this door putt desperately. Sadly. Sadly missed out a lot on a lot buys your product because we cut you up. -- -- -- -- -- Monday. That number of another episode of the group has brought to. -- WW. To die WEEI dot com black -- back. -- their licences that they've already gotten. It's just a reminder why the.

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