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Patriots LB Jerod Mayo joins MFB, 8-21-14

Aug 21, 2014|

With the Pats game on Friday night, MFB does a version of Patriots Friday a day early with Jerod Mayo. He talks about the Carolina Panthers.

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It's the sexes face patriots Friday along with the game being. On Friday night features take on the Carolina Panthers. -- in the back on their Christian Fauria getting set off as we. Bring on board drug mailed the linebacker for the New England Patriots take guys doing out there and my dear lord we're doing good deride as. He thinks we got put the Jake the old school studio where you know -- in the -- you know and I've tried honestly no I try to explain -- On that's what we usually do patriots Monday OK but so were in the poll I think is a better studio put. To rob with all this technical knowledge is looking at the border saying this is some old Yankee stuff yeah. OC you're not in the student that we're. That -- I've been with few or none are -- OK I doubt a great picture yet guys right exactly how to do it there the microphones thanks. -- he -- he had to go OK fair tiger there have been a lot of people here if you going to other studio you hang on a good one okay it would just document Christian. -- there's somebody a missile that we got pushed back amuse the you know -- -- the patriots football weekly guys talk about some nonsense I know -- -- is coming from on this I distinctly remember we're talking earlier about the smokeless tobacco debate there was a guy that I used to following the station right used to will work that would smoked two packs a day. Who and you have to cut I'd have to switch the Mike kids before I would get on the air every day because it is reached so that marker for -- here she's acting class I'm actually kind of heart. Oscar -- It's a list so it's is a draw walks in so obviously you know I got this holds this whole light note chart that I used to call the games. And I ask mercilessly can I cross your name -- so are you playing -- and -- -- -- that's why have a meeting here in ten minutes of my cabinet support so. That is the nozzle we will preview later. Later today hopefully despite maybe osmosis I'll just again. Trotter you okay is this injury related design -- I -- all right syllable it's touching down. OK I did -- a five man before he even got into the question. Starting at one up that couple days ago right you returned everybody's so you're disorder program to a yeah I'm I'm known as mean question you want our question memory we've missed you missed game pre season one and through last week well you're fine so it's no big deal. Which the fourth game in game three. -- -- -- -- -- That it presumptive quite an elevator go out you with the school for the -- now and the next game you play whatever that is it like a month in the report. Whenever I get back out there I'm sure hopefully have a good time -- not -- -- and compete and it's another thing when Oleg did you see did you see -- -- foster's little his little rants when he was QB when he was asking when they were asking him questions about. Whether who's gonna play he basically gave the same answer over and over again political major in Foster area. All of -- are only a few it and he didn't have his name whenever she had no I. Off their -- she died in Latvia to do we have sound of that at all it. It was fantastic he answered the same response. To every question whether or was about you know astrology football or American history -- will be good teammate. Everything I don't want cricket team it was like -- Brian came in gave -- speech to all the Houston Texans this is how you should handle the media and was patriots -- -- one nice nice. Do you guys what does this villagers you guys like that -- out when it comes to how to handle the media. Do you prefer it that way to deflect attention from questions like ours about your health etc. mean. Other guys maybe like yourself with a -- you'll want to show their personality a little bit more how does that go out. Obviously you're you know. Everyone has their own personality and everyone has their own flavor that they wanna put romances and of that same time. You don't wanna give the opposition you know too much information you guys -- you know. It's the radio everyone knows you know. By soliciting -- -- everyone's listening to the station. Right it was the number ones and it is yes not restaurant absolutely what we do you guys when you guys hear what other people say it just kind of laugh about it -- that they they'd. They allow themselves to the B did you -- got by a radio guy you know. Personally are really going to listen to. Pat I have I have a three year old and a four year old on top -- today on this -- talk radio owns the -- on radio you were so funny additionally Karen I'm just you know I'm really don't pay attention to. We'll ignore the -- yes just your job your energy you're gallery -- during the and I had no idea it acts -- enough of us know doing your job that whole thing it -- control last week last week last week go look for this week what do you think this week like Panama I dynamited them this week. We'll let you ask the question to yourself I'm answers from the public this would -- Just watching on TOP blocked but the other big games last week that the flags. Any feelings about that I know it is what it is he has got to play by the rules but it just it seems it's tough to watch as the fans that's for sure last week. -- there -- again and there are a ton of flags obviously that's where the league is trending. You know to the illegal contact is not a new rule is just was what they call it a point of ventures emphasis on emphasis -- you don't have a chart I don't have a -- threaten the a point of emphasis and we had though Bob by the rules and hopefully go out there and played a football. The trial when you're looking at this defense obviously it's young on you guys have played -- a season gambit. You've been decision seventy you're right seventy okay is that -- sheet and it is how much you got to -- -- so when you think about like great defenses what are what are some of the things that a great defense needs. Well obviously is continuity in gone out their plan with a group of guys over an extended period of time on a ton my you know my game here went in there he had to play. A long time -- you know after nowhere hightower is going to be a snow around going to be you know it's no communication is just. You know that that's why do you play the ending I'm short Tom knew where you were an all time quote hopefully. But that's how it is now seeing the coach who every coach's. You have good coaches and continuity I think those -- the two main ingredients of the defense is. I tower at that point now where I mean he's he you know he was younger now -- that's an experience. You know and he really is easy town you guys able to do that whole non verbal communication now at this point. I'll definitely you know play a lot of games together. He's a Smart player he enjoys a play again for bon knock at the most respect someone like -- who enjoy to play again. John -- -- -- here on a patriots Friday in advance of the game on Friday the -- are patriots Friday -- with us -- 937 WTI in those seven years that are on Christian sheet that you've -- in the -- act. How much have you seen the importance. Of covering. Players on the opposing offense for linebackers increase in the eyes of coaches general managers etc. how much more of an important task is that four linebackers. Across the national football. I was very important you know the league is trending towards the spread offense you have. You know ten personnel them personally you know that means -- then we'll. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He -- the number of banks and again so I say 21 personnel how many bags and and move. But no they are out in the second homer of the come outside and again so. -- one person I'm in tight ends and the guy got one wanted to break this update as to how many receivers and then move on to 121. To one. -- all live as allies joked. That you'll have the only half five eligible receivers and go in six able to use him. Great win these mobile taking getaway -- You act like I was there in the league is trending towards a more pass heavy believe in so everyone has to be able to cover including sometimes the president's you know defensive tackles even pop phenomenon days. So -- last thing before wrap up here what can you take away from the Carolina Panthers is a good primer for the upcoming regular season of -- the last -- and -- -- pre season game after this what your -- -- not in this one though. A what do the Panthers present to you guys specifically on their offense that you can uses a take way to get treated for the regular season. Well the Panthers have a great running attack you know we've had. You know offenses. -- -- throughout the pre season that showed up -- is different styles percent. And the Eagles obviously you more sprayed their backs -- get outside. You know Carolina there's that down here are ranked and he's a lot of -- so I think to be go workforce. It is it was a point Cam Newton this week now. It is as close you can get Hamdoon enemy that that's a question for Bill Belichick are you guys know about al-Qaeda is clearly you know you can see he's -- Yeah yeah especially you know that's it shows your seven year guy you know captain Lester you know you expect this type of answers from -- exact we try to get this out of the young guys in the you know they just don't answer all -- just be quiet. -- -- thanks a lot next time we'll all be there and outlawed it's in the real studio are good things.

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